I make crappy cartoons about my real-life experiences.
I use Adobe Animate and Adobe Premiere Elements to make these crappy cartoons.
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Brewstew - Turning 30
Brewstew - Dead-End Job
Brewstew - Father's Day
Brewstew - New Neighbor
Brewstew - Drivers Ed
Brewstew - Seeing Santa
Brewstew - Kid Wrestling
Brewstew - Tommy's House
Brewstew - Mexico
Brewstew - College
Brewstew - The Vet
Brewstew - Halloween
Brewstew - Comic Con
Brewstew - Rat Hunting
Brewstew - First Kiss
Brewstew - Seizure
Brewstew - Monopoly
Brewstew - Prank War
Brewstew - Trampoline
Brewstew - Being Broke
Brewstew - Math Class
Brewstew - First Fight
Brewstew - Picture Day
Brewstew - First Grade
Artie's Odds and Ends
Brewstew - Nosebleed
Brewcast #2 - Mcgruff
Brewstew - Potty Pals
Brewstew - Breakups
  1. Emma Donovan

    Emma Donovan8 hours ago

    On Friday we have pizza

  2. Emma Donovan

    Emma Donovan8 hours ago

    I love hot ham and cheese

  3. Esperanza Meneses

    Esperanza Meneses8 hours ago

    Your not my dad

  4. Dj Driver

    Dj Driver8 hours ago

    Anyone dreamed u were late for school because it feels odd how much sleep your getting u wake up and it's almost an hour before I gotta wake up

  5. Omorashi man

    Omorashi man8 hours ago

    No judge my acc

  6. Alejandro Dominguez

    Alejandro Dominguez8 hours ago


  7. minacraft diart gaming

    minacraft diart gaming8 hours ago


  8. king49

    king498 hours ago

    i love this

  9. DefyYourLogic

    DefyYourLogic8 hours ago

    When you realize you only got a little over 8 years until you're officially old.

  10. Kahlee Tomlin

    Kahlee Tomlin8 hours ago

    He looks weird without his Scottie Pippen Jersey

  11. Stephen Dominguez

    Stephen Dominguez9 hours ago

    I cannot believe I'm actually watching a video about a pinewood derby 🤣😂🤣😂

  12. Sophia Little

    Sophia Little9 hours ago

    I have some one in Class named ms dick

  13. Beach gamer 39

    Beach gamer 399 hours ago

    Well now he is a married man now!! : this is copied i just wanted to spread the word around:

  14. goldkat 1234

    goldkat 12349 hours ago

    The desk is no where to put anything. Something is always stolen

  15. obama prism

    obama prism9 hours ago

    I go to mackinaw almost every year

  16. Kristin Sorenson

    Kristin Sorenson9 hours ago


  17. James Animations

    James Animations9 hours ago

    I can have pizza every day or chips , pizza is every day and sandwiches and chocolate or vanilla muffins and fizzy drinks because I am in England

  18. Acid dragon Of doom

    Acid dragon Of doom10 hours ago

    I was younger when I got a gun and I can shoot a gun better then you

  19. Roshy1king 100

    Roshy1king 10010 hours ago

    Lol he the devil

  20. Amanda Kowalska

    Amanda Kowalska10 hours ago

    My name is amanda

  21. Banana Ananab

    Banana Ananab10 hours ago

    4:33 this made me laugh so hard

  22. MyNintender SexyWhore

    MyNintender SexyWhore10 hours ago

    I want that collared limp bizkit shirt

  23. D3LTA EX0

    D3LTA EX010 hours ago

    2:34 I know Morse code and uh can I ask why the demon wants to invade Cuba?

  24. Kent Lee

    Kent Lee10 hours ago

    So funny said fucking said toilet funny

  25. Strawbxrrii Størmz

    Strawbxrrii Størmz10 hours ago

    i saw the rat footage and that things the size of my grown fatass cat

  26. Abdullah Ali Mohammad Abdul majed

    Abdullah Ali Mohammad Abdul majed10 hours ago

    When i was a kid i had like that

  27. Brewer

    Brewer10 hours ago

    “Turn signals? Who the fuck needs turn signals? I’ll just yell out the window if I have to! Hey! Asshole, I’m turning left here, hey! Can you hear me?”

  28. PervertedStoner69 REBORN!!

    PervertedStoner69 REBORN!!10 hours ago

    That priest is right, you ARE the Devil!

  29. Lambey Playz

    Lambey Playz11 hours ago

    these videos are halarios

  30. Tech and vac restorations and Tune-ups

    Tech and vac restorations and Tune-ups11 hours ago

    Who else binge watches brewstew

  31. Joselle Ramos

    Joselle Ramos11 hours ago

    I had a mri before its not that bad

  32. bumblebee the scout

    bumblebee the scout11 hours ago

    The white version of swoozie

  33. Ahmad Ayyat

    Ahmad Ayyat11 hours ago

    no wonder i stopped watching power rangers

  34. LyamPLayz

    LyamPLayz11 hours ago

    Michal is a dick head confirmed


    THE CHANNELS OF INTRO'S12 hours ago

    I cry Soo hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Noah Mapli

    Noah Mapli12 hours ago


  37. Joey Levenson

    Joey Levenson12 hours ago

    You were just a random video on my homepage... Now, 10 videos deep, thank you USlikes.

  38. Morne&Abby Grundeling

    Morne&Abby Grundeling13 hours ago

    A shot a gun wen a was 6

  39. Harry Legger

    Harry Legger13 hours ago

    My guy put he being 65 pound then me being eleven aswell and being 92 pounds and I’m not even fat

  40. The Fader

    The Fader13 hours ago

    Me to lol

  41. vibe on de BonK

    vibe on de BonK13 hours ago


  42. Jake Gordon

    Jake Gordon13 hours ago

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  43. Tito Tit

    Tito Tit13 hours ago

    I just wanted to thank you brew ive bien having suicidal thoughts latley and every time i have them i jump on to your videos and always cheers me up and make me die of laughter thanks bro keep doing these videos it helps me at my lowest and probably alot of other ppl too ✌

  44. Jake Gordon

    Jake Gordon13 hours ago

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  45. Orange Ghost

    Orange Ghost13 hours ago

    Having a nose bleed in a public pool is making people think somebody got murdered

  46. Pet Ikaros

    Pet Ikaros13 hours ago

    ...was numbing it not an option? U make this sound trauma inducing. Made me scared to get mine out. Bet when I did it there was no pain really, even post extraction. But the details during the surgery tho...that was on point. Oh god I can still remember it.

  47. Evangeline Nelson

    Evangeline Nelson13 hours ago

    I had a dream that I was a ghost in my house and I went to my body and woke up

  48. Jaka Jerenec

    Jaka Jerenec13 hours ago

    Are game vas caled robers and guns

  49. Samuel Olivarez

    Samuel Olivarez13 hours ago

    Bambo boys 😂

  50. Samuel Olivarez

    Samuel Olivarez13 hours ago

    TRANSVESTITE!!!!! I spit out milk

  51. Jeremiah Booker

    Jeremiah Booker13 hours ago

    Who just learned about qiqi from genshin impact

  52. Matthew Read

    Matthew Read13 hours ago

    R.I.P Murphy the monarch butterfly 😢



    I have Petrats you ahole!

  54. Lailai Nu Nu

    Lailai Nu Nu14 hours ago

    I h

  55. CmcAnimation

    CmcAnimation14 hours ago

    Yep I can relate I don’t get them anymore but gosh they were annoying I’d have to bend over in a bath tub and just wait it’s annoying then there would be a literally blood bath

  56. Cruz.

    Cruz.14 hours ago


  57. Mason-Simps

    Mason-Simps14 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure that grandma was the shit bender.

  58. shadowsa2b

    shadowsa2b14 hours ago


  59. Snowphie cruz

    Snowphie cruz14 hours ago

    my dad is 40 and I’m 11

  60. Jeremiah Booker

    Jeremiah Booker15 hours ago

    Is lifeafter good or not

  61. Lucid Leaf

    Lucid Leaf15 hours ago

    In the middle of class On an airplane Taking a shit at my grandpas Watching hentai

  62. iGvsty

    iGvsty15 hours ago

    “Bus stop abortion” This aged perfectly

  63. Robert Drake

    Robert Drake15 hours ago

    “Make sure you don’t tell anyone we kissed ok?” “Ok” Now here we are with 5 million veiws

  64. YEET

    YEET15 hours ago


  65. Gandalf Zielony

    Gandalf Zielony15 hours ago

    I'm just like Eric

  66. penny pig love her brother

    penny pig love her brother15 hours ago

    Sam dood sam but in mi cas it makes me feel werd

  67. TheCasualGamer Yt

    TheCasualGamer Yt15 hours ago

    I’ve watched all his videos ever now dam

  68. Seba Elizalde

    Seba Elizalde15 hours ago

    3:11-3:25 I love this lol

  69. Zosia Mamczur

    Zosia Mamczur15 hours ago

    I know how being part blind is like I'm blind in one eye to this day

  70. Manuel Garcia-peralta

    Manuel Garcia-peralta15 hours ago


  71. Skylertracy

    Skylertracy15 hours ago

    Smarties are the bomb I love them

  72. Skylertracy

    Skylertracy15 hours ago

    I thought square dancing was only at my school lol.

  73. No_food 6ttv

    No_food 6ttv15 hours ago

    2:53 kids in wheel chairs

  74. Mabrooka Slovakia

    Mabrooka Slovakia15 hours ago


  75. Mabrooka Slovakia

    Mabrooka Slovakia15 hours ago


  76. Mabrooka Slovakia

    Mabrooka Slovakia15 hours ago


  77. Mabrooka Slovakia

    Mabrooka Slovakia15 hours ago


  78. Mabrooka Slovakia

    Mabrooka Slovakia15 hours ago


  79. Mabrooka Slovakia

    Mabrooka Slovakia15 hours ago


  80. Mabrooka Slovakia

    Mabrooka Slovakia15 hours ago