RodWave - Pain
Studio Sessions: HG3
Rod Wave- Koncentrate
RodWave - 3:33

RodWave - 3:33

2 years ago

RodWave - Krushin
Rod Wave - Your Touch
Rod Wave - Tomorrow
Rod Wave  - Jumanji
Rod Wave - WYB

Rod Wave - WYB

3 years ago

  1. Eriahnna Daniels

    Eriahnna Daniels4 hours ago

    I’m in love with this song

  2. pabloo puto

    pabloo puto5 hours ago

    This the only thing keeping me going everytime I'm in the wrong state of mind this comes on💯💯

  3. siphiwe makgoka

    siphiwe makgoka5 hours ago


  4. mikまっつ

    mikまっつ5 hours ago

    Hjdoogan anyone?

  5. Dre_ NY

    Dre_ NY6 hours ago

    I hope this girl don’t break his heart. It’s gone be the saddest album in a while

  6. Dre Ducharme

    Dre Ducharme6 hours ago


  7. Bailey Sylve

    Bailey Sylve6 hours ago


  8. Dawniesha Ramsay

    Dawniesha Ramsay6 hours ago

    Is that his mom talking at the beginning?

  9. Jasmine Brown

    Jasmine Brown7 hours ago

    I love you man ❤️❤️

  10. Brian Alarcon

    Brian Alarcon7 hours ago

    Anybody here cause there nfl team lost😔

  11. ItsDemonz

    ItsDemonz8 hours ago

    Damn I late to this but I remember when heartbreak hotel first dropped

  12. TMT Lamonte

    TMT Lamonte8 hours ago

    Yea rod

  13. Breezii LoKeii

    Breezii LoKeii8 hours ago

    M L... over dry ting...🌞

  14. Txmmy Terrxr

    Txmmy Terrxr9 hours ago

  15. andreaz x24

    andreaz x249 hours ago

    I wonder if rod wave has a girl of his dreams and if he is in his feelings like most of us

  16. andreaz x24

    andreaz x249 hours ago

    Number 1 song to listen to when in you're feelings this song is like a comforter

  17. Mad Neck

    Mad Neck9 hours ago

    Ik you not no good for me but you look so good to me don’t need another broken heart or a slee

  18. Jeremy Gee

    Jeremy Gee9 hours ago

    I feel sorry for people who doesn't know the truth behind this🙏

  19. Darrien Wilson

    Darrien Wilson9 hours ago

    rags to riches rags to riches

  20. Enzo Anunciado

    Enzo Anunciado10 hours ago

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  21. Dante Simms

    Dante Simms10 hours ago

    These were the good day when there was no COVID...😤😔

  22. Uncle Mike

    Uncle Mike10 hours ago

    Had to put this classic on

  23. Anita Robinson

    Anita Robinson11 hours ago

    You said you love me, but you're leaving me I guess nothing's what it seem to be I need some happiness again, this life done beat on me I caught a flight to ease the pain I switched the scenery That verse makes me relate

  24. Katrina Mckinnis

    Katrina Mckinnis11 hours ago

    Straight Like Dat! I can definitely relate to Reality because imma realist and a Real 1!!! Thank God through our Lord Jesus Christ For blessing people with gifts to edify and build up as Rod Wave do! I'm down with positive encouragement with no filter just straight truth! 💯👍

  25. Captainpinters

    Captainpinters11 hours ago

    Rod wave is nice idc what niggas say bout him, its nice to be on a different vibe then what everyone else is on.

  26. Shiquitta Williams

    Shiquitta Williams11 hours ago

    2 years later and I still love this song 💕

  27. Jose Montero

    Jose Montero11 hours ago

    All I can hear from rod wave is “I want some fries and chicken a side of biscuits that ain’t enough for me I want a number 3”

  28. Marc'kes Rooks

    Marc'kes Rooks11 hours ago

    I love dis dude frl❤️😭

  29. Riyah 2pr3tty

    Riyah 2pr3tty11 hours ago

    I Love you rod wave

  30. Bandito Gaming

    Bandito Gaming11 hours ago

    Peeps who didnt come from tiktok 👇🏻

  31. it Leah

    it Leah12 hours ago

    ✨The fact is he the only rap ,nba yb✨ TALLK real fact OTHER RAP🙈 SPEAK fake sh*I🤗✨

  32. Keke Squad

    Keke Squad12 hours ago

    i love u Rod Wave and yo Music

  33. Anita Robinson

    Anita Robinson12 hours ago

    yall im tryna get my life right but im not tryna mess it up

  34. Micheal Taylor

    Micheal Taylor12 hours ago

    Everytime I listen to this song I get goosebumps because this nigga is honestly spitting facts, shits sad😢💯

  35. Shavon Shanks

    Shavon Shanks12 hours ago

    Rod wave my favorite song of your song is she look like a girl know more

  36. Shaleana McKinney

    Shaleana McKinney12 hours ago


  37. John McAllister

    John McAllister12 hours ago

    Reminds me a lot of Future back in the Pluto days

  38. Elizabeth Estrada

    Elizabeth Estrada12 hours ago

    Best song

  39. Latoya Carter

    Latoya Carter12 hours ago

    I love this

  40. Kaniyah Owens

    Kaniyah Owens12 hours ago

    Hi boyfriend rod wave

  41. Tarsha Richardson

    Tarsha Richardson13 hours ago

    My favorite song

  42. Noah Abrasley

    Noah Abrasley13 hours ago

    🔥🔥🔥 rod wave and lil baby

  43. Tommy Washington

    Tommy Washington13 hours ago$$-munch/1536669317?i=1536669323

  44. Bobby Washington

    Bobby Washington13 hours ago 💯🔥‼️⛽️ People say we bring the same vibes

  45. Bobby Washington

    Bobby Washington13 hours ago 💯🔥‼️⛽️ People say I have your vibe and I swear it’s not intentional💯 I really don’t hear it

  46. Colton Hegwood

    Colton Hegwood13 hours ago

    I can’t be the only one who can’t stand this dude

  47. demarius mccuin

    demarius mccuin13 hours ago

    Shakey Pmo With This He Just Dropped Yung Gangsta X Shakey

  48. My Pain Vs My Motivation

    My Pain Vs My Motivation13 hours ago

    Yes sir 🔥🔥🔥


    DAVO.CAPALOT !13 hours ago

    Iᗰ ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗴᐯᗴᖇYOᑎᗴ TᕼᗩT ᔕᑌᗷᔕᑕᖇIᗷᗴᔕ TO ᗰᗴ (ᗷTᗯ Iᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT)💙

  50. DJ SMJ1

    DJ SMJ113 hours ago

    One verse wtf

  51. Alejandro Paúl Balón Jiménez

    Alejandro Paúl Balón Jiménez13 hours ago

    Es una falta de respeto que este temazo solo tenga 10 M de vistas

  52. Michael Duran

    Michael Duran13 hours ago


  53. Angel J

    Angel J13 hours ago

    I hope the two young ladies who made this song a while back got paid their song was a classic💓💓💓🥺

  54. Let’s Lead The Way

    Let’s Lead The Way13 hours ago

    Lit 🔥

  55. Tenaya Simpson

    Tenaya Simpson13 hours ago


  56. Louis SMACKDOWN

    Louis SMACKDOWN13 hours ago

    This joint be rockin, it reminds me of the song from a couple years ago “They took my hard away” we use to rock out to that song on D Block down Ordanance Road

  57. Juan Cartwright

    Juan Cartwright14 hours ago


  58. destiny reymond

    destiny reymond14 hours ago

    Dame facts

  59. thereal_pytkennedy thereal_pytkennedy

    thereal_pytkennedy thereal_pytkennedy14 hours ago


  60. Darnell Johnson

    Darnell Johnson14 hours ago

    👇🏼this how many people love ❤️ you love ❤️ him and hope he get far in life

  61. thereal_pytkennedy thereal_pytkennedy

    thereal_pytkennedy thereal_pytkennedy14 hours ago


  62. OG ModusDerelicti

    OG ModusDerelicti14 hours ago

    The gay song hit hard to 😭

  63. Ivy Castro

    Ivy Castro14 hours ago

    I love green light

  64. Riq2005

    Riq200514 hours ago

    Who else here after a girl broke up wit them

  65. Sherrell H

    Sherrell H14 hours ago

    Love this song I listen to it everyday❤️

  66. Takeisha Compton

    Takeisha Compton15 hours ago

    when lil baby said i cant remember a time my answer was no but can remember when he had no where to go! woooooo another level of real man 100

  67. Qee Adams

    Qee Adams15 hours ago


  68. Heather Smith

    Heather Smith15 hours ago

    12 yrs and three kids. Man what do you do?

  69. Target094turbid Lopez

    Target094turbid Lopez15 hours ago


  70. Bnk edits

    Bnk edits15 hours ago

    rod wave ain’t fat he filled with pain

  71. Tithanhobit

    Tithanhobit15 hours ago

    "God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. Believe that. I do." Chris Pratt

  72. Ashley Wallace

    Ashley Wallace15 hours ago

    I love this song

  73. Malyzik Hernandez

    Malyzik Hernandez15 hours ago

    Because he finally made a wayyyyyayayyyyy

  74. Loyal GGG

    Loyal GGG15 hours ago

    Aye 🔥

  75. Tiffany Smith

    Tiffany Smith16 hours ago


  76. James Elrod

    James Elrod16 hours ago


  77. tms_ lanti

    tms_ lanti16 hours ago


  78. Money Gether

    Money Gether16 hours ago

    Here from Pandora...just heard him and had to slide over and see who that was....💯 he is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  79. Spider Channel - MP3 - قناة العنكبوت

    Spider Channel - MP3 - قناة العنكبوت16 hours ago

    صوت خرافي

  80. dis boi

    dis boi16 hours ago

    I feel like Rod Wave can bring America together. I think we can all revert to simpler times when we didn't all hate eachother. We deserve to just appreciate having all of our neighbours in this life. I swear on God it's like the whole world believes that everyone is out to get eachother, and I see it in the news.... Somebody explain to me why it seems like the whole youth population relates to Rod Wave, I think if we stop defaulting to hate, everyone will realise that we are facing these same struggles. No institutions, no authority, just pure solidarity, havin our backs for eachother