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    ONLY1FOFO ONLY17 hours ago


  2. caddi76

    caddi767 hours ago

    That man may be rich, but is he of good character? Those men love to financially abuse women who they know can't make it without them. Let's stop acting these women "got it made". There are a lot of depressed, abused "kept" women

  3. Andrea Jasma

    Andrea Jasma7 hours ago

    I love treasure, libras are bomb friends. People also take us for granted

  4. Teresia Nelumbu

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  5. Indianna Blue

    Indianna Blue8 hours ago

    I knew something was wrong when he quit out of nowhere working for Robert Kelly. It was getting 2 hot for him

  6. mimi free

    mimi free8 hours ago

    I believe Chyna dogs her mama out . And anyone who don't love their moms I wouldn't trust them

  7. Guillermo Alfaro

    Guillermo Alfaro8 hours ago

    Her mom contradicted herself through this whole interview!!!! She's triflin

  8. Guillermo Alfaro

    Guillermo Alfaro8 hours ago

    I TRULY love u

  9. Keefah Da Funk-Bocks Queefah

    Keefah Da Funk-Bocks Queefah8 hours ago

    I've watched one of Treasures lives & I believed her & everything she was talking about then, & I believe her & everything she's talking about now.

  10. 000 0000

    000 00008 hours ago

    Much success to Tashak you fine azz beautiful curly headed brown skinned woman. Much success to all women of color that are doing the right thing.... When you have a good woman that really loves you for you and (not your money) you better just chill...Especially if you met her when you were broke..

  11. Charlene

    Charlene8 hours ago

    So Tashk you really couldn't out Treasures info anywhere so er could find her without going back into the end of the inverview

  12. Just A Girl

    Just A Girl9 hours ago

    While this lady is telling people how to pray, she needs to pray for a better quality, pre-plucked, human hair lace front. She’ll never get a man with eight figures if she can’t even invest in her own hair!

  13. Yolandababy3

    Yolandababy39 hours ago

    Shes lying 🤥8

  14. Just A Girl

    Just A Girl9 hours ago

    NOT SHOCKING a Black Woman trying to tell other black woman how and what to pray for. Your so wrong lady! God is in control and if a woman is talking to God??? How do you know God is not working on that woman so she can have what she is praying for. You’re missing the fact that GOD is in control of EVERYTHING...

  15. White Russia

    White Russia9 hours ago

    A name “Scar Tissue” already exists. Not sure if there can be 2 books with the same name. Anthony Kiedis - the front man of Red Hot Chill Peppers wrote a book and named it Scar Tissue after one of his hits by the same name. Just information. Not hating on anyoneZ

  16. Guillermo Alfaro

    Guillermo Alfaro9 hours ago

    She's being honest

  17. Guillermo Alfaro

    Guillermo Alfaro9 hours ago

    I always loved treasure!! She's beautiful

  18. K Hall

    K Hall10 hours ago

    Why are Black Women ✂️ ✂️ cutting and tearing each other down? The constant hate. We are the worst 🦀 🦀 crabs in the industry. We hold each other back! Let's stop the madness! Please pay her 💰 💰!

  19. Lele Geo

    Lele Geo10 hours ago

    Jason lee already interviewed him and asked the same question

  20. votesudanusa

    votesudanusa10 hours ago

    FIRST Time I DISLIKED a video from T.... DO BETTER

  21. votesudanusa

    votesudanusa10 hours ago

    HOW SOON WE FORGET. PRINCE has colorism issues. DID EVERYONE forget how they treated THAT BEAUTIFUL Latina sister AMARA LA NEGRA? This guy is a joke. He is a sorry a$$ punk AND a snitch... OH NOW HE HAS A BOSS? He said he was "THE BOSS" on that first episode. You ALL that Love this circus freak need to watch the first episode. He is always accused of lying, then HE PLAYS THE VICTIM

  22. Hayley Binnington

    Hayley Binnington10 hours ago

    If my mum said anything like that to me I dont know what I'd of done probaly killed my self

  23. Flashy Flash

    Flashy Flash10 hours ago

    That sound is messing the interview up for me

  24. Flashy Flash

    Flashy Flash11 hours ago

    Lawd what's wrong with her😂😂😂

  25. Flashy Flash

    Flashy Flash11 hours ago

    She's stupid for being "that friend"😂😂

  26. Ama B

    Ama B11 hours ago

    Tokyo Toni is so toxic. For her to disrespect Tasha K shows us her character smh Blac Chyna needs alot of healing & therapy to heal from how much her mom damaged her.

  27. glen saysz

    glen saysz11 hours ago

    This interview was hard to watch..

  28. Miesha Briann

    Miesha Briann11 hours ago

    Tasha is sexy

  29. Hayley Binnington

    Hayley Binnington11 hours ago

    Soooo jealous of her daughter sad

  30. Hayley Binnington

    Hayley Binnington11 hours ago

    All I hereď was whoopty whoop whoop whoop

  31. Princess Ian

    Princess Ian11 hours ago

    I like when Tokyo get it out in a more classy way lol. I get Toni feelings now. Amen Toni. Toni lied, she said she was calm on her recording. I dont like how Toni call Chyna bad names. Taaha K wasn't having that lol.

  32. Ian McKinney

    Ian McKinney11 hours ago

    I watched untill 50:18 , I could watch any further. 🥺

  33. IndependantWoman87

    IndependantWoman8711 hours ago

    God rest your soul mama, I have always been blessed to have you and watching this, I realise that more and more. This is so sad ...

  34. Brandi Washington

    Brandi Washington12 hours ago

    I know we shouldn't spill the tea on ex friends, I don't believe in doing it BUT however, their sistership played out on television for the world to see! So many ppl came at Treasure I'm sure she felt like she needed to tell her story! This isn't that typical of a situation! Blessings 2 them both! 💜🥰

  35. Angelica Houston

    Angelica Houston12 hours ago

    handsome very handsome

  36. Ash ML

    Ash ML12 hours ago

    I like Treasure’s personality but if she’s going to keep talking, she has to get public speaking lessons.

  37. Ash ML

    Ash ML12 hours ago

    Treasure need to get over Chyna and create her own lane. Chyna did what Treasure allowed her to do. If she had her own life and set boundaries, Chyna wouldn’t have had the opportunity to use and abuse her. She knew who Chyna really was before Chyna turned on her. No sympathy from me, Chyna mistreats everyone why would Treasure be an exception.

  38. Miss Vee

    Miss Vee12 hours ago

    ☕️ Very interesting LONG INTERVIEW, OF COURSE IT WENT LEFT 360• 🤦🏽‍♀️ Black Chyna looks a lot like her mom Tony No lie, without all that plastic surgery 🤣

  39. 4 ever in peace

    4 ever in peace13 hours ago

    I need therapy now😮😲😂😕😵🤦🏽.

  40. Lytice Callaway

    Lytice Callaway13 hours ago

    I like treasure she had good intentions with chyna & chyna was just a user

  41. A C

    A C13 hours ago

    Why the interview based around Angie and Mom

  42. Lytice Callaway

    Lytice Callaway13 hours ago

    Blac chyna don’t have a career she can’t get a grammy or anything cause she has no career

  43. Ahssillav Rolyat

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  44. Fight Corrupt Media

    Fight Corrupt Media13 hours ago

    When u gonna post it here man

  45. Veronica Cooper

    Veronica Cooper13 hours ago

    Cardib? Nicki? mimicked her I'm soooooo lost

  46. james Bootsy

    james Bootsy14 hours ago


  47. RJ

    RJ14 hours ago

    I would watch her podcast on dealing with of selfish friends

  48. Milia Elaine Jones

    Milia Elaine Jones14 hours ago

    I paid for the subscription to see the Jaguar Wright interview. It was well worth it.

  49. Ogwuru Genevieve

    Ogwuru Genevieve14 hours ago

    Waiting for us to get 1millon subs

  50. Veronica Cooper

    Veronica Cooper14 hours ago

    Ummmmm what is going on here??? I'm only 7min in and I'm lost

  51. Sofia Butterflies

    Sofia Butterflies14 hours ago

    I don't know this woman but I believe her 💯 percent.. she's a real one. She is very likable, treasure I wish u the best hun.

  52. N. Jayy Beauty

    N. Jayy Beauty14 hours ago

    The Black Chyna hate train needs to stop prayers for Chyna fr

  53. jordan finley

    jordan finley14 hours ago

    12:00 she literally said Baphomet saved her life 😱 baphomet is a demon wow smh. They’re in the illuminati too geez

  54. Rhianna Brown

    Rhianna Brown14 hours ago


  55. Megan Glock

    Megan Glock15 hours ago

    She keeps over talking the lady ion like chyna mom

  56. Tria

    Tria15 hours ago

    I'm sad, because I always wanted a friend like Treasure🤧 😢😢.. She needs to be cloned in all 50 states 😢

  57. Davette Barnes

    Davette Barnes15 hours ago

    i don't need that type of friend in my life..that's crazy they have been friends for years she couldn't deal with Blac Chyna in private and not do an interview and tell her business she violating the friend code

  58. Mill

    Mill15 hours ago

    What in the entire F*ck. Only 12 mins in and she is just rambling about nothing

  59. Misses Neiko

    Misses Neiko15 hours ago

    Definitely don't believe a damn word she just said neither does Tasha K fron her facial expressions 😂 yet I believe Treasure's entire interview..😒 I'm pretty sure Chyna is all fucked up with a mother like Toyko Toni...😩

  60. Glam Doll

    Glam Doll15 hours ago

    I think Wendy Williams legs and health issues is from her implants too.

  61. Gi Gi

    Gi Gi15 hours ago

    On God Stiink

  62. Samantha Caine

    Samantha Caine15 hours ago


  63. Tash White

    Tash White15 hours ago

    Damn tasha doing big things ✊🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿... that’s y they hate you cuz u don’t have to kiss celebrities a$$ and ppl still work with you

  64. Summer Miller

    Summer Miller15 hours ago

    Chyna tells the truth she never lets any one talk \

  65. Robyn Scott

    Robyn Scott15 hours ago

    No wonder Chyna is the way she is . look at her mother look at all that pent up hurt anger & pain on Tokyo Toni voice Smh you tell they both hurt but as a mother I would NEVER give up on my daughter IDC how much spotlight she has . Tokyo is mad that Chyna made it to where she never could & she mad chyna wont acknowledge her in her life calling her liars etc.. But Smh meanwhile Chyna dealing with her own demons . I pray for them both 🙏 this is insane Smh this woman is no mother.

  66. Miz Rose

    Miz Rose15 hours ago

    Oppps be careful what you say you wouldn't do!🙄

  67. Dee kylia Renee

    Dee kylia Renee15 hours ago

    Damn Tasha k, done FELL off....

  68. Truly Me323

    Truly Me32315 hours ago

    Why O Why😒

  69. BROADWAY Street

    BROADWAY Street16 hours ago

    Through this whole interview in at the end, you still kept messing with this woman's head, is it because you're reliving what has happened to you, I can see that it had mess you up in a weird kind of way, and you're seeking vengeance out on her, were you molested by a woman

  70. Richard Dyer

    Richard Dyer16 hours ago

    The host ain't read one piece of this book is it? Ool

  71. kaykay1kc

    kaykay1kc16 hours ago

    i dont get it. did he just spend an hour trash talking somebody?