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  1. Jeff Wilson

    Jeff Wilson10 hours ago

    Your a great dude. Keep making videos.

  2. Aaron Houde

    Aaron Houde10 hours ago

    Welcome back to motherboard Toyota

  3. Tabby Ramone

    Tabby Ramone10 hours ago

    Turas, when you test food gadgets what do you do with the food?

  4. SkilledGhoul

    SkilledGhoul11 hours ago

    am i the only one here that likes sunny side up more than scrambled eggs?

  5. Sonny July

    Sonny July11 hours ago

    Raspberry lol

  6. Michelle Muckey

    Michelle Muckey11 hours ago

    Use the pick for a defense weapon for women

  7. Tito Odierna

    Tito Odierna12 hours ago

    Popov the vodka bear

  8. Amamiya Hashi

    Amamiya Hashi12 hours ago

    To slovenian , too much vitamin also harm your health ๐Ÿ˜…

  9. Bill Baker

    Bill Baker13 hours ago

    Pretty cool yes?

  10. Andrei Joseph

    Andrei Joseph13 hours ago

    Kenmore Elite Ovation Stand mixer specs: 500 Watt Motor 5 Qt Glass Bowl Pour on top ingredients and splash guard

  11. styen dimpu

    styen dimpu13 hours ago


  12. Crispy 23

    Crispy 2313 hours ago

    Well lithium metal costs more than a GAMING PC

  13. Stefphon Rose

    Stefphon Rose13 hours ago

    Can we get the name of the second lighter from Jobon?

  14. Chrystal21192

    Chrystal2119214 hours ago

    I miss his intro

  15. freerice9595

    freerice959515 hours ago

    Intro is an auto upvote from me

  16. Elyzabeth Vibez

    Elyzabeth Vibez15 hours ago

    Does the flashlight keychain charge ?

  17. Danny Lopez

    Danny Lopez16 hours ago

    So this is how schools make there pizza

  18. Matt Hubbard

    Matt Hubbard16 hours ago

    Thatโ€™s a dang shank ๐Ÿ˜ฌ

  19. sonu kumar

    sonu kumar17 hours ago

    All gadgets how to purchase sites ???

  20. Jared Perez

    Jared Perez17 hours ago

    First 2 rice with curry were pork, the last one was Chicken. I know that because I speak Spanish so.<3

  21. Ryan Mascarenas

    Ryan Mascarenas17 hours ago


  22. Rob Costanza

    Rob Costanza17 hours ago

    did your English get worse lol?

  23. William Sutton

    William Sutton18 hours ago


  24. Stevie D

    Stevie D20 hours ago

    Hi Crazy Russian Man can you tell me if the small kitchen light what you can put on your keys where it get it's power from battery or does you charge it up?

  25. Deserted Dave

    Deserted Dave21 hour ago

    mmm..Japanese air bread...

  26. Sui

    Sui21 hour ago

    I come back after years and this man is still the GOAT

  27. Deserted Dave

    Deserted Dave22 hours ago

    8 1/2 years later, it's still cool.

  28. Tito Odierna

    Tito Odierna22 hours ago

    Some of these mre are see through bags. They look like overpriced food hampers.

  29. Tito Odierna

    Tito Odierna22 hours ago

    This is the first video of yours I ever saw, and still pretty much my favorite ๐Ÿ˜‚ Good times

  30. Kyra C

    Kyra C22 hours ago


  31. Maya Beckett

    Maya Beckett23 hours ago

    do more videos

  32. Arjun Singh Kushwah

    Arjun Singh Kushwah23 hours ago

    BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  33. Mobile and Vr games

    Mobile and Vr games23 hours ago

    Best Russian existing on planet earth

  34. Bob Outdoors

    Bob Outdoors23 hours ago

    0:48 We got here little Caesars

  35. Mr ForeverAlone

    Mr ForeverAlone23 hours ago


  36. jackel higashikata

    jackel higashikata23 hours ago

    I can see the first one being good self defense weapons

  37. Karl Dias

    Karl Dias23 hours ago

    Dude. He probably sells the good ones separate on eBay.

  38. Sean Reeves

    Sean Reeves23 hours ago

    Nite core also makes a 1k lumen micro light with a screen it is amazing

  39. curupanduru001

    curupanduru00123 hours ago


  40. Brian Horvath

    Brian HorvathDay ago

    Just saw one of these at a customers house and the thing is badass

  41. krnekipac1

    krnekipac1Day ago


  42. IxxXXxx I

    IxxXXxx IDay ago

    ๐Ÿ˜‚ "pink pineapple" @ 04:26 "Mm pin panapple" @ 04:34

  43. ConsultingHumor

    ConsultingHumorDay ago

    Taras that's a shiv bro

  44. S B

    S BDay ago

    The white stuff on the candy bar is cocoa butter.

  45. krnekipac1

    krnekipac1Day ago


  46. NightMare Puppeteer

    NightMare PuppeteerDay ago

    1:50 Gus:sad gus noises*

  47. Robert Courtney

    Robert CourtneyDay ago

    Good device

  48. Josh Collier

    Josh CollierDay ago

    that pin is for the sim card tray to reject the sim card

  49. joe slob

    joe slobDay ago


  50. Freddyvlogs

    FreddyvlogsDay ago

    Why does he shake so much

  51. Abdullah Alajmi

    Abdullah AlajmiDay ago

    Roman newdles

  52. me

    meDay ago

    Hello mai frend

  53. Trav Pots

    Trav PotsDay ago

    Good job

  54. Amy Vang

    Amy VangDay ago


  55. Michael McDermott

    Michael McDermottDay ago

    Pretty sure that is a tortoise and that they can lop off your finger with their beak.

  56. Fahad Tahir

    Fahad TahirDay ago

    Taras loved the lines !!

  57. francesco passaro

    francesco passaroDay ago


  58. Quint

    QuintDay ago

    At 4:43 the bottle cap lands on his shoulder!

  59. minor

    minorDay ago

    I kinda want the swiss army knife

  60. Spintechfilms

    SpintechfilmsDay ago

    That SOG Knife is real similar to my Gerber Covert Knife, i wish they made that knife still but they discontinued that knife as far as i know cuz i havent been able to find them anywhere anymore

  61. Renata Bielinska

    Renata BielinskaDay ago

    its a UV light

  62. ใƒปไน™uสžuสu

    ใƒปไน™uสžuสuDay ago

    Bacon and ants

  63. Brian Bois

    Brian BoisDay ago

    Holy Light Bulb Batman

  64. Brian Bois

    Brian BoisDay ago

    That's what Tesla wanted to do make wireless electricity pretty fascinating dude

  65. OG Maxy_19

    OG Maxy_19Day ago

    this is how many times he said boom | V

  66. Brian Bois

    Brian BoisDay ago

    Have you ever tried lychee tea

  67. Brian Bois

    Brian BoisDay ago

    Cool gadgets since I've seen your video now I am compelled to make tea

  68. yuvgotubekidding

    yuvgotubekiddingDay ago

    Russian paint job.

  69. Bob Jazzman

    Bob JazzmanDay ago

    Wait, what happened to the solar panel? Does it work, cause it looked like it was junk.

  70. Carloongee

    CarloongeeDay ago

    How do you even wash this shirt?

  71. Butch Porter

    Butch PorterDay ago

    There is actually an iPhone version of that keychain charging cable, available on Amazon. Love the vids! Keep it up!

  72. Wally Palmer

    Wally PalmerDay ago

    For what you spent on all those gadjiks, you could have bought a snowblower and been done clearing the driveway by now.

  73. sasa M

    sasa MDay ago

    Shwish mnivez kopid ??

  74. Aditya Gote Patil

    Aditya Gote PatilDay ago

    1:11 imagine seeing this in a hotel lobby ,,, i would run for my life ๐Ÿ˜‚

  75. MarshalSlimShaddy Mathers

    MarshalSlimShaddy MathersDay ago

    I loved it that you have your wife's photo as your wallpaper โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  76. Andrew Davies

    Andrew DaviesDay ago


  77. A.J.

    A.J.Day ago

    This was filmed before eating all those MREs.

  78. daniele strazzeri

    daniele strazzeriDay ago

    Where i can buy pancake maker??

  79. bagas trihadmanto

    bagas trihadmantoDay ago

    11:35 tsar bomba

  80. AME BVolTs

    AME BVolTsDay ago

    Pazision 0:48 1:01 Thanks me later