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  1. Josh Smith

    Josh Smith22 hours ago

    Yes the science that will fill Joe's Pockets the most

  2. Hae Hae

    Hae Hae22 hours ago

    Waiting for the arrest of the one who caused it.. you know, the mastermind in the White House

  3. Based Basterd

    Based Basterd22 hours ago


  4. VoidKitty

    VoidKitty22 hours ago

    For all those struggling with covid. Keep fighting. We're rooting for you.


    WEED FIEND of the WASTELAND22 hours ago

    The officer getting pinned in the door. That was my greatest moment.

  6. Pauletta Teague

    Pauletta Teague22 hours ago

    I have been going and attending to Trump rallies from day one and these are the most peaceful people loving people ministr teachers all types of family members they're all colors all race all backgrounds and it's so much love being around all of these people and they just Embrace everybody so these people that went inside the capital they had an agenda and whoever entice them to do what they did it was truly clearly seeing that that was done against President Trump and his supporters to make all of us look bad I am a black female American I've been a Democrat all my life and turn to Trump and his administration

  7. Quidpro Quo

    Quidpro Quo22 hours ago

    Comments are interesting to say the least ...

  8. Naura Sal

    Naura Sal22 hours ago

    Don't worry, Iraq is ready deploying their freedom troops guarding Capitol.

  9. SilhouetteJudas

    SilhouetteJudas22 hours ago

    Joe Biden has a pretty weird looking basement.

  10. Wes Anderson

    Wes Anderson22 hours ago

    These supremacist make me laugh. Lmfao

  11. Daniel Lindquist

    Daniel Lindquist22 hours ago

    That was smart shut down the airlines

  12. Victoria

    Victoria22 hours ago

    The agenda 2030

  13. geo land

    geo land22 hours ago

    Time to lock up the criminals..

  14. Afi James

    Afi James22 hours ago

    GOP will take back the house and Senate in 2022.

  15. epiccthulu

    epiccthulu22 hours ago

    I can’t wait for them to make a movie about this

  16. dusty gee

    dusty gee22 hours ago

    So horrible! There’s that choke and those famous last words again “I can’t breathe... right!” 😭

  17. Dglas Raeat

    Dglas Raeat22 hours ago

    Wow! The starting speaker is a walking, talking trite machine. At he end of the day, when all the cow come home and all the dogs are hung, he has covered all of the bases in as gung ho a manner as can possibly be imagined.

  18. Daniel Lindquist

    Daniel Lindquist22 hours ago

    That is a lot of graves

  19. JR CARR

    JR CARR22 hours ago

    Most of them won't be processed. Different story had they been minorities. Watch the government pass us the bill for cost of the repairs. They should be fined according to the laws passed in 1994 at the very least. Make them pay for the damages. Alas! They won't.

  20. A. S.

    A. S.22 hours ago

    Remember the days when Maga supporters said Colin Kapernick was disrespecting the flag. 🙄

  21. Danek Radwanski

    Danek Radwanski22 hours ago

    MAGA idiots listen to the science not an idiotic tangerine

  22. Sean Slavin

    Sean Slavin22 hours ago

    Biden for Guantanamo! Never my president. I can’t get behind a cheater. Obama traitor to our nation.

  23. Anthony

    Anthony22 hours ago

    Some are pleading to trump for pardons ! Like he cares !

  24. Jason Scott

    Jason Scott22 hours ago

    They came for you, but you survived. They came to destroy democracy, and it survived. May you both come back stronger!

  25. Fred Landry

    Fred Landry22 hours ago

    What if the plans for attacking the State Capitols are.a deception?

  26. Cindy G

    Cindy G22 hours ago

    Isn't this going to be a "virtual " inauguration? Why are so many troops needed?

  27. V

    V22 hours ago

    Nice to see the traitors arrested.

  28. Lou Armstrong

    Lou Armstrong22 hours ago

    All these people have FBI records now and probably cant pass background checks for employment or housing....all for Trumps ego

  29. Daniel Lindquist

    Daniel Lindquist22 hours ago

    the stuff didn't even get to where it was going it went to other people that weren't even supposed to get it yet people took out of line vaccinations I'm not listening to this anymore I'm lost my interest with this interview or whatever it's BS

  30. Jim A

    Jim A22 hours ago

    Just imagine if they were prepared when it mattered last week.

  31. SmokeyDead

    SmokeyDead22 hours ago

    Biden is a Fraud

  32. eddie mendoza

    eddie mendoza22 hours ago

    Wow Trump supporters are so peaceful

  33. Carroll Puckett

    Carroll Puckett22 hours ago

    Better look at who impeaching, not the president.

  34. C Lalrammawia

    C Lalrammawia22 hours ago

    This is not about inauguration

  35. Alex Rios

    Alex Rios22 hours ago

    The optimistic, rational voice of a Real President : America welcomes you Enthusiastically !!

  36. Joan Barnes

    Joan Barnes22 hours ago

    So thankful to have an honest man in office! Joe Biden you are a shining light compared to the darkness we have had for the past 4 years.

  37. Daniel Lindquist

    Daniel Lindquist22 hours ago

    This is playing just nothing but excuses sounds like people drop the ball

  38. Mike Angelo

    Mike Angelo22 hours ago

    Lets allsee if MAGA will be aggressive on the 20th 🤔

  39. nada hiro

    nada hiro22 hours ago

    Twitter is far left dominated by the Chinese Communist Party, and the writing is done by a Chinese student, the so-called 50 Cent Party (official name is Amikan critic (Internet commentator)). There was an article that many posts on SNS criticizing Mr. Trump were posted by a famous university. The article said that elite college students and professors at well-known universities criticized Mr. Trump, but in reality it is the 50 Cent Party. In Taiwan and Japan, it is common knowledge that Twitter is influenced by the Chinese Communist Party. The 50 Cent Party is writing on twitter. This is common sense in China, Taiwan and Japan.

  40. C

    C22 hours ago

    But Chicago murders increases by 50% in 2020 and nobody cares.

  41. Jim A

    Jim A22 hours ago

    Wait, you can get arrested for inciting violence?

  42. camaro Carl

    camaro Carl22 hours ago

    I hope Sleepy Creepy selects Gretta for a top position...I see lots of creepy hugs and hair smelling in her future

  43. nada hiro

    nada hiro22 hours ago

    Twitter is far left dominated by the Chinese Communist Party, and the writing is done by a Chinese student, the so-called 50 Cent Party (official name is Amikan critic (Internet commentator)). There was an article that many posts on SNS criticizing Mr. Trump were posted by a famous university. The article said that elite college students and professors at well-known universities criticized Mr. Trump, but in reality it is the 50 Cent Party. In Taiwan and Japan, it is common knowledge that Twitter is influenced by the Chinese Communist Party. The 50 Cent Party is writing on twitter. This is common sense in China, Taiwan and Japan.

  44. Punch Top

    Punch Top22 hours ago

    There is NO DISTRIBUTION problem But only 12.3 million coronavirus shots had been administered as of Friday morning out of more than 31 million doses distributed to states, according to data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  45. Daniel Lindquist

    Daniel Lindquist22 hours ago

    No stop you're talking like a politician back to the statement that was asked and no more b*******

  46. SH69D

    SH69D22 hours ago

    I am Saudi Arabian in the law in my country is Eye for eye if this happen in my country They be dead right now. I hope they get what they deserve first of all they have drugs and second of all they killed someone.

  47. Erica M. Cross

    Erica M. Cross22 hours ago

    They should take their time & arrest all of them. Put it on their records, collect fines from them, & community service for all that don't get serious jail time.

  48. Daniel Lindquist

    Daniel Lindquist22 hours ago

    So sad he looks like a really good man like so many that were not going to hear about that are gone they're dying too I think this is out of control and they just don't know what to do or say about it it's time for the smart to get smart and do what needs to be done if we can at all we need to survive or will perish

  49. Music Love

    Music Love22 hours ago

    All terrorists who stormed the Capitol must be arrested and thrown on prison for the rest of their lives.

  50. TheJking85

    TheJking8522 hours ago

    Failed as Michigan's Attorney General. Failed as the governor of Michigan. Why would she be successful as the Secretary of Energy? Biden needs to stop making Cabinet picks when he doesn't take his meds.

  51. Kaitlyn Dudley

    Kaitlyn Dudley22 hours ago

    Masks don’t help! What do they say on the tag when you buy it? It’s for fashion! I have warn one this whole pandemic and work retail! I got covid...

  52. New Lucas

    New Lucas22 hours ago

    🤔Is it really ok to brag about the achievements of someone and mention their race( to a nation of mixed races at that)....I get black folks have had some acceptance issues in the past but the way Mrs harris smiled and got exited ( 39:00 ) when she said a 34 year old black woman achieved something almost sounded like " and in this world of hateful white supremacists that so greedily hogg all opportunity and chance a woman of color accomplished something" and that is not the level of racial adversity or gender inequality present in our current society.....just saying "someone is playing the role", the way this witch said her and joe "nerd out" I was like "yeah I'm sure"😁

  53. Avant Garde

    Avant Garde22 hours ago

    Huh! Good luck finding a new Job Kayleigh. Not too many postings for Professional Liars...

  54. ripple chips

    ripple chips22 hours ago

    My body my choice ladies and gentlemen end of story! You chose yo get vax that's on you dont worry about me when the whole point of you getting your shot is to prevent people like me giving it to you or you giving it to others ! Have a nice day

  55. Greg L

    Greg L22 hours ago

    She said aliens waited until now, until we reached a point where we would understand and except them. They probably seen the current election news and decided otherwise. I'd turn around and run. Smh NBC... you made them believe Biden won and now aliens🤣

  56. Michael Baker

    Michael Baker22 hours ago

    I'm glad they don't have one for me

  57. Daniel Lindquist

    Daniel Lindquist22 hours ago

    yeah look like that refrigeration wasn't for vaccines it was for storing corpses when are people going to stop lying and tell the truth

  58. Afi James

    Afi James22 hours ago

    Return to sanity alright, more illegal wars, more jobs being shipped to other nations, all over again.

  59. America's life officer

    America's life officer22 hours ago

    Thank you, National Guard !!!

  60. HeartDoc Andrew

    HeartDoc Andrew22 hours ago

    "More Than 100 Individuals Involved In (Deadly) Capitol (#StandBackStandBy Insurrection) Riots (Incited By Violent #FightLikeHell Trump) Arrested" thereby re-affirming, yet again, that #TooBadForCarrots #DJT is "utterly incompetent" as per the words of both his own Federal Judge elder-sister Maryanne Trump Barry and his own Clinical Psychologist niece Dr. Mary Trump. May #ImPOTUS45 always hear "You're fired" via the unwavering reality of election results that reject him who is the cause of #MourningInAmerica (per #LincolnProject).

  61. Thomas Babcock

    Thomas Babcock22 hours ago

    Why arrest them? Then let them right back out, aren't these Federal charges?? Most people can't get bail for local charges!! C'mon man..you know they are gonna run.

  62. Victor Png

    Victor Png22 hours ago

    Good material resource for a novel with suitable title.

  63. David Furlong

    David Furlong22 hours ago

    Joe, I hope your contact page on google has plenty of room on it for writing some rather in depth discussions of many of the things I've been working on and promoting, over the past 40 years. I'll be writing to your advisors (just announced) to share my aspirations on many subjects, each with an appropriate ear for "reasoning". I'm quite certain they'll give my ideas a chance, and I'll be writing under a name I've used for suggestions for Lockheed/Martin 's Advanced technology development division.

  64. Daniel Lindquist

    Daniel Lindquist22 hours ago

    Tap dance that guy should be booted out and anybody that talks that language that's just b******* we don't have any time for that why are people putting up with this

  65. Doc the Gaffer

    Doc the Gaffer22 hours ago

    Please fix your sound. You can hire me if you like. I can edit sound better than your guy.

  66. dee a

    dee a22 hours ago

    maga-massive,angry,group of animals

  67. Der Hussar

    Der Hussar22 hours ago

    Dangerous to do business with Fascists who lead insurrections.

  68. Manny Rodriguez

    Manny Rodriguez22 hours ago

    Trumpard has shown America and the world that, a Dictatorship in America is possible, sooner or later..... sad... so sad.....

  69. dee a

    dee a22 hours ago

    maga-massive,angry,group of animals

  70. Pedro Martell

    Pedro Martell22 hours ago

    They are trying so hard to ruin trump I wonder why democrats out for blood after being exposed as the corrupt pieces of trash they are .

  71. dee a

    dee a22 hours ago

    maga-massive,angry,group of animals

  72. Resie Fan

    Resie Fan22 hours ago

    And if 1 shot is fired at trump supporters from national guardsman I could see alot of reactionary blood shed considering 74 million folks have assault rifles

  73. 0 0

    0 022 hours ago

    Just to be clear. If JB delivers 100 million doses in 100 days, then JB is BETTER than DJT period. Effective Results Matter. Full Stop.

  74. Cheryl Mack

    Cheryl Mack22 hours ago

    Yes you did Corsi. You were involved with the Russian secret service and Roger Stone.

  75. Leppard

    Leppard22 hours ago

    Chicago has gun control laws, yet their violent crime and murders has gone up. Hmmmm... seems like it worked?

  76. Ang

    Ang22 hours ago

    Lock them ALL up!!!

  77. Brian Fitz

    Brian Fitz22 hours ago

    The world is a stage

  78. Just_Chris

    Just_Chris22 hours ago

    What about the Oxford vaccine? I know it’s not American but it works just fine in the uk. I think now might be a good time to step away from protectionism and approve the cheap vaccine that the USA has 300 million doses on order. It also only needs one shot to protect against serious disease.

  79. DAVID Roberts

    DAVID Roberts22 hours ago

    None of this would have been happening if the Democrats have not committed treason