NFL on ESPN First Take

  1. Maynor Muniz

    Maynor Muniz55 minutes ago

    To bad hes not a free agent so the bears have to have good compensation for Deshaun

  2. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwide57 minutes ago

    I dont want any of these personalities Watson and Wilson have all self inflicted teams with cultural shock and anyone that does this idc how great they are it destroys your atmosphere and team environment. I have nothing against them or anyone that feels the need to be so dramatic but it doesn't have to be so public or personal targeting as all these situations have become.

  3. Mike Geee

    Mike Geee58 minutes ago

    Watson is not Manning or Brady. He threw 35td and won 4 games! He holds the ball to long and isn't elite speed or size. The Texans didn't have the worst OL in the league, that would be Chargers. And last I looked their rookie won 7 games and threw 35tds...i just ain't buying that Watson is a future HOFr and that's what you gotta be for ne to trade a bunch of picks and a pro bowl player

  4. Angel Rivera

    Angel RiveraHour ago

    Come to Chicago!!

  5. Angel Rivera

    Angel RiveraHour ago

    Hell yeah finally someone on tv pushing this !!πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ˆπŸ’―

  6. Jermaine Murray

    Jermaine MurrayHour ago

    So he gets to choose now? This is why they should let him sit out a year! His value won't go down.

  7. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwideHour ago

    I think Seattle should be if not this yr ,next yr Wilson for dak. Tbh this is fair deal if dallas sent picks its more for Wilson past sb win and not how hes playing . Dak is a better throw the ball every down qb than Wilson. Wilsons elite talent is off play action rolling him out so he can see . Law of physics deny Wilson the vision to see middle short field. His arm is great at deep outside passes. Its just how God made him.

  8. Dadson worldwide

    Dadson worldwideHour ago

    Hey Watson flipped the script in just 4 or 5 months so he can just as easily change his mind back. Texans should amd likely will just give him a yr off to get his head cleared. Meanwhile texans arent going to win with him so go ahead get better without him. Win some games make Watson feel like inserting himself and it could compete at a high level. Your not losing anything. You still have trade value 2 yrs from now if he does sit out. Put what you want in writing. For example Tom Brady wanted to be coach ,gm ,coordinator and employee qb but pats didn't want to hire him for those jobs but the buccs did . The responsibility amd workload is just to much teams arent going to hire many players to take on such a roll. Like Wilson I think his price falls if your hiring him to also be gm and play caller . Hes never had thus job before. Honestly I think he had the chance to do what he wants and it didn't work. Hes getting quietly fired for failing at pass every down.

  9. Jason Pottle

    Jason PottleHour ago

    4 idiots.

  10. ??

    ??Hour ago

    Bullshit max kapernick is out of the nfl because he sucks he quit taking steroids lost 40lbs of muscle and flat out sucks now why u think he did what he done when he had the try out in 2019 hes done he knows it and hes gonna pull his half balck card to make a good living off it.

  11. Charles Johnson

    Charles JohnsonHour ago


  12. John Bruno

    John BrunoHour ago

    If DeShaun Watson joins The Bears (he won't because Ryan Pace is garbage) but if he did, as a Bear fan I would probably have a coronary because that means we'd actually have a QB since Sid Luckman 🀯

  13. ??

    ??Hour ago

    Black nfl coaches are like black nfl qbs they usually suck it's just facts mike Tomlin is an anomaly and many would say he sucks.

  14. C Carr

    C CarrHour ago

    Sas is now a clown's clown

  15. Andre Tillman

    Andre TillmanHour ago

    So, many excuses about AZ and why they wont win. Look at the team on defense last year, Pass rush was terrible, we couldn't get pressure on any QB. Reason why because Chandler Jones , Phillips and Corey was injured . Also, injuries slowed the offense as well, Kyler getting hurt against Seattle, slowed them down...... Now, with the addition of JJ Watt , Chandler Jones 100% healthy and remember..... Draft

  16. Eric Percifull

    Eric Percifull2 hours ago

    Jerry messed up not doing a deal 2 years ago, but dak agent have messed this up to. 35mill or let him walk, fix the defense Dalton can win 10 11 games or Fitzpatrick for that matter.

  17. J Hub

    J Hub2 hours ago

    Rumors he never met with anyone....he is out of state.....lies...lies...lies

  18. john holmes

    john holmes2 hours ago

    Leflop is overrated....

  19. Roger Staubach

    Roger Staubach2 hours ago

    Dak is using Goff and wentz to get more money so dan again what the hell are you talking about

  20. Gary Moore

    Gary Moore2 hours ago

    Spears is such a homer. It’s horrible. Fuck Watson he signed a deal last year. Make him play or give the money back

  21. Meanjoe Green

    Meanjoe Green2 hours ago

    Throw the ball Russ🀣

  22. paris harris

    paris harris2 hours ago

    TREVOR will be a BUST ! !

  23. Chadason McGraw

    Chadason McGraw3 hours ago

    Arizona has always won against Rodgers though... Wilson losses to Cardinals just as much as he beat them. Other than that, solid criticism, and all we can do is wait, watch, and see.

  24. badc gsdhh

    badc gsdhh3 hours ago

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  25. Aquarius Leviathan prophecy

    Aquarius Leviathan prophecy3 hours ago

    Patrick Stinks He πŸ—‘ he had 2 Awful SBs 🎭 but ppl wanna be πŸ‘ N bow down like he Did something Child please πŸ˜’N nI he's not the Most important That would be MJ 🐐 23,45,9

  26. James Horton

    James Horton3 hours ago

    What a clown show of a take about black quarterbacks.

  27. Brian Gamble

    Brian Gamble3 hours ago

    Wentz not ah great leader someone lied too this guy 🀣🀣🀣

  28. Brandon Hearst

    Brandon Hearst3 hours ago

    Max was so uncomfortable saying all that 🀣

  29. Billy Wright

    Billy Wright3 hours ago

    Justin Fields is the best quarterback in this draft period.

  30. Big Bopper

    Big Bopper3 hours ago

    I'm here going back to see all the nfl analyst predictions. I knew the bucs were gonna play defense and win this game . Everyone pretty much predicted the chiefs and I was smh saying no your so wrong .

  31. Dennis Moore

    Dennis Moore4 hours ago

    Nooooooo,!!!!! Brees is Done

  32. jadcock1023

    jadcock10234 hours ago

    Stop the racist shit I'm african American and I can tell you we have more priviledge than white people and facts it's sad when we don't get our way we spread hate for our own faults #1 were killing ourself and no one talks about that every years by 100ks every year quit blaming other races and face our self in the mirror stuff has to stop cause all this is going to do is cause the rise of racism back from white people soon as they wake up as a race and stick together well be crying more racist remarks stop it all lives matter

  33. David Harcula

    David Harcula4 hours ago

    Stay with bress says. Sas

  34. R.U.S.H

    R.U.S.H4 hours ago

    Watch Keeppounding_tv

  35. dennis sinkovics

    dennis sinkovics4 hours ago

    I don’t have cable thank you for these every day!!!

  36. E Money

    E Money4 hours ago

    This is ridiculous this is been going on 2 years now just pay the man wtf

  37. Refeal Ibazeta

    Refeal Ibazeta4 hours ago

    Need to go forward without J.G. Niners are not going anywhere with J.G.

  38. STU BEEF

    STU BEEF4 hours ago


  39. STU BEEF

    STU BEEF5 hours ago


  40. Joseph Acosta

    Joseph Acosta5 hours ago

    I would give zeke and dak....easy. We have pollard and he's done great. ....Easy. Keep all WR though

  41. Playa President

    Playa President5 hours ago

    molly puts so much thought into these dumbass questions you can see it in her face πŸ˜‚

  42. It Ain’t Easy

    It Ain’t Easy5 hours ago

    Some major cultural appropriation going on here when Stephen A trying to be black. Max should be appalled.

  43. black mamba

    black mamba5 hours ago

    Molly is such a cutie pie I'm sorry I have to say it everytime I see her girl you are fine fine no disrespect mr rose but oviously know your wife is fine

  44. gbj4063

    gbj40635 hours ago

    As a 49 year Dolphins fan I am pissed!!!

  45. Steve Geary

    Steve Geary6 hours ago

    Stephen A. sounded smart until he Jersey the wheel towards racism

  46. Bryce Allison

    Bryce Allison6 hours ago

    Cowboys I don't care who our qb just take us to the 2nd round or 3round playoffs or superbowl plz. Cowboys need help on the defense I hope dan quinn can help I think πŸ™

  47. Abel Castro

    Abel Castro6 hours ago

    Daks not worth it can't beat elite teams can't throw accurately bye dak salary cap is coming down sorry bye dak bum ankle bye dak tom Brady makes 25 a year and wins championships dak wants 40.millon a year and can't even make the playoffs gtfoh

  48. Eric Kelske

    Eric Kelske6 hours ago

    Finally Nate and Diehl football guys who know what they're talking about

  49. Chris Givens

    Chris Givens6 hours ago

    Has no other experience in any other sports talk venue. # change is good

  50. Chris Givens

    Chris Givens6 hours ago

    I wish they would replace the host. He’s way to eccentric with the junior year comment and then cutting off the answer to his question. Probably takes to many pills prior to the take

  51. Jeremy Dailey Sr.

    Jeremy Dailey Sr.6 hours ago

    Yes! One step toward the possibility of Chicago getting Wilson Dallas has a qb and so does Las Vegas. That's leaves Chi town!

  52. Moralin Esca

    Moralin Esca6 hours ago

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  53. Derrick Hallvc

    Derrick Hallvc6 hours ago

    As a CHIEFS fan idc...But if you want to make this agreement you whould have to say Mahomes and LeBron have equal level of importance if either missed the season that season has less value and that Championship has less value...But again who cares its March the NBA is in season talk about actual games and not bs NFL takes...

  54. Maverick2495

    Maverick24957 hours ago

    Stephen A says stuff that I agree with and things I don't but I like him overall but why does he always have to bring race into every damn thing.

  55. Rosie Mitchell

    Rosie Mitchell7 hours ago

    You don't compare the Football to Basketball!!! Its totally different games!! They are more injury in Football than Basketball!! I guess Max hate Tom Brady! His in denial that Tom Brady is a Goat.

  56. saintconnor

    saintconnor7 hours ago

    wilbon being shocked doesnt shock me.

  57. cole4969

    cole49697 hours ago

    This IS all BS.

  58. Tee.M 2019

    Tee.M 20197 hours ago

    Stephen A wants to pay everyone as long as it's not his money

  59. Orlando Ramirez

    Orlando Ramirez7 hours ago

    Lol I love that when they were talking about great QBS they threw in dak is just as good and if not he just a bit below or a bit higher in my eye either way Watson is getting 39 a year so dak should get at least 40 with the market

  60. Timothy Henderson

    Timothy Henderson7 hours ago

    What about Arkansas being ranked# 1 in college baseball.

  61. Mulundano Chitalu

    Mulundano Chitalu7 hours ago

    These 2 dont watch soccer, the most important people in all sports are lionel messi and christiano Ronaldo. A sport that is watched worldwide

  62. Timothy Henderson

    Timothy Henderson7 hours ago

    They finally taking college.

  63. val gonz

    val gonz7 hours ago

    Who the hell is Mel kyper

  64. flaming phin

    flaming phin7 hours ago

    Yeah van noy was not the corner stone of our defense it was the DBs mostly X

  65. Christopher Bob

    Christopher Bob7 hours ago

    Brees needs to retire and move to Ohio somewhere or something. I mean damn he only brought N.O 1 Super Bowl. I Hope the saints pick up Russell Wilson

  66. GOONIE

    GOONIE7 hours ago

    marvin bagley and moses malone are the other two quickest second jumpers ive ever seen

  67. steve ness

    steve ness8 hours ago

    Jerry Jones is a genius !

  68. Swish David

    Swish David8 hours ago

    He has weapons in Carolina. Robby and Dj moore had a 1000 yards a piece with Teddy as there QB imagine with what D Watson can do in Carolina πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ₯ΆπŸ’―πŸ’ͺπŸ½πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  69. Ken Hoang

    Ken Hoang8 hours ago

    I thought he was 18.


    CEDRIC FULLER8 hours ago

    This is stupid!!!!!! You can’t make that trade b/c Seattle has Wilson’s salary on the books even if they trade him. So you paying 2 quarterbacks in the same year that’s just dumb. You give up 3 number 1 picks for Wilson that’s just dumb. They are the same quarterback on paper the last 4 years. I’m tired of people not knowing how the salary cap works

  71. Rob Me

    Rob Me8 hours ago

    It's not even close. He's on top goat mountain and 2nd place (that is still playing) isn't even 1/8 of the way up.

  72. Rene Parada

    Rene Parada8 hours ago

    I like how Mac Jones plays and throws and his poise in the pocket. He will be the next great pocket passer

  73. Major Price

    Major Price8 hours ago

    Where is Ryan Clark?????

  74. Elaine P

    Elaine P8 hours ago

    F hockey!

  75. Frank Palancio

    Frank Palancio8 hours ago

    Houston is crazy not to take that offer. If it's genuine.

  76. jason davies

    jason davies8 hours ago

    so now not only do people have to hire black coaches.. but when they do... they also have to employ them for 10 years? lol like wtf is happening

  77. marylain69

    marylain699 hours ago

    I believe Dak Prescott plays for 13 years for the Cowboys wins a few Playoff games, no Superbowls, and becomes a sports commentator for Fox.

  78. Brady Reignites the New Evil Empire

    Brady Reignites the New Evil Empire9 hours ago

    The definition of insanity is now officially defined as BETTING AGAINST TOM BRADY , which is a variation of doing something over and over again and expecting a different result.

  79. Shadow Puppet

    Shadow Puppet9 hours ago

    Even if we're going for a college perspective Tom Brady was quite the competitor he started for the Michigan for 2 years where as from Mac he's only played for one so literally there is no comparison

  80. michael harrison

    michael harrison9 hours ago

    one of the few times i agree with Max... this was the second time his stuff was stolen. Now this happens again less than two weeks later on his debut. I would have WENT OFF too...he could be at a top 15-25 school in NCAA, maybe even higher and would have a BETTER CONTRACT & not only that his son JOINED him who is damn near a 5 STAR RECRUIT AT QB & could have went to ANY OF THE TOP 5 SCHOOL IN THE NATION...embarrassing for HBCUs