1. Moonchild

    Moonchild17 hours ago

    I can't even imagine that someone will love me so mach and in this way


    REINO NIUX17 hours ago

    conan is art!!!!

  3. Audy

    Audy17 hours ago

    this song were meant to be heard when you drive with your top of car opened, and wind blowing on your hair just like the MV

  4. Nalin

    Nalin17 hours ago

    he’s straight?

  5. olivia loke

    olivia loke17 hours ago

    the starting of the song already gave me goosebumps omg😍

  6. Lexi Xo

    Lexi Xo17 hours ago

    3 Things happened this week: 1. My friend said they don't like this song. 2. They got hit by a car. 3. I lost my drivers license.

  7. Karol Bedoya

    Karol Bedoya17 hours ago

    I love it, such a good song

  8. Parnika Swami

    Parnika Swami17 hours ago

    the fact that the ad is overdrive

  9. Edna González

    Edna González17 hours ago


  10. pixieloopie

    pixieloopie17 hours ago

    not @ me looking at someone and imagining all kinds of scenerio. this song slapped me no wonder.

  11. Jennie B

    Jennie B17 hours ago

    Conan is DRIVING me insaane!!!

  12. Jennie B

    Jennie B17 hours ago

    Also the fact that his love interest isn't skinny and white..ughhhhh we love actual diversity and positivity!

  13. Emilia Natarina

    Emilia Natarina17 hours ago

    For a second there I thought this was a kpop song when listening to it the first time, before reading the singer's name :)

  14. Valerie Moland

    Valerie Moland17 hours ago

    I wonder if Conan playfully punched the girl while filming?.. iykyk

  15. Jennie B

    Jennie B17 hours ago

    an actor too!!

  16. hold up

    hold up17 hours ago


  17. try hearing that's okay by d.o.

    try hearing that's okay by d.o.17 hours ago

    First i thought that imagine married a stranger on subway wasn't normal, But conan make me feels like what i did it's legal and normal.

  18. Ola Lach

    Ola Lach17 hours ago


  19. Jennie B

    Jennie B17 hours ago

    And that's on breaking TOXIC MASCULINITY for good!

  20. Eder Aldair

    Eder Aldair17 hours ago

    que aqui no ay nadie de mexico sjjsjjsjjj

  21. syaa asri

    syaa asri17 hours ago

    this song really make my day ❤️❤️❤️

  22. felipe

    felipe17 hours ago

    green light, drivers license and now overdrive... finally more songs to play in traffic

  23. The patato squad ÜwÜ

    The patato squad ÜwÜ17 hours ago

    I want to sing this to my crush who REJECTED me😖

  24. Vázquez Cruz Luisa Fernanda

    Vázquez Cruz Luisa Fernanda17 hours ago

    I love this song so much.

  25. Joon Piter

    Joon Piter17 hours ago

    AMAZING!! As expected for Conan 🥰

  26. wendy camargo

    wendy camargo17 hours ago

    Me encanto mucho.

  27. mujo tuan

    mujo tuan17 hours ago

    Some good memories just ....... IN OUR IMAGINATION :)

  28. bwub ๑

    bwub ๑17 hours ago


  29. Sophie van Batenburg

    Sophie van Batenburg17 hours ago

    gay moment

  30. K.M.

    K.M.17 hours ago

    Overdrive proved again 80's Inspired Bops >>>>

  31. Georgio

    Georgio17 hours ago

    i think that conan gray is the harry styles of our generation ❤

  32. Joshua gray

    Joshua gray17 hours ago

    Vamos por los 2M CARAJOOOO

  33. miss waste

    miss waste18 hours ago

    This is fricking perfect LOVE U CONANANANAN

  34. Maria Júlia Rodrigues

    Maria Júlia Rodrigues18 hours ago

    ❤️❤️❤️ perfeito

  35. LifeOfKiki

    LifeOfKiki18 hours ago

    i fell even more in love with this song by watching the video

  36. jenniekim

    jenniekim18 hours ago

    see u in year later on this bop 💞🛐

  37. Thevidu

    Thevidu18 hours ago

  38. Mochi Chan

    Mochi Chan18 hours ago


  39. minki cherry

    minki cherry18 hours ago

    Plot twist THE end he's never even met her or it's how they met!!!!!!!

  40. Navy Baby

    Navy Baby18 hours ago

    This gives me a summer vibe 🥺

  41. Ashany Flowers

    Ashany Flowers18 hours ago

    love love love iiit!

  42. Sora.615

    Sora.61518 hours ago

    Underated masterpiece!!!!!!!!!

  43. 정해원

    정해원18 hours ago

    They are beautiful

  44. Mia

    Mia18 hours ago

    Is it just me .. that if you high the volume n listen carefully.. there are another voice of man in the background but more deep voice 💀

  45. Kari Kari

    Kari Kari18 hours ago

    Imagine having conan gray in your life..

  46. Howl Simp

    Howl Simp18 hours ago

    This song makes me wanna scream at my friends because of the fake scenarios I made in my head

  47. Dayana Copa Apaza

    Dayana Copa Apaza18 hours ago


  48. Alya Maura

    Alya Maura18 hours ago

    why conan's outfit never disappoint gee..?

  49. Howl Simp

    Howl Simp18 hours ago

    This song hits so different at 3 a.m especially the part "That I'm such a stalker, a watcher, a psychopath"

  50. Sastrawan Awkward

    Sastrawan Awkward18 hours ago

    he's daydreaming.. what a plot twist :v

  51. Marty Tremo

    Marty Tremo18 hours ago

    Conan seems like a toxic boyfriend i like it ,':)


    LILY HASIBAR18 hours ago

    2:57 😂😂😂😂

  53. Esther Lee

    Esther Lee18 hours ago


  54. starflysevtae7

    starflysevtae718 hours ago

    Omg the ending

  55. TRINI1400 ELIAS

    TRINI1400 ELIAS18 hours ago


  56. TRINI1400 ELIAS

    TRINI1400 ELIAS19 hours ago

    Love u conan

  57. TRINI1400 ELIAS

    TRINI1400 ELIAS19 hours ago


  58. Snehal Kale

    Snehal Kale19 hours ago

    This song 😌💜

  59. Phattharisa Phumchan

    Phattharisa Phumchan19 hours ago


  60. Anh Vũ

    Anh Vũ19 hours ago

    OMG it's amazingggg

  61. one billion J

    one billion J19 hours ago

    im here becos of yoojung

  62. Ariana Dominguez

    Ariana Dominguez19 hours ago


  63. Zoe0598

    Zoe059819 hours ago

    I wish i had a friend like Conan

  64. Aditi

    Aditi19 hours ago

    Conan fall for me instead😭😭

  65. qiang lin

    qiang lin19 hours ago

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  66. 시카이나 이브Hanikesh

    시카이나 이브Hanikesh19 hours ago

    the beginning gave me Narnia vibes lmao

  67. DeSSvoL shark

    DeSSvoL shark19 hours ago

    💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 u 4ever

  68. Tony Jumamil

    Tony Jumamil19 hours ago

    The intro reminds me of studio ghibli films tho lol.

  69. Frances Gabriel

    Frances Gabriel19 hours ago

    He’s one of the futures of music industry

  70. Adriana Villarreal

    Adriana Villarreal19 hours ago

    Can we talk about like how his songs are just better and better every time - the vibes are just something else 😌

  71. Charlie Donovan

    Charlie Donovan19 hours ago

    Did anyone else see that conan looked like Micheal Jackson at the beginning 😂

  72. Gustavo Woltmann

    Gustavo Woltmann19 hours ago

    this song is so good, Conan you are so talneted

  73. Armita Shafie

    Armita Shafie19 hours ago

    "if u gonna leave, better leave, better do it fast''

  74. alba tm

    alba tm19 hours ago


  75. Nikhil Koduri

    Nikhil Koduri19 hours ago

    This song is amazing, Makes me remind me of my bestfriend We used to vibe to this, Please check her new video here and let her know that I miss her. Thanks <3

  76. eleftheria with love

    eleftheria with love19 hours ago

    why did i catch some Ezra's Miller vibes?

  77. Marina -

    Marina -19 hours ago

    Yeah, No, I don't think you understand. I'm obsessed.

  78. Nicole Ariadhn

    Nicole Ariadhn19 hours ago

    omg i can't stop watching this, i love you conan!!!!

  79. jin_ jin_19 hours ago

    ayyyyyy never failed to amaze me and the end tho-i love all of your videos and enjoy your music never stop making these and lots of love from my side.And yall better be streaming this masterpiece or imma haunt you in your dreams tonight.Lets get this to 5 mil fellow conan fans!!PLUS you slayed with this song as always i love you so much keep going<3

  80. Selma Julia

    Selma Julia19 hours ago