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Dance Moms

Dance Moms follows children's early steps on the road to stardom along with their doting mothers all under Abby Lee Miller's discerning eyes. Presenting a powerful cast of characters, the show immerses itself in the highs and lows surrounding dance competition season, delivering a captivating and dramatic look at the cast's intense pursuit of National Dance titles. Centered on the devoted Miller, who runs Abby Lee Dance Company with an iron tap shoe as she instructs her young, talented students while also dealing with impassioned mothers who go to great lengths to help their children's dreams come true, Dance Moms is about what really goes on behind-the-scenes in the fast-growing and controversial sport of competitive dance.

  1. Raghvi Singh

    Raghvi Singh7 hours ago

    It just warmed my heart when holly went to Mackenzie to see how she was doing ♥️❤ she's my fav dance mom ❤😍

  2. Mallory Toomey

    Mallory Toomey7 hours ago

    Why isn’t anyone taking about how good Paige’s hair looks

  3. lipstickprincess1

    lipstickprincess17 hours ago

    Someone convicted of money fraud insults a Dad’s honest income? Come on... 😱


    LOLIPOP GIRL 1237 hours ago

    i love jojo siwa! do not listen to what abby lee says. your great and so is nia

  5. Gamer Amiyah

    Gamer Amiyah7 hours ago

    Abby :Christi Me : WTH

  6. c’est moi boo

    c’est moi boo7 hours ago

    I really watched Maddie and the way she dances.... tbh, she dances pretty average. I’ve seen people do way better then Maddie while dancing and doing tricks

  7. Rahaf Arif

    Rahaf Arif7 hours ago

    What did kendal say.... Ermmm..... Brynn was toxic to the team on the end when season 8 came...

  8. c’est moi boo

    c’est moi boo7 hours ago

    A lot of people said Maddie shouldn’t have gotten the roll for drop dead diva and someone else should have, and I agree. The qualities they asked for were not Maddie’s qualities. Other girls in ALDC had those qualities and should have gotten in.

  9. Pato Duck

    Pato Duck7 hours ago

    Bruv Abby talking about all those technical fancy words and mackenzie understood it so well like bruv I'd dint understand anything other than then do a and

  10. brianna

    brianna7 hours ago

    jill may be annoying but i fully agree with what she said: “brynn’s a cute kid, i don’t have a problem with her at all. i DO have a problem with ashlee-“ point. blank. period 💅🏾.

  11. Abigail Reinhardt

    Abigail Reinhardt7 hours ago

    Abby just doesn't understand that everybody cry's no matter what age. it's normal.

  12. Alanis Scott

    Alanis Scott7 hours ago

    Abby: America has always been the country that with hard work and determination u can achieve ur dreams. Ummmmmm not for certain groups of people; certain ethnic groups.

  13. Miss Covington

    Miss Covington7 hours ago

    JILL needs to chillax it's not all abt kendall

  14. Marlena Prince

    Marlena Prince7 hours ago

    Boo. So. SuSus

  15. chevon1920

    chevon19207 hours ago

    Paige looks so dejected it’s kinda scary. At least Brooke cried.

  16. willowworks

    willowworks7 hours ago

    I’m glad Abby actually gave Kendall choreo that actually made her look good but challenged her at the same time. Chloe’s costume sucked and Nia’s choreo sucked but I understand that the solo was probably quite tricky so I’m not taking away anything from her win. This proves Kendall can win if she’s given good choreo. She also didn’t have the same 👁👄👁 face throughout the dance.

  17. Denya elias

    Denya elias7 hours ago

    I think abbys boyfriend should be with the vegan teacher

  18. Javelle

    Javelle7 hours ago

    Jill is the ultimate sore loser on Dance Mom's (scripted or not, emotions were real)Her daughter’s technique is subpar at best, yet she prances around as if she's on Kalani’s level.

  19. CPS Mokopane

    CPS Mokopane8 hours ago

    Go lily k

  20. Helena Bento

    Helena Bento8 hours ago

    I hate how abby spends literally no time on the solos and then gets annoyed when they don't place. like seriously?? its her fault

  21. Sophie

    Sophie8 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks Kalani needs more recognition she is so sweet and dosen't care who she dances with

  22. ki.somm___omahkapi.si74

    ki.somm___omahkapi.si748 hours ago

    I agree with Jill honestly Ashlee plays the victim and just rags on the other girls and is so rude, then when karma from the other moms come she and her daughter walk out crying. She(mother and daughger) needs to get tougher skin, you walked out, if you would have stayed there would be arguing but you'd still be in place on the team.

  23. Julia Marshall

    Julia Marshall8 hours ago

    Not me liking every comment to make it a even number OCDs really getting to me 🙈

  24. Leila D'Addessa

    Leila D'Addessa8 hours ago

    The zieglers are truly irriplaceable

  25. CynthiaMarie

    CynthiaMarie8 hours ago

    5:40 this is the big part they all wanted 😭.. oh lord

  26. Karina Harlow

    Karina Harlow8 hours ago

    and it look like there going in a party and was,nt paying attietion a the st

  27. Claire Nyland

    Claire Nyland8 hours ago

    Poor Brynn

  28. gianna genovese

    gianna genovese8 hours ago

    1:40 lol abby should be a comedian after calling herself polite 😭

  29. Naomi Yango

    Naomi Yango8 hours ago

    Did you see how the person just changed her face so fast lol! 14:01

  30. It’s Tila

    It’s Tila8 hours ago

    OMG did anyone notice Gianina and her mom Joanne at 7:52

  31. jermaine lindo

    jermaine lindo8 hours ago

    wish (sweet) n finesse

  32. jermaine lindo

    jermaine lindo8 hours ago

    future in women a star 🌟 is born

  33. Atul Khare

    Atul Khare8 hours ago

    Jesslyn is overacting.... Abby just wants jono to learn Abby doesn't want jojo to win she just wants to make her learn something new to make jojo a better dancer.... Jesslyn needs to push jojo so that she can learn she even abandoned Kendall!!!

  34. jermaine lindo

    jermaine lindo8 hours ago

    congrats yolanda hadid 💐✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  35. Mie Sirnes-løke

    Mie Sirnes-løke8 hours ago

    My hart just melted when abby started crying❤️

  36. Barbara Blust

    Barbara Blust8 hours ago

    can we just talk about how nia is the only one who still dances-

  37. SG - 04MM 894482 Nahani Way PS

    SG - 04MM 894482 Nahani Way PS8 hours ago

    5:56 They Dragged The Answer Of Kenzies Win So It's Not Her Falut-

  38. Lps angel

    Lps angel8 hours ago

    Oop what do i say??!

  39. Freya Brotherton

    Freya Brotherton8 hours ago

    Guys Maddie didn’t actually dance with the weave in they just pretended she did

  40. Sophia _cheerleader

    Sophia _cheerleader8 hours ago

    Omg Kathy tho

  41. Uthara Nair

    Uthara Nair8 hours ago

    At 4:51 does anyone els think that Jill looks like a female version of Donald trump??😂😂

  42. jermaine lindo

    jermaine lindo8 hours ago

    dance moms tv series I II n III

  43. Chanel#5

    Chanel#58 hours ago

    @10:22 Nia: “And she’s being really mean to her” Nia co-signing straight FACTS!!

  44. Irma Zarate

    Irma Zarate8 hours ago

    Mom of asia looks possesded

  45. Kiley J.

    Kiley J.8 hours ago

    What episode is this?

  46. winnie x

    winnie x8 hours ago


  47. Coley’s Life of fun

    Coley’s Life of fun8 hours ago

    If those sodas on her head were actually full SHE WAS SHAKING HER HEAD just wait till she opens them!🤣

  48. Addie Martin

    Addie Martin9 hours ago


  49. Laaleelah

    Laaleelah9 hours ago

    I think JoJo should have been given a hip-hop or a fierce jazz dance so she can show her true sassy self

  50. Ed sheeran

    Ed sheeran9 hours ago

    Ok but the aldc dance was so weird and so all over the place, like when kalani took her cap out it looks like she was just hoping around and spinning

  51. Edi Halleloo yo

    Edi Halleloo yo9 hours ago

    Nia actually won they just didn't show it

  52. Inga Rickards

    Inga Rickards9 hours ago

    I feel like Brynn and Ashlee where mistreated by all the mums. I think Brynn is an amazing dancer

  53. Inga Rickards

    Inga Rickards9 hours ago

    I think Jill is so problematic and she always has to find a way to start an argument.

  54. Ed sheeran

    Ed sheeran9 hours ago

    Jill can’t be talking...Kendal literally went to candy apples...candy apples. The worst place ever. Jill shut up

  55. Lalngilneia Khawlhring

    Lalngilneia Khawlhring9 hours ago

    The fact that jill, Melissa and jessalyn have the audacity to make brynn and Ashley leave is wrong. Yes, Ashley might be a bit rude sometime but her and brynn always get left out , because "she is not in the team". And she finally is and they make her leave.

  56. Farida Youssef

    Farida Youssef9 hours ago

    i actually cried watching this

  57. Gia Cherubini

    Gia Cherubini9 hours ago

    I hate Jill and Kendell and how they a acted

  58. JUNE MAY

    JUNE MAY9 hours ago

    7:05 Me:"Do I need glasses?!?"

  59. Destiny's AG Dolls

    Destiny's AG Dolls9 hours ago

    This episode made me so upset. Nia was excluded (WHY Am I even surprised) Nobody (Atleast the moms) weren't happy for brynn (even tho world was ours was WAY better Melissa wasn't happy that Mackenzies team won Like I am so tired of the Nia exclusion. Also, I felt SO bad for Brynn this episode because the moms are rude to her for some reason.

  60. Chanel#5

    Chanel#59 hours ago

    Welp...Leslie came and did what she was hired to do. Cause drama😑😑 But we love to see it😂😂

  61. Theresa Walker

    Theresa Walker9 hours ago

    When abby was nice:

  62. Darla Bell

    Darla Bell9 hours ago

    Cause you know the GROUP won but the judges were looking at just maddie........ Edit: Dont get me wrong I love maddie but yeah

  63. Chanel#5

    Chanel#59 hours ago

    Maddie: “None of us can hip or hop” That’s what I’ve been saying😂 Because Hip Hop these dances are NOT!

  64. Helena Bento

    Helena Bento9 hours ago

    its so horrible how abby spends 17 minutes of her time on nia and Kendall and then she blames them!!! like I thought they danced amazing and if she wanted them to come more than third she shouldn't have got the new Chloe in the team and just should of worked on the duet

  65. Renee Kalinka

    Renee Kalinka10 hours ago

    Why was I crying even sad...😭😭😭

  66. Roma Baby doll world

    Roma Baby doll world10 hours ago

    Lol remember this haha

  67. Tiah The Unicorn

    Tiah The Unicorn10 hours ago

    Jeanettes earrings are the worst thing in this video

  68. Erin Hildebrandt

    Erin Hildebrandt10 hours ago

    See the reason I don't like that Asia made it this far is because Abby constantly eliminates people for not taking corrections and constantly critiques Aisa's feet. And in this episode she literally said "it's not just about the face and performance" and that's what got Asia through the whole season.

  69. Novalie Young

    Novalie Young10 hours ago

    This was literally abuse

  70. Autumn

    Autumn10 hours ago

    jill was such a hypocrite and had the biggest victim complex this season.