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7 TRUCKS vs Monstermax
Monstermax on tiny tires
  1. Stephanie Wester

    Stephanie Wester7 hours ago

    I feel bad.

  2. Ktm boy15

    Ktm boy157 hours ago

    Bro you got to race braap

  3. Stephanie Wester

    Stephanie Wester7 hours ago

    wy did you do that.

  4. Mark Simpson

    Mark Simpson7 hours ago


  5. Robert Holesko

    Robert Holesko7 hours ago

    Is this the wreck Large Marge was talking about?

  6. Zargo

    Zargo8 hours ago


  7. Brian Spangle

    Brian Spangle8 hours ago

    When he buys insurance do you think they immediately get a supervisor?

  8. Braeton Halverson

    Braeton Halverson8 hours ago

    Dumbasses are my favorite kind of people

  9. Nick L

    Nick L8 hours ago

    You're the only person I've ever heard actually call it a R-Z-R. Most, including myself call it a razor. Also they are junk... I work at a Canam/Honda dealer and I have seen so many people trading them in for a Maverick or a Talon. Most often we end up wholesaling them cause they are so broken. Someone else mentioned using a Talon because they don't use drivebelts. I second that notion:)

  10. JVDfishing

    JVDfishing8 hours ago

    Can am was one of the ads on the video lmao

  11. Michael Garro

    Michael Garro8 hours ago

    I love your monstermax

  12. Christina Walls

    Christina Walls8 hours ago

    My dad has the same truck with a shift and it’s white is broken I got the top at the mirror

  13. Red Forman

    Red Forman8 hours ago

    What I learned from video... this guy has few more that 2 million fans and over 5 million haters who still watch him.

  14. Wyatt_cars

    Wyatt_cars8 hours ago

    Cough cough street speed 717 and the trx 😂😂

  15. Randall Franklin

    Randall Franklin8 hours ago

    Absolutely no fucks given Haha.... love it 🤣

  16. owen mustard

    owen mustard8 hours ago

    You should fill the whole bed of a truck with smokestacks


    SIDE SHOW MONSTER8 hours ago



    JAY KENNEDY8 hours ago

    Pls do monster max update

  19. Isel Tuchscherer

    Isel Tuchscherer8 hours ago

    Chiles are dring in Africa Weile her is whasting Money... I find something like That just Pointless

  20. Heartbreaker

    Heartbreaker8 hours ago

    Try a honda talon Belt won't slip then


    SIDE SHOW MONSTER8 hours ago

    LOL....osha come get him

  22. Ashton Racine

    Ashton Racine8 hours ago

    Is the merch still free or no bc I’m on the website and idk if it’s free

  23. vency27team

    vency27team8 hours ago


  24. Jjay1979

    Jjay19798 hours ago

    that thing jumps like a champ!

  25. Savage Fix N' Flipz

    Savage Fix N' Flipz8 hours ago

    Bro you remind me of my buddy chase. We used to break shit all the time but cars and trucks would have been fun as hell.

  26. Marshall’s Videos

    Marshall’s Videos8 hours ago

    That’s a lot of beer

  27. David Baize

    David Baize8 hours ago

    On the truck one, use a dry sump oil system

  28. YoAim

    YoAim8 hours ago

    Clayton: that’s not good😂

  29. David Baize

    David Baize8 hours ago

    I'm 7:24 into the video. First time watching. You were loosing momentum every time the platform slid. Can't wait to see Monstermax 2.

  30. Ian Moran

    Ian Moran8 hours ago

    Badass, fuck them cops

  31. Jjay1979

    Jjay19798 hours ago

    bet that $11 a month has increased. great work! keep it up 👍🏼

  32. Jjay1979

    Jjay19798 hours ago

    hey if you don’t have haters then you ain’t doing it right! let’s go cody!

  33. Jjay1979

    Jjay19799 hours ago

    i bet your insurance is high! lmao

  34. Jjay1979

    Jjay19799 hours ago

    as soon as you buy a vehicle and leave the lot it loses value so....

  35. David Amburgey

    David Amburgey9 hours ago

    Forest gump comes to mind

  36. Jjay1979

    Jjay19799 hours ago

    material things! you ain’t taking shit with ya when you die! give it hell!

  37. Jjay1979

    Jjay19799 hours ago

    i wish i could afford to do stuff like this i’d be happy everyday!

  38. Jjay1979

    Jjay19799 hours ago

    i destroy shit because it makes me feel so good!

  39. the ice age squirrel

    the ice age squirrel9 hours ago

    You know all new Jeep’s are taribile if you want good one get a cj5 or 7

  40. Daniel Bustos

    Daniel Bustos9 hours ago

    The hell carriage

  41. Philip Hubbe

    Philip Hubbe9 hours ago

    I would sit in the bed.

  42. n00 dles

    n00 dles9 hours ago

    How many potholes before those rear spacers give out and snap like a twig?

  43. Tristan Sévigny

    Tristan Sévigny9 hours ago

    my man don’t listen to these city bitches

  44. Deneme X

    Deneme X9 hours ago


  45. Sean Muriel

    Sean Muriel9 hours ago

    Fuck censorship

  46. same forecast

    same forecast9 hours ago

    that was more entertaining that the origional plan

  47. Ruben 1234

    Ruben 12349 hours ago

    Sounds like a D-Bag

  48. Centurion Guy

    Centurion Guy9 hours ago

    Buy a smart car and diesel swap it and put a 20” lift kit on it


    xPHEONIX GAMINGx9 hours ago

    That wasn't cocky, that was hilarious

  50. Brian Mooney

    Brian Mooney9 hours ago


  51. Tyler Startley

    Tyler Startley9 hours ago

    I'm ur biggest fan bro ur videos are awesome 😎😎

  52. Sebastian Snider

    Sebastian Snider9 hours ago

    That ole ford bad ass tho

  53. Brenden Phipps

    Brenden Phipps9 hours ago

    Now that's some original content 😂😂😂

  54. Orion Bates

    Orion Bates9 hours ago

    It doesn’t get more American

  55. Nate Blair

    Nate Blair10 hours ago

    Literal dream car. I just dig the R8.

  56. Reece Duncan

    Reece Duncan10 hours ago

    Normally when he does this stuff I don’t care but this one video hits different

  57. Tristan Andersen

    Tristan Andersen10 hours ago

    drive shaft has left the chat

  58. K B

    K B10 hours ago

    i love rangers, but most of the owners are stupid like this

  59. Cameron Velthuis

    Cameron Velthuis10 hours ago

    This video just makes me sad. Sad that I wasn’t there.

  60. Jackson Leyda

    Jackson Leyda10 hours ago

    Children in Africa could have eaten those drag slicks. Sad to see them burn! Shame on you!

  61. Unknown unknown

    Unknown unknown10 hours ago

    Is it me or you love destroying things?

  62. Parker Huffman

    Parker Huffman10 hours ago

    How dare he ruin a perfectly good axe

  63. Matt Bee

    Matt Bee10 hours ago

    Just because you make you tube videos doesn't mean you have actually done something with your life. Little kids can make a you tube video, and 80 year old man can do it.

  64. Chris Poole

    Chris Poole10 hours ago

    Funny video until you completely destroy a car that so many people would dream of having. The end was hard to watch.

  65. Kay Pickhinke

    Kay Pickhinke10 hours ago

    Wow nice buck love outdoor vids

  66. Indieboy111

    Indieboy11110 hours ago

    I would say poor truck but just can’t for some reason... Wheels🤮

  67. Jeremyk 541

    Jeremyk 54110 hours ago

    This guy is the lost third Paul brother

  68. Jjay1979

    Jjay197910 hours ago

    give it to cody! i guarantee he can break it!

  69. Shane Hack

    Shane Hack10 hours ago

    Lol manlets

  70. Nick Shuk

    Nick Shuk10 hours ago

    Spent quite a bit of time pushing the trike around in the mud lol

  71. Joseph Wolfe

    Joseph Wolfe10 hours ago

    Do it with a Tesla🤣

  72. Matthew Cooper

    Matthew Cooper10 hours ago

    Bro I absolutely hate you why are you doing that to these perfectly good trucks and doing that doesn’t solve anything

  73. Rc Enthusiast

    Rc Enthusiast10 hours ago

    Take a bmw e46 wagon xdrive and should us what it can do

  74. Cousin Sports Gaming

    Cousin Sports Gaming10 hours ago

    You should put like flipper things on the wheels so when the wheels turn you could get more speed Great vid

  75. Rc Enthusiast

    Rc Enthusiast10 hours ago

    Y’all have a easier time or should if you give a lil fast sharp right turn then turn completely to the left to do a 180 in reverse.

  76. Jjay1979

    Jjay197910 hours ago

    i believe we need a D9 to get er out!

  77. Don toth

    Don toth10 hours ago

    Throw on some rollers off of a Cat 797... They’re 13ft tall and cost around $43,000 a piece without rims but you can’t put a price on dreams......

  78. Clinton Doering

    Clinton Doering10 hours ago

    Alchol abuse

  79. Seth Wilson

    Seth Wilson10 hours ago

    You need to bring monster max to lst in Texas!


    HISNUL MUSLIM10 hours ago