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  1. Craig Himmel Jr.

    Craig Himmel Jr.10 hours ago

    Racing right on 322 in Harrisburg, 15 minutes from my house. Wish I could of seen it.

  2. Ashlynn Baxter

    Ashlynn Baxter10 hours ago


  3. Hilzu

    Hilzu10 hours ago

    Don't forget to stress test that E-Brake puller, in those moments when you yank on it in the emergency.

  4. Lewis D

    Lewis D10 hours ago

    That is one sick truck

  5. BigWhite002

    BigWhite00210 hours ago

    this is going to hurt.

  6. SwiftSix

    SwiftSix10 hours ago

    You just need a dshka on the back of it and it’ll pass as any regular middle eastern truck

  7. Michael Blannin-Ferguson

    Michael Blannin-Ferguson10 hours ago

    This is just a standard day in Australia mate

  8. emills

    emills10 hours ago

    Anyone know year/edition?

  9. Keion Bias

    Keion Bias10 hours ago

    Is this Ohio? Looks close to Columbus 😂

  10. Slick Cheeto

    Slick Cheeto10 hours ago

    Noooo not the yota 😅

  11. Tony Suda

    Tony Suda10 hours ago

    @3:21 FLIPPIN TREE

  12. L McC

    L McC10 hours ago

    “Weight + gravity = traction.” - unknown fat dirtbiker

  13. Joe Arreguin

    Joe Arreguin10 hours ago

    My girl friend said you need bigger wheels

  14. Phillip Walden

    Phillip Walden10 hours ago

    Ranger danger

  15. Fercho official

    Fercho official10 hours ago

    No quema cuh

  16. Matt Shorty Wells

    Matt Shorty Wells10 hours ago

    You're killing it, Bro. Great episode!

  17. Butch Cassidy

    Butch Cassidy10 hours ago

    Ex wife count?

  18. Tony Suda

    Tony Suda10 hours ago

    @7:40 Just when you thought the fun was over

  19. Joel Palacios

    Joel Palacios10 hours ago

    Just give it to your dad bro or to your sister

  20. Tim Gordon Jr

    Tim Gordon Jr11 hours ago

    this vid is funny man! good job on this one

  21. Mark Alvarez

    Mark Alvarez11 hours ago

    I'm not sure if you do this to alot of vehicles. My first time watching your videos. I honestly cod not stop laughing the entire time. I was so entertained 😂. Thank You!

  22. L McC

    L McC11 hours ago

    Now do a 2021 Tacoma. If you can get it home. Toyota got woke, trucks broke.

  23. Cody Tacker

    Cody Tacker11 hours ago

    Love your vids man not once have you ever pissed me off I love what you do keep it up

  24. Tim Gordon Jr

    Tim Gordon Jr11 hours ago

    lmao i heard u bouncin off the horn in that test haha that lil yota is tough as shit

  25. Yuyu Zaza

    Yuyu Zaza11 hours ago

    Whistin:smashing the truck The truck:help me The truck agin you bitch The truck for the last time : fuck this shit i am out 13:46

  26. CB501 B

    CB501 B11 hours ago

    The only reason to dislike this channel is because you don't have control, jealous because you want him to just give it to you... Instead of doing his job making entertainment so he can sell merchandise and get paid, you know... Do the things that feed his family. He's not the only person that uses up materialistic items to feed his family, we all do. Control freaks are the ones who just can't get past that the world doesn't revolve around them and if they want one of these vehicles they can obtain it just the same as Cody.

  27. brady hewitt

    brady hewitt11 hours ago

    9:00 #Teemtrees

  28. Jordan Bowers

    Jordan Bowers11 hours ago

    Of it survives whistlen diesel it's indestructible

  29. Owen Dorsey

    Owen Dorsey11 hours ago

    The way he falls of the fore welers

  30. kanger328

    kanger32811 hours ago

    Guess I’ll keep my Toyota truck...

  31. Shiva Singh

    Shiva Singh11 hours ago

    Really man that sounding like a jet...love that sound

  32. Shiva Singh

    Shiva Singh11 hours ago

    So we can say a record is made...you would be so happy there when they were opening the bridges🙂.....And I loved that engine sound when it was at high rpm at the time of touching the bridge

  33. Carson Prince

    Carson Prince11 hours ago

    Okay. Everyone has heard all kinds of shit about these trucks and that they’re some of the most durable trucks in the world but damn😂

  34. Eugene Tai

    Eugene Tai11 hours ago

    Send that truck too may dad in Africa instead of breaking it down mate.

  35. Taina Rangihuna

    Taina Rangihuna11 hours ago

    That was more like an idiot test ,,take it up some big farm hills and abuse it,,I reckon ole tuff guy Will shit his pants

  36. Tony Suda

    Tony Suda11 hours ago

    0:04 every 8 year old boy growing up ritual

  37. lucas brusseau

    lucas brusseau11 hours ago

    Yup, it is pretty tuff, maybe more than?. Lets see how long it lasts, but not without appreciation.

  38. james Lee

    james Lee11 hours ago

    North Carolina just passed a Bill that makes these trucks illegal

  39. Hank Veach

    Hank Veach11 hours ago

    can you at least ramp it off your trailer once when unloading it. k thx bye

  40. ElYouEyeEss

    ElYouEyeEss11 hours ago

    Should really consider making a actual series on Netflix or sum

  41. nAsTeGaming

    nAsTeGaming11 hours ago

    I think the plastic wrap was more impressive lol

  42. Pearl Commodore

    Pearl Commodore11 hours ago

    there were those who said this day would never come... what are they to say now?

  43. Alexander Lundmark

    Alexander Lundmark11 hours ago

    7:56 I can see the haters commenting that it is a waste of material

  44. Utama Sembiring

    Utama Sembiring11 hours ago

    You fery fery stupid... fuck [email protected]

  45. Noah McDaniel

    Noah McDaniel11 hours ago

    You guys should attach some oars to the wheels or put a sail on it

  46. Jakey Built Fabrication

    Jakey Built Fabrication11 hours ago

    At least hopefully you’ve ruined this smooth brains name and no one will ever buy one of his trucks off him again

  47. Aaron Mendoza

    Aaron Mendoza11 hours ago

    Smash the dash

  48. far cry 3

    far cry 311 hours ago

    When you can only afford half a lift kit lol

  49. Tyler Joseph

    Tyler Joseph11 hours ago

    Reminds me of my brothers 1990 4 runner I drove for a bit, pretty similar inside. Thing was pretty impressive for what it was

  50. Durban PoiZN

    Durban PoiZN11 hours ago

    At 4 min u can see the back is unlovked

  51. J.D.'s Accociates

    J.D.'s Accociates11 hours ago

    Should be double clutchin

  52. Jack Wills

    Jack Wills11 hours ago

    Take it to a jiffy lube and get them to do an oil change 🤣

  53. Pearl Commodore

    Pearl Commodore11 hours ago

    you know it's gonna be a good video when it starts with him drinking gasoline

  54. Chris Knapp

    Chris Knapp11 hours ago

    Toyota products are the best vehicles ever made bar none. My lexus gx470 is the best on and off road vehicle ive ever owned. Ive owned everything from jeeps to fords and chevys etc etc nothing compares. Nothing.

  55. Josh Scott

    Josh Scott11 hours ago

    I bet that front door wasn't broke if you would have got it brand new off the lot you gotten a brand-new off of somebody else so technically it's not new it's been used a few times they're bud

  56. Yuyu Zaza

    Yuyu Zaza11 hours ago

    3:45 i laughed so hard that i woke up my parents 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  57. colton kent

    colton kent11 hours ago

    I’m actually surprised it got up on the trailer with those bricks

  58. hod scott

    hod scott11 hours ago

    He's a madman lol 👏👏👏🤙

  59. Andrew Crumpler

    Andrew Crumpler11 hours ago

    I’m buying a Toyota! Wish they sold a diesel in the U.S.

  60. Jesus Yvan MOSKO

    Jesus Yvan MOSKO11 hours ago

    Los japoneses comentando .. oilo jajaja ,, casi se rompe el pie ajja

  61. Dillon W.

    Dillon W.11 hours ago

    This is life changing footage.. plz document more wild an amazing footage

  62. SmokedOutTundra 2

    SmokedOutTundra 211 hours ago

    That was great! would like to see a first gen tundra put to the test

  63. Scarberry Family Does Everything!

    Scarberry Family Does Everything!11 hours ago

    By the way...how the hell are you so precise using "The Fork"?!? I'm impressed every time you use it!

  64. Jraddd

    Jraddd11 hours ago

    Will you sell me that Hilux? Please...lol, I'm one of the yota fanboys and hurts to watch it get destroyed lol I can make it clean again lol

  65. joe lasley

    joe lasley11 hours ago

    That’s pretty damn impressive

  66. Eliott Hernandez

    Eliott Hernandez11 hours ago

    That is so badass its everything i’ve wanted to do since i was a boy

  67. Anthony Mcgruder

    Anthony Mcgruder11 hours ago

    Get ur teeth fixed..😝😝

  68. Scarberry Family Does Everything!

    Scarberry Family Does Everything!11 hours ago

    Hey brother! Love watching your videos! You definitely need to come get my 2019 Kia Sedona and do something crazy with it. Take it offroading and see how much damage you can cause to it! PLEASE!!!!

  69. Kush Patel

    Kush Patel11 hours ago

    I think it just needs some air.

  70. Dom Huft

    Dom Huft11 hours ago


  71. Jace Larson

    Jace Larson11 hours ago

    Petition for whistldn diesel to become a rally car racer

  72. Daniel Bartnicki

    Daniel Bartnicki11 hours ago

    Lol now he’s killing it

  73. gold leader

    gold leader12 hours ago

    hilux shows up cody: finally a worthy opponent

  74. Anthony Mcgruder

    Anthony Mcgruder12 hours ago

    Where did these Dang nerds come from..lmfao😂😂😂

  75. A Patriotic American

    A Patriotic American12 hours ago

    I just started watching these videos a few days ago. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Keep pissing people off man! This is the most entertained I've been in a long time!

  76. matt olsen

    matt olsen12 hours ago

    I mean you have three options. Car crusher, the bottom of the ocean, or explosives.

  77. Parker Mitchell

    Parker Mitchell12 hours ago

    Doe buke lmao.

  78. David Smith

    David Smith12 hours ago

    Showing All of His B******** Haters how its done. F the TailGate!!

  79. Inspire

    Inspire12 hours ago

    This is hard to watch, such a beauty that truck.

  80. D A

    D A12 hours ago

    3k dislikes lmao