Judge Mathis
Judge Mathis
Judge Mathis

Taking Responsibility
Rebound Gone Wrong

Rebound Gone Wrong

12 hours ago

Love Triangle

Love Triangle

12 hours ago

High School Reunion
Where’s the Proof?
Bad Hair Day

Bad Hair Day

12 hours ago

Who’s Getting Played?
Conning the Mom

Conning the Mom

12 hours ago

Rumbling Roommates

Rumbling Roommates

12 hours ago

Daddy Deception
Handyman Special
Scattered Family
Too Obsessed

Too Obsessed

7 days ago

Allegations of Abuse
Delayed Fatherhood
Destroying the Family
No-Win Situation
Pushed Too Far

Pushed Too Far

7 days ago

Out of Excuses

Out of Excuses

7 days ago

Caught on Tape

Caught on Tape

7 days ago

Love-Hate Relationship
Family Is Family
Money Can’t Buy Love
  1. Andrew Hinds

    Andrew Hinds2 minutes ago

    Hope she gets the help 🙏 🙏🙏

  2. Hyicrotai

    Hyicrotai10 minutes ago

    If a kid in HS slapped my neck antagonized me in the hall. Ya id cuss out his mom and get mad too. Screw ur 6ft sons basketball record.

  3. Mr Rich

    Mr Rich20 minutes ago

    Sorry Ass woman

  4. precious james

    precious james20 minutes ago

    I feel sad for that mom, that's gotta hurt.

  5. blahaaaaaaan

    blahaaaaaaan21 minute ago

    Yo I just realized he used the gavel as crack pipe, I took a gummy, seeing that has me dying

  6. Tan Year

    Tan Year30 minutes ago

    She wasn't lying. He kept going back.

  7. Kit

    Kit40 minutes ago

    🤷🏽🤦🏽 hide your kids, hide your wife..

  8. Nelly

    Nelly40 minutes ago

    Well that’s y u Dm and date online, be regular and do old fashion way actually see the person face and face n get to know them she bleached and cut up shoes 👟 admitting to it. He smile then n she smile later smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

  9. Anthony Coats

    Anthony Coats41 minute ago

    She out there Hoing

  10. Nelly

    Nelly46 minutes ago

    That line never gets old w females “U going to bathroom, is that chick in there too”.

  11. Nelly

    Nelly53 minutes ago

    Crackish ways wow 😳 smoke the whole house !!!!!

  12. Kimberly Wilson

    Kimberly WilsonHour ago

    That's what you get for meeting someone through Facebook. Facebook is the land of make believe. Ghetto chronicles. 2 daughters, a son and pregnant now. He got a baby by the girl in the next building. There's NOTHING neither one should be smiling about.

  13. Minnie Diggs

    Minnie DiggsHour ago

    Most people go to church. They need Jesus through the Holy Spirit to dwell in your heart everyday. Those devilish words wouldn't be in you. The only thing will come out is Fruit of the Spirit. You can't walk with Jesus and talk the devil language.

  14. Tay-K

    Tay-KHour ago

    *Defendant starts talking * judge Mathis: BE QUIET Defendant: Yessir

  15. Ayanna Jackson

    Ayanna JacksonHour ago

    Yuck mouth lol. Glad she left

  16. Arainea CuteBrownNurse

    Arainea CuteBrownNurseHour ago

    This is such an unfortunate accident.

  17. Mae Sams

    Mae SamsHour ago

    Mathis is a so nasty!

  18. Crossoverthrash1988

    Crossoverthrash1988Hour ago

    5:09 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Nelly

    NellyHour ago

    lol 😂 Clifford is closed casket sharp clean looking like the temptation

  20. Mae Sams

    Mae SamsHour ago

    Mathis, handle the case man!!!! Talk too much unnecessarily!

  21. Nelly

    NellyHour ago

    I’m dead 💀Judge I’m not reading 📖 30pgs U find it. That’s real lol 😂

  22. Shannon Brown

    Shannon BrownHour ago

    I don't like her hair i can't understand it🤷🏿

  23. Bivens D

    Bivens DHour ago

    The brother is slow AF

  24. Charmaine Morton

    Charmaine MortonHour ago


  25. Oluwafolakemi Olabomi

    Oluwafolakemi Olabomi2 hours ago

    Machine-gun mouth, rapid fire 🤨😐

  26. Sinndy Morr

    Sinndy Morr2 hours ago

    Sad that we can't have more judges like him in courts all over the US.

  27. Oluwafolakemi Olabomi

    Oluwafolakemi Olabomi2 hours ago

    I wonder how their growing up days was like.

  28. Edwina Gray

    Edwina Gray2 hours ago

    Evidently someone didn't love him. And, you selling drugs to your own people...

  29. Nelly

    Nelly2 hours ago

    One ☝🏾 year of Drugs did all that damage, this y is prime example Kids they say in school 🏫 Don’t Do Drugs !!!!!! Sad 😔. Damn

  30. Sheila Williams

    Sheila Williams2 hours ago

    Folks like the older woman:I CANNOT STAND,........

  31. Nelly

    Nelly2 hours ago

    Judge Mathis said it best the system does not CARE ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

  32. ILoveMusic 78

    ILoveMusic 782 hours ago

    Creepy ass dude... ugh

  33. El Sami

    El Sami2 hours ago

    God bless you sir I enjoy watching from UAE.

  34. kitty b

    kitty b2 hours ago

    This is why abuse victims don't get help. They defend their abusers and spit on the face of their saviors. She really shouldn't have a child in her custody. She'll take this man back easily. Mom's raising her child and the daughter only cares about money.

  35. Egypts Pyramid

    Egypts Pyramid2 hours ago

    what is this hunny

  36. Honey Dip

    Honey Dip2 hours ago

    The niece is a cutie 🥰! No homo . But I can pay compliments to other women without hesitation. Some women can’t do that . Haters

  37. SuNydrian Miles

    SuNydrian Miles2 hours ago

    am i tripping or is that guy fiere in the back💀🤣

  38. Dym B.

    Dym B.2 hours ago

    When she was talking about National Black United Front in Houston, Texas.. she was talking about my neighboorhood in 3rd Ward. A house 5 mins from me, 5 mins from Texas Southern & University of Houston, was engulfed in flames. 3rd Ward is the most popular neighborhood. This is where candy paint slabs resides, chopped and screwed. Basically the history and background of my city. An Honor that that was highlighted.

  39. Alexis Rene

    Alexis Rene2 hours ago

    6:07 bro the way his whole expression changed 😭

  40. 1king2queens

    1king2queens3 hours ago

    Those two are complete opposite. Shouldn't have been living together.

  41. Toya B

    Toya B3 hours ago

    Oh I didn't like that , they did kidnap the child because they toke her across a state line without permission. Your emotions got to you on this one but I understand because the child had been hurt.💕

  42. Melanin AndAura

    Melanin AndAura3 hours ago

    Not sure if I like Mathis making light of this dude’s trifling ass ways in regards to this woman. She was being a bratty control freak and he was being a cowardly little boy by playing into her like he has no blaas. they both need to grow an Mathis don't need to be sitting up there laughing like shit funny and ain't shit funny tbh

  43. Melynda Duh

    Melynda Duh3 hours ago

    My! Friends through all of that! I'm not sure I'm jealous of their friendship. It might be time for both to to take a break.

  44. Elana Belcher

    Elana Belcher3 hours ago

    “Crackish ways” You’re not funny sir, and drugs are no joke prayers for them all.

  45. DanDCool

    DanDCool3 hours ago

    Um i can be a judge it's doing nothing right bruh

  46. DanDCool

    DanDCool3 hours ago

    Bruh this is all for views isn't it If it was real they would have evidence from hospital not take from her Oh and the recorded call

  47. MissPussNugget Nugget

    MissPussNugget Nugget3 hours ago

    SEX ADDICTION 🤦‍♀️ that’s why she kept letting him in after he wasn’t helping her with the first baby 🙄 & she’s steady “kicking it” with other men..... aghhh 😒

  48. MarS

    MarS3 hours ago

    The plaintiff is really annoying.

  49. Kali Beastmode

    Kali Beastmode3 hours ago

    Alyssa vibe dope!!

  50. the Anomaly

    the Anomaly3 hours ago

    Man run away !!!

  51. the Anomaly

    the Anomaly3 hours ago

    She should be in jail !

  52. Nelly

    Nelly3 hours ago

    Wow very emotional toward ends, judge wasn’t haven’t it definitely was on her side after hearing her say he abuse her it was wrapped for him. Happy she won !!! Now time for cellies to beat U !!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  53. Teddan Di Eno

    Teddan Di Eno3 hours ago

    8:16 Did he sell the car for "eight hurrhh"?

  54. Mike Swope

    Mike Swope3 hours ago

    She's fine!

  55. Elana Belcher

    Elana Belcher3 hours ago

    Okay, but why is he making a joke about a crackhead. Her mother is glowing I pray this doesn’t change their relationship and her mother stays sober.

  56. the Anomaly

    the Anomaly4 hours ago

    Saying you are the father .. because u have no Clue who the dad is and want the check still

  57. the Anomaly

    the Anomaly4 hours ago

    This was that “me, Myself and Irene “ Denial

  58. the Anomaly

    the Anomaly4 hours ago

    I know Judge Mathis be pushing that genetics can skip a generation but before the read the result I’m Positive there is no Asian or Spanish in that young man.. nothing wrong except that isn’t the so called father’s dna . jM needs to stop this many times u can easily tell

  59. Tess Tickles

    Tess Tickles4 hours ago

    That green hair woman is just hideous.

  60. Brandon HustleHeavy

    Brandon HustleHeavy4 hours ago

    Men who chooses to involve themselves with women like this I don't feel bad for nothing they put them through.

  61. Jane

    Jane4 hours ago

    @7:08 describes this whole episode 🤢 CREEPY ASF !!!

  62. Tess Tickles

    Tess Tickles4 hours ago

    Thank god I never met women like this in my life.

  63. Sam LSD

    Sam LSD4 hours ago

    Aweee they all cute girls love I love it. Civilized and loving.

  64. Sam LSD

    Sam LSD4 hours ago

    Girl be thankful somebody got you home safe...😆😂🤣😆😂

  65. Sam LSD

    Sam LSD4 hours ago

    A woman like her at certain age group knows what she wants. I just think people should leave the elders alone be however they want to be living tf?. 😆😂🤣

  66. emin Dahi

    emin Dahi4 hours ago

    Thats whats you get

  67. Shai Marshall

    Shai Marshall4 hours ago

    I guess sexual assault is a joke..🤔

  68. Tess Tickles

    Tess Tickles4 hours ago

    She deservers everything that has happened to her for dating this turd.

  69. jj jj

    jj jj4 hours ago

    I click on this because I thought this was Kat William !!😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  70. Kerri Dillon

    Kerri Dillon4 hours ago

    Not dry begging...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  71. Mae Sams

    Mae Sams4 hours ago

    Mathis you are dead wrong in this episode! You're hard towards people at the wrong times; calling people crackheads, etc. You know darn well that guy was not supposed to be upstairs, and u talk to this lil girl like she's an angel. I can't stand watching u sometimes 🤦🏽‍♀️

  72. jj jj

    jj jj4 hours ago

    Judge Mathis is too funny!!😂😂🤣

  73. Caprice Moore

    Caprice Moore5 hours ago

    JM always has the best episodes!

  74. Poppin Hannah

    Poppin Hannah5 hours ago

    I cant w the judge 🤣 do u smoke CRACK!?

  75. Caprice Moore

    Caprice Moore5 hours ago

    Those two were looking to get some money cause she really thought she had did something with that video.

  76. Natalie Rodriguez

    Natalie Rodriguez5 hours ago

    Who won

  77. Madonna Jeannotte

    Madonna Jeannotte5 hours ago

    Not “Norco” judge Norco is the name brand for Vicodin. Judge your talking about Narcan!

  78. Tess Tickles

    Tess Tickles5 hours ago

    That was the fakest hug and the end I have ever seen. Son a straight up loser.

  79. Black Magic

    Black Magic5 hours ago

    That nigga lame ass hell lol frfr

  80. Tranquility

    Tranquility5 hours ago

    Women best learn what birth control is. And a drug addict can cause health issues with the baby, but women don't seem to think about any of that when they get naked. He needs to focus on getting clean from drugs and keep his damn clothes on until his life is in FOCUS.