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The Key \u0026 Peele channel is the place to watch comedy sketches from Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, whose Comedy Central show took on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as far-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, Mr. Garvey the substitute teacher, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

  1. Sister Elizee

    Sister Elizee22 hours ago

    Years ago, this was the first Key & Peele skit I ever saw. Never forgot it. What was your first K&P skit?

  2. Christian Bretschneider

    Christian Bretschneider22 hours ago

    That was messed up, if it was the apocalypse and I thought I was the last person on Earth I might be doing the key thing to...

  3. snachez

    snachez22 hours ago

    These newer skits are not that funny. Idk why anyone else is not pointing out the obvious.


    NICHOLAS PITTS22 hours ago

    Wow. Funny. I mean I wished he knew the words, but what are we gonna do in Vegas? 🤣🤣

  5. Derrick Cox

    Derrick Cox22 hours ago

    And what's funny...Trump did more for Blacks than Obama. No? not funny?

  6. Porkchop Pete

    Porkchop Pete22 hours ago

    Love the look at the 2:22 mark - contemplating a life of shattered hopes and broken dreams

  7. Julian Woodard

    Julian Woodard22 hours ago


  8. Tj Askew

    Tj Askew22 hours ago

    Idk what it is but Peele looks & acts like Kelly from 1on1 Tv show😂. Anyone agree?

  9. richard johnson

    richard johnson23 hours ago


  10. Azeez EKPE

    Azeez EKPE23 hours ago

    The Nice guy attitude

  11. Joe G

    Joe G23 hours ago

    I ain't fraid of no stroid 0:56

  12. Azeez EKPE

    Azeez EKPE23 hours ago

    What just happened?

  13. Saboth

    Saboth23 hours ago

    Whenever a random person approaches you in a parking lot.

  14. BronIs TheGoat

    BronIs TheGoat23 hours ago

    Funniest part is this is actually representative of some white families lol 🤣

  15. Yellow Dough

    Yellow Dough23 hours ago

    Omg ... he's so ugly funny... lmao

  16. John Merik

    John Merik23 hours ago

    Psych ward.Next room

  17. Christopher Lum

    Christopher Lum23 hours ago

    Peele got fat af

  18. Sean & Meadow

    Sean & Meadow23 hours ago

    This junk had me crying 😂😂😂

  19. GoryOrator

    GoryOrator23 hours ago

    0:59 LMAO

  20. SuitedSS

    SuitedSS23 hours ago

    im super high rn, and im laughing at this way more than i should be lol

  21. M3Me_ EnTHuS14sT

    M3Me_ EnTHuS14sT23 hours ago

    does this work for people of Asian heritage?

  22. Azshmo

    Azshmo23 hours ago

    So... why the hell would they work with Kevin Sorbo?

  23. Sergio Soares

    Sergio Soares23 hours ago

    Sniffing heroine...what a hardball

  24. trying again

    trying again23 hours ago

    What its like being black. Except we are alienated from real opportunity and things we actually want. Lol

  25. Dee Kee

    Dee Kee23 hours ago

    I flinched when he got hit wtf

  26. Spottie Lee Lee

    Spottie Lee LeeDay ago

    She fine as wine 😭😭😭

  27. kroks06

    kroks06Day ago

    I love how high budget these little clips are, it's ridiculous :D

  28. Iron Shepard

    Iron ShepardDay ago

    Been looking for this skit for years.

  29. Mike Dodd

    Mike DoddDay ago

    sounds like some people have an issue with a man of color doin' the country thing......narrow minded

  30. Liz Humble

    Liz HumbleDay ago

    I swear he said the fish of the day was the wolf of the sea and the second fish came in a morning sauce. However, it was so well said that I would have bought it.

  31. Randy Jenkins

    Randy JenkinsDay ago

    I recognize that film score they’re watching and it’s driving me freaking crazy that I can’t place the flick it belongs to! Can anyone help me?

  32. Hyu Man

    Hyu ManDay ago

    They look koreans

  33. robert jones

    robert jonesDay ago

    Who’s that actress?

  34. James X

    James XDay ago

    That's wht I hate in American menu there is no pictures

  35. JC Benson

    JC BensonDay ago

    These guys take you away from reality. Great sketches.

  36. David Yepez

    David YepezDay ago

    “Why? Who he? What he did?”

  37. Gandalf Stormcloud

    Gandalf StormcloudDay ago

    Deebo is my favorite president.

  38. plebkoolaid

    plebkoolaidDay ago

    Pulls up looking dope smoking dope

  39. Espresso Bliss

    Espresso BlissDay ago

    When he said “AUGHLAGHLAHAGH” I felt that

  40. Anik Fine Art

    Anik Fine ArtDay ago

    The apt pupil song...I can't 😂😂😂

  41. David Yepez

    David YepezDay ago

    I got hit with aids 😂😂😂

  42. Dr. Ebubekir Orsun

    Dr. Ebubekir OrsunDay ago

    So true and sad. That's how and why bullies emerge.

  43. D M

    D MDay ago


  44. Andrea Laxamana

    Andrea LaxamanaDay ago

    What is the time period on this sketch?

  45. gangsterboogie

    gangsterboogieDay ago

    Ben Gravy 4 tha win!!

  46. Daelin Proudmore

    Daelin ProudmoreDay ago

    They spent all that money on the air crash sequence? Joke could have ended when he got on the plan.

  47. Angus Owens

    Angus OwensDay ago

    Damn this is deep even if not meant to be lol

  48. Arek Petrosian

    Arek PetrosianDay ago

    "What are your thoughts on this video?" "Being There"

  49. Tony Terry

    Tony TerryDay ago

    Obama went as the worst president in America history

  50. Oskar Johansson

    Oskar JohanssonDay ago

    jazz fans will like the name of that planet

  51. Nicodemus Johnson

    Nicodemus JohnsonDay ago

    Good stuff

  52. Wil Grey

    Wil GreyDay ago

    This is the school i went to

  53. Olaf Santos

    Olaf SantosDay ago

    Most awkward shit ever

  54. Caffeinated Nation

    Caffeinated NationDay ago

    *TOOKEN* 😂

  55. Sixolise Mbongisa

    Sixolise MbongisaDay ago

    I’m dead🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  56. Dan the man

    Dan the manDay ago

    English accent perfect.

  57. Barmaglot2003

    Barmaglot2003Day ago

    Comedy perfection )

  58. Dominic Steineke

    Dominic SteinekeDay ago

    wow, what a plot twist.

  59. Тимур Шайхитдинов

    Тимур ШайхитдиновDay ago

    Guys, you saw reference to religion? Priests say that only them can talk to God. Also there's phrase "Deus ex Machina"(God from Machine) that means sudden plot twist.

  60. Captain Scallawag

    Captain ScallawagDay ago

    I keep watching this over and over and laughing harder each time 🤣

  61. sarkaniemi

    sarkaniemiDay ago

    Who is the female actress in this skit?

  62. Teresita Cienfuegos

    Teresita CienfuegosDay ago

    0:58 😂😂😂🎥🗯️

  63. Ares999999999

    Ares999999999Day ago

    That interviewer was 🔥 🔥 🔥

  64. howtobasic but without all the mess

    howtobasic but without all the messDay ago

    Made me genuinely anxious

  65. T Rampy

    T RampyDay ago

    So this what they mean when they say let's get wasted.

  66. Avante Lvsitania

    Avante LvsitaniaDay ago

    3:37 - wait, why are they using the old Albanian communist flag??

  67. T Rampy

    T RampyDay ago

    Reminds me of Friday.

  68. Angel Diaz

    Angel DiazDay ago

    He left like a man . . . Cause I know damn sure I wouldn't order anything after hearing all of that 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  69. SabreWolf

    SabreWolfDay ago

    Ending up like Clive is a genuine fear of mine

  70. Plinkage

    PlinkageDay ago

    this is great and all. but how did he fail? i feel stupid for not getting it.

  71. HalconTV

    HalconTVDay ago

    hah, cmoooon we've all done this :P

  72. Awesome Alie

    Awesome AlieDay ago

    Damn! Imagine if there was BLM ANTIFA zombies, they wouldve been dead.

  73. I_Choose_You

    I_Choose_YouDay ago

    Funny how this “Hercules” guy ended up becoming a delusional conspiracists theorist.

  74. Keya See Ya

    Keya See YaDay ago

    WHY does this remind me of Kev on Stage and That Chick Angel intro?? 😂😂

  75. Fluffymiyster

    FluffymiysterDay ago

    Anthony Weiner has forever been immortalized in this skit.

  76. Cunnik K

    Cunnik KDay ago

    This is my 2nd time watching this 😂and I forgot that his date knew how to speak French 😅

  77. Seo

    SeoDay ago


  78. The Ultimate Oh-No

    The Ultimate Oh-NoDay ago

    "thats burning mah tongue"

  79. NM G

    NM GDay ago

    Great performance. 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿

  80. Chelsy Fuller

    Chelsy FullerDay ago

    After all these years I had no-I-freaking-dea there was a longer version 😂😭