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Best. Unboxing. Ever.
This mouse has a FAN!
  1. Saumya Talwani

    Saumya Talwani14 minutes ago

    Linus(ed) v. The act of dropping an object

  2. Sayar Ganguly

    Sayar Ganguly16 minutes ago

    So this is a HP SLEEPER Laptop.

  3. poiisondn

    poiisondn19 minutes ago

    Ew HP


    SHOWROV ISLAM20 minutes ago

    Open your mouth properly

  5. Username [Redacted]

    Username [Redacted]21 minute ago

    That review was stupidly slow for no reason

  6. Gadget Addict

    Gadget Addict22 minutes ago

    I'm waiting for Elon to get bored with making cars, flying to space and satellite internet... imagine a Tesla Laptop!

  7. Divyanshu Vaishnav

    Divyanshu Vaishnav23 minutes ago

    PC/Laptop : i19 17990k^2, 540Chocobytes RAM.... Windows: Just a moment.... 🕜🕡🕦🕣🕥

  8. Pikachu

    Pikachu23 minutes ago

    Is there a laptop review where Alex doesn't toss a laptop around ?

  9. KlaxonCow

    KlaxonCow24 minutes ago

    Did we ever find out *WHY* this router's got 1GB of RAM?

  10. BootyToast

    BootyToast25 minutes ago

    That actually looks dope af. But I'm a tower kinda guy. But I agree good job HP.

  11. Mr. Derek

    Mr. Derek25 minutes ago

    I hate this guy

  12. Dustin Provost

    Dustin Provost27 minutes ago

    well you should expect a professional laptop to be 4000 no we f!cking shouldnt shill there are 2060 laptops under one thousand brand new and it doesnt even have a touchscreen?!?!? these ads are predatory they need to stop

  13. Rojolian

    Rojolian28 minutes ago

    I just have such a toxic overtone with this video

  14. David Reads

    David Reads29 minutes ago

    So they can sell two computers. There I saved you a video.

  15. Divyanshu Vaishnav

    Divyanshu Vaishnav29 minutes ago

    2:33 "LTT Quality Check" ☑️

  16. wahyu nugraha

    wahyu nugraha30 minutes ago

    Power button next to delete button?

  17. theshadowknows

    theshadowknows31 minute ago

    4k?!?!? For real? Wow thats crazy.

  18. toolate87

    toolate8732 minutes ago

    Downvoted for playing extremely bad music on laptop speakers

  19. Jovindio Wieuse

    Jovindio Wieuse32 minutes ago

    I actually don't like touch screen on laptop. You can't see shit with all the nasty smudges

  20. Hentai mc

    Hentai mc33 minutes ago

    hey um the ifixit promo code aint working.. perhaps mistype in description?

  21. Kshitij Pandey

    Kshitij Pandey34 minutes ago

    Those swirl marks on epoxy top always irks me off .

  22. Farhana Chowdhury

    Farhana Chowdhury35 minutes ago

    Can u guys giveaway the laptop my last name starts with a Z it would be dope 😂

  23. Jammie Dodger

    Jammie Dodger35 minutes ago

    The MacBook would be cheaper

  24. de brebeuf

    de brebeuf36 minutes ago

    They finally removed the numpad. Thanks. Now I can use the keyboard while it's center.

  25. FrozenStarlight

    FrozenStarlight38 minutes ago

    you know what also needs handlube, Alex?

  26. JQ Dan

    JQ Dan42 minutes ago

    i guess broke noobs like me can just eat dirt.

  27. imsmoothlikebutter

    imsmoothlikebutter42 minutes ago

    The Z reminds me of the Z on putties on Power Rangers lmao

  28. Troy Bird

    Troy Bird42 minutes ago

    Ultrasonic technology to further invade privacy with the wow factor of cpu power?

  29. MrBarlien

    MrBarlien42 minutes ago

    Is 16 gb of ram enough for 4k editing on MacOS? It wouldn't even be enough for a large raw edit in photoshop on Windows. (Edit: Slight exaggeration but you get my point)

  30. Mitch Billingsley

    Mitch Billingsley43 minutes ago

    I wants it, I NEEDS IT!

  31. Antphoneigh

    Antphoneigh46 minutes ago

    Thanks LTT for Riley!

  32. Triston Line

    Triston Line47 minutes ago

    Wtf is a zee?! Zed! Lol

  33. Nikhil Sen

    Nikhil Sen47 minutes ago

    Disliking and unsubscribing just cause you're trying too hard to look cool by throwing around products. It's just a bad attitude

  34. Nazgul Linux

    Nazgul Linux50 minutes ago

    You think all you can do with a 1650 is look at photos? Wow you are quite ignorant...

  35. Josh Daviault

    Josh Daviault50 minutes ago


  36. Micolash

    Micolash50 minutes ago

    Sony has always been the more accessible console in terms of hardware.

  37. Lolers TME

    Lolers TME53 minutes ago

    "15x Faster GPU" The only thing that it's 15x faster than is Intel UHD Graphics from 2009

  38. Nilanjan Mitra

    Nilanjan Mitra54 minutes ago

    The latest (as of 29 November 2020) ShortCircuit video is longer than the latest LTT video

  39. NameHere

    NameHere55 minutes ago

    "Why do gamers ALWAYS get the cool stuff? " Oh, like the RTX 3000 series GPUs? Or maybe the RX 6000 series GPUs... Nonono, maybe you were talking about the Ryzen 5000 series CPUs... Naaaaah.. You was probably thinking of Playstation 5?

  40. Nanorisk

    Nanorisk56 minutes ago

    Is this thing gonna cook itself to medium-well like the AC86U, too? My AC86U has 2 case fans taped to its back just to keep it cool UNDER NORMAL OPERATION.

  41. AmyGrrl78

    AmyGrrl7858 minutes ago

    I will never use a combo modem/router from an isp ever.. bought myself an RT-AX88U in 2018. That router is pretty awesome. Have owned a few Asus Routers over the years. RT-AC66U B1, RT- N66U, RT-N16.

  42. Freddie Meyer

    Freddie Meyer59 minutes ago

    Holy hell the frame drops in this video are horrendous

  43. j sip

    j sipHour ago

    Linus is giving me amityville horror vibes

  44. henryjames2007

    henryjames2007Hour ago

    im not buying a new laptop unless it has a trackpoint on it

  45. Maxwell Benz

    Maxwell BenzHour ago

    The way they throw tech around because they get so much stuff come in is kind of annoying.

  46. Dtr146

    Dtr146Hour ago

    I'm just wondering why thinning lights don't make the bottom of the laptop part of the heat sink. Yeah it would cost more to make but you could get rid of tons of thermal issues just by doing that.

  47. Eric Gerwatowski

    Eric GerwatowskiHour ago

    you really just let him do soy face for the thumbnail? cursed.

  48. Keatoukas’s Stuff

    Keatoukas’s StuffHour ago

    Why did he smell the cardboard?

  49. Madhav Khandelwal

    Madhav KhandelwalHour ago

    2:35, Linus - Alex, you're fired. Alex - Why? Linus - For doing stuff which I do. 😂😂😂😂

  50. Jon Evans

    Jon EvansHour ago

    I will never understand why people care about trackpads. My ultimate laptop wouldn't have one at all. I just use a mouse. The way people do their work baffles me. People will be trying to play shooter games in third person next without a mouse and keyboard! :D



    According to Alex's guide of sound dynamics the quality of a product can be understood with its unique ability to produce sound of particular frequency well done buddy🤣

  52. jacobtb1

    jacobtb1Hour ago

    just got these for 68$ on amazon cyber monday

  53. Adam Kyrouac

    Adam KyrouacHour ago

    Alex is your stereotypical Canadian, but without the super hard accent.

  54. Lucas Louro

    Lucas LouroHour ago

    the monotone 😍

  55. TheEricfendall

    TheEricfendallHour ago

    the fact he didn't peel the plastic on the top....driving me crazy

  56. Laura Timmel

    Laura TimmelHour ago

    No one cares about recycled packaging? I care about it... 😟

  57. Nick Slouka

    Nick SloukaHour ago

    I bet if you gave that to one of the construction workers he’d destroy it with his carpentry pencil in a few seconds.

  58. Febo Bebo

    Febo BeboHour ago

    Anyone know the song in the background from 9:00

  59. Malek Sadek

    Malek SadekHour ago

    I don't know why I Think that Alex Is A Dell Laptop Fanboy

  60. Dtr146

    Dtr146Hour ago

    I'm offended that he said the 1650 can't game

  61. codycast

    codycastHour ago

    How dumb can you be. You’d use barrel charger if you were using the 1 USB C to connect to a monitor or eGPU or something else

  62. John san

    John sanHour ago

    Nobody: Alex: hp speaker goes brrrr

  63. trapical

    trapicalHour ago

    Please put the name of the product in the video title. C'mon guys.

  64. codycast

    codycastHour ago

    I’d pay more if it wasn’t just more made in China plastic garbage

  65. Fuji Panjali

    Fuji PanjaliHour ago

    Cant think of anything clever to say, juggle the electronic

  66. The Messenger

    The MessengerHour ago

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  67. Ne yo

    Ne yoHour ago

    You should try lenevo thinkpad x1 carbon's keyboard.....i heard it has an excellent keyboard compared to any bisnuss and gaming laptops in the market.

  68. Rafaelinux

    RafaelinuxHour ago

    like, like like...

  69. Kere Amohau

    Kere AmohauHour ago

    If you're gonna make the bezels thin then get rid of the chin.

  70. Turk

    TurkHour ago

    HP Powerbook - even the box internals remind me of every apple products packaging... dont care just saying

  71. Ogieh Ali

    Ogieh AliHour ago

    I hate those laptoo keyboard layout Well I'm happy with my Helios 300

  72. Akhmad Mandala

    Akhmad MandalaHour ago

    It became so cringe about all these drop shit, just take care of the items you have guys :)

  73. Turk

    TurkHour ago

    why has he taken on this "throw stuff about" persona?

  74. cringyboi

    cringyboiHour ago

    The z logo reminds of the z from nissan. Pretty cool

  75. Lorne R

    Lorne RHour ago

    activate windows you cheap asses

  76. Yugi-Links

    Yugi-LinksHour ago

    Is this Linus Tech Tips? What?