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  1. radosaurus

    radosaurus6 hours ago

    Best f-ing keyboard I have seen !

  2. Cleru Zinek

    Cleru Zinek6 hours ago

    Looks exactly as what I need but the $270 is kinda insane considering similar wireless TKL optical keyboards can be had for less than a half. Yes you're missing a numpad but a numpad doesn't cost over $135.

  3. Keshmen Consult

    Keshmen Consult6 hours ago

    There’s a gap in the market no one is filling. 60% chiclet wireless dongle keyboards

  4. Hionimi

    Hionimi6 hours ago

    4:02 - Um, 50 Million presses with normal use takes 97 years...

  5. F B

    F B6 hours ago

    I would like this keyboard if it wasnt so overpriced. Its cheaper to get a wireless tkl and have a standalone numpad laying around somewhere for when you need it.

  6. F3nya

    F3nya6 hours ago

    The "learn more" link to the keyboard does not work.

  7. Suvam Routray

    Suvam Routray6 hours ago

    You have so many contacts so can you ask Asus and Logitech to also launch nice keyboards and stuffs in India too. I want to buy a nice mechanical keyboard but in India there is no good and new options available. They only launch nice things in American and in India we will have to import those items which just makes the price double.

  8. David

    David6 hours ago


  9. Sunish Chukkath

    Sunish Chukkath6 hours ago

    Riley sneezing @7:38

  10. Xongile Nghatsane

    Xongile Nghatsane7 hours ago

    That's cool. My Thunder K7 does the exact same thing and I wondered why it wasn't more common

  11. Zeta

    Zeta7 hours ago

    Kewl Idea but I like my 61 key layout more ... Less is more if space is an issue

  12. Dr Sanchita Shettigar

    Dr Sanchita Shettigar7 hours ago

    What if I were to tell you that James's deep voice just suddenly made me wake up from sleep cuz I was watching this early in the morning!?😂

  13. Pyry Koivunen

    Pyry Koivunen7 hours ago

    7.34 "if you are in a salty envireoment this might be the gaming chair for you" (cs:go players) finaly

  14. Dingleberry Tech

    Dingleberry Tech7 hours ago

    I need this 😂 I ditched the fat board for a lgotiech pro x because I need the mouse room in fortnite; however, I also write music through guitar tabs, and I heavily miss the num pad 😂

  15. Cherios

    Cherios7 hours ago

    Actually a good looking keyboard, too bad ASUS Armoury crate software is absolute garbage

  16. Ronnie bowie

    Ronnie bowie7 hours ago

    Should check out the everest max keyboard...ive been looking at it and it seems pretty interesting

  17. Otani Oribe

    Otani Oribe7 hours ago

    Me: "Can I-" My wallet: "No"

  18. Tyrone Cummins

    Tyrone Cummins7 hours ago

    Dude when is this keyboard coming USD market man that keyboard looks so cool

  19. Dimension

    Dimension7 hours ago

    I would have liked to see the Numpad have also the option to have its own USB port, so I could plug it and use at as a macro pad. In my curent setup. I use a Numpad next to my 60% keyboard way of in the distance.

  20. brainDOA

    brainDOA7 hours ago

    I was about to add this to my cart until I saw the $270 price tag

  21. Parris Price

    Parris Price7 hours ago

    I paid 398$ for a m55 qled, its no where near as nice as my LG C9 0LED, But it was also 75% cheaper...not a bad tv for all the bells that comes with it

  22. e21big

    e21big7 hours ago

    This.. this is perfect, everything I ever want in my keyboard is here, wow, kudo to you Asus! - except the look, wish they translate the subtle G14 design language to this a bit more. Numpad to the left is the best possible keyboard layout imo, it offers all the advantages of fullsize and TKL with none of its drawback.

  23. 7fm

    7fm7 hours ago

    I could swear that there was a different title yesterday. Wtf

  24. clint cole

    clint cole7 hours ago

    Ubuntu is so easy to use, just download the gd steam .deb package, you don't use cmd prompt to install steam on windows 🪟 gd it lol 😆

  25. Ulrik Duus

    Ulrik Duus7 hours ago

    Looks like they took a lot of inspiration from the Mountain Everest Keyboard :)

  26. DraTrav

    DraTrav7 hours ago

    You guys should review the mountain Everest max keyboard

  27. kwizzy

    kwizzy7 hours ago

    timestamps!! i love it.. :)

  28. Nico Domino

    Nico Domino7 hours ago

    More mechanical keyboard videos!!

  29. Sam P.

    Sam P.7 hours ago

    Still waiting for a decent keyboard with brown switches. But noooooo, RED SWITCHES YEEEAH! YOU LIKE THAT NOISE? YOU LIKE THAT YOUR KEYBOARD DOESN'T FEEL LIKE A KEYBOARD! WE GOT YOU FAM!

  30. Sigfried

    Sigfried8 hours ago


  31. IonGrenade

    IonGrenade8 hours ago


  32. lucaa-

    lucaa-8 hours ago

    Linus still using the Galaxy Note 9 after 3 years.

  33. LEEDAQ

    LEEDAQ8 hours ago


  34. Matt Phillips

    Matt Phillips8 hours ago

    Now I wait until they make one that doesn't look like that.... I hate the "gamer" aesthetic

  35. Sir.Smoke

    Sir.Smoke8 hours ago

    18 hours.. wow. my logitech K540 still has the same batteries that came with it 2 years ago.

  36. aurum

    aurum8 hours ago

    That font is nasty

  37. Pear

    Pear8 hours ago

    I just need a tkl board that has good illumination, clicky switches, and preferably non cherry switches and usb c

  38. Matthew Malthouse

    Matthew Malthouse8 hours ago

    Two hundred and… A keyboard. I die.

  39. Senecato Aurelius Epictetus

    Senecato Aurelius Epictetus8 hours ago

    or just get a TKL (or any other smaller form factor) and get a separate numpad

  40. WolvenSpectre

    WolvenSpectre8 hours ago

    Wow this is a grea.... and then the Key Caps. And then the scissor action switches (not bad just not my preferance in feel and sound)... and how much? $270 USD and $340 CND. There is always a catch.

  41. ั ٍّ

    ั ٍّ8 hours ago

    600€ budget yeah we don't have the same meaning of cheap Linus...


    SHINAKUMADUDE8 hours ago

    220lb limit and the fact that, even Linus says "its a little snug"......I'm out LOL

  43. Sunny Liu

    Sunny Liu8 hours ago

    wish they would do this in 60percent too

  44. ahernandez094

    ahernandez0948 hours ago

    I was really liking this keyboard... ...until you said the price. 😭

  45. Everth

    Everth8 hours ago

    They looked at mountain gg

  46. Tankers Fox

    Tankers Fox9 hours ago

    I remember in like 2014 or smthn tessoro had the same feature, and some corpo keyboards in 2010 had that too

  47. damosil80

    damosil809 hours ago

    What idiot at asus thought it would be a good idea to use a switch stem like that...

  48. Ananthakrishna Acharya

    Ananthakrishna Acharya9 hours ago

    Bad review

  49. Bio Toxin

    Bio Toxin9 hours ago

    Oh man I can't wait for the first software update that fixes the problems of getting this to work right with the rog phone 3 on the dock, probably just an oversight on Asus side for not thinking people might want to use an Asus keyboard with their Asus phones hooked up to an Asus monitor that is also entirely incompatible with the dock, I'm noticing a trend here

  50. social3ngin33rin

    social3ngin33rin9 hours ago

    That's pretty fast, they're about as fast as I bike You are ruining the tires!!!!

  51. Enrico Conca

    Enrico Conca9 hours ago

    I mean it's pretty much exactly the same size of a Samsung S20, whose small-ish size was pretty much the main reason why I bought the S20...

  52. John Lushenko

    John Lushenko9 hours ago

    Does Asus want us to know it’s $269? Lol

  53. kepeter97

    kepeter979 hours ago

    i dont care what it does or what its made of. A keyboard is not worth 300 usd.

  54. ClassicGOD

    ClassicGOD9 hours ago

    The moment James mentioned Armoury Crate is needed for configuration I knew I will never touch this keyboard. I love Asus but their Armoury Crate and Ai Suite software packages are like PC cancer and I don't like giving my PC cancer.

  55. Big Potato

    Big Potato9 hours ago

    The only deal breaker is that you wont be able to change keycaps but i wanna try this

  56. Carl Sanderson

    Carl Sanderson9 hours ago

    I'd be interested in this with a matching mouse, and mouse pad with qi charging to replace my current corsair setup

  57. Martin Yankov

    Martin Yankov9 hours ago

    So, when do we get this reviewed: Omni One

  58. Dominic Shiells

    Dominic Shiells9 hours ago

    My perfect combination would be a mixture of an elgato stream deck keyboard with cherry MX mechanical keyboards or optical keyboard it would be cool for the mousemat to work as a wireless charging pad

  59. Wòofy Wòoflez

    Wòofy Wòoflez9 hours ago

    being able to wire this to the pc as a standalone calculator esque thingy would be so cool

  60. Jaryth14

    Jaryth149 hours ago

    I neeeed to know if the numpad will work without being attached to the rest of the keyboard.

  61. _Marluxia

    _Marluxia9 hours ago


  62. Generic Santa

    Generic Santa9 hours ago

    If you think this is cool check out the Mountain Everest Max! It has the swappable numpad with programmable LCD macro keys and swappable switches! It also has lots of other bells and whistles!

  63. Jules

    Jules9 hours ago

    Armoury Crate is so shitty

  64. Chillyprod - visual production

    Chillyprod - visual production9 hours ago

    But sandals and socks? Are you from Czech Republic? 🙈

  65. Macusercom

    Macusercom9 hours ago

    If EA made keyboards: Buy the Tenkey DLC now!

  66. Nozza

    Nozza9 hours ago

    I've been waiting so long for a wireless mechanical. It's a little chunkier than I was thinking of, but now I have ROG on the brain. Great first impressions video 👍

  67. Lâm Vũ

    Lâm Vũ10 hours ago

    So functional, yet so ugly

  68. motz

    motz10 hours ago

    This is exactly what I was looking for. I am a programmer, but also a casual gamer. When I play a game, the huge numpad isn't exactly doing wonders to my shoulders. But while programming, I use the numpad really often, so not having it has until now held me back of buying a TKL.

  69. Robbierut

    Robbierut10 hours ago

    clearly that wrist pad isn't designed for tkl

  70. Shaheer Mansoor

    Shaheer Mansoor10 hours ago

    This keyboard costs more then my PC.

  71. KuraMad2000

    KuraMad200010 hours ago

    God damnit I just bought a logitech g915 like last week, and this keyboard looks more like what I'd want.

  72. anthony ng

    anthony ng10 hours ago

    please test every keyboard unboxing using typeracer 😀

  73. CHARLES 13X

    CHARLES 13X10 hours ago

    It's not oled

  74. jose monteiro

    jose monteiro10 hours ago

    If the body wasn't so taller and instead of 4 macros was like 5 or 6 as is in another keyboard, I think this will be the best keyboard I saw, and even the attention to details like USB transformer, Wi-Fi keyboard, place to put WiFi dongle, and others is incredible

  75. James Stiff

    James Stiff10 hours ago

    You can buy a pretty good TKL and numpad combo for less than half the price of this over designed monstrosity.

  76. Nirjhor Ahmed

    Nirjhor Ahmed10 hours ago

    Very honest review

  77. Hence01

    Hence0110 hours ago

    Thats the worst gokart i have ever seen. Probably the only one you will see tho