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  1. Silvernemesis64

    Silvernemesis645 hours ago

    She helped him get an GED. Now he's about to help her GEt the D

  2. Lemur Blue

    Lemur Blue5 hours ago

    I bet it wishes it had a-posable thumbs

  3. mel

    mel5 hours ago


  4. MissTia777

    MissTia7775 hours ago

    He was trying to chase me!

  5. Nighttale233

    Nighttale2335 hours ago

    That’s what the cool cats in the neighborhood do.

  6. Brennan Gleason

    Brennan Gleason5 hours ago

    This will be on everyone’s recommended in 2 days

  7. R E D

    R E D5 hours ago

    _U know the cat died right?_

  8. Bill

    Bill5 hours ago


  9. Miss Plumtreee

    Miss Plumtreee5 hours ago


  10. The Banana Republic

    The Banana Republic5 hours ago

    Is a good kitty

  11. Mayura Patki

    Mayura Patki5 hours ago

    Tomorrow is my math exam Le youtube hold my recommendation

  12. Prites Bas

    Prites Bas5 hours ago

    You could scare the shit out of anyone with this....no joke

  13. ravi chandan

    ravi chandan5 hours ago

    Cute 😍 innocent

  14. Kimberly Rivera

    Kimberly Rivera5 hours ago

    This is finna be on people’s recommendation 5 years later 👋🏻

  15. Rath F

    Rath F5 hours ago

    Welp I know this is going to get a lot of views see yall in 5 year or so 👋🏾

  16. jojo siwa

    jojo siwa5 hours ago

    see you guys in 10 years when this ends up in our recommended page

  17. Rishitha Pentareddy

    Rishitha Pentareddy5 hours ago

    14 seconds of cuteness

  18. Petra Severin

    Petra Severin5 hours ago

    Hello everyone this is YOUR daily dose of internet!

  19. Zach Jones

    Zach Jones5 hours ago

    A man has fallen into the river in Lego city

  20. ace

    ace5 hours ago

    i thought this was one of those og videos from 12 years ago


    MIGHTY WARRIORS5 hours ago

    OMG how is he standing for such a long time at this age. Amazing and Satisfying.

  22. Brayden and cole outdoor adventure

    Brayden and cole outdoor adventure5 hours ago

    Anyone else feel like that’s Tom from Tom and jerry

  23. Jayla Stinnie

    Jayla Stinnie5 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 kids are growing up way too fast

  24. CheEzy

    CheEzy5 hours ago

    Thought this video was 8 years old but nope its 5 hours old.

  25. Dracaena Sanderiana

    Dracaena Sanderiana5 hours ago


  26. greg h

    greg h5 hours ago

    what a pretty kitty

  27. IamMunyan

    IamMunyan5 hours ago

    Adorable kiddos! Dad sounds sounds like a blast...also, probably not the best idea to call your toddlers “mother fuckers”...just a thought

  28. Prites Bas

    Prites Bas5 hours ago

    The car was like " You idiot"

  29. static bolt

    static bolt5 hours ago


  30. Burglar

    Burglar5 hours ago

    He's gonna start shooting the snow if it doesn't comply.

  31. PapiCholow

    PapiCholow5 hours ago

    i can already hear him... hEllo everyone this is YOUR daily dose of internet

  32. EnterUserID

    EnterUserID5 hours ago

    Me trying to deal with problems:

  33. Spikatrix

    Spikatrix5 hours ago

    The paws!!!

  34. Galaxy Gamer

    Galaxy Gamer5 hours ago

    That’s so funny

  35. pranav Brijesh

    pranav Brijesh5 hours ago

    Hey just everyone leave the funny side and look that kitten standing in two leg for this much time 🤣🤣😳👍

  36. GoNibbleAWienerGachaLovers

    GoNibbleAWienerGachaLovers5 hours ago


  37. Shahid Al-Mubin

    Shahid Al-Mubin5 hours ago

    Better singer than Post Malone.

  38. Sweet home Alabama

    Sweet home Alabama5 hours ago

    Nobody: not a single soul: Isaac Newton under the apple tree:

  39. anne

    anne5 hours ago

    Reminds me of Tom

  40. Madhura Patil

    Madhura Patil5 hours ago

    Oh my gosh🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 I thought that i hated cats🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 but after this 🥺🥺🥺

  41. RIGID Karikari

    RIGID Karikari5 hours ago

    He looks like my sun-cat youth(ΦωΦ)・

  42. Lego Star Wars fan 10 1

    Lego Star Wars fan 10 15 hours ago

    Someone’s gonna see this comment in 2-6 years and remember what it was like in Carona

  43. Joey Dundas

    Joey Dundas5 hours ago

    This is the video I would see after waking up from a night out and them telling me I didn't need the 10th rum and coke 🍹🐈 Sip sip lil Fren.

  44. Sarah Alhazeem

    Sarah Alhazeem5 hours ago

    Omg😭😭😭😭😭I was barely breathing

  45. Big Fudge

    Big Fudge5 hours ago

    Such an odd pairing 🤣👍🏽

  46. Thomas Lavin

    Thomas Lavin5 hours ago

    Cat.. if practice this. Long enough. Hollywood will want me in new tom & jerry movie 🎥 ... Eat your heart out. Rocky balboa. 😆😆

  47. ItzMxdilynn

    ItzMxdilynn5 hours ago


  48. Rigel Mitchell

    Rigel Mitchell5 hours ago

    Hold the straw for him you monster.

  49. Your Daily Bacon

    Your Daily Bacon5 hours ago

    See you in another year.

  50. srinidhi trishna

    srinidhi trishna5 hours ago

    The struggle is real

  51. Vicenzo Mikael Oliveros Valencia

    Vicenzo Mikael Oliveros Valencia5 hours ago


  52. Thanos .Y

    Thanos .Y5 hours ago

    Bulldog: I’m sorry little one

  53. B. 'addt104

    B. 'addt1045 hours ago

    Kitten: If my human master can do it, I can do it too. 🐱💪

  54. Paul Barretto

    Paul Barretto5 hours ago

    USlikes finally blesses me with something wholesome.

  55. Rosh Lepz

    Rosh Lepz5 hours ago

    Just playin wit it

  56. J E A N

    J E A N5 hours ago

    Nando Moura ?

  57. Isabelle W

    Isabelle W5 hours ago

    More like tries to drink soda with straw hehe

  58. Flèche de Brume

    Flèche de Brume5 hours ago


  59. ʚlilɞ

    ʚlilɞ5 hours ago

    *”Hello everyone, this is your daily dose of internet.”*

  60. Filthy Bastard

    Filthy Bastard5 hours ago

    Woman: "no more baguette." French bulldog: *Angry Joan of Arc noises.

  61. Harith Danial

    Harith Danial5 hours ago

    its such unpleasant to see the kitten wasn't able to drink it

  62. jacob sion

    jacob sion5 hours ago

    Pain, its pain. No one is seeing that. Oh my kokoro.😖😖

  63. AureumRose

    AureumRose5 hours ago

    Wow it was posted 5 hours ago not 5 years ago

  64. JustBoomTv

    JustBoomTv5 hours ago

    I blame you for not helping the kitty >:v

  65. vTripleTake

    vTripleTake5 hours ago

    Why’s his head so bouncy lol

  66. Nandu Appu

    Nandu Appu5 hours ago

    Even the kitten loves soda.....

  67. Yerko Ian Machaca Mamani

    Yerko Ian Machaca Mamani5 hours ago

    Alv lo mato al final :v

  68. am I a joke to you!?

    am I a joke to you!?5 hours ago

    That's it I knew cats can stand up and run with 2 legs like tom They are just too lazy to do that

  69. Thomas Lavin

    Thomas Lavin5 hours ago

    Awwwhh. 😂😂😂 lol.. hope he don't get hooked on coke ....a jacked up kitty 🐈. Lol,..... between the coke and the. Catnip. 😆😆

  70. Aaryan R S

    Aaryan R S5 hours ago

    *Finally kitten catches the straw* *But it is closed at other end*

  71. MobileGamingMK

    MobileGamingMK5 hours ago

    Fun fact: Kittie still tries to drink soda with straw

  72. Niurka Bidea

    Niurka Bidea5 hours ago

    That hekkin straw

  73. stinkypenguinfeet

    stinkypenguinfeet5 hours ago

    Annnnnd she’s Blacked!! 😂

  74. Hooman Named Paris

    Hooman Named Paris5 hours ago

    Humans are so easy to entertain😅

  75. raphael gomes

    raphael gomes5 hours ago

    Wow early recommendations youtube not the 5 years ago, i see

  76. Sophia the Lehman

    Sophia the Lehman5 hours ago

    I’m ready to get this recommended again in 7 years

  77. PhonedOpossum86

    PhonedOpossum865 hours ago

    Damn what’s up big smoke

  78. xxnatshaffe

    xxnatshaffe5 hours ago

    He's not trying to drink the soda though...

  79. Moonie Does Stuff

    Moonie Does Stuff5 hours ago

    Atleast he/she said one of her parents "names" mine was: hungry.

  80. SufferinSucotash

    SufferinSucotash5 hours ago

    What in the hell with everyone complaining that the father is cussing? So the fuck what? I hope you people realize with our generation we don't give a fuck lol Kids will be fine all kids learn curse words in elementary school. Yall act like yall never cursed as a kid in your entire fucking life.