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Matt Stonie
Matt Stonie

I record myself eating food and upload it here.
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3 years ago

July '17 Update |
Nutella Challenge
  1. GvxR

    GvxR3 hours ago

    He doing m&ms like they nothing and I can’t even swallow ibuprofen without a struggle

  2. Shays 2nd account

    Shays 2nd account3 hours ago

    Let’s take a moment to think about how African kids would react to this as they saw this and imagine there face in horror 😂

  3. PS4 GAMERS play every day

    PS4 GAMERS play every day3 hours ago

    How the f he's Swalloing those m & m without getting chocked ????

  4. Alexis Guimond-Swan

    Alexis Guimond-Swan3 hours ago

    you should do eggnog for thanksgiving

  5. Enesgamer58

    Enesgamer583 hours ago


  6. Allyson H

    Allyson H3 hours ago

    Get a counter and click it every time you drop something in. That way you don’t have to count. It’ll count for you!!

  7. Zeynep Uzar

    Zeynep Uzar3 hours ago


  8. Zeynep Uzar

    Zeynep Uzar3 hours ago


  9. Zeynep Uzar

    Zeynep Uzar3 hours ago

    Benden başka türk varmı

  10. COOL BOY 3 PG3D

    COOL BOY 3 PG3D3 hours ago

    Jesu cries bro this is damm lot

  11. Film Cenneti

    Film Cenneti3 hours ago


  12. Bikram Das Laskar

    Bikram Das Laskar3 hours ago

    Well Stomach

  13. Peter Clarke

    Peter Clarke3 hours ago

    The fat kid:ah I have a challenge

  14. Throy Abarquez

    Throy Abarquez3 hours ago


  15. Arthur Mota

    Arthur Mota3 hours ago

    Crazy Diamond be like:

  16. djerto

    djerto3 hours ago

    asıl challenge tuvalette başlıyor

  17. Dominic Williams 29

    Dominic Williams 293 hours ago

    this was on my bday oh and plus he needs to stop he is going way to fast he might ******

  18. The Idiot

    The Idiot3 hours ago

    He didn’t even have to finish the drink but he still did

  19. Scawy YT

    Scawy YT3 hours ago

    It’s not painful the painful is just clickbait XD

  20. Tioluwani Babarind

    Tioluwani Babarind3 hours ago


  21. Mohammed faris

    Mohammed faris3 hours ago

    Nice matt good gob

  22. FF PANOS ϟ

    FF PANOS ϟ3 hours ago

    bro you forgot to eat the glass

  23. Geehon Edmund

    Geehon Edmund3 hours ago

    Wait no fork? You can't be so uncivilized.

  24. Reza Farzad

    Reza Farzad3 hours ago

    If you can eat Iran food 😈

  25. Geehon Edmund

    Geehon Edmund3 hours ago

    Me drooling over everything

  26. teodor hedelin

    teodor hedelin3 hours ago

    is there a secret message in the pyramid

  27. ELI TEOH Moe

    ELI TEOH Moe3 hours ago

    2018:I Hate Spicy Things 2019:I REALLY Hate It 2020:I’m Now Ready To Eat Spicy Things

  28. Do0omzy

    Do0omzy3 hours ago

    How is he never gaining weight

  29. Do0omzy

    Do0omzy3 hours ago

    How is this man never gaining weight :(

  30. Michelle Stewart

    Michelle Stewart3 hours ago

    Give him a Dinosaur whole heel eat all of it

  31. Ariel Batista

    Ariel Batista3 hours ago

    Que burrice kkkk era só fazer contagem por pesagem.

  32. Desarrollo GA

    Desarrollo GA3 hours ago

    Windows XP on screen xD


    MUHAMMAD RAZA3 hours ago

    I feel bad for the camera man

  34. Ultra Roblox Gamer

    Ultra Roblox Gamer3 hours ago

    How did you have that much patience to count 4044 M&M's

  35. ELI TEOH Moe

    ELI TEOH Moe3 hours ago

    The second one is bad tough

  36. Govi ndbabachary Kvr

    Govi ndbabachary Kvr3 hours ago

    The Indian food will be spicy. The Indians like spicy so much

  37. Luck J

    Luck J3 hours ago

    Really a bad idea to watch this at 12:00 am

  38. Madhu Sunny

    Madhu Sunny3 hours ago

    That's terrific

  39. Shade_Cano

    Shade_Cano3 hours ago

    Matt - counts m and m's Google - am I a joke to you

  40. KGunther 467

    KGunther 4673 hours ago

    4000 M&Ms Challenge *Me eating my 16th bag of M&M’s I got a hour ago* *Oopsi*

  41. Pearly Grace Bastismo

    Pearly Grace Bastismo3 hours ago

    I don't believe this is true. 🤪

  42. Dexter X

    Dexter X3 hours ago

    Dude: Now we are going to eat all of them Me: You mean swallow them STUPID

  43. LeideeStacey

    LeideeStacey3 hours ago

    You're taking the M&Ms like how we used to pretend TicTacs were pills. LOL.

  44. Akshay Prajapati

    Akshay Prajapati3 hours ago

    Does this guy ever wore a t shirt other than black

  45. Ashlee Munden

    Ashlee Munden3 hours ago

    What’s ur football team

  46. Yaso 940

    Yaso 9403 hours ago

    His dieing from inside his body

  47. Liepubg m

    Liepubg m3 hours ago

    Lets be honest, he really deserves a like

  48. Ken Brunet

    Ken Brunet3 hours ago

    I thought for sure that his pill swallowing strategy was gonna make this the candy challenge that he beats!!

  49. Sir Imran

    Sir Imran3 hours ago

    Your mind is powerful. When you fill it with positive thoughts your whole world will change

  50. محمد تلاحمة

    محمد تلاحمة3 hours ago



    DOTA WORLD3 hours ago

    Love that windows XP WALLPAPER

  52. Hi I'm Kalib

    Hi I'm Kalib3 hours ago

    my throat when i shovel down two bites: (╯°□°)╯

  53. BOOST FF

    BOOST FF3 hours ago


  54. Elif Güngör

    Elif Güngör3 hours ago

    Yuh lan

  55. Joyce Anne Mckarson

    Joyce Anne Mckarson3 hours ago

    He really count the all m&m for us And he continue the video while his sleepy❤️❤️

  56. ollie

    ollie3 hours ago

    it reminds me of hand sanitizer and that makes me very uncomfortable

  57. Rey De Paz

    Rey De Paz3 hours ago

    Gotta add this on my bucket list

  58. Xylobomb

    Xylobomb3 hours ago

    Matt's stomach is like a black hole

  59. Da Yum

    Da Yum4 hours ago

    Dentist: Chewing on candies is harmful on your teeth Matt: Just swallow then..

  60. Gambler squad

    Gambler squad4 hours ago

    Bro really is is impossible to ate 4039 M&M's so don't worry try to few time letter this challenge. I see your all videos challenge's and i am expire i can ate 5 calories up. so any suggetion for me please.

  61. Christine Yabung

    Christine Yabung4 hours ago

    2020 anyone??

  62. 조뚠뚠

    조뚠뚠4 hours ago

    If it was in korea that can't be happened that eat chicken like that

  63. Ismael Gabruel

    Ismael Gabruel4 hours ago

    Man nenhum brasileiro aqui ? Ksksksksksks

  64. Proudly

    Proudly4 hours ago

    He dead lol

  65. Лев Гуменюк

    Лев Гуменюк4 hours ago

    Holy s***t

  66. Mr Pickles

    Mr Pickles4 hours ago

    But they are so delicious

  67. Bharath Deva Dharshan MM

    Bharath Deva Dharshan MM4 hours ago

    That curious husky tho

  68. Scott Games

    Scott Games4 hours ago

    How many calories does that challenge contain in total

  69. khan-7h

    khan-7h4 hours ago

    Pone traducción en español!!

  70. Cipher

    Cipher4 hours ago

    Cool! Killed it!

  71. Prince Zuko

    Prince Zuko4 hours ago

    you mrbeast now?

  72. TOTEA 9999

    TOTEA 99994 hours ago


  73. Royal ninja

    Royal ninja4 hours ago

    When the school lunch break is about to end Me: 1:38

  74. Xylobomb

    Xylobomb4 hours ago

    Imagine rubbing those fingers on your eyes

  75. B. I F.

    B. I F.4 hours ago

    The day before I start my diet Me:

  76. Royal ninja

    Royal ninja4 hours ago

    Me: bro can I have a peice of fries My friend: OK only one Me: ok Also me: LOOK ARIANA GRANDE Me when he's looking at the other side: 1:38

  77. That Guy

    That Guy4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who was dissatisfied when he didn't mix the curry and rice?

  78. FreezeBoy_ Jayden

    FreezeBoy_ Jayden4 hours ago

    Me coming home with a pack of m&m's:

  79. Mxiii

    Mxiii4 hours ago

    Pinwheel strategy

  80. maxik p

    maxik p4 hours ago

    Thats me how i eat pickles