Capron & Rydel
Capron & Rydel
Capron & Rydel

Hi Guys! We're Capron and Rydel! Welcome to the family! Thank you for being on this epic journey with us! We love you guys!

Our Dream Honeymoon!


2 months ago

Building Our Dream Home?!


8 months ago

  1. Aussie Gamming

    Aussie Gamming5 hours ago

    i have a name for baby : Skyler

  2. Hannah Riley

    Hannah Riley5 hours ago

    How far along are you ???

  3. Tyler Blume

    Tyler Blume5 hours ago

    The kid will have a lot of uncles...

  4. Jack Lord

    Jack Lord6 hours ago

    Name him ...

  5. Jack Lord

    Jack Lord6 hours ago

    Name him Cory

  6. bjruss .500

    bjruss .5006 hours ago

    How did Capron not know he made you pregnant like 😂

  7. Jenna Hudon

    Jenna Hudon6 hours ago

    Riker ross funk🥺 or radan casey funk or cassius funk or james dean funk call him jd funk 🥺 I could go on for days with baby names 😍 congratulations guys

  8. Fun daily Fun daily

    Fun daily Fun daily6 hours ago


  9. Rawinia Maniapoto

    Rawinia Maniapoto6 hours ago

    Use must have found out late to already know the gender

  10. kaur

    kaur6 hours ago

    y'all are cuties and baby boy has the best grandmas <3


    GEORGENOTFOUND JR6 hours ago

    For sure best couple on USlikes EVER

  12. Lisa Relf

    Lisa Relf6 hours ago

    My sister had twins a boy and a girl yesterday at 3pm

  13. Blu Ace

    Blu Ace6 hours ago

    Wendell listens to Rydel now Sorry Capron. She is the boss

  14. Damien Nava

    Damien Nava6 hours ago

    Whats his name ?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿

  15. Watching YouTube

    Watching YouTube6 hours ago

    Rydel and I are both wearing AC/DC merch

  16. andrew hale

    andrew hale6 hours ago

    I think the baby's name should be jacob

  17. Emma Papenfus

    Emma Papenfus6 hours ago

    I really like the name JUNE

  18. Someone random

    Someone random6 hours ago

    These videos were filmed a while ago I an tell bc rydel was at her bachelorette house I'm pretty sure

  19. Donald Reisbeck

    Donald Reisbeck6 hours ago

    Ahhh i wantbto know the name

  20. Mackenzie Ross

    Mackenzie Ross6 hours ago

    Sam or Phinox for a girl

  21. Demi Crothers

    Demi Crothers7 hours ago

    Can’t wait until the channel is called Funk family

  22. Em_Jamo

    Em_Jamo7 hours ago


  23. Mackenzie Ross

    Mackenzie Ross7 hours ago

    people with the name Mackenzie, Mckenzie, Makenzie, etc usually hate being called Mack, Mck, Mak. etc

  24. Kennedy Dungworth

    Kennedy Dungworth7 hours ago

    Idk why but Josh Funk kinda sounds cool, oooooo and Oliver Funk! Maybe Owen or Wyatt? Idk I’m no help

  25. Erica Johnson

    Erica Johnson7 hours ago

    capon says baby name rdlye no and hand over his mouth lol like this if you thogh it was funny

  26. Fruitninja

    Fruitninja7 hours ago

    The fact that Rydel is wearing an Acca Dacca shirt makes me so happy!

  27. Rhythan gaming

    Rhythan gaming7 hours ago

    do not whistle in the house sad by my great great grandpa because the bad luck will come

  28. Goofy

    Goofy7 hours ago

    NAme child Sam

  29. Naomi Hernandez

    Naomi Hernandez7 hours ago

    Ross was right when he said it's alive 3:07

  30. AT Golf

    AT Golf7 hours ago


  31. AT Golf

    AT Golf7 hours ago

    Carter would be a great name

  32. The Tiny_Kaylee

    The Tiny_Kaylee8 hours ago

    thats a great name Capron: The is: *the end of the video i forgot the name, song* Do just what you waaaant~ great name guys.

  33. Melanie c:

    Melanie c:8 hours ago

    I dunno why but everytime I see Stormie I feel very happy~😭💗 She gives me so much peace, lots of love you u all!

  34. Jaq Crosley

    Jaq Crosley8 hours ago

    Name it Cory

  35. Skid Bro’s

    Skid Bro’s8 hours ago

    I’ve followed you and your life every step of the way hope your future is the same as your present good luck in the future

  36. Cadence Wright

    Cadence Wright8 hours ago

    "I'll tell you guys his name right now" *Rydel covers his mouth* (END OF VIDEO) Me: Now that's how you end a video!

  37. Victoria Smith

    Victoria Smith8 hours ago

    My nana did this for my cousins and I when we were babies cause she would watch us all the time and it made a lot of sense instead of always packing a portable crib.

  38. TAV_Princess Princess

    TAV_Princess Princess8 hours ago

    Rydel, what kind of camera do you guys use for your videos?

  39. Emanuel Romero

    Emanuel Romero8 hours ago

    Corey and Rydell High gratulations for the boy if not if I can I wish I could guess this is the boy's name I feel like it's going to go like with Jacob funk

  40. juliem_1986

    juliem_19868 hours ago

    "I'll tell you the name right now." --Capron "No!" Rydel

  41. Patty Fernandez

    Patty Fernandez8 hours ago

    Name him lil dunk

  42. Harper Doak

    Harper Doak8 hours ago

    when i found out you where pegnet i cryed i am so happy

  43. Cadence Wright

    Cadence Wright8 hours ago

    I am so excited for Rydel and capron... Though I couldn't help but notice the R5 Sometime Last Night album poster... Anyways Rydel and Capron are going to make the best parents. I remember when I first heard about R5 I immediately loved to only girl in the band and now I have seen her be proposed to, married, and now soon will have a kid. This is what Rydel and wanted for so long and she and Capron deserve so much so when the got engaged I was like 💗 then when they got married ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ then when the found out that Rydel is pregnant I was like 💗❤️👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👧🤱👶, and then when they found out the gender ❤️💗💙💙💙💙💙🧒👨‍👩‍👧! I can't wait to see baby funk! He must know that he has the best parents in the world! Love you so much Rydel and Capron and Baby Funk! - Love Cadence

  44. Karly Gremminger

    Karly Gremminger8 hours ago

    They’ve said it before. It’s Carson

  45. Myler Maher

    Myler Maher8 hours ago

    The best was nick and chels but mama funk was good too

  46. Owen Casebolt

    Owen Casebolt8 hours ago

    It name should be Michael or Christopher

  47. Christina McGee

    Christina McGee8 hours ago

    Did he just.... Did he just hammer in a screw???

  48. juliem_1986

    juliem_19868 hours ago

    Mark awkwardly walks in on Capron asking about butt merch...peace lol poor dad

  49. Claire Middleton

    Claire Middleton8 hours ago

    Excited for you guys and so happy for you snd you baby boy, Cool video. Love you guys. Good job Capron and good guys work together.

  50. Gabby The Great

    Gabby The Great8 hours ago

    capron and rydel??? don't you mean DADPRON and rydel???

  51. KV Hunt

    KV Hunt8 hours ago

    Rydels dad: tries to see it but takes off glasses🧐😂

  52. shindey taboco

    shindey taboco8 hours ago

    can I just like restart my life but as their baby..... like pleaseeeee

  53. kayne scott

    kayne scott8 hours ago

    Max funk

  54. Prarthana Singh

    Prarthana Singh8 hours ago

    Rydel: Are you kidding me?! Also Rydel😅: This is so cute😭 Btw I m so happy for them😊 Kudos🎉

  55. ethan bailey

    ethan bailey8 hours ago

    zadden name it

  56. Kodey M

    Kodey M8 hours ago

    Is it just me or do you think that they will take a long break when they have their baby?

  57. sienna guptill

    sienna guptill8 hours ago

    I love how his father said do you watch you want it’s your life and you want to make sure that he was able to tell them this over the camera and I find that really supportive because my parents don’t really support me and my decisions even though that they are safe and responsible

  58. Kaydance M

    Kaydance M9 hours ago

    can the name be kayson

  59. Chad Parish

    Chad Parish9 hours ago

    dusten nick name dusty

  60. cool kitten

    cool kitten9 hours ago

    I was team girl, but I really don’t care I love you all so much.

  61. sienna guptill

    sienna guptill9 hours ago

    Didn’t realize how far along she is

  62. Rhonda-Leigh Crews

    Rhonda-Leigh Crews9 hours ago

    I am so excited!! I love you and so ready for baby funk number 1!!❤️

  63. lily dixon

    lily dixon9 hours ago

    Rydel and capron are going to be the cutest/best parents ever

  64. Emilee Burnett

    Emilee Burnett9 hours ago

    Should they name their son flare

  65. William Phillips

    William Phillips9 hours ago

    What is the name?

  66. Marvin españa

    Marvin españa9 hours ago

    I am so happy for you I love your videos can can I just say your videos are amazing

  67. Chase Siulai

    Chase Siulai9 hours ago

    I can’t wait to hear the baby’s name🙃

  68. Noah Philip

    Noah Philip9 hours ago

    1:16 I quit my 9-5 thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

  69. Lotte Rave

    Lotte Rave9 hours ago

    its so funny that capron is doing all the work and rydell is just sitting on the side commenting on everything

  70. WaVy Nukezz

    WaVy Nukezz9 hours ago

    Capron Jr and then you can call him CJ

  71. Naomi Hueser

    Naomi Hueser9 hours ago

    "Girl like guys who can do things." Preach it rydel! 😂❤

  72. Hunter Mccraw

    Hunter Mccraw9 hours ago

    He took his glasses of to see

  73. Josie Bollich

    Josie Bollich9 hours ago

    Y’all need to change y’all channel name to...hangin’ with the funk fam

  74. Jacklyn Vazquez

    Jacklyn Vazquez9 hours ago

    we can call the baby boy lil cape

  75. seth miller

    seth miller9 hours ago

    You should name him Cory Rey funk

  76. EdenPlayz Roblox

    EdenPlayz Roblox10 hours ago

    call him Jace

  77. Savannah Hamlin-Followell

    Savannah Hamlin-Followell10 hours ago


  78. Maggie Berry

    Maggie Berry10 hours ago

    Do u guys like the name Elliot?? I think its a cute name for a boy or girl!! 💙💖

  79. Ella b

    Ella b10 hours ago

    I don’t see anyone social distancing or wearing mask . But congrats I knew it was going to be a boy😁

  80. Logan Lewis

    Logan Lewis10 hours ago

    So that means they bang bang