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Hydraulic Press Channel
Hydraulic Press Channel

The first and original Hydraulic Press Channel!
Wanna see stuff getting crushed by hydraulic press? This is the right channel for you.

New video and new stuff to crush every week.

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  1. timg2727

    timg27273 hours ago

    That forklift driver is legitimately an artist.

  2. Prasad Adhikari

    Prasad Adhikari3 hours ago

    6:20 (hai re meri gardan) 😂😂😂

  3. Prasad Adhikari

    Prasad Adhikari3 hours ago

    3:48 jaise hi uske sir par pressure padta hai uski aankhe upar ki taraf ho jati hai (jaise hamare sirr par koi marta hai to ham upar dekhte hai vaise) 😂😂

  4. Prasad Adhikari

    Prasad Adhikari3 hours ago

    2:36 be like "yeehh muze kuch nahi hua" 😂😂😂😂

  5. Prasad Adhikari

    Prasad Adhikari3 hours ago

    00:30 सिर गया पर पगडी सलामत😂😂

  6. Elvira I

    Elvira I3 hours ago

    Me in the morning 3:07

  7. Vedant Shetty

    Vedant Shetty3 hours ago

    Your the one who destroyed my home Get it


    ANDREWS SUPERTEEN4 hours ago

    So thats how the dinos went extinct

  9. GamerZ_MGL-v2

    GamerZ_MGL-v24 hours ago

    Inside my head:DONT WAST FOOOoOoOoOooOOoD!!!!

  10. KhanyaniDoesThings

    KhanyaniDoesThings4 hours ago

    0:44 they’re in colour order

  11. Adnan Ahmed

    Adnan Ahmed4 hours ago

    This is very wrong

  12. PlasmaBurns

    PlasmaBurns4 hours ago

    Hmm.. Glass slugs. Nasty.

  13. Rachel Thoman

    Rachel Thoman4 hours ago


  14. obsolete optics

    obsolete optics4 hours ago

    Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal I walk tha corner to tha rubble that used to be a library Line up to tha mind cemetery now What we don't know keeps tha contracts alive an movin' They don't gotta burn tha books they just remove 'em While arms warehouses fill as quick as tha cells Rally round tha family, pockets full of shells

  15. william grissom

    william grissom4 hours ago

    A sphere is the hardest shape to crush with atmospheric pressure.

  16. imho

    imho4 hours ago

    So this is how Ikea developed flat packs....

  17. Pappu Shaw

    Pappu Shaw4 hours ago

    Please put a full iron bar and press it🙏🙏

  18. DaddyCool

    DaddyCool4 hours ago

    Тебе бы произношение улучшить.

  19. NW 2620

    NW 26204 hours ago

    3:45 broken home

  20. Da Hias

    Da Hias4 hours ago

    My absolute favourite line of the video was "There was over 200 bars inside and I have not destroyed it. Yet."

  21. roblox gamer 666

    roblox gamer 6664 hours ago

    7:33 Spaghetti at 3 am

  22. Frank Lloyd Wright

    Frank Lloyd Wright4 hours ago

    How to make confetti

  23. 250 dbs

    250 dbs5 hours ago

    Plot twist : he accidently dropped nokia now one of his family member decided to destroy the meme by making a fake nokia made of a strong material

  24. Tarannum Iftakhar

    Tarannum Iftakhar5 hours ago

    I want you to press a balloon filled with water.

  25. Ziad Kadi

    Ziad Kadi5 hours ago

    That was dangerous don't do it again

  26. Chloie n’ Zoe V.

    Chloie n’ Zoe V.5 hours ago

    Yes the alarm in the morning like that I just want to crush it like boom 😤👌 Btw i loved it🌸☁️♥️

  27. Melody Seo

    Melody Seo5 hours ago

    2:49 well shit

  28. Vasudev G

    Vasudev G6 hours ago

    0:30, Girl getting pushed by Gravity

  29. BigEgo Gaming

    BigEgo Gaming6 hours ago

    I would like to see the behind the scenes like getting the items or set up and or making the tools I guess vlogging

  30. Yogya Girdhar

    Yogya Girdhar6 hours ago

    Waste of money

  31. 劉嚴重

    劉嚴重6 hours ago

    Can you press Prince Rupert's drop or DIAMOND or Granite to show the pressure en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince_Rupert%27s_drop en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Granite

  32. Willem Kossen

    Willem Kossen6 hours ago

    interesting to find out how far these pieces of glass would travel. it would be fun to try this outside with no box around it....

  33. troy james

    troy james6 hours ago

    very impormative sir.ty

  34. IL winS

    IL winS6 hours ago

    זה לא יצא טוב

  35. Human Haker9

    Human Haker96 hours ago

    That hippo got so lucky 1:30

  36. Human Haker9

    Human Haker96 hours ago

    Hello skedadudlers

  37. Priscilla Rukwira

    Priscilla Rukwira6 hours ago

    the barbie save me my prince


    AISHWARYA KATKAR6 hours ago

    It was really a lot of destruction, and also was a waste of a lot of good things. But, I still love the video! It was really very satisfying to watch😂 And hence I gave it a like!

  39. mamunoz41

    mamunoz416 hours ago

    He totally farted at 3:33 mark! 😅 It fit perfectly with the nasty sandwich hershey squirts coming out of that tube!

  40. Jon Gardella

    Jon Gardella6 hours ago

    WOW! Another incredible video! AMAZING 🤩

  41. Ōswīg

    Ōswīg7 hours ago

    In the EU steel, aluminium and composite toes are all the same in regards to passing the same safety tests. In a lot of cases aluminium and composite toe shoes can be more expensive because they are lighter than steel toes but have the same strength.

  42. soso IsMyName

    soso IsMyName7 hours ago

    Owh good we have all the hydraulic presses at home to try around hooray thanks for the warning

  43. Escalante Kura ༄

    Escalante Kura ༄7 hours ago

    *kokichi kinnie noises*

  44. Lucas Franco

    Lucas Franco7 hours ago

    YaY!! Big BOOM \o/

  45. steve Kos

    steve Kos7 hours ago

    Your extra content there, what did you have in it to make it explode?

  46. SeventhAlkali

    SeventhAlkali7 hours ago

    It's a little scary to think that if you went deep enough, the pressure would collapse your lungs and you wouldn't float anynore. OFC you'd be dead by then

  47. Zaidan Dzeban

    Zaidan Dzeban7 hours ago

    07:58 jumpscare wow 😅

  48. Aniks Wonderland Of Success

    Aniks Wonderland Of Success7 hours ago

    0:30 CRAZY!!!

  49. Aniks Wonderland Of Success

    Aniks Wonderland Of Success7 hours ago

    And also 2:01 first it's like sitting and then getting crushed

  50. Ankush Dutta

    Ankush Dutta8 hours ago

    I feel so bad for that person who cleans that🤣🤣

  51. Vyoutiful

    Vyoutiful8 hours ago

    1:00 so cool

  52. Johan Smith

    Johan Smith8 hours ago

    Crush sawdust like that...

  53. Muhammad Hafizzudin

    Muhammad Hafizzudin8 hours ago

    And..here ve go!!!

  54. ɪᴛ'sᴍᴇVENKY

    ɪᴛ'sᴍᴇVENKY8 hours ago

    Fun fact:- If u fold it 45 times you'll reach moon!😁

  55. Arslan Khan Joiya

    Arslan Khan Joiya8 hours ago

    welcome to hytral press

  56. Sara Najdat

    Sara Najdat8 hours ago


  57. LOUD Music in Aerobics Classes Damage your Hearing

    LOUD Music in Aerobics Classes Damage your Hearing8 hours ago


  58. Tansha P.

    Tansha P.8 hours ago

    Creeper: *gets smashed* Me: weird Creeper: *explodes* Me: that's more like it 👍

  59. mister misanthropic

    mister misanthropic8 hours ago

    I thought that head dummy would be nightmare fuel

  60. Adanos GothicGOD

    Adanos GothicGOD8 hours ago


  61. Endork

    Endork8 hours ago

    Kinda cool to see the sap get squeezed out.

  62. ATLHooligan

    ATLHooligan9 hours ago

    It's because you are using all perfect spheres, which is the optimal shape to withstand pressure (of course a ping ball ball can't though). You are also using flexible materials, and yes a golf ball is VERY flexible. Do more things that aren't balls.

  63. Cowgirlcadet 1701

    Cowgirlcadet 17019 hours ago

    I like watching the metal tubes crunkle into accordions.

  64. S P

    S P9 hours ago


  65. renkli hayaller

    renkli hayaller9 hours ago

    Nimeti eziyo salklar günah günah utanın azcık

  66. tthutch

    tthutch9 hours ago

    Try a polystyrene cup, (Styrofoam). Very impressive results! :)

  67. Ela Elif

    Ela Elif10 hours ago

    Hamburger 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  68. M.mahdi_Amiri

    M.mahdi_Amiri10 hours ago

    شما ها ریق همه چیزو در میارید🤣🤣🤣

  69. pugphone

    pugphone10 hours ago

    I love how the hum of the hydraulic press is exactly the tonic of the key of the song playing at first. that makes my music ed brain make happy noises

  70. M.mahdi_Amiri

    M.mahdi_Amiri10 hours ago

    What are you doing?

  71. David Bermudez

    David Bermudez10 hours ago

    Imagine putting your hand in there?

  72. Irfan Yousaf

    Irfan Yousaf10 hours ago

    The lego must have hurt the press

  73. Sophie Harris

    Sophie Harris10 hours ago

    That’s one way to get the seeds out of the pumpkin

  74. Aniks Wonderland Of Success

    Aniks Wonderland Of Success10 hours ago

    0:55 it's Like it's melting

  75. Adhithya .N

    Adhithya .N11 hours ago

    Its very odddly satisfying

  76. Xin Jun Tan

    Xin Jun Tan11 hours ago

    1:23 my nightmare

  77. S P

    S P11 hours ago

    Can you crush in tube on table then press out of tube.

  78. galaxycat 229

    galaxycat 22911 hours ago

    Companies when it becomes june: 6:20 Companies after june: 4:18

  79. Murr Maid

    Murr Maid12 hours ago

    Am i the only one who worries about how they're going to clean up the mess??

  80. SDAM 07

    SDAM 0712 hours ago

    5:02 Cuando me golpeó el dedo chiquito del pie