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  1. mike cruz

    mike cruz22 hours ago

    No lie Oscar looked kind of gizzle celebrating like that

  2. Ruben Sanchez

    Ruben Sanchez22 hours ago

    Berchelt wasn't Berchelt that night , he was really slow, with not power . Valdez was fighting the perfect fight

  3. Ken Lee

    Ken Lee22 hours ago

    Valdez will be a one hit wonder berchelt ain't elite

  4. Beautiful Soul

    Beautiful Soul22 hours ago

    I wanted him to win I was so happy but my money on Shakur i hope he don’t Duck him again

  5. guerrero poderoso

    guerrero poderoso22 hours ago

    Bien merecido 👏 👍 💪 mis más grandes respectos por... and The NEW.....Valdes!

  6. AQuickFoo

    AQuickFoo22 hours ago

    7:46 canelo went savage mode "i told you you were going to knock that fucking son a bitch out" wish i knew what he said in its entirety.

  7. Bugsy Malone

    Bugsy Malone22 hours ago

    I’ll say this much if you bought at ticket for that and you passed out stone cold drunk after watching just that first had already got your money’s worth. Pure class absolute class , two greats in action. Hello from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  8. nolimitsam

    nolimitsam22 hours ago

    Imagine a crowd at this fight 😫😫

  9. Prime Shane Mosley

    Prime Shane Mosley22 hours ago

    Time to call him sugar

  10. chris goodayle

    chris goodayle22 hours ago

    Both of these warriors are legends.Both gave it all in every fight,especially when facing each other.They truly had animosity towards each other. I do believe Tommy Hearns is the only fighter to ever hold 6 different weight class belts.

  11. InfernoDividerXII

    InfernoDividerXII22 hours ago

    Asking for them 12 rounds instead of the typical 15 back then saved Sugar Ray

  12. Linkin Chris

    Linkin Chris22 hours ago

    Damn his a big star in boxing right now with that stratagey againts bigger guys he will beat all the champs at 130 and a big chance at 135 at this stage of his career...

  13. Richard Khusial

    Richard Khusial22 hours ago

    How is the quality of this video better than the video quality of the fight?

  14. Medium Rare Steak

    Medium Rare Steak22 hours ago

    “Tu te lo ganasteis, Güey” I love that

  15. Nick Sims

    Nick Sims22 hours ago

    What a small circle! All the fighters seem to hang with each other.

  16. Willie Bateman

    Willie Bateman22 hours ago

    Bad azz bro 👑

  17. theboxingchannel2

    theboxingchannel222 hours ago

    wow RESPECT

  18. Imanuel Viana

    Imanuel Viana22 hours ago

    Valdez i want you fight for loma 2021💪👊🇹🇱

  19. YouThought _uTHOT

    YouThought _uTHOT22 hours ago

    5:Early stoppage, 4: Legal hit in the back of his head, 3:Good One, 2: Early stoppage, 1: Great One, But really who hasn't been in there with.

  20. Guille Vega

    Guille Vega22 hours ago

    Corrales was slow, with a poor defence, 0 iq (he got connected with the jab & the left hook 74833838 times), he didn't throw his hands when Floyd was against de roaps etc. The worst performance of his career. And amazing display of boxing, defense, attack & iq by a young Floyd 🥊

  21. Javier Juarez

    Javier Juarez22 hours ago

    My boxer lost ! Bla bla bla.

  22. Skippz 1904

    Skippz 190422 hours ago

    I’ll remember this fight forever one of the greatest battles Ive seen 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  23. Ramiro Ernesto Sottarelli

    Ramiro Ernesto Sottarelli22 hours ago

    Hearns wins the two fights , he was a real Warrior not like Mayweather , Mayweather is a looser

  24. Artus Amak

    Artus Amak22 hours ago

    KO of the year

  25. Galactus

    Galactus22 hours ago

    Mexican warriors have been awesome for so long. Dominated UFC 258 too. recently.

  26. Ramon Lopez

    Ramon Lopez22 hours ago

    Que deporte tan noble 🙏🏻

  27. DCRicky202

    DCRicky20222 hours ago

    This fight deserved a crowd


    xPHATSNAPSx22 hours ago

    I have 1 request! TAKE GOOD CARE OF HIM, BOB! That kid deserves everything great that comes his way 🙌🏽

  29. Ivan L.O.N

    Ivan L.O.N23 hours ago

    Jaja valdez interrupt canelo when he was talking because he was talking shit jaja

  30. Nuffin Muffin

    Nuffin Muffin23 hours ago

    Two warriors. Wish fight was stopped sooner Berchelt never recovered and his legs were gone, looked concussed.

  31. Colby Jones

    Colby Jones23 hours ago

    Now fight Stevenson, good win btw

  32. Kenny Tran

    Kenny Tran23 hours ago

    Damn. Bob Arum is workin and movin still at 89 years young! Pretty amazing how sharp he is still.

  33. brown pride

    brown pride23 hours ago

    Man he ruin averthing with the dance😂

  34. C. Sujo

    C. Sujo23 hours ago

    Congrats Oscar true champion I'm happy that I've been following you ever since !!

  35. showsen_ few

    showsen_ few23 hours ago

    Como mexicano me dolio muchísimo ver cómo cayó el Alacrán. Soy muy fan de el, de hecho si perdía Valdez también me iba aa doler, es lo malo de ver a dos mexicanos darse en la madre. Se que Berchelt se va a recuperar y va a regresar más fuerte que nunca, ambos peleadores son muy humildes y les deseo lo mejor. En lo personal Berchelt mi idolo, le deseo lo mejor campeón pero sobretodo que se recupere de su salud, que es lo más importante.

  36. Alex Vodka

    Alex Vodka23 hours ago

    Wilders legs looked weak from the opening bell fury would stop him earlier in a trilogy fight

  37. Cristian Trejo

    Cristian Trejo23 hours ago

    The drama in the sport of fighting you can’t get else where

  38. Louis Rivers

    Louis Rivers23 hours ago

    Who’s here after listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast?

  39. Brimstone Helix

    Brimstone Helix23 hours ago

    Shakur thinks he's next but he needs to keep winning and in spectacular fashion to secure that title shot.

  40. Isaias Chavez

    Isaias Chavez23 hours ago

    This is for all the underdogs out there. If you can believe it you can achieve it. Si se puede!!!!

  41. เย้เบป เย้เบปเย้บเบป

    เย้เบป เย้เบปเย้บเบป23 hours ago

    Actually, I really wanna to see behind the scene of what finally makes Arum decided to push Valdez on spotlight because we all seen him with Top tank for like 5-6 years but they are just start promoting Valdez as one of the world class boxers just about this year though he been champion for long.

  42. Galactus

    Galactus23 hours ago

    Teo, Valdez and Canelo are the lifes blood of Boxing right now. Fury can be too if he comes back soon. Davis and them are can crushers hanging their head in shame.

  43. Rolando Rivera

    Rolando Rivera23 hours ago

    With his will and experience he can pull it off against shakur on a long 12 round chess match!

  44. Young Pac

    Young Pac23 hours ago

    Fabulous K.O! Gabe had him weak in the kneees 😆 🤣 😂, U C the wobbly wobble

  45. Lyons Fitness Principles

    Lyons Fitness Principles23 hours ago

    The respect between these two warriors really moved me

  46. T & F archive

    T & F archive23 hours ago

    The respect between these two brought tears to my eyes. The way Berchelt said "You earned it Guey" and then Valdez said "You have a brother in me". Such class between them.

  47. WN MCK

    WN MCK23 hours ago

    He beat the hell outta him

  48. Henry Yap

    Henry Yap23 hours ago

    Crawford vs Pac-Man, this will be the most awaited fight of the covid year !!! Fans are excited to see !!!

  49. leonardo davinci

    leonardo davinci23 hours ago

    This knockout really hurt me. I really love both these guys, It's a shame one of them had to lose 😭🇲🇽

  50. Terry Dixon

    Terry Dixon23 hours ago

    Steven so smooth, He need a nickname sugar or pretty.

  51. Jorge Rosales

    Jorge Rosales23 hours ago

    Great fight 🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊

  52. Alex Ramirez

    Alex Ramirez23 hours ago

    This was Kool remember you said you win this fight your grandparents didn't have to work no more champ

  53. Dima Sushko

    Dima Sushko23 hours ago

    Miguel! Jesus will help you, hold on to Him! It's hard to believe, but I believe this defeat is for the best! Read the Bible always. Chempion!!!

  54. manduheavy vazquez

    manduheavy vazquez23 hours ago

    Viva México cabrones. Greatness

  55. Joshua Hernandez

    Joshua Hernandez23 hours ago

    Berchelt’s trainer smh. Berchelt was done before rd 10 smh. That was horrible. Man had no chance in coming back. He was just getting beat badly as the rds went on.

  56. WISHY

    WISHY23 hours ago

    nobody is gonna say shit about Oscar kissing his pops on the mouth?? Alright then lol

  57. Max S

    Max S23 hours ago

    Shakur on his 📱 2:31 ! Wtf .. an exciting boxing match and on your phone . Twat

  58. P_ Ro

    P_ Ro23 hours ago

    This is a modern Aztec Warrior vs Mayan Warrior. Aztec Valdez is the victor.

  59. Charles Baker

    Charles Baker23 hours ago


  60. Archieval Pena

    Archieval Pena23 hours ago

    respect....humble heart of oscar valdez.

  61. Irina Volk

    Irina Volk23 hours ago


  62. John Valencia

    John Valencia23 hours ago

    This fight was epic when you accomplish your dreams Against all odds No excuses

  63. Boxing Gems

    Boxing Gems23 hours ago

    Berchelt vs Valdez technical breakdown

  64. Dean Wright

    Dean Wright23 hours ago

    Then we got Mayweather.

  65. los

    los23 hours ago


  66. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol23 hours ago

    The pure emotion from Oscar after the fight.. that’s what boxing is and always will be

  67. David Zapata

    David ZapataDay ago

    Y neuvo campion Valdez fue una gran pella domino asi fue

  68. Times&Spaces

    Times&SpacesDay ago

    Roids are quite a drug.

  69. JB CBBA

    JB CBBADay ago

    4:32 this moment shows the link of two brothers forever. Beautiful scene.

  70. petter215jones

    petter215jonesDay ago

    Slight dentist in wilders head before a punch was thrown lol

  71. Made Sense 84

    Made Sense 84Day ago

    It always amazes how all these commentators did there VERY BEST to OVER HYPE every fighter that fought Floyd instead just having HUMILITY and saying "THIS GUY IS GREAT‼️" just listen to this shit 😂😁😁🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  72. petter215jones

    petter215jonesDay ago

    I'm just clicked for the comments. Lok

  73. Manny A

    Manny ADay ago

    Big Shout out to Oscar Valdez, we all know he fought well but the humbleness after the win in showing professionalism and respect even after the win to Berchelt. He showed class.

  74. ayanda Shakes

    ayanda ShakesDay ago

    Beautiful 🇿🇦

  75. ayanda Shakes

    ayanda ShakesDay ago

    Beautiful 🇿🇦

  76. Chaval Pérez Perez

    Chaval Pérez PerezDay ago

    Eso es lo Bonito de una pelea final eso se aplaude 👍👍👏👏

  77. Dr DisresFakeTaxi

    Dr DisresFakeTaxiDay ago

    Valdez fights like Winky Wright.

  78. eddy1229

    eddy1229Day ago

    Teofimos reaction 🤣

  79. longdays shortnites

    longdays shortnitesDay ago

    Dayyyyyyyyummmmm u got knocked dafaq out🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊🥊



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