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Lakers vs Nets Watch Along!
  1. William Monroe

    William MonroeHour ago

    No way our lakers can win tonight

  2. nguquaxa nguyen

    nguquaxa nguyenHour ago

    lebron should sit out. no point to fight this game

  3. Northboro AES

    Northboro AESHour ago

    I’d love to see Montrez get a start, Kuzma off the bench, add AC Fresh for Wes, start that team and see how they do for once, it’s obvious as heck, sub Bron out first, then back in for AC

  4. Bobby DeNezza

    Bobby DeNezza2 hours ago

    I am not going to be in the mood to watch us stink the place out again tonight. I'm watching a movie instead. I refuse to risk a heart attack raging out like I did Monday night over lousy play This season is over.

  5. Fabes Sole

    Fabes Sole2 hours ago

    Got $300 on the Jazz. Easy money

  6. Paul Duque

    Paul Duque2 hours ago

    😅😂🤣 good luck with that. Flakers suck SUCK!!!! right now. How will gaslow defend gobert???????? 😪. I am expecting more bricks from LeBrick. If kuzma for some reason becomes a 20/10 dude (which i hardly doubt) eat this capital “L”

  7. Sam Hirschauer

    Sam Hirschauer2 hours ago

    Positivity Laker Nation. Looking forward to some good Laker basketball! Let's get a win!

  8. ALL 4 One Gaming

    ALL 4 One Gaming2 hours ago

    There's a possibility we could win this game then I bet we'll go on to lose to another bum team. It happens to LeBron led teams but as long as injuries/covid don't hold us back we getting that chip this year🏆

  9. Loco

    Loco2 hours ago

    Lebron going to have a big game bc nobody can guard Lebron on the jazz

  10. Josh Layne

    Josh Layne2 hours ago

    Lol nope... we are too undermanned for this team right now. Never say never... but LeBron shouldn't go superman and burn himself out. Gotta be prepared for the playoffs. I'm more interested in the moves we're making and the buyout market.

  11. digitallady1

    digitallady12 hours ago

    This will be Lakers 4th loss! The Lakers are sorry. They have not made good decisions lately.

  12. Teddy Knight

    Teddy Knight2 hours ago

    Vogel mess up idc wat he or yall say

  13. aaron byah

    aaron byah2 hours ago

    Narrator: No

  14. peni channel

    peni channel2 hours ago

    Man we gon get clapped but it’s alright

  15. 아가가

    아가가2 hours ago

    I don’t think Lakers can best Utah even if we have AD and Schröder

  16. Haywood

    Haywood2 hours ago

    I wish somebody would tell LBJ to stop leaning to his left on jump shots and free throws. He’s significantly worse when he does.

  17. MidWest Ent.

    MidWest Ent.2 hours ago

    They have the number 1 defense and lebron it's always a chance but with the jazz making 28/55 three point shots and jordan clarkson the former lakers probably being a little extra motivated it could get ugly

  18. Kari Hotakainen

    Kari Hotakainen2 hours ago

    It's gonna be rough until AD returns. This current situation is just like Cleveland all over again and not the 2016 Cavs.

  19. Ajith Raja

    Ajith Raja2 hours ago

    a win over the jazz will put a lot of laker minds at ease in the future even if we lose games

  20. JS NDY

    JS NDY2 hours ago

    I hope so. but without AD, it is impossible.

  21. moes Gaudin

    moes Gaudin2 hours ago

    No my Los angels Lakers can't..I'm a lebron fan..but he's averaging 2 much turn overs

  22. Rolan Castaneda

    Rolan Castaneda2 hours ago

    I am not optimistic about tonight's game.

  23. Michael Bonhomme

    Michael Bonhomme2 hours ago

    The Lakers must give Montrez🔥 more minutes and more shots he's the Lakers highest shooting pct 2nd Gasol is slowing down the Lakers and it's obvious that he's not a starter, the Lakers should trade Gasol Kuzma Pope for Lavine then get Cousins and PJ Tucker 💪🏆

  24. V E

    V E2 hours ago

    No chance. I'm watching the game but with very little faith tonight. I'd actually be in favor of LeBron just taking the night off for rest.

  25. Guilherme

    Guilherme2 hours ago

    If LeBron puts up a 50-point triple double and the Jazz stars choke I can see the Lakers winning this 😂

  26. Charles Torres

    Charles Torres2 hours ago

    We need a big man Gasal is terrible on defense. Trade Gasal

  27. DeAndre Page

    DeAndre Page2 hours ago

    Lebron James led the NBA in assists last season. The mad scientist was cool adding point guard Dennis Schroder to the 1st Unit as a 2nd ballhandler. If you are looking at offensive production from your Center, it shouldn't be assists. Already got 2 assist men in Lebron and Dennis Schroder, needed a 6'11/7'0 Rim-Runner for easy layups via Fastbreak Offense.

  28. Chris Gaddy

    Chris Gaddy2 hours ago

    The Lakers need to package Matthews, Gasol, Cook and Kostas Antetokounmpo. Fix the holes at the 5 position and 3pt shooting. I haven't been impressed with Gasol or Matthews play. Cook never plays nor does Kostas... so deal em in a package.

  29. NY Sock Exchange

    NY Sock Exchange2 hours ago

    I say start THT and see what happens.

  30. Jace Tran

    Jace Tran2 hours ago

    Short answer? No

  31. Ken Britt

    Ken Britt2 hours ago

    Man just start Montrez over gaslo and let see what happens

  32. Almar Pulido

    Almar Pulido2 hours ago

    No way! They can’t even win against the bottom teams.

  33. jpla1886

    jpla18862 hours ago

    I’m afraid this is going to be an L.

  34. RawStatus TV

    RawStatus TV2 hours ago

    I actually think Lakers win tonight .

  35. Erwin Delabra

    Erwin Delabra2 hours ago

    When the headline is: "Can The Lakers get back on track with a win over the Jazz?"..... Self explanatory. That's a Loss. Should have kept Dwight, kept Green, kept Bradley.

  36. Juan Covarrubias

    Juan Covarrubias2 hours ago

    No So far we play like losers

  37. True Colors

    True Colors2 hours ago

    176 comments 12:28 pm todays date 2/24/21 Kobe Gigi Date #2 #24 2+1=3 = God Its cool cause time was 12 28 which is also #8 #2 2+1=3 =God....and 176 comments when i came got screen shot. If a Miracle can happen to My 🐖 $10,000 A Miracle can happen to Lakers with a Big Win. I Believe this.

  38. K O

    K O2 hours ago

    Hope fully lakers wear blk Kobe edition uniform for him and Gigi 2/24🙏

  39. Steve Wise

    Steve Wise2 hours ago

    It would be difficult to win with a healthy team, let alone missing Davis and Schroder, though anything is possible.

  40. K06E

    K06E2 hours ago

    We destroyed this exact team last year

  41. Yellow Flash

    Yellow Flash2 hours ago

    *I knew Mitchell was gonna be something special after the playoffs last yr*

  42. K O

    K O3 hours ago

    Ofc winning solves everything

  43. Andre Gatsby

    Andre Gatsby3 hours ago

    It's all about 🐐 James. We might see him drop 40 points tonight and lock up his MVP award . 👏 One thing is for sure, Utah wants this contest and wil bring their A - Game.

  44. Sentient318

    Sentient3183 hours ago

    We should have rested LBJ. This is going to be a blowout regardless. The whole team is tired.

  45. Haywood

    Haywood3 hours ago

    We already know the answer. 89% win percentage the past 2 seasons when they shoot 35% from deep. If they shoot decent, they’ll probably win. But we all know their biggest issue is just that: shooting.

  46. Freddy Luna

    Freddy Luna3 hours ago

    I'm still watching the game...I want to see the fight of the team, and if we loose we loose, it's all part of the process to get the chip!

  47. Milwaukee Boy

    Milwaukee Boy3 hours ago

    No chance in hell. Jazz 1000- 107

  48. StoneCold Jones

    StoneCold Jones3 hours ago

    damn lakers its gonna be tough one tonight

  49. Miracle Trvpman B Boolin

    Miracle Trvpman B Boolin3 hours ago

    Sit LeBron why lose and put bron at risk

  50. Miracle Trvpman B Boolin

    Miracle Trvpman B Boolin3 hours ago

    We gona get killed

  51. Reynaldo Garcia Agustin

    Reynaldo Garcia Agustin3 hours ago

    Sir coach vogel pls defense more more more more more

  52. Pretty Boy

    Pretty Boy3 hours ago

    Gasol against Gobert... perfect match.. one can jump..

  53. Dadasha

    Dadasha3 hours ago

    We are going to lose gain tonight. lakers is not just good enough!

  54. Alvaro Barajas

    Alvaro Barajas3 hours ago

    We are about to make an example for all you doubters you aint no real laker fan

  55. Nate

    Nate3 hours ago

    Stop jinxing them wit the title

  56. Abe S

    Abe S3 hours ago

    Prob not

  57. Floyd Alexander

    Floyd Alexander3 hours ago

    Let me simplify this game. The Jazz shoots 3 pointers like it's free throws while the Lakers shoot 3 pointers like they are shooting from under one rim to the other. Now who do you think will win?

  58. Jamez trez3

    Jamez trez33 hours ago

    Ready for the L tonight

  59. Joseph Shelton

    Joseph Shelton3 hours ago

    Idk who mad as fuck right now we suck thats y

  60. Dylon Terry

    Dylon Terry3 hours ago

    We about to get schmacked tonight but we are still winning the ship so chill fam 😎

  61. DET_TRE

    DET_TRE3 hours ago

    Good 0-4 we aren’t beating the jazz lol

  62. GiantRome7 Ranger

    GiantRome7 Ranger3 hours ago

    Hahahah no way. If you cant beat the Wizzard How can you beat the Jazz?🤣🤣

  63. Junior Jr

    Junior Jr3 hours ago

    Jazz will choke tonight when they play in the spotlight versus Lebron James and the Lakers. KCP and THT will help with the Laker's victory. Let's hope my prediction is right since we don't want to see the 11th loss.

  64. LAKER NATION 8-24 Mamba

    LAKER NATION 8-24 Mamba3 hours ago

    If spida get going,then shitttttt🤦🏽‍♂️😫😭.Not to Mention Bondanavic

  65. Bashir Azam

    Bashir Azam3 hours ago

    Lakers losing by 25 at least

  66. Trakteam Media

    Trakteam Media3 hours ago

    I want us to but it’s not looking like it.

  67. Kendra The Gamer Joyner

    Kendra The Gamer Joyner3 hours ago

    I hope that they win! But the Jazz has been going off lately!

  68. True Colors

    True Colors3 hours ago

    Utah is 🗑....Without J Clarkson putting up a 40 off the Bench 76ers would have beat them without Embiid. Over Achievers that dont impress me. My Prediction is if $10,000 goes into my 🐖 BANK We Win...if Not We Lose 👍

  69. Kenneth Perez

    Kenneth Perez3 hours ago


  70. thatfatguy

    thatfatguy3 hours ago

    Lakers win by 20

  71. HerculezGaming

    HerculezGaming3 hours ago

    No way I can’t watch this it’s gonna be brutal lol. Just don’t lose by 50

  72. Jhon Agha

    Jhon Agha3 hours ago

    Nope not happening

  73. Michael Abass

    Michael Abass3 hours ago

    Would be very surprised if we win tonight lol

  74. Aya Troost

    Aya Troost3 hours ago

    Kuzma needs to step up man, he has a young legs than lebron. Kuz has to attact more than rebounds..that kid not in his mind steping up i dont understand..

  75. Ebony 80sbaby

    Ebony 80sbaby3 hours ago

    They lost against the wizards they dont stand a chance against Utah

  76. Lakers Dodgers

    Lakers Dodgers3 hours ago

    For those of you saying Bron gonna make a statement tonight... no he’s not 😭 Bron could care less he’s tired he just wants his teammates back

  77. Lakers Dodgers

    Lakers Dodgers3 hours ago

    Bron really need Dennis rn

  78. Frankie Plata

    Frankie Plata3 hours ago

    Nothing theyll lose vogel gets exposed as a bad coach when he dont have to superstars to hide it

  79. Lakers Dodgers

    Lakers Dodgers3 hours ago

    Ok relax Mitchell is absolutely not a superstar all he can do is score and shooting 43 percent from 3. He’s a star

  80. fightnight14

    fightnight143 hours ago

    Nope, 4 straight loses and only 1 win since AD's injury. Disaster. Keep in mind this is not an AD problem because even with him in the lineup they still struggle to defeat teams