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ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

  1. Elara diem

    Elara diem21 hour ago

    Best expansion

  2. You-chun Huang

    You-chun Huang22 hours ago

    Can't Jaina like... defeat the fleet all on her own?

  3. Mr Xerius

    Mr XeriusDay ago

    Too soon Blizzard

  4. Dangerously Based

    Dangerously BasedDay ago

    This is so boring compared to PvP


    DOOMGUYDay ago

    And we never saw Bolvar again...

  6. VB

    VBDay ago

    Hire the Kael'Thas voice actor back you dipshits.

  7. T Tanizawa

    T TanizawaDay ago

    The CG in this is breathtaking. Small muscle movements, fine hairs on the face, lighting, particle simulations, the weights of everything, even the sound fx were impeccable. Kudos to the teams of of vfx artists that did this..... absolutely amazing.

  8. Isabelle Bettin

    Isabelle BettinDay ago

    This trailer gives me chills to this day...

  9. petronio silva

    petronio silvaDay ago

    My beloved Horde, corrupeted by my beloved shadow queen. there is no mo place for me in WOW.

  10. AM L

    AM LDay ago

    People who make Warcraft cinematics must in the hall of fame

  11. Farofero

    FaroferoDay ago


  12. Diddy King

    Diddy KingDay ago

    Going Home

  13. Samo Dahir

    Samo DahirDay ago


  14. cringe channel

    cringe channelDay ago

    Balmond in ml?

  15. Davy Jones

    Davy JonesDay ago

    best cinematic in the world

  16. Eric Gritter

    Eric GritterDay ago

    Hmmmmm this looks ALOT like Mighty Vibes for those that like this but want something that's actually long enough to chill to you should check em out and don't forget to check out critical role

  17. Piradol Pimkot

    Piradol PimkotDay ago

    Hey 2021

  18. Bryan Ravena

    Bryan RavenaDay ago


  19. M O N K E Y

    M O N K E YDay ago

    Kesini gara gara tiktok, Indo sendiri lagi anj 🗿

  20. Sed Money

    Sed Money2 days ago

    Absolut masterpiece! What happens Blizzard?

  21. Kairon999 Dinn

    Kairon999 Dinn2 days ago

    They were not ready for Panda special brew

  22. Lord Drakkon 7367

    Lord Drakkon 73672 days ago

    6:08 Even after everything, Uther still wanted to forgive Arthas

  23. Robin

    Robin2 days ago

    Say whatever you want about MoP, was good fun! The atmosphere was <3 aswell.

  24. Roz A. Hamid

    Roz A. Hamid2 days ago

    When will we have another movie of WOW? Or TV show :’c

  25. TheGauntlet88

    TheGauntlet882 days ago

    Paladin healing with 0 mana, wake up blizzard, they've been OP for the entire expansion... BURY THEM!

  26. p b

    p b2 days ago

    why the disrespect for Bolvar "you are unfit to wear this". Someone thinks the way to build up Sylvanas is to knock down everything else.

  27. Andreia Kuroi

    Andreia Kuroi2 days ago

    WHY this song isn't longer?!

  28. Daylost

    Daylost2 days ago

    They better release the music for this trailer

  29. Talía Angulo Rivas

    Talía Angulo Rivas2 days ago

    Bso? Theme?

  30. Whistler Dan

    Whistler Dan2 days ago

    The old lady from Madagascar kills the dad from Victorious

  31. TheaPlayzTV

    TheaPlayzTV2 days ago

    :/ ok

  32. Just R

    Just R2 days ago


  33. Domina Amazon

    Domina Amazon2 days ago

    LOL @ the pic of Sire Denathrius

  34. Cyberium

    Cyberium2 days ago

    Blizz, give Pandaren more roles.

  35. BASSstarlet

    BASSstarlet2 days ago

    Whats the voice in the track?

  36. 바람의방향

    바람의방향2 days ago

    9:20 medic

  37. 공유정보

    공유정보2 days ago

    한국 버전 성우.!매우 좋음

  38. foxy

    foxy2 days ago

    The last game was lost because of the druid being greedy.. he could've easily just stay out of range and not try to cat stun and lost the game.

  39. Jago97

    Jago972 days ago

    Lets be honest "for the horde" was the best part of the video.

  40. Jon Lyger Isamu Villasis

    Jon Lyger Isamu Villasis2 days ago

    The feels on 6:06

  41. Joshua Williams

    Joshua Williams3 days ago


  42. The one That questions

    The one That questions3 days ago

    These games are ao boring.

  43. AM L

    AM L3 days ago

    She's so beautiful

  44. Dovic

    Dovic3 days ago

    2:31 Tigole Bitties

  45. [SBF] Dookies

    [SBF] Dookies3 days ago

    bruh -.- terrible story.

  46. Cidolfus Orlandeau

    Cidolfus Orlandeau3 days ago

    Greatest cinematic ever made

  47. Bill Bird

    Bill Bird3 days ago

    And now they are destroying it, eliminating customer service.

  48. Kartex231

    Kartex2313 days ago

    Bfa turtles made to water

  49. Lightning Gaming

    Lightning Gaming3 days ago

    For the horde always

  50. Kilroy1983

    Kilroy19833 days ago

    What have they done to you... sadge

  51. Bob Lawblaw

    Bob Lawblaw3 days ago

    Yo, Stream the asmongold tourney on the World of Warcraft YT channel .

  52. Oliva

    Oliva3 days ago

    Today kids wont know Arthas, lord of Avernus, Abaddon are the one..

  53. David Markovic

    David Markovic3 days ago

    This is by far the best Game Trailer in History

  54. Jakeito413

    Jakeito4133 days ago

    Miss these times.. before Activision came and destroyed it all.

  55. nok tek

    nok tek3 days ago

    cant believe theres still so much people wasting their life in this piece of garbage

  56. Кот Кот

    Кот Кот3 days ago

    Было время...

  57. Ben Marex

    Ben Marex3 days ago

    anyone know who was the artist behind this cinematic?

  58. Ben Marex

    Ben Marex3 days ago

    anyone knows who are the artists behind these painted cinematics?

  59. Tim Lock

    Tim Lock3 days ago

    Are we getting one of these for TBC Launch?

  60. asdfg asdfg

    asdfg asdfg4 days ago

    Dont even play Blizzards custom made version of The Burning Crusade. Just go back to private servers like we used to over 2 years ago...

  61. Habibi

    Habibi4 days ago

    Is 00:18 Christopher mintz-plasse?

  62. Eemeli Tuomisto

    Eemeli Tuomisto4 days ago

    There is nothing worse in this world than watching c9 playing mld...

  63. Dunerix

    Dunerix4 days ago

    Okay, this is epic.

  64. Sai Yee

    Sai Yee4 days ago


  65. Arnold Teras

    Arnold Teras4 days ago

    The night elves are fortunate indeed! Because of Aessina's blessing - and possibly that of Elune - their wisp spirits can apparently linger in the physical world indefinitely -- while other mortal souls are apparently drawn into the Shadowlands!

  66. R0GU3ST4TU5

    R0GU3ST4TU54 days ago

    This shid slaps.

  67. Primal Aspid

    Primal Aspid4 days ago


  68. Archsteel

    Archsteel4 days ago

    "... Stop simping, Nathanos."

  69. Fenasi Kerim

    Fenasi Kerim4 days ago

    Nice poerty,one of the best intros.

  70. Anton Spilnyk

    Anton Spilnyk4 days ago

    Great job!

  71. Just Mine

    Just Mine4 days ago

    My girl 🔥

  72. Jos Joc

    Jos Joc4 days ago

    Why the live action one have this qualitie

  73. Joey horseling

    Joey horseling4 days ago

    When WoW was still enjoyable.

  74. Thomas Foster

    Thomas Foster4 days ago

    Saurfang looks so tired because he had to carry an entire expansion on his shoulders 😂

  75. ThisIDIsTheLongestID

    ThisIDIsTheLongestID4 days ago


  76. Valandil

    Valandil4 days ago

    Dislike for 35$ character cloning service

  77. adam

    adam4 days ago

    Who needs to be prepared anymore? Just use the boost.

  78. Nitronlol

    Nitronlol4 days ago

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  79. Pro hac Vice

    Pro hac Vice4 days ago

    How does the dragon fly with so many holes in it's wings? It just doesn't make any sense.

  80. Егор Ильин

    Егор Ильин4 days ago

    Кто из 2021