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World of Warcraft

Enter the World of Warcraft and descend into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure. Prepare to enter the #Shadowlands. Pre-Patch - 10.13.20
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

AWC BFA EU Finals | Full VOD
  1. Bostan Liviu

    Bostan Liviu5 hours ago

    Anduin gets abducted by elite val'kyrs. *Calmly* ,Genn,calls Sylvanas name.

  2. Eve Lucas

    Eve Lucas5 hours ago

    Isn't it a little bit horde centric? :)

  3. Whiskey's Distillery

    Whiskey's Distillery5 hours ago

    In my recommendations.... because it was the last good expansion?

  4. Pepe Belám

    Pepe Belám6 hours ago

    Whos ready for this classic version <3

  5. Arian Goodarzi poor

    Arian Goodarzi poor6 hours ago

    Poor guy he seems sad

  6. bartjobe

    bartjobe6 hours ago

    what a fckg shame

  7. Marco Hernández

    Marco Hernández7 hours ago

    Me: SL seems cool, I will pay 6 months sub. Blizzard: Good good, take your chump uniform. Me: Cancel SL pre-order.

  8. Sigmund Freud

    Sigmund Freud7 hours ago

    Gotta love how outdated the graphics look and we thought they were decent back then.

  9. Randy Hancks

    Randy Hancks7 hours ago

    WTF?????? hoodies, fairy wings and eyes wide shut masks? Blizzard, please stop letting your marketing people drop mushrooms before making suggestions...... (We won't talk about whoever gave the go ahead on this and had to be on LSD....)

  10. donald12998

    donald129987 hours ago

    Ever notice that the horde will serve under any horde race, yet the alliance is human dominated?

  11. jobe22

    jobe227 hours ago

    I was looking forward to playing Shadowlands but this really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  12. Moolissa

    Moolissa7 hours ago


  13. Shmoop

    Shmoop7 hours ago

    What in OBLIVION??

  14. ReneJade Madrid

    ReneJade Madrid7 hours ago

    So sad.... So disappointed.... China craft needs to stop spitting on their playerbase

  15. Stephen Kaake

    Stephen Kaake8 hours ago

    Weeeeeeee Downvoted, Nice Try Blizz

  16. Wanna Obione

    Wanna Obione8 hours ago

    Delayed expansion, but yet you release tmogs..... where’s your head at blizzard!

  17. Max ChileFree

    Max ChileFree8 hours ago


  18. Aurrius the Pure

    Aurrius the Pure8 hours ago

    Death of a game: world of Warcraft when?

  19. Mr. Chiselfist

    Mr. Chiselfist8 hours ago

    How is this STILL terrifying at the end?!

  20. Jonathan McGuire

    Jonathan McGuire8 hours ago

    This is why you should never do drugs

  21. Штормовой Ветер

    Штормовой Ветер9 hours ago



    XEROWUN9 hours ago

    5. i want to collect transmogs, but the ones i want were RNG in previous BFA seasons so i have no means to earn them now. Bring back a NPC to sell them to be and i'll grind the currancy for that vendor.

  23. Chuck Borris

    Chuck Borris9 hours ago

    Can you get the SJW's out of the office?

  24. Bobby Rabii

    Bobby Rabii9 hours ago

    It’s a shame we never got to see any interaction between KJ and Archimonde

  25. Lance Kirchner

    Lance Kirchner9 hours ago

    Over 10 years later and I still come back to watch this chilling and beautiful trailer, Blizzard really needs to make movies with this quality... **makes Warcraft movie**

  26. Gary Heighway

    Gary Heighway10 hours ago

    Another reminder why I left.

  27. dHKdTS

    dHKdTS10 hours ago


  28. Mr. Demontino

    Mr. Demontino10 hours ago


  29. Necro

    Necro11 hours ago

    idiot blizzard making skins for cash and delaying sl without release date total degens everyone got scammed and u whiteknight dont eveen see it..... CANCEROUS COMPANY

  30. Andrew M

    Andrew M11 hours ago

    Hard to tell if this was my peak, or ICC, but man I felt alive raiding BT. Our guild got to Illidan first week and killed him the second, and I got the skull on the first kill. My blood pumps at the thought of grinding scryer rep, herbing fel lotus and getting a nether drake. Because of that I’m going to try another soulless expansion and see if I can get that high again.

  31. ATOZ

    ATOZ11 hours ago

    After 15 years, 15 bucks for a month... Then removing the Blizzard studio in Versailles during pandemic :))))))))))))

  32. Kevin G

    Kevin G12 hours ago


  33. Kerellian

    Kerellian12 hours ago

    Where i have no issues with MMOs selling transmogs on a store for their game. Other MMOs have found great success doing it such as FF14. but this transmog was better off being earned or just sold for those who wanted it . It should not have been the 6 month sub reward. A mount ... even the bad ones are more universal in acceptance than a transmog like this. in short you made a poor choice here.

  34. Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic13 hours ago

    Fans: “Transmogs!? Have you lost your mind Blizzard?” Blizzard: “Have we? Customers, by our right of our trademark and the sovereignty of our business, we hereby relieve you of your wallets and suspend our good faith to our fans”.

  35. stefoehmen

    stefoehmen13 hours ago


  36. damian anguiano

    damian anguiano13 hours ago

    I never got why all trolls are Jamaican

  37. damian anguiano

    damian anguiano13 hours ago

    Wait couldn't that priest resurrect him?

  38. pot kantolon

    pot kantolon13 hours ago

    yesss !

  39. Ilmārs Salna

    Ilmārs Salna13 hours ago

    Praying that they don't ruin Classic

  40. Saurus990

    Saurus99013 hours ago

    21:32 I love how even her Forsaken lackey is like "you wot m8"

  41. Tank top bicep!

    Tank top bicep!13 hours ago

    man this one gave me so many chills, i mean arthas and the army of the damned behind him was pure epic.... i wish my death knight could look this badass ingame but the human male model sucks.

  42. DukeofBlasphemy

    DukeofBlasphemy13 hours ago

    So we can all agree that putting basically anything like this behind a paywall is junk. But can anyone explain to me why everyone praises FF14 that has a far more prolific cash shop than even WoW's? Some strange double standards going on here.

  43. Gallifreyan Inquisition

    Gallifreyan Inquisition14 hours ago

    Havent seen a dislike this bad since the Ny'alotha ending cinematic

  44. Ashley El Dorado

    Ashley El Dorado14 hours ago

    I didn't know Elton John played World of Warcraft,

  45. CrazyPsychoBunni

    CrazyPsychoBunni14 hours ago

    I like how they gave a little foreshadowing with the ink in Stormsong Valley!! <3

  46. Gabriele NR

    Gabriele NR14 hours ago


  47. Nicholas Cox

    Nicholas Cox14 hours ago

    Gul’dan died in the second war. THIS character was unnecessary.

  48. Martii Ryven

    Martii Ryven14 hours ago

    Keeps reminding me of narnia

  49. MarkS

    MarkS15 hours ago

    A nice touch people don’t seem to comment on is that Saurfang says “Let it be finished” before charging in. His son said the same line before charging to attack Arthas at the Wrathgate. Neat homage.

  50. D P

    D P15 hours ago

    Top thing to do is stop giving Blizzard your time and money!

  51. Scamaz

    Scamaz15 hours ago

    Well i'm glad i haven't bought SL yet, and i probably wont after seeing this garbage.

  52. NumPad

    NumPad15 hours ago

    2007: Bolvar Fordragon 2019: Bullied Fordragon

  53. cj2020

    cj202015 hours ago

    This is worse than covid

  54. D P

    D P15 hours ago


  55. Martii Ryven

    Martii Ryven15 hours ago

    I mean, after level squish i saw more people in warlords of draenor than i saw in arthas expansion. Maybe now that most grind stuff aint mandatory, people enjoy it a bit more

  56. lno xD

    lno xD15 hours ago

    Looks like a rioter was managing the team that created this mog.

  57. TehGnomeh

    TehGnomeh15 hours ago

    They really should find new writers. Like at least 10 years ago.

  58. GREEN

    GREEN16 hours ago

    I feel like quitting the game.........

  59. Robert S

    Robert S16 hours ago

    This unironically made me not sub and decide to buy Shadowlands. I was already on the fence because of the bad news from SL beta (covenants, M+ item nerf, uninteresting and imbalanced class design) and some of Blizzard's decisions in the past year. This is just the direction of Blizzard encapsulated in a 15 second video. The developers and soul that made Blizzard a force in gaming 10+ years ago is completely dead now.

  60. Gurosama Bltch

    Gurosama Bltch16 hours ago

    I don't really play WoW, I just love the lore. Does anyone know what happens next yet?

  61. GameCrafter117

    GameCrafter11716 hours ago

    I'm actually really impressed. I hope this is a unique song or at least part of it.

  62. Dragomir Petrov

    Dragomir Petrov16 hours ago

    It's nice to see the King of SW being the victim of a kidnapping for a change. Maybe they will make him lose his memory, and put an evil twin in his stead on the throne. The good twin will be forced into merciless gladiator fights, where he will reclaim his memory piece by piece...Oh! And plot twist - the evil twin is not so evil! So, they just took Mokuba's life out of Yu Gi Oh, and put it in WoW...

  63. Yawanoc

    Yawanoc16 hours ago

    Watching this again hurt - this seems like it was one of the last times Blizzard had passion.

  64. warcraftkid

    warcraftkid17 hours ago

    yes but WHY, WHY would we want this, WHY would you do this, you knew this was going to be bad...

  65. JamesMichaelDoyle

    JamesMichaelDoyle17 hours ago

    ive seen this a bunch of times, but this is the first time i noticed the fel blood dripping down from his hand as he grips turalyon's blade.

  66. Nickolas Red Bear

    Nickolas Red Bear17 hours ago

    Maybe the whole reason for Sylvanas' joining the jailer was because she felt she was robbed of her vengeance, and was made aware of where Arthas had ended up?

  67. Nickolas Red Bear

    Nickolas Red Bear17 hours ago

    Arthas will come back to end him and Sylvanas' weird morbid relationship once and for all..

  68. Simply Legendary

    Simply Legendary17 hours ago

    Jees what are you guys smoking and how come you're not sharing? Dx I personally HATE Fortnite! I thought it was boring and dull. Why on God's good earth would you emulate that abomination?! xP

  69. MihaZ

    MihaZ17 hours ago

    Came for the lore, but the lore was already gone.

  70. Kraytos

    Kraytos17 hours ago

    Only if the gameplay actually looked like this

  71. M W

    M W17 hours ago

    burn corporations to the ground by not spending your money on bullshit

  72. Butt Hurt

    Butt Hurt17 hours ago

    People will buy this anyway.

  73. Luis Camacho

    Luis Camacho17 hours ago

    I just came here to downvote. Bye

  74. Metal Treads

    Metal Treads18 hours ago

    From the first time I saw the dragon at 3:46, I've wanted to see it in game. Possibly as a mount. I *still* want to see it, 11 years later.

  75. Daedricka

    Daedricka18 hours ago

    the things I'd do for my queen... 🥺💙⚔️

  76. Листвли

    Листвли18 hours ago

    Best addon for me

  77. Purple Epic Icon

    Purple Epic Icon18 hours ago

    Very rare I EVER give a dislike to anything on USlikes but this deserved it.

  78. WhatsappStatus Diary

    WhatsappStatus Diary18 hours ago

    Movie name?

  79. WhatsappStatus Diary

    WhatsappStatus Diary18 hours ago

    Which movie its is?

  80. Agrom X

    Agrom X18 hours ago

    WITHOUT JAINA. who wasn't in any of their plans... Sylvanas would have got her result. 1 variable, who messed everything up... Right there, sylvanas could have ended a decade long war. and u still don't understand why she has so many fans?