Robby and Penny
Robby and Penny
Robby and Penny

Just me and my talking dog.

  1. Rose Ross

    Rose Ross13 hours ago

    OMG, that is hysterical! Crafty little girl! Bet she had a full tummy!

  2. butti fdft

    butti fdft15 hours ago

    Oh my goodness! 😊❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo23 hours ago

    My guinea pig was in a bag of hay when we lost her....

  4. nour

    nourDay ago


  5. Katie Navarrete

    Katie NavarreteDay ago


  6. cqvio doli

    cqvio doliDay ago

    My guinea pig was in a bag of hay when we lost her....

  7. eva marandon

    eva marandonDay ago

    Omg pj why no bad girly girl!

  8. eva marandon

    eva marandonDay ago


  9. Piper Tabor

    Piper TaborDay ago

    How did she get out?

  10. laskin riubn

    laskin riubnDay ago

    My guinea pig was in a bag of hay when we lost her....

  11. Nickaylah Daley

    Nickaylah DaleyDay ago

    Penny is cute

  12. Miguel D

    Miguel DDay ago

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  13. Hsh Ndj

    Hsh NdjDay ago

    I love Penny he so cute 🥰

  14. serdy ximi

    serdy ximi2 days ago

    Im lucky that i have a dig food like bucit so my dog cant get in there

  15. Jewllz Twolls

    Jewllz Twolls2 days ago

    His face tho

  16. The Messenger

    The Messenger2 days ago

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  17. Sara Lackey

    Sara Lackey2 days ago

    Lol funny! 😂😂😂

  18. UnCreative Deconstructionism

    UnCreative Deconstructionism2 days ago

    Glad you changed the thumbnail, the tone of the video with the original thumbnail and title was way off.

  19. Margo Rae Alesna

    Margo Rae Alesna2 days ago


  20. Bella Ojeda

    Bella Ojeda2 days ago


  21. Ringoluck

    Ringoluck2 days ago


  22. Earthworm Chewer

    Earthworm Chewer2 days ago

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  23. Emma Francois

    Emma Francois2 days ago

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  24. Silvia Roque

    Silvia Roque2 days ago

    My. Puppy. Gets. Lots. all. The Time

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    Classy Chassey Car Hop Trays2 days ago

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  26. Marissa Shannon

    Marissa Shannon2 days ago

    How did PJ get in their PJs cage was lock

  27. Annaca Warncke

    Annaca Warncke2 days ago

    My aunt is pregnant with a girl

  28. Muff Lager

    Muff Lager2 days ago

    Haven’t showered or shaved in days I hope that was a joke bro put the puppy in his play pen a go bathe yourself it’s not that serious bro 😎

  29. misuyy fong

    misuyy fong2 days ago

    Until she comes out from there that was so funny

  30. Josh Witte

    Josh Witte2 days ago

    Staged and dumb. Why is this on trending 😑




  32. Ivory Randall

    Ivory Randall2 days ago

    It's cute

  33. Collette Master 123

    Collette Master 1232 days ago

    I actually laughed when they found pj in the dog food bag

  34. STILL

    STILL2 days ago

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  35. Dinah Quillen

    Dinah Quillen2 days ago

    That was so funny. Thanks.

  36. Notafratdude

    Notafratdude2 days ago

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  37. isaiah tahtinen

    isaiah tahtinen2 days ago

    Who gives a shit!

  38. Madison Easdon

    Madison Easdon2 days ago

    Hay it’s me redhat44

  39. misolou fout

    misolou fout2 days ago

    PG just wants food lol

  40. Funtime_nuggets08yt

    Funtime_nuggets08yt2 days ago

    That was so funny

  41. Masterhitman935

    Masterhitman9352 days ago

    @Robby and Penny can I have that Goldie stuffed animal in the thumbnail, it’s a very old BAB Goldie, they no longer make them in years and hard to come by.

  42. Snappy Snapfire

    Snappy Snapfire2 days ago

    No one cares!

  43. Herm Edwards

    Herm Edwards2 days ago


  44. Fierce Peter Gaming

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  45. Chris V

    Chris V3 days ago

    Pretty obvious you put her in there...

  46. Friend of Jesus

    Friend of Jesus3 days ago

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  47. TimeBucks

    TimeBucks3 days ago

    Your USlikes videos are very Amazing and so beautiful

  48. Every Day Humble

    Every Day Humble3 days ago

    For a second I thought penny paid somebody off to hide her out of the house 😂😂😂😂

  49. L U Z I D A D •

    L U Z I D A D •3 days ago

    Dog: gets lost Him: I should make a video about it

  50. oh really

    oh really3 days ago

    You also lost your ability to keep your home clean.....

  51. John Bennett

    John Bennett3 days ago


  52. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown3 days ago

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  53. Nico N

    Nico N3 days ago

    Fat toad

  54. sleep Daley

    sleep Daley3 days ago

    Oh damn just a scam for more views. So disappointed!

  55. dave m

    dave m3 days ago

    You people can’t tell this was staged? The dog was inside the bag and the bag was straight up and down. Look at the bag after he got out. It’s on its side so think about it .. How would the dog climb inside it so perfectly without being put inside it by a human ? Also look how he pulled the bag down to eat. He would of never been inside the bag upright to eat. He would of ate out of the bag like he tried to do after he climbed out. The bag would of been pulled down for him to naturally eat out of it. These pranks are intended for the baby boomers cause they believe this shit. Every wonder why pranks aren’t as big as before on USlikes like they were years ago? That’s because we know actors were hired and pranks were scripted.

  56. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    Only Jesus Can Save Us3 days ago

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    Jen’s Violin Worship3 days ago

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  58. Tanjefdol

    Tanjefdol3 days ago

    “A fight has started” **continues to lick paws**

  59. T-Virus Terrance

    T-Virus Terrance3 days ago

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  60. That kid#4265

    That kid#42653 days ago

    Lol glad you found her btw I now follow your tik tok and youtube

  61. PixelStacker

    PixelStacker3 days ago

    when the dog knows how to unlock doors aye

  62. Mr ME

    Mr ME3 days ago

    To the one person reading this: you’re a legend and adorable, stay safe

  63. Christine Diamond

    Christine Diamond3 days ago

    I followed you I am so happy I think they're kidnapping 😃🤗

  64. OJ Simpson

    OJ Simpson3 days ago

    What's this? A dog fighting breeder in a souless house?

  65. 3xPin

    3xPin3 days ago

    This is what it’s like to have a ferret every day.

  66. Matthew Benniel

    Matthew Benniel3 days ago

    Haha so fanny

  67. Matthew Benniel

    Matthew Benniel3 days ago


  68. B Valtierra

    B Valtierra3 days ago

    This is the most cringey staged video I've seen in awhile.

  69. its kokotime

    its kokotime3 days ago

    I seen The Tick Tock you made before I saw the video

  70. Nik Salvador

    Nik Salvador3 days ago

    Dogs r great. I love my little yorkie poo

  71. Emilia Steele

    Emilia Steele3 days ago


  72. Brenda Jones

    Brenda Jones3 days ago


  73. Jaimee Williams

    Jaimee Williams3 days ago

    im here from tiktok who else like if you are

  74. Eunice Lin

    Eunice Lin3 days ago

    I followd you on tik tok

  75. BeetleBud Animals

    BeetleBud Animals3 days ago

    Puppy is so cute and silly! She must love her food!

  76. Alainna Jerome

    Alainna Jerome3 days ago

    Hope you guys stay safe

  77. JOLAN Taylor

    JOLAN Taylor3 days ago


  78. Emma yak

    Emma yak3 days ago

    The cone at the end is like you do it to me now you get it

  79. Unkind fortnite

    Unkind fortnite3 days ago

    Wow always in the dog food 🐶

  80. Emma yak

    Emma yak3 days ago

    LOL she was like nope I never going same with my dog