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  1. Eileen Lester

    Eileen LesterHour ago

    God bless 💜

  2. Eileen Lester

    Eileen LesterHour ago

    HERO PUPPER 💜💜💜💜💜

  3. Jackie Pugh

    Jackie Pugh3 hours ago

    Very heartwarming story for sure!!! 🥰 Thanks to an amazing young man n her loving pup I hope this wonderful lady will be ok!!! 😊

  4. hr94

    hr944 hours ago

    Here i thought my gun didnt have any use

  5. James Sheehy

    James Sheehy5 hours ago

    What a great video

  6. Damien Williams

    Damien Williams5 hours ago

    Why show this shit?

  7. Sam Primera

    Sam Primera5 hours ago

    So gr8.And God bless you Molly.

  8. Cheer Bear

    Cheer Bear6 hours ago

    I've got some children that I'll turn into corpses

  9. A V

    A V6 hours ago

    F-ing liars! 👎

  10. Charlene Stoldt

    Charlene Stoldt7 hours ago

    God bless that furbaby!

  11. Kathy Davenport

    Kathy Davenport7 hours ago


  12. Chevy Man#1

    Chevy Man#18 hours ago

    Leave it alone with a mountain Lion stalking it??? NO WAY!! I’d have done the same thing otherwise that fawn would have been lunch for the big cat.... I say he did the right thing...

  13. Glenda Peterson

    Glenda Peterson8 hours ago

    Maybe some day a hunter will come for John.

  14. praise Yah! praise Yah!

    praise Yah! praise Yah!8 hours ago


  15. miles foster

    miles foster8 hours ago

    “Swan dies of broken heart after teenagers smashed her eggs with brick” *Mario is about to do something very illegal*

  16. THE PoggerU

    THE PoggerU8 hours ago

    I started watching Messi about half a year ago, I love that sweet boy.

  17. Remote control Central

    Remote control Central8 hours ago

    We had a dog he was the sweetest dog ever but he had one problem he had a skin condition because the previous owner never let him out of his cage and he rubbed his side on the cage the condition never went away and we did not have enough time to take care of his skin so we gave him to a friend he is probably dead by now but he died a happy dog

  18. Dreem Walker

    Dreem Walker8 hours ago

    This video's content is just about 1.4min long ... extending it past 10min is just a scam to earn more money from YT.

  19. JacobsParry

    JacobsParry8 hours ago

    I am happy I have now seen this video! Considering it that Messi was improperly cared for by a zoo which would not spend money to care for him it is great he now has a home with excellent care givers! I. Can not believe that anyone sane person would think Messi should be put back in the wild or that he will turn on them. That crap sounds liked PETA foolishness. Messi is not actually being a “wild” animal since never he was in the wild or taught to take down prey. And if his adoptive parents feel safe with him under these special circumstances then let them give him a good home. But I do know about the bringing a leopard in to the home as I do not know the leopard or his or her circumstances.

  20. P C

    P C9 hours ago

    Mine is a self taught butt sniffing dog and she's good I fact she can smell a butt in the air from plane explosions years ago. The scent lingers for decades from some butts.

  21. Kim

    Kim9 hours ago

    Awe Bobo, you da bomb!!!!

  22. Ruth Gunn

    Ruth Gunn9 hours ago


  23. Lisa Labua

    Lisa Labua10 hours ago


  24. Terry Thomas

    Terry Thomas10 hours ago

    Not everyone would have helped. I'm so grateful there are people like this sweet hero.

  25. Katherine Marshall

    Katherine Marshall10 hours ago

    God bless good people like that.

  26. Debbie Schultz

    Debbie Schultz10 hours ago

    You are one great guy!!!

  27. Susan Stamper

    Susan Stamper11 hours ago

    You said there was video. Where is it?

  28. Ms. Inspired

    Ms. Inspired11 hours ago

    PTL for our pets and one astute worker!

  29. Carlos Quezada

    Carlos Quezada12 hours ago

    100th like

  30. Juanita Brooks

    Juanita Brooks12 hours ago

    Awesome story,,yaay 4 Plato,,so beautiful 😍❤

  31. Jay Roy Sims

    Jay Roy Sims12 hours ago

    Ain't dogs GRAND????????????????

  32. Sue Hale

    Sue Hale12 hours ago

    A true hero.

  33. Laurie Marie

    Laurie Marie12 hours ago

    Two heroes for sure.

  34. Scarlett Void

    Scarlett Void13 hours ago

    ive been searching about wolves since 3rd grade i know a wolf when i see one lol

  35. Carryl Edwards

    Carryl Edwards13 hours ago

    It referred to Play Doh as a Mustang, is he a Mustang or a Thoroughbred? I didn't see a Mustang brand in his neck.

  36. Cute Cats

    Cute Cats13 hours ago

    Hello, do you have time to see the videos of the cute stray cats I hope you like and be a follower🤗🌹💖🐈

  37. PupPrincess_13 HEBanana02playz Reid

    PupPrincess_13 HEBanana02playz Reid13 hours ago


  38. Dave F.

    Dave F.14 hours ago

    Gorgeous little one. We had one very similar here in S. Florida as well, Levi, but he got a hold of a large Bufo (Cane) toad in the yard and he passed away in under 30 mins. Please be watchful of Moo and these toads.

  39. Erick Jesus Garcia Cisneros

    Erick Jesus Garcia Cisneros14 hours ago

    This is old, the penguin didnt come back since 2016


    MYA WILKINS14 hours ago

    i saved a wolf and two panthers annd a turtle lol

  41. Shannon Walsh

    Shannon Walsh15 hours ago

    What is the mistake

  42. Patti Howell

    Patti Howell16 hours ago

    He's a good man, helping those who don't pay back but with 💕 love! Keep busy, everything will work out for the best! Good luck ,God bless✌️

  43. Chad S

    Chad S16 hours ago

    Lol. First of all its not an Eastern diamond back rattle snake in the video. Lol its not even a rattlesnake or a pit viper for that matter. It's some kind of python or boa. Second why does the narrator always demonize the human. Even of their is no bad element of the owner or human he will add fluff to trash people. This video and title is no different. How about dog saves girl from snake. Even if the title were true any parent would go through the same reactions. Lol the worst part is they were good people who adopted a less then fortunate dog.

  44. Frank Moore

    Frank Moore16 hours ago

    Those divers are heaven sent I love it please continue to save more mammal marine life 👍👍

  45. Near To Nature

    Near To Nature17 hours ago

    Dirty test 12

  46. bru ivanov

    bru ivanov17 hours ago

    Intelligente money 60

  47. Jay Roy Sims

    Jay Roy Sims17 hours ago

    A genuine hero.

  48. Erika Konic

    Erika Konic17 hours ago

    This what happened with my dog Josie, her first family had her from a pup to 2 years old. I am not sure if she was an outdoor dog or not, but she was very scared of thunderstorms or storms in general or even if was just extra windy. We live in Ohio so between March and June it can get stormy. Whatever the reason they had with her they took her to a humane society that agreed to euthanize her. A lady that works in Tuscarawas county for a no kill shelter rescued her and put Josie up for adoption. Her second family adopted her when she was three and a year later returned her because of how she acts during storms, mind you neither family put her in a crate to make her feel safe, and that she broke through a window. Josie has minor scarring on her paws because of that. I saw her on Petfinder and knew she was what I was looking for, a friend for my other dog. When I adopted Josie I told the woman that she will never come back, she has found her forever home. I have dealt with dogs that were scared of storms, but she was the extreme because not even a thunder coat helped. I definitely put her in the crate and played soft music, didn't work, however putting her in the crate and having a plug in near it that was made for dogs for calming worked. Also, before I had the plug in I had to learn to ignore her for about 30 minutes as she barked and whined to be let out, she even ruined her teeth on the door and bent the metal parts of it with her teeth. She eventually would settle, but there were times she didn't and if you corralled her into one room with someone she would calm down that way, too. I adopted her when she was 4 and she is now 12. We also couldn't let her outside in the backyard when it stormed, we had to put her on a leash because she escaped a fenced backyard, so lesson learned. Her teeth at 4 years old were in a poor state that's why I think she may have been left outside in a dog house and she always wanted to be outside in the storm instead of hiding. As she has aged storms don't bother her much, but it may be because she's going deaf. Lightning still scares her, but there are places in the house she can go to hide from it. She's a very affectionate dog and couldn't believe how people gave up on her so easily. One of the best dogs I have ever been blessed to take care of.

  49. Lisa K Vieira

    Lisa K Vieira17 hours ago

    What a good guy, and people see sick and hurt animals don't do anything!! Thank you Adward!!💛

  50. Igor Volny

    Igor Volny17 hours ago

    Athletic beast 22

  51. Carol Yates

    Carol Yates17 hours ago

    Wonderful man.

  52. Auto bilgileri isik ceylanoglu

    Auto bilgileri isik ceylanoglu17 hours ago

    Her: Chickens are soo Sweet and kind And they Take care of any animal 'IF THEY WANT TO' Me:Giving my hens a baby chick Hen:*Kills Baby chick* Me: ... (Dont worry i did it along time ago and the chick is A Okay)

  53. John B

    John B17 hours ago

    Leave all the “dramatic” pictures out and the video would be better.

  54. Лиза Зубань

    Лиза Зубань17 hours ago

    Black jet 03

  55. [Kill mi] Niskiy_Fleks

    [Kill mi] Niskiy_Fleks17 hours ago

    Clever boy 83

  56. Cute Cats

    Cute Cats17 hours ago

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  57. Margaret Kearsey

    Margaret Kearsey18 hours ago

    Please be safe in your plane


    GAMER FREE FIRE77718 hours ago

    Clever bear 00

  59. Judy Gerber

    Judy Gerber18 hours ago


  60. Mary Fiorentino

    Mary Fiorentino18 hours ago


  61. Maddox Cottrill

    Maddox Cottrill18 hours ago

    they are not a mistake

  62. Cheryl Ke

    Cheryl Ke18 hours ago

    I’m mad I wanted it to be there pet 😡

  63. Gay patterson

    Gay patterson19 hours ago

    Smart woman.

  64. Super cat Orion Star

    Super cat Orion Star19 hours ago

    Thanku God 🙏

  65. ralph stephan

    ralph stephan19 hours ago

    I’m not a fan of re-enactments without authentic video clips. This doesn’t inspire; it’s boring.

  66. Penny Blake

    Penny Blake19 hours ago


  67. Nadine Johnson

    Nadine Johnson20 hours ago

    I can't believe the Wolf 🐺 wasn't injured by the trap. As the man approached the Wolf 🐺 it would have struggled and injured the paw 🐾 even more. I don't mind hunting for food purposes but trapping is a whole another story. I thought 💭 he was releasing the coyotes somewhere else but how can you release an animal injured by a trap. Even a live trap stresses the animals, sometimes enough to hurt 🤕 themself.