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have you seen my laptop?
PEPCORN: a cooking video
how to make jorts
new shoes

new shoes

2 years ago

alone in my apartment
shingle jingle

shingle jingle

2 years ago

buy my bed

buy my bed

2 years ago

It's November 8th
When I Make a Good Pun
My Autobiography

My Autobiography

4 years ago



4 years ago

Best Comeback Ever
Watermelon Man

Watermelon Man

4 years ago

  1. pincel animado

    pincel animado2 hours ago

    Me and tha bois vibing

  2. My Stars Shine Darkly Over Me

    My Stars Shine Darkly Over Me2 hours ago

    Surely a book formed in chrome is a novel written in google docs?

  3. Moonlight Skateboard

    Moonlight Skateboard3 hours ago

    haha what

  4. andromeda

    andromeda3 hours ago

    i really didn't expect to bawl my eyes out and feel genuine emotion over a guy flailing around at 6 am but here we are

  5. andromeda

    andromeda3 hours ago

    when he started step touching i lost it

  6. andromeda

    andromeda3 hours ago


  7. Hersendood x 3

    Hersendood x 33 hours ago

    OK Brian that was not fun

  8. abra_escaped

    abra_escaped4 hours ago

    I saw the bowl cut and my mind immediately jumped to Vector

  9. andromeda

    andromeda4 hours ago

    3:16 the shadow moves without him i didn't notice that before oh god oh f

  10. Яна Бояковская

    Яна Бояковская4 hours ago


  11. Carolin Wagner

    Carolin Wagner4 hours ago

    This made me want to cut my hair and terrify me of it at the same time

  12. Franklstein Wongberg

    Franklstein Wongberg5 hours ago

    I feel like he made this song because of a bet

  13. Tomas S

    Tomas S5 hours ago

    Damn, can't wait for these start of covids vids have the "1 year ago" stamp under them so I'm not constantly reminded of the exact amount of months.

  14. Samuel Bott

    Samuel Bott5 hours ago

    This is scarier than make 20k a month by being your own boss

  15. Mmmph

    Mmmph5 hours ago

    Do you ever get annoyed that the song "Hurdy Gurdy Man" by Donovan doesn't feature a hurdy gurdy in it? I do. I get annoyed by that a lot.

  16. JustJero

    JustJero6 hours ago

    I'm watching this at 4 am and I'm sobbing

  17. Pop-Culture Pedestrian

    Pop-Culture Pedestrian7 hours ago

    Longest 2 minutes of my life

  18. o0Avalon0o

    o0Avalon0o7 hours ago

    I love these & the occasional cat appearance

  19. Lhasaran Dashiev

    Lhasaran Dashiev8 hours ago

    Куда делись русские субтитры?

  20. Christopher Shasky

    Christopher Shasky8 hours ago

    God damn this was good.

  21. Fifth House

    Fifth House9 hours ago

    Link the website

  22. Harmony Calathea

    Harmony Calathea9 hours ago

    I too have shingles. It hurts like hellfire and it affects my lips. I look like depressed Qtaro. End my suffering.

  23. Stefano Rodrigues

    Stefano Rodrigues9 hours ago

    omg this music OMG!

  24. Lucas Iverson

    Lucas Iverson9 hours ago

    8:54 trumps bing bong should have been included in this

  25. Liz Flexer

    Liz Flexer9 hours ago

    Statement of Mr. Brian Gilbert, regarding becoming his own boss and a man called Dorian Smiles. Audio recording by Jonathan Sims, head Archivist of the Magnus Institute, London. Statement begins.

  26. Mr. Pantzz

    Mr. Pantzz9 hours ago

    Ha ha, why?

  27. Quinlan Stewart

    Quinlan Stewart10 hours ago

    Has anyone heard of the hurdy gurdy poem by Sir Arthur Greenleaf Holmes of the South Florida Renaissance Festival?

  28. Quinlan Stewart

    Quinlan Stewart10 hours ago

    Honestly scarier than most horror movies I've seen in the past 3 years. Excellent

  29. Savana Vann

    Savana Vann10 hours ago

    why am i surprised he doesn’t have a British accent

  30. Kelly C

    Kelly C12 hours ago

    day 10: _pulp motherfucking fiction_ is on the wikipedia page for lgbtq films but star wars (1977) isn't?? p sure this is a hate crime

  31. Peyton Mansfield

    Peyton Mansfield13 hours ago

    I was NOT ready for this, but I support it.

  32. UnknownHost

    UnknownHost13 hours ago

    Man that haircut at the end was a almost 10/10 if that last zoom in didn't show the party in the back XD

  33. Mário Daniel Filho

    Mário Daniel Filho13 hours ago

    Why is this in my recommended? I’m already subscribed to BDG!

  34. Esa K.

    Esa K.13 hours ago


  35. Regal

    Regal13 hours ago


  36. J.

    J.13 hours ago

    What the hell is a shingle?

  37. Rurihime

    Rurihime13 hours ago

    Siblings are some sort of love hate relationship

  38. Lily West

    Lily West14 hours ago

    tgwdlm energy

  39. Kian Sevim Kälvebrand

    Kian Sevim Kälvebrand14 hours ago

    as a swede i can say that the translation is very accurate

  40. the boi

    the boi14 hours ago

    Recontextualizing 0:07 to 0:19 a choir singing about a haunted seaside town named Old Bay

  41. Dirt Rocket

    Dirt Rocket14 hours ago

    The McPoyle Dance

  42. duck mg

    duck mg15 hours ago

    Reminded me of Key and Peele's Liam Neesons

  43. Devin Koelsch

    Devin Koelsch15 hours ago

    I watched this whole video and I don't even like popcorn.

  44. mountains gandalf

    mountains gandalf15 hours ago

    Brian, are you Vulfpeckian?

  45. Kate Sterf

    Kate Sterf15 hours ago

    so are you gonna mail some o that hair to those top patrons tho

  46. • Sofis-Chann •

    • Sofis-Chann •15 hours ago

    That's just a little question: I can use this audio to make a video to make a video, I just sent it if I can't, I can delete it.

  47. Erin R

    Erin R15 hours ago

    Why am I getting "hand thing" vibes from this lol

  48. Amil Chenganakkattil

    Amil Chenganakkattil15 hours ago

    Normal haircut: Chaotic Good Mullet: Chaotic Neutral Bowl cut: Chaotic Evil

  49. Roman Fedoseev

    Roman Fedoseev15 hours ago

    Thing is, that cowlick is amazing. It's just another case of people, in this case Brian, being concerned and anxious aabout a thing that makes them not just unique, but cool. That cowlick makes his hair look like a cyberpunk haircut, it looks like those lines people in Deus Ex have when they have augmentations installed in their head. I am so, so jealous of it. Brian, give me your cowlick. Not in a weird way (but maybe also in a weird way ;)

  50. Loren Daemon

    Loren Daemon15 hours ago

    I stg the first time I watched this, it ended a few seconds earlier???

  51. Princessorville

    Princessorville15 hours ago

    He looks just like jim Carey on dumb and dumber with the bowl cut

  52. HexDev

    HexDev16 hours ago

    i thought this was real

  53. L e s b i a n r a t

    L e s b i a n r a t16 hours ago

    *Me and my bestfriends* *wE bRoThER aNd SiStErs WdYm!*

  54. Noah Lundberg

    Noah Lundberg16 hours ago

    is that the king of Sweden? Kungen my man

  55. Grey Squirtle

    Grey Squirtle17 hours ago

    I can’t lie, I gasped at the ultimate reveal. After all hair styles in between, it came out BEAUTIFUL!!!

  56. Ben Jankow

    Ben Jankow17 hours ago

    I just want to say this is legitimately a good horror short. Well fucking done. You scared the shit outta me

  57. jesus aka owlman

    jesus aka owlman17 hours ago

    i have the exact same shirt brian's wearing

  58. NoWindows

    NoWindows17 hours ago

    When people in the comments talked about how they started screaming in the second half, I assumed it couldn't be *that* bad. I should have known better about BDG.

  59. 1118tj

    1118tj17 hours ago

    The unsettling atmosphere from this alone makes me want more.

  60. EposVox

    EposVox17 hours ago

    I'm in

  61. okay

    okay17 hours ago

    what a jerkwad

  62. Evalynn Castro

    Evalynn Castro18 hours ago

    karen cutting brian's hair is opposite yet similar energy to jenna cutting julien's hair

  63. Emji Amsdaughter

    Emji Amsdaughter18 hours ago

    Oh, a video for me!

  64. Kranchman

    Kranchman18 hours ago

    oh my, döda mig

  65. Michael Alleman

    Michael Alleman18 hours ago

    Shingles suck ass. Got them on the back of my thigh in 5th grade after recieving the pox vaccine. Sitting was not an option.

  66. Mangi

    Mangi18 hours ago

    I don’t know why but this reminds me of that Disney show “Big City Greens”

  67. Alyssa Davidson

    Alyssa Davidson19 hours ago

    So, did Brian leave because of the tax evasion he mentioned in Step Touch?

  68. Scythio

    Scythio19 hours ago

    This hits different when its three years later and brian has achieved his dream of making silly videos

  69. Super Sweetheart

    Super Sweetheart19 hours ago

    This is like that kid who keeps trying to trade food with you

  70. Angel Ataraxy

    Angel Ataraxy19 hours ago

    😳😳😳😂 ❤️

  71. ouji

    ouji20 hours ago


  72. They Trucy

    They Trucy20 hours ago

    I can't believe how fucking raw the bass is on this song

  73. Elle Prince

    Elle Prince20 hours ago

    Hold up there’s a Patrick Gilbert and a Patrick Gill? Is there a David Brian Gill?

  74. Pat Pruitt

    Pat Pruitt21 hour ago

    When do we get the sequel to this?

  75. Weirden

    Weirden21 hour ago

    Upside, he's on his way to being a Horror youtuber between the last video and this one.

  76. Joeychu

    Joeychu21 hour ago

    I want to hear the full 12 verses :(

  77. LizardyLexi Red

    LizardyLexi Red21 hour ago

    what is it like having siblings 😁 tell me in the reply button

  78. Gabrielle Rosa

    Gabrielle Rosa22 hours ago

    the most shocking aspect of this video is that it turned out great in the end

  79. alyssa anderson

    alyssa anderson22 hours ago

    Your hair looks great.

  80. stop making me do this google

    stop making me do this google22 hours ago

    when joe biden won the election