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The Tiede Cabin Murders
Where is Leigh Occhi?
  1. Ana LopezYanez

    Ana LopezYanez13 hours ago

    your relationship seems so genuine and fun aw

  2. worthabullet

    worthabullet13 hours ago

    You bad as hell 🖤

  3. Duaa Shakeel

    Duaa Shakeel14 hours ago

    Okay bella's talking about dogs being innocent but these kids are coming and going from the start of this story like evaporation and condensation of water

  4. Pinch me

    Pinch me15 hours ago

    I worked at that hospital years ago

  5. Night Parade

    Night Parade15 hours ago

    bella you looks so beautiful.. please marry me 😍😍😍

  6. Mel Prinsep

    Mel Prinsep15 hours ago

    “David’s mother was just an absolute doll” 😂😂😂😂

  7. Peaches McGee

    Peaches McGee19 hours ago

    If Robert wss a person of interest from the beginning,why on earth would the authorities let Brenda go and live with him even though they thought he wouldn't harm her?it's so messed up.

  8. Ariah S

    Ariah S22 hours ago

    My mom love your videos so do I :)

  9. Goodwins all access Media service provider

    Goodwins all access Media service provider22 hours ago

    Hi Bella 👋

  10. Stephen Garrett

    Stephen Garrett23 hours ago

    how gorgeous can a gal get!? top 3 tube channels for me, thanks! ;-)

  11. BigDog HasitsdayEveryday

    BigDog HasitsdayEveryday23 hours ago

    And we suppose to trust the police, fbi, and the judicial system! Yeah OK I trust my dog won’t eat food off the floor either

  12. Itz Lanai Lindsey

    Itz Lanai Lindsey23 hours ago

    Me living in seattle 😳

  13. India Fleming

    India Fleming23 hours ago

    i would love to see you do a video of the Cecil Hotel:))

  14. Emdog’s Piggy pales

    Emdog’s Piggy pales23 hours ago

    I’ve worked with cows and they know when something wrong and I just believe it’s incredible

  15. samuel a.

    samuel a.23 hours ago

    This case is so sad, I can’t help but feel bad for Caroline as well as Rachel

  16. O’shaun White

    O’shaun White23 hours ago

    I was born and raised in Yorkshire in the UK I remember being around 16 when this happened it was a huge case .

  17. Emdog’s Piggy pales

    Emdog’s Piggy palesDay ago

    I love the earrings

  18. Marni Lake

    Marni LakeDay ago

    I swear marathon bars and what snickers used to be called?

  19. Allie Smith

    Allie SmithDay ago

    Maybe the childhood boyfriend was not interviewed/questioned per his parents request? That's the only reason I can think that the police wouldn't question him!

  20. Chickn Monkey

    Chickn MonkeyDay ago

    The nasty surname naively admire because roof intialy share per a chivalrous litter. sordid, placid archaeology

  21. Serena Pendharkar

    Serena PendharkarDay ago

    Wait if they had Ben together for 53 years and she’ was 70 and he was 80 when they got together she would have been 17 and him 27.....

  22. kinzie JFelix

    kinzie JFelixDay ago

    Can you do OJ Simpson or Menedez brothers if you haven’t already? Plssssss .

  23. Anika Joy

    Anika JoyDay ago

    I clicked on your video because in the thumbnail your earrings looked like chess pieces.

  24. aimee louise

    aimee louiseDay ago

    Can someone please tell me what Bella means at 51:21 🤣

  25. Marni Lake

    Marni LakeDay ago

    It’s scary how close I live to the remand centre and I’ve been to Devon and Pembroke so many times

  26. Isabel LAns

    Isabel LAnsDay ago

    Please do a shein and or zaful video! love your taste and would love to see more affordable clothes <3!

  27. Ella Nichols

    Ella NicholsDay ago

    Can you do a video on the Tynong murders?! xoxo

  28. Adri Swanepoel

    Adri SwanepoelDay ago

    Hi Bella. I am from South Africa. You pronounced De Zalze correctly. 😊

  29. Megan Issertell

    Megan IssertellDay ago

    A lot of times, the police won’t let the FBI in because it insinuates that they can’t do their jobs correctly and it offends them

  30. Henry Hènri

    Henry HènriDay ago

    Deviant's.... Evil does exist

  31. Megan G

    Megan GDay ago

    Every time I drive past the Bandyup women’s prison I think about this case

  32. Its Chemo

    Its ChemoDay ago

    Please do a Mystery Monday on the Cheshire Family Murders in Connecticut.

  33. Caroline Freeman

    Caroline FreemanDay ago

    Those two killers the worst of the worst 😈

  34. Caroline Freeman

    Caroline FreemanDay ago

    I new to this Channel Bella can't wait to see more of your content 👍💖

  35. Goodwins all access Media service provider

    Goodwins all access Media service providerDay ago

    Hi Bella 👋

  36. Abbie Goodridge

    Abbie GoodridgeDay ago

    Poor John . Even with a new wife he could never move on and I don’t blame him . If the same thing was to happen to me I imagine feeling the exact same way.

  37. Goodwins all access Media service provider

    Goodwins all access Media service providerDay ago

    They should sue the lazy fuck police

  38. ak1995ak Kaur

    ak1995ak KaurDay ago

    So is no one gonna talk about Bellas chicken nugget earrings 😩😂😂😂

  39. Taylor

    TaylorDay ago

    Okay but why did his sister think they might’ve died from carbon monoxide poisoning like why that ...

  40. Ramon Serna

    Ramon SernaDay ago

    Sounds like you did it!!!

  41. Ben Tree specialist

    Ben Tree specialistDay ago

    This young ditz approaches horrendous crimes like she is about to review the new Beyonce album

  42. Jamie Sanders

    Jamie SandersDay ago

    This has always been the case that disturbs me most. The fear she must of felt in those last few hours would have been unimaginable

  43. Amelia Rose

    Amelia RoseDay ago

    The fact that I know all the places where everything happened scares me

  44. Tamia Lipscomb

    Tamia LipscombDay ago

    Do rapists not worry about stds

  45. Christina Kaay

    Christina KaayDay ago

    You and I share the SAME birthday!! 🎊🎂🥳🎉

  46. Cat C

    Cat CDay ago

    My parents knew Susanna's father. So horrific.

  47. Amelia Rose

    Amelia RoseDay ago

    Hell nah I live too close to that shit. Bruh ik all the suburbs they went to oml

  48. Amelia Rose

    Amelia RoseDay ago

    Could you do the William Tyrell case?

  49. Penney Cason

    Penney CasonDay ago

    Hi I’m a new sub. You got me. Great presentations. Also chuffed to listen to an Aussie telling the stories 🇦🇺

  50. Erin Mullins

    Erin MullinsDay ago

    I found out that at one of my old childhood homes in Maryland, NSW, a 22 year old man killed his father in the driveway back in 2017. He was found not guilty due to mental illness and apparently he had believed to have heard voices in the house.. So creepy 🤭

  51. Karli Morrow

    Karli MorrowDay ago

    That was great research and presentation - tragic story!

  52. Evan Ford

    Evan FordDay ago

    I am one of the very few people that live right next to the godforskane land on broomfeild my dad and his brothers heard the shots on out property all them years ago.

  53. Meg Houston

    Meg HoustonDay ago

    So he's capable of committing such horrific crimes on innocent people and yet when he's caught out in one sentence he has a shit fit?? That's hilarious, just goes to show what a pair of absolute pussies they are.

  54. Rhiannon Kondisenko

    Rhiannon KondisenkoDay ago

    Does anyone have the footage of the moment Karen found out Shannon was alive?

  55. Šárka Matějková

    Šárka MatějkováDay ago

    I bet he put the body in the trunk, hence the kids remark about mommy in the trunk, and disposed of her body somewhere along the trip to the campsite, then drove the kids to make the smores to confuse them.

  56. olivia6101

    olivia6101Day ago

    Why are the police so incompetent?!

  57. Ronee Dennison

    Ronee DennisonDay ago

    I’m a visit supervisor and I can only imagine how guilty that social worker felt even though it wasn’t her fault 😭

  58. MinTea Animations

    MinTea AnimationsDay ago

    is it me or did she say "where Susan was born" XD

  59. Ana Cordeiro

    Ana CordeiroDay ago

    "Couple goals, am I right?" I died 😂

  60. Ariana Langarica Sanchez

    Ariana Langarica SanchezDay ago

    Hands down my favorite USlikesr for sure !!!!

  61. beka

    bekaDay ago

    your voice sounds like cleo from h20, or also known as pheobe tonkin

  62. Josephine Meade

    Josephine MeadeDay ago

    God that video of Steve talking about Susan it literally disgusting. And I think he was telling the truth in those diary entries bc as nasty as it is he was in love with her 🤢

  63. Serina Thomas

    Serina Thomas2 days ago

    The voracious bowl dimensionally weigh because print enthrallingly squeak per a rambunctious cauliflower. aromatic, gifted pajama

  64. Vic Law

    Vic Law2 days ago

    Ppo wa Kiyoo pop

  65. Stella arielle

    Stella arielle2 days ago

    you are very pretty missy

  66. Hannah Bellamy

    Hannah Bellamy2 days ago

    the boys dod it 100%

  67. Amanda Burkhalter

    Amanda Burkhalter2 days ago

    Other than your 1st theory, I have my own theory. Since no one in her life knew of her dating, so ( thiis idk why, I speculate that she didn't want her son to know she was dating, seeing as he was her all, and he didn't have a his father around), that would be a good reason, "said bf" wasn't coming around! And maybe that made him angry and seem like she wasn't serious about him, and he got triggered! And if so, he could've shown red flags and stalked her bc of a breakup!!!! ( when you see red flags, you run for the hills! I would! ) Idk, this is so hard to pinpoint especially with those calls, bc I've seen the story about " The Golden State killer", and there are similarities. This whole story has me baffled, pissed off, and wanting justice! So, till then, R.i.p sweet angel and my condolences to your family! 💐🙏

  68. Marisa Gonzalez

    Marisa Gonzalez2 days ago

    I thought you said he went on to become an "apprentice junkie" 💀

  69. Cat Morgan

    Cat Morgan2 days ago

    Says a lot about someone if their “dream job” is working in an abattoir 😬

  70. Hilde Mertens

    Hilde Mertens2 days ago

    I would like you to make a video about Marc Dutroux and Michelle Martin. They were two criminals from Belgium, very close to home for me.

  71. Sophie Flack

    Sophie Flack2 days ago

    What the fuck is the father in law talking about .... that is not normal...

  72. nimmi khan

    nimmi khan2 days ago


  73. Samantha Perez

    Samantha Perez2 days ago

    Kurt and his family deserved so much more than what they got. They deserved a real investigation and some closure.

  74. Ayan duale

    Ayan duale2 days ago

    "Nobody would light a fire place in November"......It took me a min to realize that the seasons were switched in Australia

  75. Bam Shepherd

    Bam Shepherd2 days ago

    I think this case is so sad and crazy. Those poor parents. But my thoughts could they say they weren't shot. A bullet doesn't have to puncture bone to be fatal. They could have been shot in the soft tissue and it hit an organ, nicked an artery, or just caused enough blood loss to cause death. It always makes me so mad when I hear about cases like this that were so clearly botched that there will never be any answers or justice for the families. 💔

  76. Air Quotes

    Air Quotes2 days ago

    18 minutes in full of horrific abuse and she says ok that's just some background now I'll get into the

  77. manha

    manha2 days ago

    I feel so bad for John losing like almost a hs sweetheart and their relationship was so perfect it just pains me

  78. MissWoman 1

    MissWoman 12 days ago

    When you said the house sold for over 4 grand I had to do 'rewind' to listen again and all I could think was "WTF!!! There is no way, NO WAY that I would even buy the land if it was a vacant lot!!! Human beings SUFFERED in that house, on that land FFS, that's just EWWWW!!!"🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 I keep getting the mental pictures of the Poltergeist movies, Amityville Horror movies and the 1st original Carrie movie of Stephen King where they demolish the house and just have a white cross on the rubble and a hand comes out😯🥴😯🥴😯🥴FREAKY!!!!

  79. Michelle Kelly

    Michelle Kelly2 days ago

    Omg Bella, im from Bunbury and my family is from Collie! My mum was only 10 in Collie aswell when that 12 yr old girl went missing! I think you're so awesome! And I LOVE listening to the cases you cover. Keep up the great work!

  80. Shaden

    Shaden2 days ago

    I love how every Australian story has people cussing outside the court calling for the murderer's death (rightfully so). you dont rly hear that in US stories