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  1. Meghan McCrary

    Meghan McCrary

    ahhhh I love Magritte. I love the concept of Surrealism.

  2. m!chaela

    m!chaela6 minutes ago

    please please please do a vid on the church and more art i luv learning from u

  3. Frankie-jean Moore

    Frankie-jean Moore8 minutes ago

    Escher would be GRAND

  4. tseva

    tseva15 minutes ago

    i could listen to her talk for hours on end, she’s so gorgeous and interesting and cool and 🥰

  5. Laiman Tukumoeatu

    Laiman Tukumoeatu15 minutes ago

    So the Dada founders were punk?

  6. vee wee

    vee wee36 minutes ago

    sometimes when im trying to sleep i can suddenly smell strong perfume and it smells like my grandma. she's been dead for years. it'll come and go sometimes

  7. NothingButLove

    NothingButLove38 minutes ago

    Brittany, the only art history teacher i trust

  8. Grace Tate

    Grace Tate55 minutes ago

    This was so good omg. Put her on drunk history 😭

  9. Hayley Sulfridge

    Hayley Sulfridge56 minutes ago

    Fruit strips?! What are we, rich?!

  10. ale 1202

    ale 120259 minutes ago

    Not me thinking the motorcycle noise when she was talking about spreading confusion was a thing she did on purpose to spread confusion🤡 I was like "damn she going deep with these" lmfao Anyway this video was super cool, I love the series. Thank you for sharing your passion, Queen!👑

  11. JunnyXJ

    JunnyXJHour ago

    Literally love you, I love art but learning through the school systems ( college specifically ) was just such an absolute drag I hated it...sooo much. Now this, it's so refreshing and lively and real.

  12. lottie pottie

    lottie pottieHour ago

    Ahhh this is so damn interesting, I love art history

  13. Moin Merchant

    Moin MerchantHour ago

    Its not that difficult to see that she doesnt get the same amount of views as opposed to her other videos but I really ( and Icannot emphasize this enough) REALLY appreciate she keeps making Fart history episodes. And I know she enjoys it the same or even more than we like to watch her speak. Ly Brittany🥺

  14. Quinchini

    QuinchiniHour ago

    i love this series! can't wait for more episodes, i love how passionet you are about it and that makes it 10000000% better and fun to watch

  15. katiejewel

    katiejewelHour ago

    Lmfao! “This doesn’t look much different from what I would do” - Trixie fixes everything she does 😂😂😂

  16. Steffan Mayrides

    Steffan MayridesHour ago

    stop bc you said dada-ism and i was hoping you would have a certain opinion on the urinal sculpture. i forget the name but i hope you know what im talking about. if not maybe google dada urinal :/ it really caused a huge conversation in my art history class!

  17. Kalk

    KalkHour ago

    Brittany: my art history teacher Pewdiepie: Philosophy teacher

  18. Samuel Richards

    Samuel Richards2 hours ago

    The irony of this video critiquing advertising and mass consumption, with the reason I’m watching it being because it was recommended to me from the algorithm seeing that I’ve been researching Andy Warhol and 60s consumerism 😭 like I dunno I think that’s funny

  19. Marit Hille Ris Lambers

    Marit Hille Ris Lambers2 hours ago

    Yeessss! Look up Stravinksy's Rite of Spring. Really interesting piece of performance art and a 'great' premiere lollll. Love your stuff!

  20. moestuff101

    moestuff1012 hours ago

    Her chuckles bring me chaotic joy 🧁

  21. Ianna Chia

    Ianna Chia3 hours ago

    my god i saw The Persistence of Memory in the MoMA back in 2019 + i watched un chien andalou for a film class in 2018, this video brought tears to my eyes in the best way possible!!! keep making art videos i thrive off them !!!! i love this series so much !!! gOD it is very cool to see you excited about art!!

  22. sarah van wyngaard

    sarah van wyngaard3 hours ago

    Brittany!! Could you also talk about Arcimboldo's fruit faces in relation to the inspirations of Shakespeare? I briefly caught glimpse of his work when i took a Shakespeare class over the summer and it captivated me so much!! Your passion about art history has inspired me to start painting again, love you so much!!

  23. siobhancook

    siobhancook4 hours ago

    I wish I was this passionate and knowledgeable about such an interesting topic. Only thing I know this well is internet drama.

  24. Aida Barranco

    Aida Barranco4 hours ago

    Holaaaa! Brittany! Really loved this video! Have you been to Dali’s home in Port Lligat, Catalunya? It’s like a masterpiece, every room, every corner, the views, the backyard with all the eggs, the pool with the pink lips sofa, the circular room where he hosted parties, etc. And the Castle he gifted to his wife Gala. It is located in Púbol, Catalunya, and it’s ICONIC! I hope you can go someday to this places and enjoy every wall, every piece of art that’s in there, in case you haven’t been there yet!! Te esperamos aquiiiiií!! Abrazos!!

  25. Katherine Kosh

    Katherine Kosh4 hours ago

    Her hair looks sooo good are you kidding me

  26. Valentine Bacconnier

    Valentine Bacconnier4 hours ago

    I love those videos ! Love you

  27. oop

    oop4 hours ago


  28. pinetree wannabe

    pinetree wannabe4 hours ago

    i love my art ghistory teacher shes pretty cool but i wish you'd replace her

  29. Me

    Me5 hours ago

    This was cool have you seen Zdzisław Beksiński dystopian surrealist artwork? It's amazing and sends tingles down my spine everytime I see it.

  30. Guilherme Figueiredo

    Guilherme Figueiredo5 hours ago

    Brittany, you changed my perception of intelligence and knowledge of things in the US. I'm amazed.

  31. andrea

    andrea6 hours ago

    shes fucking not having it lmfao

  32. LifeGenesis

    LifeGenesis6 hours ago

    I think you mentioned Szuklaski in one of your videos. I just saw his documentary - The Struggle: The Life and Lost Art of Szuklaski on Netflix. It was amazing! If you haven't seen it yet, you might want to check it out. Also - as an educator, I must say, you would be a fantastic teacher in real life. (You've got the gift.)

  33. Shayla

    Shayla6 hours ago

    02:50 reminds me of Harry from dumb and dumber 🤣🤣

  34. Samantha Hartman

    Samantha Hartman6 hours ago

    a tip: gradual burnishing in a circular motion works best for building depth and value!! anyway, I’m in love with you please do more 🥺

  35. Kasa Nova

    Kasa Nova6 hours ago

    Please go ghost hunting with your mother

  36. princesunflower

    princesunflower7 hours ago

    im an art major/psych minor and have been taking as much art history as possible in college bc its so cool, but one of my favorite things I learned about surrealism as a student in Arizona is that a lot of french surrealist artists were astounded when they found out about Sedona, AZ! it was the first time surrealist artists were seeing landscapes that looked IDENTICAL to their surrealist art that they came up with from assumingly unrealistic/nonexistent dreamscapes! many of them took many trips and art retreats staying in this town to help deepen their surrealist pieces. so if you're interested in studying surrealism scenery, either visiting or looking up images of Sedona is a great inspiration!

  37. Rih

    Rih7 hours ago


  38. Mariah Nelson

    Mariah Nelson8 hours ago

    Pls do Francisco Goya and all of his art. Especially, "Saturn Devouring His Son" It haunts me,neither i love this dark kind of art

  39. Rachel Glessner

    Rachel Glessner8 hours ago

    I live for these videos tbh

  40. Austin White

    Austin White8 hours ago

    Omg love that my volumes playing out my speaker and you just got my google assistants attention 👁👄👁

  41. Karina Maree 18

    Karina Maree 188 hours ago

    Brittany did the frozen thing better than Elsa herself

  42. Haley H

    Haley H8 hours ago

    Real quck.....when we gunna get a Willam colab?!?!? We need one mamma ♡♡♡ plz?? Xoxo

  43. Kate Michelle

    Kate Michelle8 hours ago

    watching brittany instead of listening to my apah prof>>>>>

  44. Jean Paul Ware

    Jean Paul Ware8 hours ago

    i adore when you do these! please always follow your passion, it is SO COOL! maybe check out "Mountain Topography" by Yoo Youngkuk <3

  45. Maddie Cary

    Maddie Cary8 hours ago

    She should make this a podcast series. That would be so awesome

  46. Allie M

    Allie M8 hours ago

    PLEASE talk about gender through the polarizing art style in Egypt through the age of Akhenaten!! Man with big hip and ANDROGYNY

  47. Alex Stovall

    Alex Stovall8 hours ago

    i was so sad when this was over

  48. Marcus Richard

    Marcus Richard8 hours ago

    brittiany please do more of these they’re so fascinating and comforting to watch thank youuuuu

  49. Jayed Skier

    Jayed Skier8 hours ago


  50. Jessie Sebia

    Jessie Sebia9 hours ago

    I just want her to do a series learning how to do drag makeup then on her journey doing different makeups and styles of different sizes and colors- Finally she makes it as one of the top drag makeup artists and Rupaul accepts her request.

  51. max

    max9 hours ago

    Brittany u r so swag how does ur mind just know this,, a deep dive into Frida Kahlo would be SOOOO cool "Girl with Death Mask" is my absolute favorite painting ever!!

  52. Demi Diamond

    Demi Diamond9 hours ago

    Brittney would be the absolute best college professor

  53. Sara

    Sara9 hours ago

    I would love to see your take on Carolee Schneemann!!! The craziness of body art in the 1970s. Or even Ana Mendieta, kinda performance art about how the general public acts around unconventional things. Honestly, I am so looking forward to these videos, they make me so happy. Thank you Brittany for putting out amazing content.

  54. Chiquita GoneBananaz

    Chiquita GoneBananaz9 hours ago

    They always end up with headphones that I will never buy. She looks awesome and she bootiful. I don’t know you but thanks for become famous. You’re inspiring for me not to feel ashamed to be a god damned weirdo like us. SIS!!! SIS!!!

  55. Miranda Wolfe

    Miranda Wolfe9 hours ago

    I wanna know where Brittany got those earrings because I want them

  56. Matti Cecil

    Matti Cecil10 hours ago

    The hair in the very beginning with the cowboy hat!? No one can tell me that wasn’t so fucking cute

  57. HootenannyJane

    HootenannyJane10 hours ago

    "Art doesn't exist just as art, it's always intertwined with history." -BB <3

  58. Casey Bindl

    Casey Bindl10 hours ago

    Loved this, now I'm sitting here going back to the pieces you mentioned and googling them! Pease don't burn yourself out but these are beautiful and inspiring and I would love to hear more!

  59. HootenannyJane

    HootenannyJane10 hours ago

    "Human nature demands that art infiltrate every school of thought." -BB <3

  60. Dominique Ortiz

    Dominique Ortiz10 hours ago

    these videos are so digestible and make learning art history so much fun omg

  61. muy bien

    muy bien10 hours ago

    please please please keep making this series

  62. muy bien

    muy bien10 hours ago

    please do not stop making these videos!!!

  63. alyssa rodriguez

    alyssa rodriguez10 hours ago

    i’ve already seen this video awake many times but i really like listening to it going to sleep. it’s very calm and interesting but i def pass out quick

  64. Ivo Empowers

    Ivo Empowers10 hours ago

    I need more of theseeee

  65. Sarah Quattrocki

    Sarah Quattrocki10 hours ago

    I absolutely love these videos 🥺

  66. Nikko

    Nikko10 hours ago

    I honestly hate the burping :( love the rest lol

  67. María José Rivera

    María José Rivera10 hours ago

    I love you!! And I love you are doing what you Love and are passionate about.

  68. Katelyn Brunner

    Katelyn Brunner11 hours ago

    The burping is genuinely gross - I'm proud of Trixie for ignoring it 'cause I don't think I could.

  69. Zach F

    Zach F11 hours ago

    brittany i feel like you’d like researching the death and the maiden motif throughout art history like you did with surrealism

  70. Charissa West

    Charissa West11 hours ago

    Oh guyssss. <3

  71. Halie Estrada

    Halie Estrada11 hours ago

    Brittany is my favorite person to watch when I’m high

  72. Courtney S

    Courtney S11 hours ago

    I want to watch Vicky Cristina BarTHElona with you with a giant bottle of wine (art + Catalonian culture yasss). But also please cover Vermeer.

  73. ofyourbluesky

    ofyourbluesky11 hours ago

    You went straight from talking about toilets to twilight zone and I thought you said toilet zone

  74. Erin

    Erin11 hours ago

    this is the equivalent to using wrong equation on math test and randomly getting right answer 🤣😅

  75. mac stroud

    mac stroud11 hours ago

    these are so fun

  76. Adriana Santiago

    Adriana Santiago11 hours ago

    Ur mom needs a USlikes channel if she doesn’t have one already

  77. dysphoria haver

    dysphoria haver11 hours ago

    yes i'm one of those people but brittany looks so pretty without any makeup on oh my lord

  78. Mia

    Mia12 hours ago

    i loved this so much :) thank you for sharing this!

  79. Gab

    Gab12 hours ago

    no bc i'm actually learning more from you than from my art appreciation teacher

  80. Adela Borjas

    Adela Borjas12 hours ago