I make videos with 2 ounces of comedic value, and 4 tablespoons of stupidity.

  1. Connor Clark

    Connor Clark23 hours ago

    Hah Zack is an watermelon dinosaur

  2. cameron duncan

    cameron duncan23 hours ago

    Im pretty sure the lamp was supposed to face the wall

  3. qngry

    qngryDay ago

    james is a g

  4. DaiJon Brooks

    DaiJon BrooksDay ago

    You have to do it with your fingers like a gun

  5. DaiJon Brooks

    DaiJon BrooksDay ago

    Number 10 does work y’all did it wrong

  6. Nando G

    Nando GDay ago


  7. Kobe Musitano

    Kobe MusitanoDay ago

    the pass from wade to james is actually a bounce pass

  8. Zander Harrison

    Zander HarrisonDay ago

    dude needs to follow party shirt

  9. Wave Amv

    Wave AmvDay ago

    Cash and Mitchell cool tho

  10. Clayden Liknes

    Clayden LiknesDay ago

    Tell Jesse to turn the burner down

  11. Jake Friedel

    Jake FriedelDay ago

    welcome to fact or cap

  12. Ralph Chan

    Ralph ChanDay ago

    James thinks his nice. Just copying faze rug’s video

  13. Tracy McSwain

    Tracy McSwainDay ago

    That is a good video to do in life that day right know today okay.

  14. blakies45

    blakies45Day ago

    The two finger hack does work , they jus did it wrong

  15. Blake DeLaCruz

    Blake DeLaCruzDay ago

    I personally cheer for two teams. Number one team is Mavericks and I also cheer for the Hornets.

  16. Logan Allen

    Logan AllenDay ago

    Yall makin dime bags lmao

  17. Jiren

    JirenDay ago

    “Welcome to fact or cap”

  18. Jiren

    JirenDay ago

    His dude literally went into partyshirt’s tiktok then made this video

  19. Bernardo Garcia

    Bernardo GarciaDay ago

    Lifehack 10 works its just youre supposed to lift w 2 fingers on both hands i used to do it in HS.

  20. dean ponik

    dean ponikDay ago

    “I feel like there’s always a lil bit of shell” had me dying for no rzn

  21. killa_cole_44

    killa_cole_44Day ago

    Idk what eggs they buying but that shit works perfect for me

  22. stephcurrygod30

    stephcurrygod30Day ago

    Yooo what's good jiedel

  23. Exodus

    ExodusDay ago

    Damn its kinda sad how his view rate dropped

  24. Shreyas Swaroop

    Shreyas SwaroopDay ago

    For the tenth hack u have to lift him under the armpit

  25. Ferzli4Sports

    Ferzli4SportsDay ago

    James: apparently everyone knew about it except me and mitchell Me: so in other words 2 of you knew about it and 2 of you didn't

  26. Jayden Tate

    Jayden TateDay ago

    He hit 50k likes

  27. JayCGaming

    JayCGamingDay ago


  28. Isaac Burton

    Isaac BurtonDay ago

    Bruh there’s snack size ziploc

  29. Ben Henderson68

    Ben Henderson68Day ago

    Jesus is king

  30. Nolan Harville

    Nolan HarvilleDay ago

    Bro stop complaining bro

  31. Tyzilla 111520

    Tyzilla 111520Day ago

    I did the 662 thing and it sent me to America’s hottest hotlines

  32. Zachary Todd

    Zachary ToddDay ago

    The last life hack isn’t a joke me and my friends did it to my dad and other people at a party

  33. Patrick Berger

    Patrick BergerDay ago

    Of course Zach tryna fix the microwave sound, 100 million year olds don’t have the best hearing

  34. Matt B

    Matt BDay ago

    Notice how you don’t get nearly the love as anyone else in 2 hype it’s because the person you are man your the most selfish person I’ve ever seen just watching jesses last video like glad you got that 10k from your little brother when you had to chest for it when you already got bank , actually pathetic

  35. inda 209

    inda 209Day ago

    Plz more personal chefs

  36. Thomas The Baller

    Thomas The BallerDay ago

    Jeff sent me here

  37. LegendNick

    LegendNickDay ago

    post road to dunking

  38. Technic_Speedy

    Technic_SpeedyDay ago

    the pick up one works we spent a whole day in class doing it

  39. Paths of Pain

    Paths of PainDay ago

    Bruh tell me why we seen the SAME EXACT life hacks( Literally watched 7 of these life hacks yesterday)

  40. Delilah Bhagwat

    Delilah BhagwatDay ago

    for the egg one u have to add a little water

  41. Willie Pratt

    Willie PrattDay ago

    rip kobe

  42. Joetheking-gaming

    Joetheking-gamingDay ago

    2hype with big brains using steel wool and a battery it’s not a life hack

  43. Jack Hartwell

    Jack HartwellDay ago

    I just watched one of your videos and found out you and me have same birthday

  44. Kaloyan Mirtchev

    Kaloyan MirtchevDay ago

    Mitchell's face looks a bit fat

  45. McCulikTheBoy

    McCulikTheBoyDay ago

    James, I'm 100% sure the second life hack you need to put water in the mason jars. I thought that was pretty obvious but I guess not.

  46. Jaycobe Andrei Sabijon

    Jaycobe Andrei SabijonDay ago

    no bro the carrying mitchell thing works you just doing it wrong

  47. Matthew Trachtman

    Matthew TrachtmanDay ago

    3:00 AYO

  48. Ryan 23

    Ryan 23Day ago

    James what happened to the Minecraft series

  49. Madax Kingston

    Madax KingstonDay ago

    This video should be called can the warriors win the finals🤣🤣

  50. Josh Kung

    Josh KungDay ago

    “These will all be useful” Rest of video: all useless hacks

  51. Matt Richardson

    Matt RichardsonDay ago

    Yo Zach I have some advice one drop of dawn =3 bottles of other dish soap

  52. Nelson Abbott

    Nelson AbbottDay ago


  53. Sincere Grant

    Sincere GrantDay ago

    Yessssiiiirrrrr this was amazing and tooo goofy 🤣🤣🤣🤣💯💯

  54. Sincere Grant

    Sincere GrantDay ago

    Dont care of I'm late this firrrrrreeeee nooooooo cappppp man yessssiiiirrr man bangers after bangers 💯💯💯💯🐐

  55. Chloe Casey

    Chloe CaseyDay ago

    I want to see you have the whole 2Hype come to big plate jidel's

  56. Andreina Gamez

    Andreina GamezDay ago

    The two finger one actually does work, since jesse ended up touching someones hand it messed it all up therefore, you had to start allllll over again , i did this years back and we were shook, pls try again lol

  57. cquick 3

    cquick 3Day ago

    Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  58. Africandribbler /llYourrgonell

    Africandribbler /llYourrgonellDay ago

    Plot twist: Jiedel Is The Apparently Kid

  59. Mark Jordan

    Mark JordanDay ago

    Imagine James hearts my comment

  60. Arnell Benedict Lucero

    Arnell Benedict LuceroDay ago

    You were supposed to tilt the egg when you drop it

  61. Chris Benicio

    Chris BenicioDay ago

    at 1;46 sus moment

  62. Jojo Pitt

    Jojo PittDay ago

    Jesus and God love you repent

  63. Sxpreme Boi ツ

    Sxpreme Boi ツDay ago

    Lol “as a black man I can confirm the is fake”

  64. Jojo Pitt

    Jojo PittDay ago

    Jesus and God is alive and love you repent

  65. Carter Ritchie

    Carter RitchieDay ago

    Y’all did these wrong bro

  66. Steven Tovar

    Steven TovarDay ago

    4:30 in an alternate dimension these mfs would have started a wild fire

  67. Jojo Pitt

    Jojo PittDay ago

    Jesus and God love you

  68. KingAidenisheretoplay

    KingAidenisheretoplayDay ago

    bro that's dame are you dumb but your the best but dAMe MAKE 3S way better and can attack the paint good at mid range

  69. Cheif Bryant

    Cheif BryantDay ago

    woah wyd w ur arms james 10:33

  70. Sxlor FN

    Sxlor FNDay ago

    I learned more in this video then I did in 3 years of school

  71. Blake Bullis

    Blake BullisDay ago

    Only real ones saw that James cheated in Jesses video

  72. Ben Schroeder

    Ben SchroederDay ago

    Ok but that microwave life hack is gonna be great for making shit at 3 am and u not trying to wake anyone

  73. John Flanagan

    John FlanaganDay ago

    look at moches shoes

  74. Ckz Kiezk

    Ckz KiezkDay ago

    Bro forces

  75. Samir Ennani

    Samir EnnaniDay ago

    James your dunking it its just not clean

  76. Leo Smyth

    Leo SmythDay ago

    Wut is Jesse hiding


    KMCFORCEDay ago

    Zack was so good at lightning the fire. He probably tried different ways back in the day. It was a big need to know how to create a fire

  78. Connor-does-outdoor-stuff

    Connor-does-outdoor-stuffDay ago

    Scence when did jessy get so big

  79. FrickVxpe 18

    FrickVxpe 18Day ago

    Lightest black man alive- Zack

  80. Jojo Pitt

    Jojo PittDay ago

    Jesus and Hod love you