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Killers and survivors, welcome!

This is the official Dead By Daylight channel. We're an action and survival horror multiplayer game in which one crazed, unstoppable killer hunts four survivors through a terrifying nightmarish world in a deadly game of cat and mouse. Subscribe for upcoming Dev diaries, in game footage, game play videos, and more!

  1. J J

    J J16 hours ago

    This is so fucking cheesey 😒

  2. Foxen Gaming

    Foxen Gaming16 hours ago

    Still waiting for the FNAF collab

  3. Experience Master

    Experience Master16 hours ago

    I dunno, the killers and the skins the monsters they're pairedto don't really fit IMO you gave the cannabal women an Ent (Birch) skin but didn't give said cannabal the Mordeo which is a product of cannbalism Just felt like huntress would've suited birch better and vice versa another missed opportunity is a Sunny's family cult skin for Legion

  4. Aidan Oestreich (Student)

    Aidan Oestreich (Student)16 hours ago

    It would be cool if the real look see becomes for this, but it is a skin

  5. Sebastian Rai

    Sebastian Rai17 hours ago

    The Slender Man get very top hidden behind the trees!

  6. Timere

    Timere17 hours ago

    Muito foda

  7. Mindless Dante

    Mindless Dante17 hours ago

    As somebody who actually watches crypt I lost my mind when i saw this was actually from the dead by dayligt youtube channel.

  8. bayern fan

    bayern fan18 hours ago

    Please realise predator or spring trap

  9. resheel Janayan

    resheel Janayan18 hours ago

    I cant wait for these!!

  10. Ś͙̀a̷̠ͪd̜ͣ͘c͓̿̕a̟ͮ͠t͙ͥ́

    Ś͙̀a̷̠ͪd̜ͣ͘c͓̿̕a̟ͮ͠t͙ͥ́18 hours ago

    Love scaring people as Look-See :D

  11. Daniel kalidy

    Daniel kalidy19 hours ago

    I wish they actually changed his skin color then I would finally use him😒

  12. blackpotato master

    blackpotato master20 hours ago

    Full song though were might that be?

  13. Aliza

    Aliza20 hours ago

    Can't believe the same people who made Naughty Bear made this

  14. SSGoku 71

    SSGoku 7120 hours ago

    I wish I could have a mini gun so I can mini gun them all

  15. Dank Salt

    Dank Salt21 hour ago

    3:15 BONK

  16. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt21 hour ago

    Idk why but I really like how the Doc is laughing

  17. Crazy Kid

    Crazy Kid21 hour ago

    So is that Ethan he sound like him

  18. lin

    lin22 hours ago

    It’s ok if you want to take away my gift. I don’t mind actually

  19. NotMe

    NotMe22 hours ago

    Imagine if the killer is lady d

  20. FloppySquared But Shitpost

    FloppySquared But Shitpost22 hours ago


  21. Nex Incendiary

    Nex Incendiary22 hours ago

    I'm POSITIVE that the character is going to be Ethan Winters.

  22. MonkaW Prëtskot

    MonkaW Prëtskot23 hours ago

    Yup, a Korean K-pop random dude in a slasher horror game, where are characters like Michael Myers, Pyramid head and of course, a fucking cannibal. Now what, put hitler in a Nintendo game? He just doesn’t fit in this game. Bruh, I know this was just for the fan service but come on, at least change his appearance a little bit, at least give him some horror or creepy appearance, he just looks like a fkn fortnite skin and that is fkn disgusting.

  23. Alohavibez808

    Alohavibez80823 hours ago

    Why has there not been a spotlight trailer for this? But all other chapters we had it?

  24. NumbSkull

    NumbSkull23 hours ago

    What about springtrap

  25. N1ght44

    N1ght44Day ago

    For some reason I initially thought this was a collaboration with the youtube rapper Crypt, which would've made for a very strange crossover.

  26. Jason Lozano

    Jason LozanoDay ago

    Bruh this guy like a anime character

  27. Ur Mom

    Ur MomDay ago

    Recommended anyone??

  28. Ru Ken

    Ru KenDay ago

    Stadia: (gets dbd) Xbox and ps players: and I took that personally

  29. Fragonus

    FragonusDay ago

    There's no Spotlight trailer for the new killer and survivor yet?

  30. Woof Wagon

    Woof WagonDay ago

    Ah yes, the WORD.EXE Tome

  31. The Chainsaw

    The ChainsawDay ago

    The first rift I actually give a fuck about grinding just cause I'm a l4d fanboy, I mean that 12/13 year old game is more balanced than this piece of shit called dbd 💀

  32. Fuel Forrest

    Fuel ForrestDay ago

    when i opened the game i was like what the fuck is going on i’m so confused didnt i open dead by daylight

  33. Anarchy Games

    Anarchy GamesDay ago

    Dino Crisis next. CHASE ME WITH A DINOSAUR IDC

  34. Lazy Fisherman

    Lazy FishermanDay ago

    Doctor Hannibal Lecter as a new Killer and Clarice Starling as a new survivor The Silence of the Lambs

  35. nicholas schulz

    nicholas schulzDay ago


  36. Steven Cisneros

    Steven CisnerosDay ago

    He should be in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle lol

  37. little peppermint

    little peppermintDay ago

    Please lord let lady dimitrescu be added to DBD sometime in the future. I would play this game religiously.

  38. Justin LaFleur

    Justin LaFleurDay ago

    And they didn't give legion a sunny family cult skin? A shame but I like the rest

  39. Mrawsome 0506

    Mrawsome 0506Day ago

    Where is spotlight trailer tho?

  40. Jeffrey Flores

    Jeffrey FloresDay ago

    Ok but are the lobby wait times still absolute bs

  41. asioe kiou

    asioe kiouDay ago

    I already can't wait to get that skin for Bill. Thank you Valve for letting the devs do this!

  42. SpartanSpaceMan

    SpartanSpaceManDay ago

    Wouldn't it have made more sense to have the Mordeo as the Hag? Considering the fact both characters are based on the same legend, the Wendigo?

  43. Splaty Boi

    Splaty BoiDay ago

    I skipped it on accident so i came here

  44. Seriously Sarcastic

    Seriously SarcasticDay ago

    Oh FUCK yes! This is quality content if I’ve ever seen it!


    CHOPPAA YTDay ago

    Somebody tag fuckin deadmeat

  46. RonaldoMcDoldo

    RonaldoMcDoldoDay ago

    I really wish you could sort comments by oldest

  47. Bowling Dude

    Bowling DudeDay ago


  48. AstroV2

    AstroV2Day ago


  49. Big head guy

    Big head guyDay ago

    0:31 Hello neighbour sound effect lol.

  50. lickenlugia

    lickenlugiaDay ago

    this is insain now i want to play dead by daylight

  51. lickenlugia

    lickenlugiaDay ago

    this is insain now i want to play dead by daylight

  52. Cesar Andrade

    Cesar AndradeDay ago

    This dude gives me Goro Majima vibes.....😒

  53. Matthew Gaming

    Matthew GamingDay ago

    Please add jewel of the party skin to store

  54. grgrgrgrgrgr grgrgrgrgr

    grgrgrgrgrgr grgrgrgrgrDay ago

    tournaments a super boring... its shows how bad design this game. without camping, tunnel one person to push death, the killer literally imposible to win... Its survivor sided game :)

  55. Ann Voronina

    Ann VoroninaDay ago


  56. Unauthorized Orange

    Unauthorized OrangeDay ago

    Im calling it. The next licensed killer will be the Madam Brood from Mario Odyssey

  57. Noo Found

    Noo FoundDay ago

    Crypt TV? A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one!

  58. Ok

    OkDay ago

    I kinda thought Slenderman would be new killer

  59. Abro Gaming

    Abro GamingDay ago

    Guess im playing doctor now, huh?

  60. Boredom

    BoredomDay ago

    Finally something creepy.

  61. Jed Olsen

    Jed OlsenDay ago

    Very impressive cant wait to see it in game

  62. UC nightmares

    UC nightmaresDay ago


  63. Cas Stark

    Cas StarkDay ago

    Idk why but this music makes me feel so nostalgic for some reason

  64. Drixxar GR

    Drixxar GRDay ago

    La cazadora está cool

  65. Maxi _128

    Maxi _128Day ago

    If the killer is a character from resident evil village I will withdraw from dbd

  66. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn coseDay ago

    One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🔻

  67. LutherGames

    LutherGamesDay ago


  68. Kim Namtiddies

    Kim NamtiddiesDay ago

    There’s a championship?!?!?!

  69. Re Connecting

    Re ConnectingDay ago

    That part where he just pulls of his friends hand skin like it was a glove. Damn that's brutal

  70. Pigeon of the Wild West

    Pigeon of the Wild WestDay ago


  71. Eric Californias

    Eric CaliforniasDay ago

    the doctor reminds me of the monster from maid of sker

  72. Maria Eduarda

    Maria EduardaDay ago

    Cracharo meu jogo e perdi 2 bip... A não, tava quase rank 3

  73. Bryan Posadas

    Bryan PosadasDay ago

    Chapter 21 cod zombies

  74. Eltin

    EltinDay ago

    There faces look smoother

  75. memz E

    memz EDay ago

    This this music was the terror radius every survivor wold be vibing

  76. sara fernando

    sara fernandoDay ago

    0:18 Look that cute lil face