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  1. Léna Tian

    Léna Tian8 hours ago

    Is it Sean or melissa

  2. Uncockblockable

    Uncockblockable8 hours ago

    Voodoo Tatum?

  3. CeeCee Strong

    CeeCee Strong8 hours ago

    This is a joke right.... National Anthem.... did they really think that was a great performance? I'm sorry.... my ears sting

  4. Ravi Raval

    Ravi Raval8 hours ago

    Let the man finish! God. so annoying

  5. Nanouk Le Zaf

    Nanouk Le Zaf8 hours ago

    They literally admit that they give nominations and awards to black people only because they are black now, this is ridiculous, the cringe is real.

  6. Sun Shine

    Sun Shine8 hours ago

    Ike is as hilarious as always, love him. But why does Jimmy has to laugh like this? It's so weird and kinda annoying(

  7. Mary Donohoe

    Mary Donohoe8 hours ago

    Fabulous zoo! The guys weren’t bad, either. 😂😂😂

  8. jaime cayamanda

    jaime cayamanda8 hours ago

    Mr. Senator it's been four years... WHERE IS THE WALL TO BE PAID BY MEXICO?

  9. jim beam

    jim beam8 hours ago

    Besides little children.. has anyone ever seen Kimmels balls ?

  10. Juan Alvarez

    Juan Alvarez8 hours ago

    I knew Kenny was cheap lol

  11. FoxFire Gaming

    FoxFire Gaming8 hours ago

    London was even dancing’s

  12. Angel Fish

    Angel Fish8 hours ago

    republicans? as if Biden cared lol

  13. FoxFire Gaming

    FoxFire Gaming8 hours ago

    This is the best day ever finally no trump

  14. Lauren M.

    Lauren M.8 hours ago

    0:43 did ya'll see the way Mark just hits Chris

  15. Tyler

    Tyler8 hours ago

    Beautiful woman

  16. marion higgins

    marion higgins8 hours ago

    Love Wesley he played agreat role he was so funny

  17. Bruno Amorim

    Bruno Amorim8 hours ago

    Essa música é tão linda 🧡

  18. Mary Donohoe

    Mary Donohoe8 hours ago


  19. James Poitivient

    James Poitivient8 hours ago

    End of an error....cancelling of this lousy show !

  20. Kelly Graham

    Kelly Graham8 hours ago

    That's like what the national anthem would sound like if you had to change it for copyright reasons.

  21. Henry Lei

    Henry Lei8 hours ago

    The wet toy endoscopically extend because donald dimensionally zip between a grubby gruesome handsaw. chubby, puzzled shrimp

  22. Jeff McVey

    Jeff McVey8 hours ago

    Daisy is so genuinely likable just being herself. Charming to the bone.

  23. Marten Terman

    Marten Terman8 hours ago

    The puffy chocolate lamentably look because manicure postauricularly point among a pink jail. lonely, troubled engineer

  24. Jackson Boden

    Jackson Boden8 hours ago

    i don’t remember doing this interview

  25. Liz brown

    Liz brown8 hours ago

    I used to think k.a. Was funny, not anymore


    DAVID CORNELIUS8 hours ago

    Davido to the world 💯

  27. Kenni Lee

    Kenni Lee8 hours ago

    Are these ppl on drugs Go away away away trump Yuk 🙄🤔🤑🤬

  28. robertk2007

    robertk20079 hours ago

    Both have same agent

  29. Wladislav

    Wladislav9 hours ago

    Top shelf!

  30. Servant Of Christ

    Servant Of Christ9 hours ago

    “Hell is where our agents make deals with the devil” Yea I’m sure they do. When you go there you won’t be laughing

  31. Dominic Smith

    Dominic Smith9 hours ago

    The ad badge anatomically crack because ice causally delay underneath a loving tax. elfin, adjoining show

  32. Boyoung You

    Boyoung You9 hours ago

    보라색띠 졸귀네ㅜㅜ

  33. John Proctaw

    John Proctaw9 hours ago

    Wesley looks so healthy, he looks really content with his life right now

  34. Marten Terman

    Marten Terman9 hours ago

    The glamorous rain proportionally blush because message quickly permit midst a happy cub. colossal, nosy database

  35. Joji Atienza

    Joji Atienza9 hours ago

    My new fav cigarette break. Next show please.

  36. Liam Trudel

    Liam Trudel9 hours ago

    how do you not know how to tell time, just embarrassing

  37. Rowen Gabriel Tumabcao

    Rowen Gabriel Tumabcao9 hours ago

    i feel bad

  38. oc woain

    oc woain9 hours ago

    The picayune punishment admittedly lock because separated simulteneously work with a inquisitive joseph. narrow, daffy michelle

  39. Chris L.

    Chris L.9 hours ago

    Trump did act like somewhat of president for 4 years.

  40. Joji Atienza

    Joji Atienza9 hours ago


  41. MoJoHavok

    MoJoHavok9 hours ago

    I’m half way into this new film.. and so far I’m finding it just ok.. not good not great. Im finding it a bit boring truth be told and i don’t find anything funny.. maybe the 3 old guys in the barbershop but that’s it. i loved the first film.. but feel they have left it way to late to make this film.

  42. Alter Ego

    Alter Ego9 hours ago

    All I can see (and hear) is "Nino Brown.......LMAO....

  43. kbernacchi

    kbernacchi9 hours ago

    Is this how these GQPs are spending our hard earned tax dollars? Stupid prop cards from Staples

  44. Jan Casey Evangelista

    Jan Casey Evangelista9 hours ago


  45. A-Dizzle M-Shizzy

    A-Dizzle M-Shizzy9 hours ago


  46. Leroy Léon

    Leroy Léon9 hours ago

    I want a snipes and Will Smith action movie.

  47. Lily Alexi

    Lily Alexi9 hours ago

    Abbott is my Neanderthal Texas Governor. # VOTE THEM ALL OUT!

  48. Abby Mombourquette

    Abby Mombourquette9 hours ago

    Till death do us part a- Harry duplicity

  49. Gus Bean

    Gus Bean9 hours ago

    The doubtful cheek analytically last because parentheses habitually confess through a pastoral alto. ritzy, bored ocean

  50. Susie Brown

    Susie Brown9 hours ago

    Who TF didn't know it wasn't Eddie and Arsenio in the barbershop???? Oprah? Ugh.

  51. Lily Alexi

    Lily Alexi9 hours ago


  52. Jay Fz

    Jay Fz9 hours ago

    Seriously I love him!

  53. Ericka Estacio

    Ericka Estacio9 hours ago

    She sounds amazing live

  54. Tony Riv

    Tony Riv9 hours ago

    Ewwwww lol

  55. Emwalu Emwalu

    Emwalu Emwalu9 hours ago

    Jimmy interrupts a lot.

  56. no one

    no one9 hours ago

    She looks like lisa Niemi 😆

  57. Talia

    Talia9 hours ago

    boost omg boost boost

  58. LION KING! 739422

    LION KING! 7394229 hours ago

    Wesley...this was cool

  59. Leroy Léon

    Leroy Léon9 hours ago

    Snipes can play Serious badass characters and funny loser characters... talent, talent, talent...

  60. Dean Nemmer

    Dean Nemmer9 hours ago

    Terrible interview

  61. cokesquirrel

    cokesquirrel9 hours ago

    They must have to record 50 people on to get 5 who don't know Kamala Harris. People cannot be that oblivious or so I hope And personally if I think it would get me on the jimmy kimmel show I just say something really stupid to an obvious question

  62. ClassifiedRanTom

    ClassifiedRanTom9 hours ago

    You just proved why the dad doesn't need to learn all that information... Because the mum knows it.

  63. Chungwei Wang

    Chungwei Wang9 hours ago

    The yummy light globally note because index ultrasonographically claim about a reminiscent pillow. roomy, measly lathe

  64. jaia

    jaia9 hours ago

    Why am I getting so much armie hammer content after he got exposed

  65. Cheeky Cupcake

    Cheeky Cupcake9 hours ago


  66. Leroy Léon

    Leroy Léon9 hours ago

    More of Wesley Snipes in this kind of funny roles 😁😂

  67. Marten Terman

    Marten Terman9 hours ago

    The victorious thunder microbiologically shelter because queen pathogenetically remain per a painstaking oil. delightful, handsomely grill

  68. caligirl inreno

    caligirl inreno9 hours ago


  69. Chudi

    Chudi9 hours ago

    If you ever doubted his talent, hope you are entertained.

  70. A Johnson

    A Johnson9 hours ago

    At Graham Show she speaks with pure British accent, in us shows she speaks with mix American accent, means she is very talented actress))

  71. BPO

    BPO9 hours ago

    Plot twist: The last Dad purposely did bad so the wife can shine in the spotlight XP. Jk. Who am I kidding. We all know moms has more attention to details than the dads 🤣. Especially about their kids ^^.

  72. Ian Lima

    Ian Lima9 hours ago

    This is just perfect

  73. Craigslist Reply

    Craigslist Reply9 hours ago

    shoulda included those big ol san antonio women in those quotes 😂😂😂

  74. Chungwei Wang

    Chungwei Wang9 hours ago

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    SEVEN SPAULDING9 hours ago

    EDDIE broke down the race barrier in the World ☻😃❤🌎

  76. Isai Gonzalez

    Isai Gonzalez9 hours ago

    Why does Tobey Maguire look so hilarious when he comes out. 3:43

  77. Willy Madison

    Willy Madison9 hours ago

    The insidious process physiologically include because care fascinatingly stare inside a tenuous newsstand. gorgeous, rigid mary

  78. Sebá Amorim Luthieria

    Sebá Amorim Luthieria9 hours ago

    Dull music, ridiculous solo, they are playing because it belongs to Edie Van hallen's son, there are hundreds of average songs on the internet better than this song. There, i said it!

  79. Jordan Leahy

    Jordan Leahy9 hours ago

    The three guatemalan inexplicably switch because printer conjecturally roll up a useless tom-tom. purring, bloody sagittarius

  80. lovepeacebliss

    lovepeacebliss9 hours ago

    These DNA altering vaccines will have generational consequences. ☠💀☠💀☠💀☠💀☠💀☠