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  1. Ethel Mhende

    Ethel Mhende

    I love you guys sooo much ❤❤ I have a Muslim friend and am learning more through you guys ❤❤❤❤❤your religion is amazing 💕

  2. Eli Soto

    Eli Soto

    His hat clean tho

  3. Lul Nur

    Lul Nur

    Acw sister how much hijab?

  4. Ace Pixie

    Ace Pixie

    "I just like wearing a hat" nice

  5. WitherWizard21

    WitherWizard2110 seconds ago

    No one can see his chin huh......... **finds baby photos** aha!

  6. Marco Hernandez

    Marco Hernandez39 seconds ago

    Mi Dios a ustedes los Bendiga.🙏

  7. Azra Saleem

    Azra Saleem40 seconds ago

    I hope you used that awesome deal happening at walmart for Hijabi Shoulders!!! Go get it before it runs out

  8. Aashita Jambavalikar

    Aashita Jambavalikar58 seconds ago

    OMG I really thought that he wasn't allowed to show his hair..😳😅

  9. Bhumika's Creative Art World

    Bhumika's Creative Art WorldMinute ago

    Pls visit India one time. As you already know Indians and Pakistanis are brothers. Love from India🇮🇳

  10. Haven Dickson

    Haven Dickson5 minutes ago

    I like the dark purple one

  11. cortezlias

    cortezlias6 minutes ago

    I'm new why don't you show your hair

  12. Janelle Waters

    Janelle Waters9 minutes ago

    My friend celebrates this so when you mentioned it, I thought about how hard that is oof.

  13. NeverLoseDylanYT

    NeverLoseDylanYT11 minutes ago

    Ah yes, blocking people who don't value difference of opinion. Nothing ironic about that.

  14. vinayak shenoy

    vinayak shenoy13 minutes ago

    If someone of your male cousin accidentally sees her hair? Don't want to hurt anyones feeling but I'm just curious.

  15. Savage Pelican Lifestyle

    Savage Pelican Lifestyle13 minutes ago

    I would give anything to find a muslim or indian woman go marry. They have the greatest core values and never have to worry about cheating

  16. Frederic Buchanan

    Frederic Buchanan14 minutes ago

    Hahahahaha! Brilliant!

  17. Shania adams

    Shania adams14 minutes ago

    Like the way he not scared of show what his wife does every day

  18. No Body

    No Body16 minutes ago

    Did you make one of your kids ring your doorbell for every take 🤣? I mean I'm a parent and I would have

  19. Rey Na

    Rey Na16 minutes ago

    Litterly love y’all educate yourselves people it’s not that hard

  20. Anya Atta

    Anya Atta18 minutes ago

    I was like omg we are Muslim and my dad show his hair-😂😂 love u guys 💕

  21. Alyssa Robison

    Alyssa Robison19 minutes ago

    What happens if you get injured on the head and you have to go to the emergency room? Do you still hear the hijab? Btw I LOVE YALL!!!! Your kids are soooo cute!!💕😘

  22. sienna L

    sienna L19 minutes ago

    I’m an atheist but I think I need one of these they are so pretty


    MD ABULLAIS20 minutes ago

    May Allah protect you, this video was awesome. I can't wait to see your growth on USlikes as tiktok.

  24. Lyla Cornell

    Lyla Cornell21 minute ago

    I think ur husband is so funny

  25. Stay safe Be Blessed

    Stay safe Be Blessed22 minutes ago

    This is a question: do men only cover their head with a taqiyah when they pray? Am I right???

  26. Lillie Dingman

    Lillie Dingman25 minutes ago

    I love your videos

  27. D G N L

    D G N L26 minutes ago

    Well, if you kept wearing that hat you may loss your hair

  28. Luny Cipres

    Luny Cipres26 minutes ago

    Inverse circadian fast

  29. iqra seddiq

    iqra seddiq27 minutes ago

    Inshaalah nobody will go to jannah

  30. Heaven J

    Heaven J28 minutes ago

    I love sapphire crush & emerald!

  31. Chana Meira Dermer

    Chana Meira Dermer28 minutes ago

    I know I’m very late but I am Jewish and we fast not for a whole month consecutively but I just fasted a couple days ago and people always ask me, “bruh why aren’t you eating bruh?” I love your videos!!

  32. • Emmaaruu •

    • Emmaaruu •29 minutes ago

    The Sapphire one is absolutely gorgeous ✋😭

  33. James Christopher

    James Christopher29 minutes ago

    what is the purpose of the hijab?


    KHADIJA RAHMAN32 minutes ago

    Mashallah what a lovely family 💕 Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩❤️

  35. Fatima Islam

    Fatima Islam33 minutes ago

    Allah Subhanatalah Inshaallah will bless all d couples with this blessfull laugh soul Nd relationship

  36. Aiza Playz

    Aiza Playz33 minutes ago

    Just watching you makes my day. You cheer me up and I love how you bounce off of each other.

  37. Rukiya Abdi

    Rukiya Abdi33 minutes ago

    Your starting to sing non-muslim songs now you should be ashamed of yourself you used to talk about something about Islam but now you're talking about songs wow

  38. Fatima Islam

    Fatima Islam34 minutes ago

    What a blessfull laugh they have. Subhanallah

  39. Tanisha Gupta

    Tanisha Gupta34 minutes ago

    They are speaking hindi not urdu

  40. Fatima Islam

    Fatima Islam34 minutes ago

    O Almighty. Ha ha ha. What a blessfull Nd jolly minded family. Subhanallah

  41. Suhera A

    Suhera A36 minutes ago

    May allah but all of us in jannah (I follow you guys) your the reason I converted to Islam mashallah may allah forgive us all

  42. Heaven J

    Heaven J36 minutes ago

    Please don't shave the beard! Don't let us see your chin 😨 - 🧔👨

  43. Stella Kingery

    Stella Kingery37 minutes ago

    Omg I’m so happy you got a sliver play button and I love your vids I found about y’all on tik tok and then realized y’all are on USlikes and got so happy because I love your vids so much

  44. Drink_Some_Water

    Drink_Some_Water37 minutes ago

    When I saw the amethyst one I immediately thought of Raven from teen titans lol, all of them are cute really btw <3

  45. Live4horses

    Live4horses41 minute ago

    I love ya guys. You always make me smile 😊

  46. MK Arts and Crafts

    MK Arts and Crafts41 minute ago

    My sister is on the bad list

  47. Trinity Castle

    Trinity Castle41 minute ago

    Flips hat off dramatically*

  48. TS Hamsa

    TS Hamsa42 minutes ago


  49. aubel Baubel

    aubel Baubel42 minutes ago

    Nothing wrong with going out with your friends, but also nothing wrong going home with your family.

  50. TS Hamsa

    TS Hamsa42 minutes ago


  51. Joram Ampi

    Joram Ampi43 minutes ago

    Pretty 🦋 early 🥑 I love you guys 🐰I love videos❤️ god bless you two💞hope you have a great life can I get pinned please 🥺

  52. Raquel Garcia

    Raquel Garcia44 minutes ago

    I just love how sweet and doting he is to you. I want a husband like that! Lol

  53. Mafalda Vidal

    Mafalda Vidal45 minutes ago

    He's from Portugal or something?

  54. Nadija

    Nadija46 minutes ago

    you guys are hilarious Mashallah 💀💞💞

  55. Isa

    Isa46 minutes ago

    But the real question is.... “who can see your chin?!?” 😂

  56. Mary J. Jovilo Helfi

    Mary J. Jovilo Helfi46 minutes ago

    Same here I am so addictive to Jersey hijab😊😊😊😊

  57. Nabiha Jahan

    Nabiha Jahan47 minutes ago

    Love u guys❤️

  58. Terry Pearce

    Terry Pearce47 minutes ago

    I am so happy I can watch this so early

  59. Nuraini Ridhani

    Nuraini Ridhani47 minutes ago

    Hahaha lol, I'm wear hijab too and my non malay friends keep asking me how do I shower, did I just shower like that 😂😂😂😂

  60. K Peffercorn

    K Peffercorn47 minutes ago

    Such a beautiful couple! (Beautiful family really)

  61. Dinesh Billa

    Dinesh Billa47 minutes ago

    It's really fun and exciting to see u both❤️

  62. Missy S

    Missy S47 minutes ago

    Hahaha this is great! You guys are hilarious and informative! 😂

  63. Jarvis Edith

    Jarvis Edith48 minutes ago


  64. Ava Facio

    Ava Facio48 minutes ago

    I love you so much saleh family I love your skits and educational videos. Because of how much you guys educated me on being Muslim I am contemplating converting to Muslim

  65. Fatimah Bilal

    Fatimah Bilal49 minutes ago


  66. fun with Sambodhi

    fun with Sambodhi49 minutes ago

    Hi I have a question that if a girl is not of the same religion you are then can you show your hair to them🙂

  67. Scoobie Doobie

    Scoobie Doobie49 minutes ago

    Real question 😂 didn't expect that one😂

  68. Muhammad Mujahid Umar

    Muhammad Mujahid Umar49 minutes ago

    BOI THAT WAS 10/10 from a pakistani muslim.

  69. Marina

    Marina49 minutes ago

    😂😂 THAT WAS SO GOOD♥️♥️♥️♥️

  70. Stardashie of LOL Land

    Stardashie of LOL Land50 minutes ago

    Y'all are such a cute family 🥺 Such sweet, funny, loving people!!

  71. Bisan Wahhab

    Bisan Wahhab51 minute ago

    I love y’all saleh family yea I may be Muslim but y’all teach me stuff I didn’t know about thank you 🙏

  72. Carrington Mullen

    Carrington Mullen51 minute ago

    I love you guys♥️

  73. Tell me your worries. Caz am listening.

    Tell me your worries. Caz am listening.51 minute ago

    Hahahaha 😂😂 Awesome!!!

  74. Calli Phoenix

    Calli Phoenix51 minute ago

    ohhh early aha

  75. Arriana Kuhn

    Arriana Kuhn51 minute ago

    Can all girls see your hair though? Because if girls can see it and not men..does that mean all girls can see your hair?

  76. Abigail Engrassia

    Abigail Engrassia51 minute ago

    I love you guys you’re so funny!!!

  77. Poppy B

    Poppy B52 minutes ago

    "Who can see your chin?" "Nobody 👀"

  78. Cheznee Butler

    Cheznee Butler52 minutes ago

    You guys teach and make jokes it’s a win win

  79. Angel 4ReealTho

    Angel 4ReealTho52 minutes ago

    This is the most wholesome thing on the internet 🤩

  80. Kashifa

    Kashifa52 minutes ago

    You guys are the cutest couple mashallah♡