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  1. GameDJYT

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  2. suffer_maestro

    suffer_maestro3 minutes ago

    Yo that shit looks cool af

  3. Max Ornelas

    Max Ornelas4 minutes ago

    I want that so bad now

  4. Gian Rayne Alagar

    Gian Rayne Alagar4 minutes ago

    Well, I'm Kamen rider fan and I found out decades camera is the same as this

  5. Nathan Kellogg

    Nathan Kellogg5 minutes ago

    Bank notes and a note... how fitting!

  6. Meghan YT

    Meghan YT9 minutes ago

    His enthusiasm And By the way this dude isn’t click baiting these actually are erasable

  7. Commander Cody

    Commander Cody12 minutes ago

    Idk I think that pen looks like jazz. You know that autobot that got his leg ripped out and killed by Megatron in the first movie.

  8. Drop Kicked Murphy

    Drop Kicked Murphy15 minutes ago


  9. TheCat 3

    TheCat 318 minutes ago

    Love the voice in this video

  10. Nicole Stephenson

    Nicole Stephenson21 minute ago

    I know you got a comment saying this already but your voice really would be great for advertising. I find that your voice makes it fun to watch and I like seeing all the cool gadgets you find

  11. SCARYbird511

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  12. Nicole Stephenson

    Nicole Stephenson24 minutes ago

    Nah. I took all of the plastic off my pencil to where it was just the tube the led goes in. My pencil was thinner.

  13. Spark198rus

    Spark198rus25 minutes ago

    I had the same one, but without branding and pink, and it opened way faster than that

  14. Pam Thomas

    Pam Thomas26 minutes ago

    Not bad, I like it

  15. Pam Thomas

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  16. William Hughes

    William Hughes28 minutes ago

    My girl has lots of bags. Seeing a ( man) getting excited over a bag kinda strange in the US though. Oh wait are you the gay? Because that might explain it....

  17. Chernobyl Charles

    Chernobyl Charles30 minutes ago

    Imma need a link to that chief

  18. Kartik_1573

    Kartik_157330 minutes ago

    Aaaa no....

  19. Samantha Vo

    Samantha Vo33 minutes ago

    My sister would never...

  20. Dantexo

    Dantexo35 minutes ago

    *laughs in note*

  21. Gavin Donovan

    Gavin Donovan35 minutes ago

    I ran out of 50. Caliber bullets, well guess I’m using the pen

  22. Lel Lel

    Lel Lel35 minutes ago

    You are one of the rarest and strangest people in the world

  23. SAS YT

    SAS YT38 minutes ago

    I dont think its bad. Its amazing

  24. Max Minecraft

    Max Minecraft39 minutes ago

    Hi Toon Desk! I have that toy! It’s very fun to play.

  25. Banana sackboy

    Banana sackboy39 minutes ago

    Then how the heck you charge the phone case

  26. ÞæOldeFellerNoob

    ÞæOldeFellerNoob41 minute ago

    I mean, we kinda figured this wasn't a PlayStation 6.

  27. noel996

    noel99641 minute ago

    Turn to see what? I want to know!

  28. Edit Guy

    Edit Guy42 minutes ago

    Does he really need an instruction manual it is not that hard to put a game in a switch and press download

  29. SAS YT

    SAS YT45 minutes ago

    If somebody dont like you i will kill them. Love ur content

  30. blank blank

    blank blank45 minutes ago

    Steve Jobs would never lol.

  31. Mackenzie J. Evans

    Mackenzie J. Evans47 minutes ago

    Sounds useless. I'll take five

  32. Ashraf armanu Gazali

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  33. SAS YT

    SAS YT47 minutes ago

    One hand: playing Other hand: eating

  34. Jerry Velasquez

    Jerry Velasquez53 minutes ago

    I got the 2 new games

  35. rehan arif

    rehan arif54 minutes ago

    Where do you get that pen ???

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  39. American Pichu

    American Pichu58 minutes ago

    The 1/8 bit wrist game

  40. Noah George

    Noah George59 minutes ago

    That’s pretty cool

  41. Tommie Foster

    Tommie FosterHour ago

    Love this dudes enthusiasm about little simple antique toys lol, this attitude should spread everywhere

  42. chocoCAKE

    chocoCAKEHour ago

    My ocd when he didn't hit the mystery boxes

  43. Sucker of tiddies, Taker of virginitys

    Sucker of tiddies, Taker of virginitysHour ago

    This shit would have me excited to do homework

  44. ToastyBoiLucario

    ToastyBoiLucarioHour ago

    *bro we ain’t talking about how silently they removed Luigi Bros?*

  45. DekuvstheWRLD

    DekuvstheWRLDHour ago

    Perry the type a guy to trademark pear man but use copy righted music 🤦‍♂️

  46. plant_bunni

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  48. Shelby Bautel

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  49. Beboy !

    Beboy !Hour ago

    I WANT IT🥵😳😭😢😥😰😨🤯🤯🥶🥵

  50. General Hammond

    General HammondHour ago

    Homie's makin fat stax!

  51. jpm484

    jpm484Hour ago

    My grandmother had one of these it was so much fun to play with.

  52. khoibut

    khoibutHour ago

    Does she get stuck

  53. jpm484

    jpm484Hour ago

    Played this at Chuckie Cheese

  54. Mongoose Xx

    Mongoose XxHour ago

    You should do comic strips

  55. Michael Smith

    Michael SmithHour ago

    Normal pens take up way less space and is faster lol

  56. Pcdestroyer

    PcdestroyerHour ago

    your voice is fucking incessant i hope you know this

  57. mr.flame505 _

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  58. lex

    lexHour ago

    I’ve been looking for something like this!! Just wondering; is it good for animating??

  59. lex

    lexHour ago

    So cool!!

  60. SubRaZr

    SubRaZrHour ago

    Toon desk get rid of those vom. So and so comments they arent good

  61. Eskulls

    EskullsHour ago

    I NEED IT!!!!!!!

  62. First Name Last Name

    First Name Last NameHour ago

    I thought this game was four player? you're not going to be able to do that with this thing. It would be like having smash Brothers on here.

  63. Breidy A

    Breidy AHour ago

    You needed to lower the music next time

  64. Dirkor

    DirkorHour ago

    this dudes on crack

  65. Anxel Louise Sorrosa

    Anxel Louise SorrosaHour ago

    Of this happenes your more than a legend

  66. slipknot soad

    slipknot soadHour ago

    USlikes Revenue jk but it is sweet of her to do that kinda reminds me of a simpler life back in 2012 with me and my sister

  67. Indrani Ghoshal

    Indrani GhoshalHour ago

    What's the deal with his voice? He seems a bit surprised, that's all.

  68. Matt H

    Matt HHour ago

    I'm like...oooh a place for wraps. And glass! And herbs! And this would be a perfect toke bag