Snow Dogs Shorts with Gone to the Snow Dogs
Snow Dogs Shorts with Gone to the Snow Dogs
Snow Dogs Shorts with Gone to the Snow Dogs

Gone to the Snow Dogs Shorts channel! Siberian Husky shorts! Here you will find us posting short form content about our dogs! Siberian Huskies are an amazing breed, and they bring so much joy into our lives every day, and we want to share that with all of you! We want to show you what life with a dog can, and should be like! These short glimpses into the lives of our dogs should make you smile! Life with a Husky, the real life behind husky ownership! Along the way you will meet all of our huskies, the current huskies, and the past huskies of our lives! It's a Husky Life for sure!

If you want to know more about us, you can also follow us on our main channel, Gone to the Snow Dogs, and our Vlog channel, Snow Dogs Vlogs! Come join our pack, it's a husky thing!

  1. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez29 minutes ago

    Yes A Cool Video

  2. Miranda Rodriguez

    Miranda RodriguezHour ago

    Kira: Mom. Mom pay attention to me. πŸ˜‚

  3. Shivani Bhandari

    Shivani Bhandari2 hours ago

    Food always worksπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Patricia Smythe

    Patricia Smythe3 hours ago

    I want to know what area this is filmed in..sooo beautiful

  5. Patricia Smythe

    Patricia Smythe3 hours ago

    Gorgeous dogs..which state is this in?

  6. Shane Wu

    Shane Wu6 hours ago

    The huskys are so cute when they run 🀩

  7. Tanu Guha

    Tanu Guha6 hours ago


  8. Reap what You faith

    Reap what You faith6 hours ago

    Husky: I was born For This 😎

  9. Daniella Bautista

    Daniella Bautista7 hours ago

    Ahh she/he is so cute😭😭

  10. Ellis Rich

    Ellis Rich8 hours ago

    I liked your videos before just fine. But now that I know one of their names is Memphis it’s just not right! Do y’all have ties to Memphis TN??

  11. Brian Aguilar

    Brian Aguilar8 hours ago

    One eternity later: more more!

  12. Marie Orchard

    Marie Orchard8 hours ago

    Isn't Memphis your Shadow Puppy? She'd go back inside as soon as you did, leaving Kira to rule in her absence. At least, that's how Shadow Puppers work, right? That's how mine works, anyway. πŸ˜… If she's not in the same room as I am, she sounds like she's being butchered and-or slaughtered.

  13. Hannah B

    Hannah B8 hours ago

    She is so cute.

  14. Luna 9130:3

    Luna 9130:39 hours ago

    I am one with the snow

  15. Lee Courtney

    Lee Courtney9 hours ago

    What a cutie pie face. This doggie needs a hug!!!!

  16. Halibut 1

    Halibut 19 hours ago

    Your dogs are beautiful and seem to have sweet personalities. What color is Memphis, is there a name for that?? Cream, orcoffee, ot tan, or tawny?? LOL!

  17. TheTubeLovers

    TheTubeLovers10 hours ago

    Huskies are snow dogs. So it's no surprise.

  18. Lena Williams

    Lena Williams10 hours ago

    Kira loves the snow, how cute

  19. David Figueroa

    David Figueroa10 hours ago

    Hes a baby angel!

  20. noahmeme2

    noahmeme210 hours ago

    Huskys actually like the cold

  21. virus56777

    virus5677711 hours ago

    Nooo. Nooooo. This is perfect πŸ‘Œ

  22. Kamoonra The Wolf God

    Kamoonra The Wolf God12 hours ago

    Maybe Kira was dreaming of a squirrel in a field of white snow. That was so cute.

  23. ThePrufessa

    ThePrufessa13 hours ago

    Husky: screw you and you warm house. This is where I belong.

  24. ThePrufessa

    ThePrufessa13 hours ago

    If he does come inside it'll be under protest. Huskies LOVE the snow.

  25. Cons Piracy

    Cons Piracy14 hours ago

    Humm I just realised mine is a shadow dog too.

  26. Keith R

    Keith R15 hours ago

    Husky to snow is like a Labrador to water. Good luck denying their instincts.

  27. Pratik Vyas

    Pratik Vyas16 hours ago

    world : dog feels sick/ill after treatment USA : dog feels funny stfu donald.

  28. Kendra Barrett

    Kendra Barrett18 hours ago


  29. Matt Waller

    Matt Waller19 hours ago

    Owner: β€œyou want to come inside, it’s snowing?” Husky: β€œnu.”

  30. Matt Waller

    Matt Waller19 hours ago

    tldr: no

  31. Edward Nebiolo

    Edward Nebiolo19 hours ago

    Stronger one gets more treats

  32. Darcey Oneill

    Darcey Oneill20 hours ago

    She so fluffing adorable

  33. Lolita Lolita

    Lolita Lolita21 hour ago

    My dog is my shadow dog too lol

  34. Nancy Granke

    Nancy Granke22 hours ago

    Kira almost had the Indy crouch pose when she went after the squirrel !!! She is so pretty dusted in snow !!! β„πŸ’—β„ β›„

  35. cell pat

    cell pat22 hours ago

    An amazing thing is that Huskies can actually lay on the snow and sleep on it.

  36. TT 4

    TT 423 hours ago

    Legend has it she is still sitting there

  37. betina andersen

    betina andersen23 hours ago

    She is just so cute 😍

  38. Erika Lee

    Erika LeeDay ago

    So funny I always tell my dog I should have name him Shadow because he is the same way. Except he has to be touching me. I me his paw is always on me, sleeping,playing with his toys, if im sitting in a chair and he is on the ground his paw is on my foot or he is laying on my feet. He will only eat if I stand there with him. He is a pitbull and he is now 10 years old. I feel bad for him when I clean the house and go from room to room, always having to get up. Sometimes he looks at me like "mom can you stop, pawleeeese?" My best friend, my buddy my shadow my everything ❀

  39. Rajorshi Mukherjee

    Rajorshi MukherjeeDay ago

    their purpose for existence is served now 🀘

  40. Sunny Rivero

    Sunny RiveroDay ago

    β€œGood talk” LOLOL

  41. Patrol Masters

    Patrol MastersDay ago

    I had mother(red/white) and daughter(black/white) Siberian Huskies. Daughter Maya had to sleep on Momma Murphey every night until she was 5 months old. Murphey was only 42 pounds. Daughter Maya at 15 months was 65 pounds. Not fat! Just very muscular. Momma Murphey started nipping Maya away once Maya hit 40 pounds. Maya was always very attached to her mother until Murphey died at 13. Now Maya is 13 and doing well. I have now taken Murphey's role. When I wake in the night Maya is either back to back with me or on my legs. We're a pack of 2.

  42. Edward Nebiolo

    Edward NebioloDay ago

    Memphis: β€œThose puppies must bow before me.”

  43. Edward Nebiolo

    Edward NebioloDay ago


  44. James Duncan

    James DuncanDay ago

    Sooo cute! AHHH I love her, she's just way too adorable! ❀️❀️

  45. Edward Nebiolo

    Edward NebioloDay ago

    Pets wanted

  46. Jonathan Williams

    Jonathan WilliamsDay ago

    You know a dog loves something when they ignore food for it

  47. Larry robison

    Larry robisonDay ago

    Rip shilo

  48. Larry robison

    Larry robisonDay ago


  49. Keith Bates

    Keith BatesDay ago

    Kira loves the outdoors! She is so pretty in the snow ❄. Kira "Mom I like the snow ❄ and I am busy talking to squirrel friend"! Joan Bates

  50. Rebel WithCause

    Rebel WithCauseDay ago

    That’s how our husky was this winter storm!!

  51. jason michael

    jason michaelDay ago

    You merely adopted snowstorms. I was born in them, molded by them.

  52. William Gregory

    William GregoryDay ago

    Oh my God I almost daughter and I'm on his phone right now and I love your dog so much

  53. Rebel WithCause

    Rebel WithCauseDay ago

    I definitely have a 9 month old shadow husky pup!!!

  54. Kim Kope

    Kim KopeDay ago

    YES! All ways!😍😍😍

  55. Shinjuku96 Jackson

    Shinjuku96 JacksonDay ago

    She's a Certified Snuggle Bug

  56. Kamoonra The Wolf God

    Kamoonra The Wolf GodDay ago

    She is such a snow dog for sure. She would stay out there forever if it snowed every day all year round. So cute.

  57. Crystal The Animal Lover

    Crystal The Animal LoverDay ago

    Kira is beautiful with the snow following on her a squirrel friend came to play lol

  58. Lauren Ryan

    Lauren RyanDay ago

    Such beautiful dogs! I love watching your little stories on them. πŸ’—

  59. lakesha goodwin

    lakesha goodwinDay ago

    Aww such a beautiful scene... I love snow

  60. Siora7777

    Siora7777Day ago

    This girl only is around part time. Memphis must feel like an only child.

  61. Nuno Soares

    Nuno SoaresDay ago

    KIra: Snow & squirrels. Second and third best things next to food :-) Kira's Mom: Sigh!

  62. cell pat

    cell patDay ago

    "You loving the window view?" Doggo is busy smiling! : )

  63. Matimba Deul

    Matimba DeulDay ago

    "When they burst into a song for no reason" Life of a husky is just a freaking musicalπŸ˜‚

  64. Songal18

    Songal18Day ago

    Hope that squirrel was smart enough to get up higher where the puppy can't get them. But as always, Kira is just gorgeous in the snow.

  65. ITAGRE-POO 999

    ITAGRE-POO 999Day ago

    WowLooks cold,butHusky doesn't seem to be a problemπŸ’– πŸ•πŸ•β€πŸ¦ΊπŸ•

  66. alex wetherell

    alex wetherellDay ago

    Its a puppy too

  67. hglorianne

    hglorianneDay ago

    My Angel, Lady, and Tigly just met a Possum Today! : ( LOL ;) XD.

  68. Debra McRoberts

    Debra McRobertsDay ago

    Waiting for her to be fully covered in snow and become white as Memphis

  69. mechanicgrl

    mechanicgrlDay ago

    She reminds me of how Oakley would look with snow on her 😊.

  70. Ethan Isaac

    Ethan IsaacDay ago

    "Ma'am, we've had reports that you're abusing your dogs and locking them outside in the snow." "Dude, if you can get that dog inside, I'll give you 20 bucks."

  71. lakesha goodwin

    lakesha goodwinDay ago

    Kira looks so beautiful in the snow

  72. Joshua Campbell

    Joshua CampbellDay ago


  73. My Lifes Wicked Adventures

    My Lifes Wicked AdventuresDay ago

    I couldn't see the squirrel. Oh Kira Kira Kira lol.

  74. Batu Γ‡ağan

    Batu Γ‡ağanDay ago

    This is why i can't have a dog. i just can't do do it when s/he passes away :( so sorry for your loss

  75. None Your Business

    None Your BusinessDay ago

    You call a Few Flurries a Snow storm...πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜…

  76. Missyand Loki

    Missyand LokiDay ago

    She is so pretty !!

  77. Edward Nebiolo

    Edward NebioloDay ago

    Or to bark at the UPS truck

  78. short clips

    short clipsDay ago

    Kira is soooo cute❀❀

  79. Art Sketch

    Art SketchDay ago

    Cute ❀

  80. Atharva Dhas

    Atharva DhasDay ago

    Being an hour or half!! Ain't her feet colddd!!?😭