Benny Soliven
Benny Soliven
Benny Soliven

I want a baby girl 🥺
I came back to Stockton..
Is it too soon...? *HELP*
  1. zz711zz

    zz711zz4 minutes ago

    Maybe the family is disappointed because he waited 4 months to tell them! Usually this is something the immediate family finds out first 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Sarai Cruz

    Sarai Cruz8 minutes ago

    I don’t get some of the comments not everyone is gonna react the way you see on some video with the crying and all and I feel specially Hispanics we don’t cry for almost anything ... when I told my family I was expecting, I thought I was gonna get that reaction you see everywhere , specially my mom but I didn’t . They were just shocked . It made me sad at first cause I thought they were not happy and didn’t want my baby but they do . I see that now. Every family is different so let’s not compare reactions . Anyways I’m so glad for Benny and Alo because their reaction are the ones that truly matter.

  3. haydee mendoza

    haydee mendoza11 minutes ago

    For real!!! Benny you spoke it into existence and look at you guys now 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 🤰

  4. Kyanna Miranda

    Kyanna Miranda13 minutes ago

    ok but why does benny look sad & even in Alo’s videos too... are you guys not happy? the fam doesn’t even look much happy! wish all is well & congrats

  5. Cynn G

    Cynn G23 minutes ago

    None of them asked for Alo 🙁

  6. Liz GALVAN

    Liz GALVAN24 minutes ago

    Who’s here, after the pregnancy reveal to his family 🤗 just to see wz up wz up!!🤐🤫

  7. Liz GALVAN

    Liz GALVAN37 minutes ago

    Who’s here after watching the video of Bennys family reaction,when he reveals he’s going to be a 🥔

  8. selena MG

    selena MG38 minutes ago

    I honestly think their going to have a baby boy 🥰💕💕

  9. Emily Bowles

    Emily Bowles40 minutes ago

    Bennn I’m so sorry if your mom isn’t happy. I hope you feel better!

  10. Emily Bowles

    Emily Bowles52 minutes ago

    Benny: “but before we get into today’s vid-“ Me: *SKIIIIIIPPPPP*

  11. Candi Lease

    Candi Lease58 minutes ago

    We got the blue we got the red we got the dooky brown :) lmao

  12. Candi Lease

    Candi Lease59 minutes ago

    Benny is the cutest dude ever! He is so so happy and feels so blessed!!!!!!! And damn it I fuckin WISH I could get that merch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That shit is fire!!!!!!! But I'm a broke bitch! If u got any extras send my ass one of them shirts u wearing :) that white with the black is bomb!

  13. Amanda

    AmandaHour ago

    Why do I get a disappointed feeling from his family 🥴

  14. Candi Lease

    Candi LeaseHour ago

    "Is that why u didn't come?!" Then he said "he DID come" lmao I'm dead that would've been something my family members would've said!

  15. Candi Lease

    Candi LeaseHour ago

    12:20 " and ur mom cried at home" awww she was missing her Andrew :( I can't Imagine my kids being fully grown and moving away!

  16. Chela Medina

    Chela MedinaHour ago

    Mooood. Alex got more excited for the shoes then the pregnancy😂😂😂😂

  17. Candi Lease

    Candi LeaseHour ago

    Grandma is so sweet!!!!

  18. Liz GALVAN

    Liz GALVANHour ago

    That’s how life is 🥺 you have to separate from your family, most importantly your mother,to continue your life with your own kids and husband or wife,:( we moved to Texas because of my husband, and I’m super far from my family I miss them all, it will never be the same 😔 mi mamá dise que yo soy la que une a la familia cuando visitamos porque todos se reúnen y convivimos juntos, reímos juntos, dise que cuando no estoy se siente vacío, tengo dos años sin convivir con mi familia,solo por vídeo llamada, I MISS THEM ALL SPECIALLY MY MOM :( I’m just like Benny super close to my family specially my mom :( I definitely understand how Bennys mom is feeling :(

  19. Daisie Bloom

    Daisie BloomHour ago

    Mexicans moms always jealous 😭 si ya está grande Benny ya mero cumple 30 años no manchen. Alondra está más joven y chula y el papa lo tomó bien .

  20. Mia Pryor

    Mia PryorHour ago

    So cute so happy for u guys and everyone 💙💙💜💜💜

  21. Ashley v

    Ashley vHour ago

    AWW ! My baby boy was born june congrats ! , so excited for both of you 🙏♥️🧸.

  22. Samantha Posas

    Samantha PosasHour ago

    This made me cry so much... Congratulations again Alo and Benny! Love y'all so much😘 God Bless Y'all

  23. Elizabeth Sanchez

    Elizabeth SanchezHour ago

    If Benny told his mom right away, and if they are up to date with Benny, than why not travel and see Benny and alo for Christmas. It could of simply been Evelyn, bennys sister and mom for Christmas and made Christmas special since alondra was on bed rest. It’s not always about Benny driving or flying to Stockton. If Benny can pay first class for the hell of it than he sure can pay a ticket for his mom and sister to come down for Christmas. To each there own this was just my thoughts.

  24. Candi Lease

    Candi LeaseHour ago

    I love your family Benny!!!!!!!

  25. Rachel Gonzalez

    Rachel GonzalezHour ago

    Man... cousins are the best! I love how he is with his cousins

  26. Cindy Mak

    Cindy Mak2 hours ago

    Tha cousin was like were my real present 🤣🤣

  27. Cindy Mak

    Cindy Mak2 hours ago

    Does Alo have a mom ??

  28. Vivian Mateo

    Vivian Mateo2 hours ago

    Awwww You’ll be the best papa 👴 God Bless Your Unity 🙏🏼😘❤️🙏🏼

  29. Vanessa Marie

    Vanessa Marie2 hours ago

    Ur gunna ba an amazing daddy. I do feel u are very nervous though u really didn’t expect Alo to say ur gunna be a dad lol u will be fine I hope u have had it sink into ur head now 🤍🤍 ahhhh that’s why Alo was on IV aweee U need to put a ring 💍 on it now benny boy

  30. Victoria Alexis

    Victoria Alexis2 hours ago

    Not me crying with his fans reaction

  31. Annie Pooran

    Annie Pooran2 hours ago

    I'm super happy for u guys I can't wait for u both to do the baby mama dance alondra takecare of ur self baby girl HV a healthy pregnancy love u both ❤❤🇬🇾🇬🇾

  32. Jackie Hernandez

    Jackie Hernandez2 hours ago

    I’m sorry but I’ve been more excited about getting McDonald’s, than Benny’s family was to finding out he was having a baby.

  33. Cherise King

    Cherise King2 hours ago

    Love when grandma says God sent the child to you for a reason

  34. Leslie V

    Leslie V2 hours ago

    Also grandmas always come with the recetas o las curas for EVERYTHING

  35. Leslie V

    Leslie V2 hours ago

    Genuinely a family guy I can see the sadness of you not being able to be with your fam but it’s for a wonderful reason! I’ve been following you for years and also the beginning of you guys relationship! Super excited for y’all god bless!

  36. Roxana Benito

    Roxana Benito2 hours ago

    i dont know why y’all are saying his family wasn’t excited or anything. his family’s reaction was cute and it made me so happy. congrats to the both of you🥺 y’all gonna be great parents

  37. Nico SF

    Nico SF2 hours ago

    Lmao your uncle hella outta pocket. “You did come”

  38. Nav J

    Nav J3 hours ago

    They are having a girl go to 6:24 he said boy then he said I mean her

  39. CeeVee S

    CeeVee S3 hours ago

    Everybody dropping dimes on the mom crying lol pobrecita

  40. Vanessa Rae Sevilla

    Vanessa Rae Sevilla3 hours ago

    From a loyal ass subscriber and following Benny form waaaaayyyy back in the day, I know they’re happy for them they are so family oriented, wish you guys the best ❤️ it’s been nice seeing Benny and Alo grow as persons, and now as parents.

  41. lil.karinaa

    lil.karinaa3 hours ago


  42. endure01 Angel

    endure01 Angel3 hours ago

    Congratulations & Blessings! Can’t wait for the Gender Reveal!!!! 🙏💙

  43. Desiree Sandoval

    Desiree Sandoval3 hours ago

    Was I the only one waiting to see his moms reaction 😂

  44. LeanaRose

    LeanaRose3 hours ago

    “You did come” 😂😂💀💀 DEADDDD

  45. Anya Lopez

    Anya Lopez3 hours ago

    A baby later 😂😂😂💖💖💖💖

  46. Carolina Lopez

    Carolina Lopez3 hours ago

    So excited for u guys! I feel like if it's a boy, he'll look just like benny and if it's a girl, just like her beautiful mama.

  47. Isha

    Isha3 hours ago

    Benny seemed so emotional while telling his grandma🥺

  48. J Gisselle

    J Gisselle3 hours ago

    “Did you guys want it..?🤨😳🥰” 😂😂gotta love grandma keeping it real and just making sure lol♥️ I love grandmas

  49. Asucena Santiago-Ruiz

    Asucena Santiago-Ruiz4 hours ago

    Am so happy for you guys I wish you guys the best ❤️🙏🏻and I know you guys are going to be great parents 😍

  50. Liliayys Life

    Liliayys Life4 hours ago

    Omgggg my birthday is in June 21st!!!! I’m sooo really for baby Soliven!!! 💕💕🥳🥳🥳🥳😍🙏🏼

  51. The Life of Genesis

    The Life of Genesis4 hours ago

    “YOU DID CUM” lmfaooo I’m dead asffff

  52. The 2nd Power

    The 2nd Power4 hours ago

    i feel like benny doesn’t want to be a dad yet

  53. Jody Boss

    Jody Boss4 hours ago

    Im so so happy for you and thee queen 😍😍😍 congrats ❤️ btw where do you guys get your boss swag at that shirt is fire just like thee the matching jog suits you guys have

  54. Julia Barrios

    Julia Barrios4 hours ago

    He looks so home sick. He’s always been all about Family. He looked sad in his eyes. But the really question is why is his mom crying? Is it happiness or sadness?

  55. hotcheetoslover

    hotcheetoslover4 hours ago

    dang I been pronouncing his last name wrong.... like Sullivan but soliven adds a fancy touch 👌🏼

  56. Jennifer Jimenez

    Jennifer Jimenez4 hours ago

    Damn benny looks just like my little brother Andrew I swear they could be twins

  57. Kimberly Cruz

    Kimberly Cruz4 hours ago

    Can anyone anwer my question cuse I’ve been confused lately... is this bennys first kid? .. because on this one video with the Uber driver he mentioned that he had 3 so I’m just like wondering if her was just joking or being serious

  58. hotcheetoslover

    hotcheetoslover4 hours ago

    Cucumber w/ lemon should help w/ the nausea




  60. Kimmie Barreras

    Kimmie Barreras4 hours ago

    FYI your having a boy! 💚

  61. hotcheetoslover

    hotcheetoslover4 hours ago

    now y’all really gotta cook 👩🏻‍🍳

  62. Lady Lopez

    Lady Lopez4 hours ago

    Awwwe I want to see your mom's reaction since everyone saying she's been crying. Your mom loves you so much!! It's happy tears 💙❤ Baby is going to be loved on both sides!!

  63. Yoli Moreno

    Yoli Moreno4 hours ago

    Being parents is indeed the best thing that will ever happen to y'all ❤️

  64. Rey Gomez

    Rey Gomez4 hours ago

    This guy is truly funny .love the grandmama relationship

  65. Victoria Rivera

    Victoria Rivera4 hours ago

    Did Benny's Mom cry?

  66. Jackie Munoz

    Jackie Munoz4 hours ago

    His family literally doesn’t seems as excited and happy . If I was Benny id feel like shit .

  67. Jackie Munoz

    Jackie Munoz4 hours ago

    Something seems off about them/this .. idk maybe just me😅.

  68. Estrella Sanchez

    Estrella Sanchez4 hours ago

    Everybody is digging way to into itttt lol, congratulations on a new little baby life coming into the world It’s a beautiful thing!❤️ scary at first but your instincts kick in! enjoy every part of it even the hard parts ❤️

  69. Claudia Rios

    Claudia Rios4 hours ago

    I love how everyone is so quick to judge. Getting pregnant is a lot to take in & it’s a big surprise to the family cause that’s another human-being becoming apart of all there lives not just Benny’s and Alo’s. In Alo’s video, it even took her a second to take it all in and she couldn’t stop crying. Maybe the mom is just in shock and needs a second to take it in, no one is on anyone else’s time. ♥️

  70. inbulldogheaven

    inbulldogheaven5 hours ago

    Girl I think??

  71. Laura C.r.

    Laura C.r.5 hours ago

    I'm happy for them!!! Love alo and benny but I was expecting more excitement from his grandmother specially and of course his mom i wished maybe he could of talk about hers and ari's reaction 😕

  72. Sabrina

    Sabrina5 hours ago

    Benny I hope you keep putting Alo as #1 cause these reactions ain’t it. I can see you’re not your usual self so I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself

  73. Valeria Pena

    Valeria Pena5 hours ago

    I’ve been pronouncing Soliven wrong🤣🤣

  74. Sabrina

    Sabrina5 hours ago

    Is Benny’s real name Andrew?

  75. Little Lenci

    Little Lenci5 hours ago

    Omg pls tell me you recorded or surprised the us sometimes fam (us always) 💕

  76. Jessica Venegas

    Jessica Venegas5 hours ago

    Just a question but is there a reason why you guys didn’t tell each of your family’s together? Like she even told her dad alone? But anyways so happy so you guys🤍

  77. Yulianna Olguin

    Yulianna Olguin5 hours ago

    I can tell he really cared about what his grandma would think 🥺🥺 I love her personality sm she’s so cute best great-grandma ever 🥺❤️

  78. Amanda Perry

    Amanda Perry5 hours ago

    I had no sickness with my first a lil with my second and with my 3rd I vomited so much I lost 20 pounds in like a week n a half it was bad

  79. Grace Roman

    Grace Roman5 hours ago

    Awe Alondra is due on my Sister's birthday. How I miss my Sister. Blessing for a healthy baby.

  80. Stephanie Martinez

    Stephanie Martinez5 hours ago

    Seriously tearful over your fams reaction!! Love you guys!!!!💕💕