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    ANGELA15 hours ago

    6:23 wot song is this


    ANGELA15 hours ago

    1:04 OMG🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Adam Khalil

    Adam Khalil15 hours ago

    I want to know the one that is in 5:57

  4. Isabel Easton

    Isabel Easton15 hours ago

    This is why I turned off google assistant

  5. Yu jie Wu

    Yu jie Wu15 hours ago

    Thumbnail 1:37 np

  6. ビアクヌ

    ビアクヌ15 hours ago

    0:56 they are brothers?🧐

  7. Telmi Aparecida

    Telmi Aparecida15 hours ago

    kkkkkkkkkk amo

  8. Amy Haynes

    Amy Haynes15 hours ago

    4:57 everyone else:i feel so bad for her :( Me:vIbIn tO dOrA tHe ExPlOrA

  9. ꧁Kinalika Wolfie꧂

    ꧁Kinalika Wolfie꧂15 hours ago

    13:38 can someone please explain to me what's going😕

  10. ratna jelita

    ratna jelita15 hours ago

    Can you speak indonesian?

  11. Zeynep Eylul Karahalı

    Zeynep Eylul Karahalı15 hours ago

    0:00 - 0:50 🥺🥺💔

  12. ratna jelita

    ratna jelita15 hours ago

    I can't speak english because i was little:(

  13. Charlie Pham

    Charlie Pham15 hours ago

    Omg she was one of those visco girls

  14. •`ark chanxz

    •`ark chanxz16 hours ago

    4:50 DU DU DU DU DU DU DORAAAA DU DU DU DU ITS DORAAA AND HIS MONKEY 5:42 i love this game😠💓

  15. ꧁YELLOW_-CHU꧂

    ꧁YELLOW_-CHU꧂16 hours ago

    Why fuck did i cry- i mean im-im crying-;^;

  16. Paulina Torres

    Paulina Torres16 hours ago


  17. Mads P

    Mads P16 hours ago

    I was hiding in hide in seek and I was with my iPad and my friend said hey Siri and she worked.... BUT SHE NEVER WORKS FOR MEEEE

  18. Bakudeku Fan :3

    Bakudeku Fan :316 hours ago

    1:16 POOR TODOROKI 😂😂😂😂

  19. Oliver

    Oliver16 hours ago


  20. sᴏғɪᴀ ᴄᴏᴅᴀʀᴏ

    sᴏғɪᴀ ᴄᴏᴅᴀʀᴏ16 hours ago

    3:15 Alguien mas Vino Por El Algodon Con Patas xd?

  21. ᴍᴜғғɪɴツ

    ᴍᴜғғɪɴツ16 hours ago


  22. cookie lover

    cookie lover16 hours ago

    I love all the vids but I loved how god saved the girl to :)

  23. Karis Young

    Karis Young16 hours ago

    lol peppa one

  24. Shelly Stuart

    Shelly Stuart16 hours ago

    Next time kill them u pink har girl got it :D

  25. ღツÕýķúćúķツღ

    ღツÕýķúćúķツღ16 hours ago

    0:22 music name?? Plss

  26. I ам иот яսssiаи sошу

    I ам иот яսssiаи sошу16 hours ago

    6:00 is when God save the girl.

  27. Michael Hall

    Michael Hall16 hours ago

    2:07 music plz

  28. United Kingdom

    United Kingdom16 hours ago

    Why are- can you please don’t use boy kiss boy 💢

  29. Oksana Thompson

    Oksana Thompson16 hours ago

    1:10 Lyrics BABABABA . B A B A B A B A .

  30. Elton Porter

    Elton Porter16 hours ago

    7:00 love it

  31. -l'm nobody

    -l'm nobody16 hours ago


  32. •a'm Demon•

    •a'm Demon•16 hours ago

    Angela neko en la miniatura .... Yo: mi ídola en mis videos favoritos de gacha :'0

  33. Jessica McKinney

    Jessica McKinney16 hours ago


  34. สุจิน บุญมาตา

    สุจิน บุญมาตา16 hours ago



    NAGATORO SHITPOST16 hours ago

    Noooo Mis ojos porqueeee :(

  36. Aubrey Riegler

    Aubrey Riegler16 hours ago

    *me* just looks at comments the whole vidoe *me again* regrets *

  37. Vicky_gacha Wolf

    Vicky_gacha Wolf16 hours ago

    1:10 I did this meme lol!

  38. Iᴍᴀɴ Wᴀᴊɪʜᴀʜ

    Iᴍᴀɴ Wᴀᴊɪʜᴀʜ16 hours ago

    7:50 THE COUNGH 😂😂

  39. Arinka Krutinka

    Arinka Krutinka16 hours ago

    Русские лайк 👇

  40. Uppercase Design

    Uppercase Design16 hours ago

    I so get her-

  41. Aubrey Riegler

    Aubrey Riegler16 hours ago

    I love change ur shirt with ballora I went laughing to space

  42. Justin Merkovich

    Justin Merkovich16 hours ago


  43. Itsshadow Andfrog

    Itsshadow Andfrog17 hours ago

    Ok but who puts their alexa in their pocket 🤠

  44. Bianca Pasat

    Bianca Pasat17 hours ago

    Im happy that god savet her to😍❤️

  45. Labellelee_Roblox YT

    Labellelee_Roblox YT17 hours ago

    they legit thought they've been bullying a boy but when the hoodie falls off it was legit a bootiful gurl that they were now crushing on at 4:47

  46. Arianna Cobb

    Arianna Cobb17 hours ago

    As soon as the girl with the quote ugly voice quote the lash idol came on I was like oh no this is out perfectly when she said she's going to fix herself LOL

  47. emaan akhoon

    emaan akhoon17 hours ago


  48. ꧁꧂ 56

    ꧁꧂ 5617 hours ago

    Cómo arruinar audio

  49. •Prichilia•

    •Prichilia•17 hours ago

    Find out a cool trick when you reach at the end and its finish you will turn of your phone or ipad or whatever and turn it back on now don't click off when it you can uhm how can I say this let's say you don't click off the video but look for another video and watch that purple gacha character mouth

  50. チャイブハジル

    チャイブハジル17 hours ago

    0:20 what's the song name ಥ‿ಥ

  51. Wolf -chan

    Wolf -chan17 hours ago

    7:43 why is this literally my lil sis

  52. Sunset._. Bxbe

    Sunset._. Bxbe17 hours ago

    7:16 so true

  53. Mariamo Faruk

    Mariamo Faruk17 hours ago


  54. kenji ty

    kenji ty17 hours ago

    That song called suger crash so put that in the title

  55. ; Grizzly Bear

    ; Grizzly Bear17 hours ago

    0:20 el si es educado 😞😞👌👌

  56. Anaaya VATS

    Anaaya VATS17 hours ago

    1:13 My favorite meme

  57. Aashirya Naithani

    Aashirya Naithani17 hours ago


  58. Lisa

    Lisa17 hours ago

    3:34 j'adore !

  59. Gamer Guilly

    Gamer Guilly17 hours ago

    1:16 OMG 😭✋

  60. Esmelie Castillo

    Esmelie Castillo17 hours ago


  61. WaterGgames :D

    WaterGgames :D17 hours ago


  62. Miko_Gaming Night UwU

    Miko_Gaming Night UwU17 hours ago

    4:50 Why da Dora music...... WHYYY

  63. Lillygacha001

    Lillygacha00117 hours ago

    2:26 can somebody just explain me this trend-

  64. Tsami o.o

    Tsami o.o17 hours ago

    I like how you put your tik tok compilation!Most peoples one are not that good and appropriate! :(

  65. -Goat_ Waffle-

    -Goat_ Waffle-17 hours ago

    The question for me is how do they make the effects?

  66. • le lucciole •

    • le lucciole •17 hours ago


  67. shezarvince dofz

    shezarvince dofz17 hours ago

    First video Wait they forgot her bday

  68. Neko-chan

    Neko-chan17 hours ago

    5:39 wow :v

  69. The xXTinyTeddyXx

    The xXTinyTeddyXx17 hours ago

    1:48 I’m dead cya 😭😭😭😭

  70. Helena Bargholz

    Helena Bargholz18 hours ago

    No not Hey Google but Ok Google


    KOLOJI FUKA18 hours ago


  72. Sushix

    Sushix18 hours ago

    1:23 someone's getting possed hahhahahahahahhah

  73. ririn lorencia

    ririn lorencia18 hours ago


  74. Justin Gamer

    Justin Gamer18 hours ago


  75. Happy Kids

    Happy Kids18 hours ago

    Me too I like the god save the girl love the girl

  76. Corsa Gorey

    Corsa Gorey18 hours ago

    Me:Shut up!!!!!!!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣 Me again:Be fastly!!!🤣😂🤣😂🤣 So im leave!-

  77. Ihavequestions _

    Ihavequestions _18 hours ago

    Why were they blue at 4:35 lol


    ROOPAM LAKHANPAL18 hours ago

    2:16 oml bahaha