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Hi, I’m Dhar! I’m a mission-driven entrepreneur and filmmaker focused on ideas that have a massive positive impact on the world. The videos I create have resonated with so many that now over 38 million people follow me on social media and are part of my #DharMannFam.

My team and I at Dhar Mann Studios have created hundreds of videos about life, business, and relationships that have been viewed over 15 Billion times! Drawing from my own personal experiences of success and failure, I strive to create powerful messages that resonate with global audiences. My mission for creating content is simple: We’re not just telling stories, we’re changing lives.

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  1. Stephenie Carter

    Stephenie Carter4 hours ago


  2. Sandra Davis

    Sandra Davis4 hours ago

    Damm bro thats tuff

  3. Kazam Ali

    Kazam Ali4 hours ago

    Aww I couldn't live a day without my father

  4. Meghan Kessinger

    Meghan Kessinger4 hours ago

    The girl is wrong tictock suks

  5. Lovoric

    Lovoric4 hours ago

    The only thing I want from cars is...badass speakers and I love my car😂

  6. Real Music MjVH

    Real Music MjVH4 hours ago

    Plot twist, The kid who got bullied hired a bully to bully the kid who bullied him.

  7. Zavi Haq

    Zavi Haq4 hours ago

    2:39 is the stupid nerd kid from the other video

  8. Alejandro Santamaria Escallon

    Alejandro Santamaria Escallon4 hours ago

    Who else thinks Dhar Manns vids should be a Netflix series

  9. its nats

    its nats4 hours ago

    Whats up with the you see and so you see at the end

  10. OMGITSPEACE Family

    OMGITSPEACE Family4 hours ago

    Hi Leah I see you on your USlikes channel and fear factor

  11. Kawaii Gamer

    Kawaii Gamer4 hours ago

    I rember when this happend on kuwtk

  12. Jazmin Belen

    Jazmin Belen4 hours ago

    your Vedder are me favorite Vedder because they help me with me problem in me house 🏠


    SIR MEOWCLES4 hours ago


  14. Prettyface.__ D

    Prettyface.__ D4 hours ago

    I lowkey almost cried🚶🏽‍♀️first carl and these videos are hitting to different.

  15. Michael Mahabir

    Michael Mahabir4 hours ago


  16. rackie k

    rackie k4 hours ago

    This felt like a whole movie to me.. Well now I should be thankful for what I have😌

  17. Nullo_50

    Nullo_504 hours ago

    I hate gender stereotyping. It needs to stop it causes unnecessary problems in this world

  18. Ashley Font

    Ashley Font4 hours ago

    Everybody I know it's so sad but he was the best man ever and he's in a better place thank you darling man for telling us because of me having you we will all just be crying for like a a week cuz it's very sad but it's okay he's in a better place

  19. ArmaanGaming

    ArmaanGaming4 hours ago


  20. Anthony Downie

    Anthony Downie4 hours ago


  21. Dr Phil

    Dr Phil4 hours ago

    Yo if my son wears makeup I am going to send him to the ranch

  22. Katherine Hernandez

    Katherine Hernandez4 hours ago

    He didn’t deserve it..... He was such a good actor I liked him he was my fav and now this happened to him ima lit cry omg He didn’t deserve it......

  23. Kayson Brooks

    Kayson Brooks4 hours ago


  24. titisml

    titisml4 hours ago

    Store manager " are u with your mom or someone who can help u" Addison day " i just want to try it on why" Me " omg litterly addison day is alredy a teen she dosent need her parents help"

  25. Obsurd S

    Obsurd S4 hours ago

    It was Allison day in the video

  26. Anthony Downie

    Anthony Downie4 hours ago

    I mean try not to CRY

  27. KitKat’s lineart!

    KitKat’s lineart!4 hours ago

    Angela be gettin' rejected and Noah didn't even say it he be showin' it

  28. Nolimit_aaronx T

    Nolimit_aaronx T4 hours ago

    Y he always put the man running back to the women 🤔😤😤😤😑

  29. Wendy Harrison

    Wendy Harrison4 hours ago

    Hi Dhar🥰😘😘

  30. bruh moment

    bruh moment4 hours ago

    yo your arm looks like a hotdog cooked for too long

  31. Joaquin Beckmann

    Joaquin Beckmann4 hours ago

    Imagine making one dumb decision and seeing that if you didn’t make that decision, then your life would’ve been 738474 times better. That would just suck. ONE DECISION.

  32. Candace Lee

    Candace Lee4 hours ago


  33. Luviena Macfadden

    Luviena Macfadden4 hours ago

    6:16 UH OHHHHH

  34. Krashy

    Krashy4 hours ago

    did anyone else notice that she didn’t dab her up at 0:30 ? lol

  35. Katie Davies

    Katie Davies4 hours ago

    All she needs is some confidence companionship and a Kalteen bar

  36. Anthony Downie

    Anthony Downie4 hours ago

    This Gould be try not to laghf

  37. Iris Rivera

    Iris Rivera4 hours ago

    No mom phone

  38. Tairanika Collins

    Tairanika Collins4 hours ago

    I love my mom so much

  39. Demarrio Bowen

    Demarrio Bowen4 hours ago


  40. Luis Henriquez

    Luis Henriquez4 hours ago

    the computer is not even on lol lmao

  41. Sick war Legacy Imposter Andrew

    Sick war Legacy Imposter Andrew4 hours ago

    Done now where is it

  42. Ashineth Jose

    Ashineth Jose4 hours ago

    I'm asaian and I'm from the filipines

  43. the real killerdeed23

    the real killerdeed234 hours ago

    Same i will do the same thing at good man would but in roblox

  44. Luviena Macfadden

    Luviena Macfadden4 hours ago


  45. Wofu

    Wofu4 hours ago

    asian lady be gay doe have like 12 kid in this cartoon network series that is popular like a youtube red series scare the pewdiepie

  46. Iris Rivera

    Iris Rivera4 hours ago

    I wish I was julie am veryyyyyyyyyyyyy fat got bullied and call myself names

  47. Zodiac

    Zodiac4 hours ago

    Y’all when I tell working a wheelchair is difficult IT IS DIFFCULT

  48. Austin Holmes

    Austin Holmes4 hours ago

    That so called “stupid” quarter can go to your ps5

  49. Lacey Etherington

    Lacey Etherington4 hours ago

    Why do I ship Wendy and noah 😅

  50. Uni Looney

    Uni Looney4 hours ago

    Omg I’m going to adopt that cute dog 🥰

  51. Erin's Frijoles

    Erin's Frijoles4 hours ago

    Calvin: Chugs more and more beer Me: I aM sCaReD iF i PeE tO mUcH

  52. Alyssa Flores

    Alyssa Flores4 hours ago

    Diamond I love watching your videos so much and that's why I followed you Diane and that just keep up the hard work that you always do I love watching your videos darman 🤗

  53. DRACA Tik Tok queen

    DRACA Tik Tok queen4 hours ago


  54. King Zlink

    King Zlink4 hours ago

    BEST VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!

  55. Kennedy White

    Kennedy White4 hours ago

    And the girls we’re trying to bully her again and she got a new friend again and I will be nice to be in

  56. Safiyya Mohamed

    Safiyya Mohamed4 hours ago

    i love how they are divorced and eddie gives gifts like their about to go on a date. lmao

  57. Joseph Zacarias

    Joseph Zacarias4 hours ago


  58. Kennedy Gomez

    Kennedy Gomez4 hours ago

    I hope you have an amazing time in heaven!

  59. Rebecca C

    Rebecca C4 hours ago

    Like who does that?! leaves their own mother! He just cares about money not who gave birth to him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. shendana araujo

    shendana araujo4 hours ago


  61. Shugri Shacni

    Shugri Shacni4 hours ago

    It hearts when some one makes fun of you but when day they will realize how it is making fun of people I really like this video😍😍

  62. Funneh4eva

    Funneh4eva4 hours ago

    The boyfriend: babe guess what The girlfriend: ChIcKeN bUtT

  63. ali Ayub

    ali Ayub4 hours ago

    She used the same note

  64. XKaxie X

    XKaxie X4 hours ago

    Not me staring at her different coloured eyes knowing their not contacts 👁️👄👁️


    KATIE CAMPBELL4 hours ago

    How did there house

  66. Bidemi Yusuf

    Bidemi Yusuf4 hours ago

    u know when u act the bad person in a movie/video people who know you tend to start to dislike you

  67. Cristine Gonzalez

    Cristine Gonzalez4 hours ago

    The dad was watching a black screen

  68. David L. Maldonado Sr.

    David L. Maldonado Sr.4 hours ago

    You got this

  69. Pastel Addison

    Pastel Addison4 hours ago


  70. David Hernandez

    David Hernandez4 hours ago

    *died of cringe*

  71. Sapharie Blake

    Sapharie Blake4 hours ago

    love ur videos dhar mann