Idk bruh......

  1. 4SG J4Y

    4SG J4Y40 seconds ago

    They can be sisters

  2. Sim2Wavylol

    Sim2Wavylol42 seconds ago

    In gay voice (No Homo)

  3. Bree Holman

    Bree Holman2 minutes ago

    U know why she not showing baby lol anybody seen a pic of nba as a baby

  4. Inna Totoha

    Inna Totoha2 minutes ago

    0:11 vom.gen.in

  5. Ab Dullah Bin Packing

    Ab Dullah Bin Packing5 minutes ago

    Her lip is eww 💩

  6. Karnana

    Karnana6 minutes ago


  7. Karnana

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  8. Karnana

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  9. Karnana

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  12. Karnana

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  13. Karnana

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  14. Mauriuntay Henderson

    Mauriuntay Henderson6 minutes ago

    Best intro by a USlikesr to me💯💯

  15. Karnana

    Karnana6 minutes ago


  16. Karnana

    Karnana6 minutes ago


  17. Karnana

    Karnana6 minutes ago


  18. bass kingetc

    bass kingetc7 minutes ago

    Wendy she be dissing everybody so she deserve more than that.

  19. Karnana

    Karnana7 minutes ago


  20. Karnana

    Karnana7 minutes ago


  21. Karnana

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  30. James Thomas

    James Thomas8 minutes ago

    Who cares...baby trash though!

  31. Tooka

    Tooka9 minutes ago

    yb mom look like a whole man I'm sorry

  32. TwinR Howell

    TwinR Howell9 minutes ago

    New Chanel help me win

  33. Tooka

    Tooka10 minutes ago

    Another banger

  34. Dakota Hicks

    Dakota Hicks10 minutes ago

    Idm she's a Mayweather. They are wealthy.

  35. Gee Bee

    Gee Bee10 minutes ago

    Issa banga

  36. Spirtual spark MikeyH

    Spirtual spark MikeyH12 minutes ago

    i appreciate you showing love ans respect in the dark celebrity world, love good energy andrespect cures everything

  37. Javion Boyd

    Javion Boyd12 minutes ago

    Wendy Williams too old to be talking down on people that she don't even know🤦

  38. Khriston Haynes

    Khriston Haynes14 minutes ago

    Wendy lame

  39. Tavius Minter

    Tavius Minter14 minutes ago

    8k more gang 🤝

  40. James Thomas

    James Thomas15 minutes ago

    Slow down slim....you aint bout that life period. Stop playing gangster with yo lil ass. Take care of your baby, you not hood material. Live & enjoy life...stop playing before you find someone you dont wanna play with foreal!!! Remember money aint a force field, anyone can get touched!💀💀💀

  41. DevilChild.liltop

    DevilChild.liltop15 minutes ago

    knew i heard yb name on there yesterday

  42. Felorca Bango

    Felorca Bango15 minutes ago

    Back with the 🔥🔥🔥 maan Lets goooo💯💪🏿♥️

  43. Zahir Shareef

    Zahir Shareef16 minutes ago

    Wendy Williams do be in ppl business too much she need to worry about her self before someone smoke her ass

  44. Red Dogg

    Red Dogg16 minutes ago

    And Wendy Williams is ugly man 🤦🏽‍♂️

  45. 131st mb

    131st mb17 minutes ago

    Did I just here a how u doin 😂😂

  46. quixzu

    quixzu17 minutes ago

    They way he said How you doing lol

  47. Xayvion Yarbrough

    Xayvion Yarbrough17 minutes ago

    Wendy Williams built like a whole P out here

  48. trenzellfields

    trenzellfields17 minutes ago


  49. Red Dogg

    Red Dogg17 minutes ago

    Y’all can’t name one time yb STARTED beef or spoke on somebody First 🤦🏽‍♂️ smh

  50. Cehxii

    Cehxii17 minutes ago

    Na ik that’s her job, but she mad weird talking abt other ppl kids😭😭

  51. 131st mb

    131st mb18 minutes ago

    LookItzJay been goin crazy with these vidz because he be uploading a lot and saying ight bet which never gets old lol 🤣🤣🤣🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

  52. Narjy

    Narjy18 minutes ago

    I know youngboy mama ain’t talking cause mfs tryna see wtf she have under her dress too🤣🤣🤣

  53. Small Town Dom

    Small Town Dom18 minutes ago

    Notifications working BTW that "girl" instrumental snapping

  54. Kid Ink-_

    Kid Ink-_18 minutes ago

    Man anybody ever seen courage the cowardly dog don’t she got a head like Eustis damn

  55. 7O3 Moll

    7O3 Moll19 minutes ago

    I was just makin a rap I had ta click dis vid IIIGHT 😂💯🐐WHY HE SAY HOW U DOIN LIKE DAT 😂😂😭😭😭😂

  56. Aaron Shah

    Aaron Shah19 minutes ago

    Best tea page

  57. Devan Martin

    Devan Martin19 minutes ago

    My boy🤞🏾💙

  58. Young Menace

    Young Menace19 minutes ago

    Yb mom looks like a man too.🤷🏽‍♂️😂😂

  59. KING KP

    KING KP19 minutes ago

    In 5 years she gone be on love & hip hop

  60. Audryana Sumrell

    Audryana Sumrell19 minutes ago


  61. Timarion

    Timarion19 minutes ago

    Yb mom Stepping about her son ong can't nobody tell her she ain't steppin behind him💯

  62. Sh1n0binaz

    Sh1n0binaz19 minutes ago


  63. Fortnite god trey

    Fortnite god trey19 minutes ago

    Earl gang

  64. Chris Mitchell

    Chris Mitchell19 minutes ago

    I’m here 🔥🤟🏾

  65. Eday

    Eday19 minutes ago

    They both look like men so...brothers?

  66. Mr Blackmon

    Mr Blackmon19 minutes ago

    Sharonda ain’t going

  67. Quan2k

    Quan2k20 minutes ago

    200k otw let's get it

  68. TO ShiftyyKel

    TO ShiftyyKel20 minutes ago


  69. Bandzzz

    Bandzzz20 minutes ago

    This the quickest I’ve ever clicked on ah vid 😂i pressed it on accident

  70. WholeThang Nation

    WholeThang Nation20 minutes ago

    Lol Wendy ok


    JORDAN SPENCER20 minutes ago


  72. Javarious Martin

    Javarious Martin20 minutes ago

    Second ROADTO200K

  73. Backendd Mxri

    Backendd Mxri20 minutes ago

    Ik she ain’t calling nobody a man...😭

  74. Fanta ReVerse

    Fanta ReVerse20 minutes ago


  75. Gavin Davis

    Gavin Davis20 minutes ago


  76. Marion S-H

    Marion S-H20 minutes ago

    here do

  77. Of course Trinity

    Of course Trinity20 minutes ago


  78. Timarion

    Timarion20 minutes ago

    Daddy dicc with another videoooo👀😭🔥

  79. Montinez Allen

    Montinez Allen20 minutes ago


  80. Unlimited_Mel M

    Unlimited_Mel M20 minutes ago

    dang😂😂 i mean wendy williams do look like a man tho