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  1. Мади гача

    Мади гача10 hours ago


  2. Aguilas America

    Aguilas America10 hours ago

    Me And The Bois Fighting Gacha Heat Be like At 4:24

  3. Ronald King

    Ronald King11 hours ago


  4. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido11 hours ago

    6:50 can someone please tell me the name of that song-

  5. Brittany Roberson

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    •Joselyn UnU•11 hours ago

    11:47 no tiene cejas es gaara :0

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    Sashik Chan11 hours ago

    2:51 Hey! Who knows this game? I know ;^

  8. Berri - Crisp

    Berri - Crisp11 hours ago

    Donald Trump: "Woman can't WIN!" Haudenosaunee: "Am I a joke to you?"

  9. Serenity Parks

    Serenity Parks11 hours ago

    It's the Dora with ice cream for me U~U

  10. Karla Marques

    Karla Marques11 hours ago

    7:39 KKKKKK OMG

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    ItzCassie-ChanYT11 hours ago

    1:37 your looking for this huh?

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    •Yandere chan•11 hours ago

    So cute

  13. katy_ la otaku

    katy_ la otaku11 hours ago

    11:50 momento sakura ._.

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    Elisa games11 hours ago


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    Jackie Torres11 hours ago

    Love the first one

  16. Daniela angel

    Daniela angel11 hours ago

    Lover :3

  17. Idk world

    Idk world11 hours ago

    3:16 I don’t get that one-

  18. Rosalynn Davis

    Rosalynn Davis11 hours ago

    At the end of it when it said that you're not spoiled that one was a little sad when the person that walked in

  19. isabella estefania

    isabella estefania11 hours ago

    6:33 7w7 el comentario en español que buscabas :v

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    3:53 can anybody tell me the name ;^;

  21. Jocinea Ribeiro Nascimento

    Jocinea Ribeiro Nascimento11 hours ago

    Oi hnmkpshejsuvJgsdhzbain país há sushi idéias ABC DJs

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    *not the ASSASSIN CLASSROOM with their green knifes*

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    0:15 idk why I wanna remake this 👁👄👁

  24. sakena shaik

    sakena shaik12 hours ago

    2:20 how dare you, how could you be so mean to the poor thing it's soooo cute. I give the kitty cat a cookie 1 like = 1 cookie for the poor kitty cat

  25. Красен Деков

    Красен Деков12 hours ago


  26. Vazquez Conde

    Vazquez Conde12 hours ago

    **Mom : cracks fathers phone** Daughter/Son : **Pulls glasses and stick out of thin air** And before people reply and say “She/he put it in their pockets” LIKE BRUH HOW DO YOU FIT A WHOLE STICK IN YOUR POCKET.???

  27. Olivia W

    Olivia W12 hours ago

    12:03 Name pls?

  28. Alexis Druce

    Alexis Druce12 hours ago

    The first one is funny

  29. its. ace

    its. ace12 hours ago

    7:23 doesn't mean he has to break his neck, like-

  30. Galaxy Gacha

    Galaxy Gacha12 hours ago

    hazine buldum yeni video izlermisin

  31. its. ace

    its. ace12 hours ago

    6:49 and she's not def

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    Jäny Käy Møøn12 hours ago

    Alguem me explica esse meme!! 13:19

  33. Clara :’0

    Clara :’012 hours ago

    Gacha has really showed me something is because my mom is a photographer and one day I saw a man with a pink dress in her photos (PD: I dint knew 🏳️‍🌈) And I was like ‘Why is he dressing like that’ I could not stop thinking of that and when I started joining gacha community they showed me 🏳️‍🌈 so Im very thankful for that

  34. Sofia Shaverma

    Sofia Shaverma12 hours ago

    1:47 ??? 🙏🙏🙏😔

  35. Rhea Chang

    Rhea Chang12 hours ago

    1:25 Me who uses fire alpaca and doesn't know what program they're using ;-;

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    Furry mittens12 hours ago

    what song is 9:28?

  38. -̈.

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    plss name the songg 26:23 ??

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    Angelis Reinoso13 hours ago

    does anybody know the song name to 3:09 bc i want it

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    __rhiannon.sterk__13 hours ago

    Who else is here as a small gacha creatie looking if their video is in here

  41. Vip User

    Vip User13 hours ago

    Thiz is hos russians explode fireworks 6:05

  42. moonlight _games

    moonlight _games13 hours ago

    I don’t think it work twixie

  43. xXPixiiDustXx Luna&Max

    xXPixiiDustXx Luna&Max13 hours ago

    The 2and tik tok,what's the sound for that?

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    Bubble cløuds13 hours ago

    At 9:57 was funny

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    Tadashi Yamaguchi13 hours ago

    1:53 kinda offended me at the beginning 👁️>👁️. T^T

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    Je remue le ciel le jour la nuit

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    5:10 the poor mouse isn’t have the fault ;-;

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    11:05 She Tamed A Demon Good Job😂😂

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    12:09 “pick a spot” *me looking at the spots* also me: NONE-

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    Kawasaki Zx9r13 hours ago

    I MIS 2020

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    melody gamer13 hours ago

    WOW 😍😍😍😍

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    Anais Gutierrez13 hours ago

    Alguien sabe como se llama la cancion del minuto 18:18 :v

  54. n

    n13 hours ago

    Eu sei que sou brasileira mais tomara que você traduza então tá ótimo isso adorei! 😁

  55. Saylor Lee

    Saylor Lee13 hours ago

    i liked the first one i think i will record the sound and use it

  56. Aişe A.

    Aişe A.13 hours ago

    2:39 What Games Name?

  57. Rose Daly

    Rose Daly13 hours ago

    30:02 timestamp for me

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    think . lovely13 hours ago

    32:02 what's the song name?? someone please tell me 👄👁️👄

  59. Sammy

    Sammy13 hours ago

    Why Is Always The Boy Thats The "Bad" One- Theres Only Been Like Two I've Seen Thats its Been Female-

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    Amna Serhatlija13 hours ago

    Mostsaddest part of tiktoks is thst obe when cat died

  61. Alexis Druce

    Alexis Druce13 hours ago

    The playdate one was cute :3