Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

  1. James Gallegos

    James GallegosHour ago

    Why y’all tryna glorify drugs especially herion

  2. Skyla S

    Skyla SHour ago

    I see people saying they feel bad for her and I’m not understanding why. I just watched a movie about a beautiful talented young girl who had a great career and made some bad decisions and overcame them and is doing great... what am I missing?

  3. Nia Bond

    Nia BondHour ago

    Once a crack head always

  4. Zack Hadley

    Zack HadleyHour ago

    Any time I hear the devil mentioned in pop culture I wonder how much their soul cost them. I wonder if she knew this would be her life. I’m not sure which is worse: her choosing this or them choosing this for her

  5. Mia D

    Mia DHour ago


  6. Desiree' Knotts

    Desiree' KnottsHour ago

    i cant wait for this. im such a demi stan oml.

  7. Hi Bye

    Hi ByeHour ago

    Wait I thought she wasn’t engaged anymore?

  8. Briana Deleon

    Briana DeleonHour ago

    Gave me chills

  9. Christina M.

    Christina M.Hour ago

    This made me cry💙and made me miss my baby sister. She lives close to me but i rarely see her. It's tearing me up.

  10. Joan Bell

    Joan BellHour ago

    Lo quieroo ya no aguanto la espera ....

  11. The Black Joker

    The Black Joker2 hours ago

    One Word... *H E R O I N*

  12. Christian Romero

    Christian Romero2 hours ago

    Focus on your own life as much as you focus on your favorite celebrities. See where that gets ya. Guarantee you, you're better off.

  13. Christian Romero

    Christian Romero2 hours ago

    Parents who put their children in the entertainment are gross

  14. Duke

    Duke2 hours ago

    The double standard is strong

  15. Feel My Flu

    Feel My Flu2 hours ago

    I have never heard of this person nor care

  16. lovely Love

    lovely Love2 hours ago

    Demi is throwing out hits holy crap this is freaking amazing!!!

  17. Autumn Peterson

    Autumn Peterson2 hours ago

    I hope this is free

  18. Kat Ali

    Kat Ali3 hours ago

    Her : be careful Demi : okay 😀I’m always careful Only a few people will understand this ,

  19. Iveth Li López G

    Iveth Li López G3 hours ago


  20. amv wolfgirl

    amv wolfgirl3 hours ago

    Demi is an inspiration

  21. Chelsea Miller

    Chelsea Miller3 hours ago

    Oh Demi, honey! Soooooo much love❤ & peace✌🏼 to you!

  22. jack willis

    jack willis3 hours ago

    She’s lucky she is rich, if she were a regular heroine addict she probably would’ve died in the streets like the rest. But nope she got enough money to have a dude with narcan on standby

  23. BABYJESUS x831x

    BABYJESUS x831x3 hours ago

    She's definitely on my "don't pull out" list.

  24. FanCrush

    FanCrush3 hours ago

    Who is here after Demi and Ariana revealed that they are colaborating?

  25. Jody Durante

    Jody Durante4 hours ago


  26. Hunter Walsh

    Hunter Walsh4 hours ago

    I have watched this 1000 times and I cry every-time

  27. MariaLareina_babygurl Oribello

    MariaLareina_babygurl Oribello4 hours ago

    Ur a very strong woman!"one of my idols!"😍❤🙏

  28. Jay A

    Jay A4 hours ago

    Try living a real life then tell us how hard it is

  29. Bezaleu Trajano

    Bezaleu Trajano4 hours ago

    Tô tão anciosa aaaaaaa mds,Brasil te ama demi

  30. Selina Lima

    Selina Lima4 hours ago


  31. Music King

    Music King4 hours ago

    lovatics let's do an online campaign that says Demi Lovato For The 2021 Grammys

  32. Music King

    Music King4 hours ago


  33. Music King

    Music King4 hours ago


  34. Music King

    Music King4 hours ago

    lovatics hagamos una campaña online que diga Demi Lovato Para Los Grammys 2021

  35. Corinne Ordona

    Corinne Ordona4 hours ago

    I did come immediately after the trailer.

  36. Mr. NOrespond

    Mr. NOrespond5 hours ago


  37. Maria Fernanda Rodrigues

    Maria Fernanda Rodrigues5 hours ago

    i'm so NOT ready for this

  38. David Winehouse

    David Winehouse5 hours ago

    I hate the rich

  39. Erika Bagley

    Erika Bagley6 hours ago

    Sooo every time she relapses she’s just gonna keep making documentaries for us to feel bad & think that she’s changed ... isn’t this like the 3rd or 4th documentary she’s made after relapsing ? I used to really love Demi & her story but.... I’m over her. It just seems like a game now. Like she’s never gonna be fully sober. Maybe if she’d stop pressuring thst sober narrative on herself she’d actually get better.

  40. carlos Eduardo

    carlos Eduardo6 hours ago

    17 m 😍 vem Demi lovato 2021 vem aclamaçao D7 documentario Feat com ariana grande ..

  41. Ruth Ortiz

    Ruth Ortiz6 hours ago

    So did she overdose on heroin or was it laced oxy.?

  42. Julia Collins

    Julia Collins6 hours ago

    Is it gonna expose satanic pedophile hollywood???

  43. Nena

    Nena6 hours ago

    Im ready for this

  44. Andrea Delgado

    Andrea Delgado6 hours ago


  45. Nailove Beauty

    Nailove Beauty6 hours ago

    Wish I could be your friend Demi 🥺❤️

  46. Lton Sync

    Lton Sync6 hours ago

    We Love You Demi... So Keep Doin' It Solo... I Know You Are Stronger Than Ever... ❤

  47. Cansu

    Cansu6 hours ago

    Listen and stream #whatotherpeoplesay

  48. 50hellkat2

    50hellkat26 hours ago

    When much has been given and much is expected therein lies the dilemma.

  49. Cristionna Eynon

    Cristionna Eynon7 hours ago

    The fortunate phone frustratingly snatch because great-grandmother annually trouble pace a abiding archeology. amused, receptive draw

  50. Melanin Queen

    Melanin Queen7 hours ago

    Can’t wait I love Demi 💕

  51. Christina Sanchez

    Christina Sanchez7 hours ago

    Thank you so much for this demi. You have no idea. Don’t be ashamed there are a lot of other young beautiful girls that struggle with herion addiction.

  52. lifeofPinkLady Mona

    lifeofPinkLady Mona8 hours ago

    They all sold their souls

  53. Natalie H

    Natalie H9 hours ago

    I just wish that being in the position she is in and has been in, she would not have not blown off other people that have approached her with some of the same issues she has gone through like the fan that had gone up to her and bravely said his story in a meet and greet. Now that she is telling her story everybody wants to pour out this sympathy for her that she has not expressed for others.. so my question is why put her on a pedestal? Is it just because she is brave to talk about it? Is it because of how they make her look in this documentary? I need some logic and sense to this not just because they’re a fan of her.

  54. Being offended is a choice

    Being offended is a choice9 hours ago

    This is nothing but a music video mocking real addiction...

  55. Binks

    Binks9 hours ago

    Demi is a joke, "gender reveal parties are transphobic" 🙄

  56. Lë Fröge

    Lë Fröge9 hours ago

    Is that Elton jhon?

  57. Batman

    Batman10 hours ago

    Humans are always screwed

  58. Mrs Castillo

    Mrs Castillo10 hours ago

    Ok at first I was like she already made a doc 😐 But holy cow I can’t wait for this one!

  59. Isabelle G

    Isabelle G10 hours ago

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  60. Ikileng Venessa

    Ikileng Venessa10 hours ago

    What a damn minute.... She was in my country and i didn't knoowww😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  61. Ugly Guy

    Ugly Guy10 hours ago

    Who ever you are going to dance with make sure you are prepared not be stupid. Even devil have limitation.

  62. Amanda meyerholz

    Amanda meyerholz11 hours ago

    I might not be famous but her story relates to me in every way. Your music keeps me alive to this day. Sorry got me through my divorce.

  63. Khadi J.

    Khadi J.11 hours ago

    I love how everyone sensed something but you guys never acted in your sense’s like they didn’t make her situation any better and they are in the industry like wtf. I’m glad she is better now.

  64. Heretxc

    Heretxc12 hours ago

    Black tar got her craving more heroin money so she made this

  65. Yanette Quevedo

    Yanette Quevedo12 hours ago

    Bet she wasn't doing heroin. Prolly popped a hot blue. Mm

  66. Michael Estala

    Michael Estala12 hours ago

    Tomorrow is going to be hotter than a spoon at Demi Lavato’s house.