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Spaceflight Ace
Who Will Trump Pardon?
  1. Stanley Ho

    Stanley Ho6 hours ago

    I've seen this years ago, but now as a current teacher in the underserved community I was raised in, I can see that the teacher isn't do any of the students justice by providing this kind of curriculum. Students need a culturally relevant curriculum that they can apply to their life. Learning about sharks does nothing for them!

  2. Joni

    Joni6 hours ago

    wow this is the most well spoken trump supporter from a man on the street interview I've ever seen. Bro it's his last day where were you to help your man all these years??? lmaooooo

  3. TheWood678

    TheWood6786 hours ago

    Decent person. Unlike the QAnon base who know nothing their talking about.

  4. Gio Vidal

    Gio Vidal6 hours ago


  5. Vishal Singh

    Vishal Singh6 hours ago

    I think this might be fake

  6. Unknown Blogger

    Unknown Blogger7 hours ago

    A true supporter. He stand strong even though he's alone.

  7. Julia Yearian

    Julia Yearian7 hours ago

    I'm so sorry this man felt sad. I do believe there was never any evidence of these national & state "riots"...

  8. Frikkie Baisetoi

    Frikkie Baisetoi7 hours ago

    These presidents are too old, they already fucked up our world

  9. Dream Games

    Dream Games7 hours ago

    Hola a todos!

  10. carlos gomez

    carlos gomez7 hours ago

    Wow a trumper with his head out of his ass fascinating 🧐

  11. Eva Cope

    Eva Cope7 hours ago

    Gun crimes in nz have gone up since the buy-back scheme

  12. Alex Mikhailichenko

    Alex Mikhailichenko7 hours ago

    I'm just curious. For every exiled Uyghur woman, no matter how they cried that Uyghur women being sterilized, why the Phuck they always have 3-5 kids around her????? Were they sterilized or fertilized????

  13. Wiktor Jachyra

    Wiktor Jachyra7 hours ago

    Why can't all the trump supporters be like this..This guy is genuine, kind, and understanding of electron results and the future outcome...This is what an American is.

  14. Frankol Pao

    Frankol Pao7 hours ago

    Looks like VICE is setting narrative for Pakistan. Paid journalism same on vice News.

  15. Moore Family

    Moore Family7 hours ago

    Scary. Sounds like Trump TV might be modeled like 700 Club, mobilizing anti-Christians.

  16. While you were reading this I stole your sandwich and donated it to a kid in africa

    While you were reading this I stole your sandwich and donated it to a kid in africa7 hours ago

    I bet this man doesn't watch mainstream media

  17. Erno Nikkola

    Erno Nikkola7 hours ago

    Still brainwashed to fear the non existent "left", but this is a mind that can probably still be saved.

  18. WaffleSSSSSPLUS

    WaffleSSSSSPLUS7 hours ago

    i dunno but werent uighur ethnically hun/ turk who were definitely not muslim until the time of the ottoman

  19. Steven C Highley

    Steven C Highley7 hours ago

    The only appropriate response to a Klan gathering is to start lobbing grenades into it.

  20. Colin Moses

    Colin Moses7 hours ago

    Virtual reality is a good way to like teleport and meet friends and family plus there is a new technology called vr skin which is still early but i thinking should be funded more so that not only you can see your friends and family but actually be able to touch them using sensors

  21. john karford

    john karford7 hours ago

    With this vis they're going to need more choppers

  22. Ndorphins Music

    Ndorphins Music7 hours ago

    any update on this ?

  23. Tim Burton

    Tim Burton7 hours ago

    What he explained was Democracy folks. They didn't show up because their country men wouldnt keep them employed. 😎

  24. Steven

    Steven7 hours ago

    Heh. He's the kid at the end of Trump's Camelot.

  25. Budz 1369

    Budz 13697 hours ago

    Probably cause most people were scared they were going to be purged from social media and put on some list.

  26. InGaming pc

    InGaming pc7 hours ago if anyone is wondering why they're not doing this anymore yeah it ended with someone dying like I thought it would

  27. Sundarapandian Andithevar

    Sundarapandian Andithevar7 hours ago

    Wow I never thought I’d say this but “hey look there exist a not so idiotic Trump supporter”!

  28. Colin Moses

    Colin Moses7 hours ago

    Two words virtual reality

  29. joeythecloser1

    joeythecloser17 hours ago

    When you want to dislike some guy but you cant

  30. Cher Browne

    Cher Browne7 hours ago

    I applaud this man for his educated and eloquent opinion. Mr Trump was fortunate to have him as a supporter. 👏

  31. Jay Frank

    Jay Frank7 hours ago

    Ok I'm shook shook...volumes

  32. Atma

    Atma7 hours ago

    he woke up at 3am to act a fool. ok

  33. Morph Kogan

    Morph Kogan7 hours ago

    This guy is an anomaly

  34. reece watson

    reece watson7 hours ago

    Come on man 😂 he is a vice employee 100%... Never watched vice but they are scripted and synthetic propoganda 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. Shabab Saadman

    Shabab Saadman7 hours ago

    Damn he actually didn't use any swear words.

  36. Mikerphone

    Mikerphone7 hours ago

    This lady said she was going to kill herself and then proceeded to say that she felt like she wasted a year of her life... my brain hurts.

  37. theskyisnotblue

    theskyisnotblue7 hours ago

    So what will happen when the UK, USA, and Canada starts to mix and match 2 different vaccines from different companies to complete 2 doses? 🧐 WTF is happening right now, seriously

  38. Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie7 hours ago

    There’s a lot of comments supporting this guy but he’s still blindly following a one man circus. He was doing well until his last sentence. Leaders shouldn’t be worshipped or held up like rock stars, they should be questioned and held accountable.

  39. Mojo King

    Mojo King7 hours ago

    4:14 AU traitors number 1 problem in Somali $1500monthly with equipment and support and protection whereas the Somali soldier doesn't get $500month

  40. Watchu doin Brad

    Watchu doin Brad7 hours ago

    Finally a trump supporter that ACTUALLY makes sense

  41. Isaac 84

    Isaac 847 hours ago

    If the rest of Trump’s base was as intellectual as this lone wolf, America would’ve been a much better place right now with people getting along for the good of the country. But unfortunately, the rest are like potatoes in a sack... they move whichever way they’re tossed and none can stand alone. Their whole group mindset is dangerous and ruined the Republican Party because the few arrested for the Capitol shenanigans are being charged as individuals and also Trump didn’t back them up as they expected, he’s got enough legal and financial problems of his own to worry about those idiots. 🤣🤣

  42. Ray Mak

    Ray Mak7 hours ago

    "Lonely, I'm Mr Lonely"

  43. yuan guo

    yuan guo7 hours ago

    most of his answers are good... but I feel that he's contradicting himself a bit on the part saying "I do believe the election was stolen... by incompetence..."then he said: "I do believe he got the most valid votes". Had to say huge respect on keeping that facade of calm and rational while deep down he's still convinced that Joe Biden was not legitimately elected.

  44. Daniel Wnek

    Daniel Wnek7 hours ago

    It’s so funny how you guys talked about the trump supporters as if they’re some sort of invasive rebellion group “Not a single MAGA hat in sight” But fr tho that’s what they are

  45. Roman

    Roman7 hours ago

    The Police State has begun

  46. scott baase

    scott baase7 hours ago

    Have they tried wolves? Most Apex predators could put a good dent those numbers.

  47. J R

    J R7 hours ago

    Wow , I usually have nothing good to say about Trumpsters but this guy was articulate, calm, and made sense .

  48. Mike Gerrie

    Mike Gerrie7 hours ago

    Well at least he can articulate himself which 9 out of 10 Trump or Biden supporters can not.

  49. Steeve Menard

    Steeve Menard7 hours ago

    A smart Trump supporter Im impresss tonight👍

  50. Michael Zeringue

    Michael Zeringue7 hours ago

    They trying to stop them at least it’s not real guns and they are killing people

  51. Ezekiel Arincorayan

    Ezekiel Arincorayan7 hours ago

    Welcome to the Wild West of paint guns

  52. jarmo tverin

    jarmo tverin7 hours ago

    Wouldn't this area be pretty much perfect ground for serial killers, especially when public seems to focus on irrelevant things so easily?

  53. Noel Smith

    Noel Smith7 hours ago

    Imagine being brainwashed into taking part in an attack on the capitol then going home afterward, as if there were some point in expanding their security budget when they can't even enforce communication standards.

  54. Follow The Buzzards

    Follow The Buzzards7 hours ago

    HA! HA! -Nelson The Simpsons

  55. Jose Lozada

    Jose Lozada7 hours ago

    Carson how you go home and sleep

  56. Shoopie Snacks

    Shoopie Snacks7 hours ago

    That earned respect

  57. Emil Wrześniak

    Emil Wrześniak7 hours ago

    prophet muhammad had sex with 9 year old aisha, so he was a pedophile

  58. Himank Thakkar

    Himank Thakkar7 hours ago

    Gotta say. One of the most rational trump supporter I’ve heard from as far as I can remember

  59. Poin

    Poin7 hours ago

    He’s cute. He should say “Jaa ne !” Next time.

  60. Shopnil4

    Shopnil47 hours ago

    While I may not agree with his political beliefs, he seems like a nice guy to just chat with.

  61. Σκοτώνω τη Χαρά

    Σκοτώνω τη Χαρά7 hours ago

    Huh. That was went surprisingly well. And most of his points... wow.

  62. Jarrid Gable

    Jarrid Gable7 hours ago

    What would stop a semi small group of people or corporations from buying up all "servers" and the government making it illegal to mine unless you are approved? I just saw that there was a $615 million dollar transaction recently, and I don't see the government staying out of this. They'll figure out a way to destroy this technology. They don't like people to be able to spend their money however they see fit, without somebody being able to look into it, if need be. Disclaimer: This is the opinion of someone who knows next to nothing about this subject

  63. Vinod Reddy

    Vinod Reddy7 hours ago

    Trump2024 we will come back 🙏

  64. bmick

    bmick7 hours ago

    I know more leftist boogaloo boys than right wing boogaloos

  65. IcemanJuice

    IcemanJuice7 hours ago

    In a way we all lost a year of our lives because of Covid-19

  66. Daniel Che

    Daniel Che7 hours ago

    umm but she literally said she cracked her skull...? so half of these could just be because of a bad concussion

  67. Purn P

    Purn P7 hours ago

    Wow seriously vice? You really don't fact check anything anymore do you?

  68. Mpembe B

    Mpembe B7 hours ago

    Nice try Vice News. That's not a Trump supporter.

  69. Henry Aleman

    Henry Aleman7 hours ago

    Bee swarm simulator owner after watching this video:okay bees we going to war

  70. Timmy Ortego

    Timmy Ortego7 hours ago

    I'm seeing myself hahaha.

  71. theupgradedApe

    theupgradedApe7 hours ago

    This was actually quite surprising. Gave me a little bit of hope for the world.

  72. wifi961

    wifi9617 hours ago

    Looks like vice couldn’t pick and choose this time.

  73. lonbites

    lonbites7 hours ago

    As a Vietnamese American born and raised here. In 2021 people don't realize the guy who you guys voted for....BIDEN is literally in bed with China...Have fun with your rights and freedom go away slowly like it already is...Enjoy the CCP. Biden is already going after the 2nd amendment... Such sheep's you guys are.

  74. Matt Lell

    Matt Lell7 hours ago



    I can't believe white ppl idolized this puppet

  76. Tyler Crone

    Tyler Crone7 hours ago

    Wow now that's Trump's gone you guys actually report an interview with a normally intelligent Trump supporter instead of one of these qanon idiots and the only reason why is because he was the only one there this is actually hilarious in the type of way that makes you breakout balling in tears. We've been here I actually support impeachment for the riots so that he could not run again

  77. Rosetastic B.

    Rosetastic B.7 hours ago

    This is such a narrowed interview and skewed against charter schools. What’s going on in Michigan is horrible but it isn’t like that everywhere. My son goes to a charter school in Alaska and they have the same funding as all the schools surrounding. There are 2 teachers to 15 students and every aspect of his education is individualized. He has excelled and I couldn’t be happier with my decision.