Dream Shorts
  1. ItsJustPiwoah!

    ItsJustPiwoah!54 minutes ago

    Keeping up with the Dream Team 👊😔

  2. freaking ayna

    freaking ayna55 minutes ago

    YOU FORGOT THE CARROTS U DONUT -phrase that gordon ramsays says

  3. thecoolplayer541

    thecoolplayer54156 minutes ago

    Plot twist: Dream wanted to pay 14$ for the pizza

  4. Ana Elita Pedralino Eça Santana

    Ana Elita Pedralino Eça Santana59 minutes ago

    Bad Probaly Had Fun Makin That Voice

  5. Abby

    AbbyHour ago


  6. Jose Manuel Luizaga Manga

    Jose Manuel Luizaga MangaHour ago

    is this supposed to be the ofice?

  7. Some1__

    Some1__Hour ago

    Ladies and gentlemen that’s how you get free pizza

  8. ludos

    ludosHour ago

    D D /

  9. nur damia damia AA

    nur damia damia AAHour ago

    "du du du du du du dream~~"

  10. Dejan Rajsic

    Dejan RajsicHour ago

    Dream can't cook because he have face on stomach

  11. Geon George

    Geon GeorgeHour ago

    With 9 video u got 800k subscribers

  12. Mando811

    Mando811Hour ago

    When the ad is longer then the video itself:

  13. yueyun hu

    yueyun huHour ago


  14. Lauren

    LaurenHour ago

    More like shapeblind

  15. Don Poto

    Don PotoHour ago

    So this is what a school shooting looks like in harry poter

  16. Tiago Sequeira

    Tiago SequeiraHour ago

    do part 2 BUT 10 MINUTES

  17. Lendi Piano Covers

    Lendi Piano CoversHour ago

    I love this channel.


    DARK PLAYERHour ago


  19. L30 Games

    L30 GamesHour ago

    George eats bads chicken dies

  20. B0RGZZ_ !!

    B0RGZZ_ !!Hour ago


  21. justanonion

    justanonionHour ago

    George and Sapnap in the background doe..

  22. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiHour ago

    Wasn't actual line "No, I am your father." Instead of "Luke, I an your father." ?

  23. GhostPig76

    GhostPig76Hour ago

    At the end, sapnap just wanted to be included

  24. r i p cat yes my sure

    r i p cat yes my sureHour ago


  25. Lana Malfoy

    Lana MalfoyHour ago


  26. p5a_

    p5a_Hour ago

    everyone: "- subb u'on" george: " - sub button"

  27. JL d Waffles

    JL d WafflesHour ago

    I was drinking when i saw this

  28. Aleph_ Zero

    Aleph_ ZeroHour ago

    "george why did you die?" "It's not my fault that I'm colorblind"

  29. Colorful Crayons

    Colorful CrayonsHour ago

    Badboyhalo please cook me some chicken 😋🍗

  30. Anthony Sciarrotta

    Anthony SciarrottaHour ago

    Bad: "Cooked chicken" Gnf: "Why-" *dies*

  31. christopher6173

    christopher6173Hour ago

    BBH: With great power comes great responsibility. Sapnap: I make things go BOOM!!

  32. Amber Trogner

    Amber TrognerHour ago

    Is George really color blind

  33. Jhe Hdbeb

    Jhe HdbebHour ago

    I would watch this

  34. JL d Waffles

    JL d WafflesHour ago

    When you’re flash

  35. This Is My Name Idk

    This Is My Name IdkHour ago

    George was Gordon bc he's British wasnt he

  36. Nils Reinton

    Nils ReintonHour ago

    wtf is this bruh

  37. Greed

    GreedHour ago

    Georgeon Ramsay

  38. froggo _

    froggo _Hour ago

    The real question is how he knows what Sapnap sat on top of it tastes like...

  39. Luna Cipher

    Luna CipherHour ago

    Someone put the link for this in the comments for a random video there name was right they do send people random links

  40. The meme of the decade

    The meme of the decadeHour ago

    Sapnap has such good voice acting

  41. Mr. Nacho YT

    Mr. Nacho YTHour ago

    I like this video

  42. Boiboi 47

    Boiboi 47Hour ago

    I like how dream can’t pronounce the letter ‘t’

  43. CTS-10

    CTS-10Hour ago

    Dream’s “Friend”


    CHARLIX RAEHour ago


  45. Clummpy Lemming

    Clummpy LemmingHour ago

    Guys I’m dying this is so funny 😐

  46. Juan Antonio Santos

    Juan Antonio SantosHour ago

    Sapnap and dream reaction like nothing else happened

  47. vellicxrr

    vellicxrrHour ago

    I came here form a link-

  48. Hazim Qassim

    Hazim QassimHour ago

    Well , tbh bbh should've cooked a muffin

  49. Ingela Dohber

    Ingela DohberHour ago

    Sapnap a george or is it george? OK they are stalking dream/bad😂

  50. StubbledLeafO2

    StubbledLeafO2Hour ago

    How tf is this meant to be good or funny?

  51. dr manish bhandari

    dr manish bhandariHour ago

    gordon ramsay is an indian dish

  52. WolfieTho

    WolfieThoHour ago

    Alt title : George Ramsay

  53. Hazim Qassim

    Hazim QassimHour ago

    George irl : murdurs someone Also george in court to judge: im color blind




  55. TripWasTakenツ

    TripWasTakenツHour ago


  56. _A_k_e_m_i_

    _A_k_e_m_i_Hour ago

    Dream *""""""Friend""""""""*

  57. Ashantia

    AshantiaHour ago

    is it bad that i have never seen star wars but instead of watching the original i wanna watch this?

  58. h

    hHour ago

    R E T U R N T O S E N D E R

  59. Palmer Donnan

    Palmer DonnanHour ago

    Hahahaha hahahahaha why am I laughing

  60. Knight's son

    Knight's sonHour ago


  61. Nicola Peen

    Nicola PeenHour ago

    Where’s the Bread sauce?!

  62. Cookies

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  63. Fundal

    FundalHour ago

    My version but friendly

  64. Peter Gregson

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  65. baguetteboiharis

    baguetteboiharisHour ago

    I guess the chicken wasn't good enough

  66. noah jacobs

    noah jacobsHour ago

    The lovely bracket radiologically fire because plaster thankfully accept a a delicious surprise. cruel, languid barbara

  67. • The One Named Andrea •

    • The One Named Andrea •2 hours ago

    Plot twist: BadBoyHalo was actually the one who acted as Mad-Eye Moody

  68. narendra gaur

    narendra gaur2 hours ago

    With great power comes great DESTRUCTION.....

  69. Vengt

    Vengt2 hours ago

    This should be a series maybe

  70. Hacking Guest

    Hacking Guest2 hours ago


  71. OrFenn Schuller

    OrFenn Schuller2 hours ago

    Luke: you killed my father Vader: No I am your father Luke; no Vader: i also made c3po. Luke :noo!! Vader: Also Leia is your twin Luke: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  72. souhardyaa mukherjee

    souhardyaa mukherjee2 hours ago

    bbh: pew dream: oh yeah its big brain time

  73. Nolan Williams

    Nolan Williams2 hours ago

    Omg Sapnap.

  74. Yellow Marker

    Yellow Marker2 hours ago

    “42nd on trending” I’ve won, but at what cost?

  75. ILoveSalt

    ILoveSalt2 hours ago

    This is like mobile ads

  76. Hacking Guest

    Hacking Guest2 hours ago

    Oh God he's dead

  77. Sam Razo

    Sam Razo2 hours ago

    You mean George-on Ramsay? pfft

  78. Mrs. Pixel Floop

    Mrs. Pixel Floop2 hours ago

    Me as a dream and Harry Potter fan be like: *ÆÆĀÄÆÀÆÆÆÆÆH*

  79. Ice HD

    Ice HD2 hours ago

    I like how the shorts are cringey but i watch them anyways

  80. Passixnate

    Passixnate2 hours ago

    Next time use cooked chicken to defeat george in the next man hunt ig