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  1. Bruce Whitaker

    Bruce Whitaker4 hours ago

    Dear Hulu: Please do not ruin this show. The end.

  2. PoeticBurrito

    PoeticBurrito5 hours ago

    Bonnie Murphy 🤤

  3. Connor McMahon

    Connor McMahon6 hours ago


  4. doliio volay

    doliio volay7 hours ago

    Happy Rosie is back. Loved her character. Also, Katy, Bonnie and Rosie walking in like gangsters is something I 100% need in my life.

  5. Chewbaccacabra

    Chewbaccacabra9 hours ago

    Bonnie McMurray...

  6. MagicMan CM

    MagicMan CM10 hours ago


  7. Boomer85 !

    Boomer85 !11 hours ago

    Best opening scene would be Wayne in court and knows the judge and it’s a “Howr ya now your honor”

  8. Golf Nut

    Golf Nut12 hours ago

    Bonnie McMurray..............

  9. N8

    N813 hours ago


  10. Darion Yuen-Monson

    Darion Yuen-Monson13 hours ago

    Yes Christmas day! Only bad thing is that imma binge watch it then im SOL

  11. Randy McDonald

    Randy McDonald14 hours ago


  12. Brandon Maverick

    Brandon Maverick15 hours ago


  13. Kurijomo Zul'Jin

    Kurijomo Zul'Jin17 hours ago

    they couldn't have chosen a more annoying song to play over it all though.

  14. Larry McCandless

    Larry McCandless18 hours ago

    Bonnie McMurry.... *sigh*

  15. Eric Pederson

    Eric Pederson18 hours ago

    Probably the best present I'll get this year and I am very grateful for it.

  16. Fievel Mousekewitz

    Fievel Mousekewitz18 hours ago


  17. laskin riubn

    laskin riubn19 hours ago

    will be refreshing my Hulu app at Midnight on the 25th.

  18. Phil_Beavers

    Phil_Beavers19 hours ago

    I just wish it said: "NOW" a Crave Series...cuz` them hoes didn't originalizeate shit!!

  19. SeeK

    SeeK19 hours ago

    I’m fucking AAAAAAMPED

  20. Pug Noises

    Pug Noises19 hours ago

    Ahhh yesss my fav show is coming back ❤️

  21. Stargazer80able

    Stargazer80able20 hours ago

    Internal humor is good humor.... WTF is this? LOL

  22. Chris Mitchell

    Chris Mitchell21 hour ago

    YES!!! Wonder Woman and letterkenny!! Merry Christmas to me. Colored giddy

  23. Christopher Morrissey

    Christopher Morrissey22 hours ago

    i suggest you let that one marinate

  24. Jacob F. Keller

    Jacob F. Keller22 hours ago

    You know what, I'm really happy for Wayne. Good for you, buddy.

  25. Eric Clarke

    Eric Clarke22 hours ago

    Tanis is best girl!

  26. Alex Cordisco

    Alex CordiscoDay ago This is the song if anyone was curious! #BANGER

  27. James Stephenson

    James StephensonDay ago

    Gonna be a super soft Christmas this year, boys.

  28. klompsauce

    klompsauceDay ago

    Miscegenation is wrong, wonder how many Jews are on the production team for the show

  29. ReinVa

    ReinVaDay ago

    Just came here to listen to katie's yes yes yes yessss

  30. Alec Mcgarry

    Alec McgarryDay ago

    To Bonnie McMurray: Marry me.

  31. Stroud Rollyat

    Stroud RollyatDay ago

    Holy fuck boys, the 25th day... better stay hydrated, keep some trailmix close

  32. Jeremy Kimble

    Jeremy KimbleDay ago

    How’s everyone’s super soft quarantine?

  33. cqvio doli

    cqvio doliDay ago


  34. Kris de Valle

    Kris de ValleDay ago

    oh shit

  35. Gary Beard

    Gary BeardDay ago


  36. Johnny Hammersticks

    Johnny HammersticksDay ago

    Man, the letterkenny girls are smoke shows. I wouldn't kick any of the out of bed. Except Gail.....she is hilarious but frightening. One of her best lines to the McMurrays was "my safe word is *wheeze*" 😄🤣

  37. manny t

    manny tDay ago

    Best Christmas EVER BOYS !!

  38. Kris

    KrisDay ago

    Uhhhh... same day Hulu? Same. Day. HULU?!! Americans need to know! EDIT: I hear a rumor of next day Hulu. More than fair.

  39. Lizzie Cuccia

    Lizzie CucciaDay ago

    Ah, the beginning of one of my all-time favorite shows. Can't stop looping this cold open tbh

  40. Roger Rainville

    Roger RainvilleDay ago

    Wayne knows about that black girl magic...

  41. Melodie Ladner

    Melodie LadnerDay ago

    Fucking YES. AND Mrs. MacMurray's back!

  42. JessePoops 2Much

    JessePoops 2MuchDay ago

    Looks like we've got another 12 scenes of katy walking in slow motion while music plays loud enough to wake my roommate...

  43. Josh Howden

    Josh HowdenDay ago

    Happiness just went up

  44. Max McKinley

    Max McKinleyDay ago

    Merry fuckin' Christmas, eh?

  45. Tyler Tipke

    Tyler TipkeDay ago

    Wtf is crave?!

  46. dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotooDay ago

    will be refreshing my Hulu app at Midnight on the 25th.

  47. Patrick Dunn

    Patrick DunnDay ago

    LetterKenny > the office

  48. randall77

    randall77Day ago

    This is going to be the softest birthday party that Jesus has ever had.

  49. Frost Soul7755

    Frost Soul7755Day ago

    squirrley dan venture bros ??? I am impressed

  50. gonetoedge s

    gonetoedge sDay ago

    To be fairrrrrrrrrr

  51. IvanTheTerrible

    IvanTheTerribleDay ago

    Holy cow i have been waiting for this moment for like since season 8

  52. K W

    K WDay ago

    Ahhhh Bonnie McMurray

  53. Mark Lattomus

    Mark LattomusDay ago

    When does it go on Hulu

  54. Vittorio Dominguez

    Vittorio DominguezDay ago

  55. Aaron Bolanos

    Aaron BolanosDay ago

    _they're part native all the way_

  56. Peter Crow

    Peter CrowDay ago

    No Mary-Anne and Betty-Anne...Crave likes to compete under a handicap.

  57. The Original Chefboyoboy

    The Original ChefboyoboyDay ago

    it's tradition...

  58. Helen Tretyakova

    Helen TretyakovaDay ago

    I reallys appreciates this news of a news seasons! Best show ever!!!

  59. coogs

    coogsDay ago


  60. IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought

    IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthoughtDay ago

    Okay, I see a t shirt merch prostitution gig: Ass wash pushups, ask me why you phucking homophobe.

  61. stand_alone_complex

    stand_alone_complexDay ago


  62. jennti

    jenntiDay ago

    I, to the fuckin’.... Love Christmas!!

  63. TheMastergoober

    TheMastergooberDay ago

    Anyone else notice Anik there towards the end? 🤔

  64. Benjamin Gierisch

    Benjamin GierischDay ago

    Oh my goodness BONNIE MCMURRAY

  65. no thanks

    no thanksDay ago

    Ya wanna know what!? Kind of surprised we’re not watching season nine right now.. (queue theme song) 🎶

  66. TripAClaymore

    TripAClaymoreDay ago

    Bonnie McMurray

  67. Fedor Armijo

    Fedor ArmijoDay ago


  68. Jacob Carson

    Jacob CarsonDay ago

    Bonnie mcmurray

  69. Vernon Wainohu

    Vernon WainohuDay ago

    And people say Santa isn’t real!

  70. EatNunBrains

    EatNunBrainsDay ago

    I need the song name

  71. Justin PG

    Justin PGDay ago

    Yes sir!

  72. Chronicdiscord de Lazy

    Chronicdiscord de LazyDay ago

    Letterkenny needs not but two things to be a next level show, first, actual music, and second, more episodes a season.

  73. Jordan Soto

    Jordan SotoDay ago


  74. Nikos O'Kimosh

    Nikos O'KimoshDay ago

    In concerned by the lack of Tanis!

  75. Tetsu Hatano

    Tetsu HatanoDay ago

    So did they or did they not murder that guy?

  76. Blarg Blarg

    Blarg BlargDay ago

    I didn’t see tanis once.

  77. Bo Bauer

    Bo BauerDay ago

    Oh thank god!

  78. misolou fout

    misolou fout2 days ago

    Happy Rosie is back. Loved her character. Also, Katy, Bonnie and Rosie walking in like gangsters is something I 100% need in my life.

  79. Mike Justice

    Mike Justice2 days ago

    I watched this for like 4 seasons before I realized who did Shoresy's voice....