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  1. Kevin Lerfand Fabiand Lumban Tobing

    Kevin Lerfand Fabiand Lumban Tobing7 hours ago

    Netflix:this is could be my fate Disney +: how powerful i can be Star wars:Yes

  2. JAKAKA Channel

    JAKAKA Channel7 hours ago

    Please Disney do not destroy this like the sequels

  3. Navneeth MR

    Navneeth MR7 hours ago

    Sounds like Mangalorean

  4. Jason Tapia

    Jason Tapia7 hours ago

    5 more days “this is the way”

  5. Sagittarius Cloudplague

    Sagittarius Cloudplague7 hours ago

    33:02 :D

  6. Jay Visana

    Jay Visana7 hours ago

    2020 says hello there.


    CJLAKE8 hours ago

    Ahhhh I liked how he played the nice, good guy, who didn’t swear in the movies 😣😣😣😭😭

  8. Carlos Caravantes

    Carlos Caravantes8 hours ago

    I don’t want to hear any more about the sequel trilogy

  9. Laughy sapphy

    Laughy sapphy8 hours ago

    Mom she’s watching it again

  10. NightFuryFan150

    NightFuryFan1508 hours ago

    Imagine seeing this in theaters back in early 2005 and being like: "I figured out every twist and turn already, they showed the whole movie."

  11. Manoj Varghese

    Manoj Varghese8 hours ago

    Who else thought this trailer was better than the season 2 trailer?

  12. Jackanimations

    Jackanimations8 hours ago

    At first I thought Finn was going to be the first black Star Wars main character

  13. Neutral As Switzerland

    Neutral As Switzerland9 hours ago

    Now one of him as the joker

  14. Mike Allen

    Mike Allen9 hours ago


  15. Jake Staffin

    Jake Staffin9 hours ago

    Such a great trailer for such a great movie, but gives away SO MUCH.

  16. Kingdom of Gamers

    Kingdom of Gamers9 hours ago

    That last shot looks like Sullust!!!

  17. cole show

    cole show10 hours ago

    Who's shocked!? Bring it on!

  18. Alejandro G. Avinante Jr.

    Alejandro G. Avinante Jr.10 hours ago


  19. Logical Dude

    Logical Dude11 hours ago

    You can’t trust Star Wars in the hands of Disney. It needs to be in the hands of Star Wars fans and people who really understand the mythology that George Lucas based the entire story from. There’s still some Disney goofiness and stuff I don’t like in The Mandalorian, but my god is it a million times better than anything else they’ve put out other than Rogue One (which was pretty good).

  20. N P

    N P11 hours ago

    Me in 2014: Oh boy, a new Star Wars trilogy for the first time in ten years! I’m sure the fanbase will love it. Me in 2020: This thought hasn’t aged well.

  21. James B

    James B11 hours ago

    Ah yes, real Star Wars. Not the Disney rubbish.

  22. Gem 800

    Gem 80011 hours ago

    inside edition

  23. 1jurassic world fan 1 jurassic Park fan

    1jurassic world fan 1 jurassic Park fan11 hours ago

    No this is the child's first words will be is This is the way!

  24. Falcon

    Falcon11 hours ago

    What episode?

  25. Noodles Chalepah

    Noodles Chalepah11 hours ago

    So be it jedi.

  26. Kyle A

    Kyle A11 hours ago

    Why are they doing a author medieval knight idea of the round table when Star Wars is very set up in manga format. George Lucius was looking into Anime styles before Disney bought it and I feel like Disney is ignoring a stronger story option

  27. Ultraspire X

    Ultraspire X11 hours ago


  28. Kimo Martine

    Kimo Martine12 hours ago

    I love princesse leia

  29. Soren Stark chessa

    Soren Stark chessa12 hours ago

    I would like this music please

  30. iZoomz

    iZoomz12 hours ago

    Kal Kestis in season 2? Ashoka

  31. LordIce

    LordIce12 hours ago

    You're here because youtube recommended it for no reason AND YOU KNOW IT!

  32. Nicolas Barte

    Nicolas Barte12 hours ago

    4 years ago 😍... 😛 and now we have seen the s7 and can’t wait to see Ahsoka in The Mandalorian S2 😍

  33. EvilCaskey Channel

    EvilCaskey Channel12 hours ago

    I'm no fan of star wars but this series is amazing

  34. Estella Borden

    Estella Borden12 hours ago

    hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe heeeeehe the only noise I ever make when I watch awesome trailers

  35. Phoebe Witt

    Phoebe Witt12 hours ago

    ugh wheres ahsoka 💔

  36. Michael Gibb

    Michael Gibb12 hours ago

    Four days to go. 😎

  37. NIK

    NIK13 hours ago

    This is the way

  38. Telamont Tanthul

    Telamont Tanthul13 hours ago

    Remember in the first season when he said "I need to get one of those" (referring to the jet packs)? Well, looks like he finally got one.

  39. Raindrops _

    Raindrops _13 hours ago

    (ray mak is typing)

  40. elitesoldier501

    elitesoldier50113 hours ago

    So good that all of Ewan and Hayden’s hard work and dedication to the fight really paid off. Their commitment is truly what made Obi-Wan vs Anakin one of the best Star Wars fights and overall best movie battles of all time

  41. InGen_Nate_Kenny

    InGen_Nate_Kenny14 hours ago

    Watching it months after it I love it. Great finale.

  42. DD Yodaman

    DD Yodaman14 hours ago

    Great series!!!

  43. Stephens Bernard

    Stephens Bernard14 hours ago

    city girls

  44. Loser liam

    Loser liam15 hours ago

    Can you guys maybe do a bit better in the writing process this time?

  45. Jake JJ

    Jake JJ15 hours ago

    I am a Time traveler from the year 2070

  46. The Most Unlucky

    The Most Unlucky15 hours ago

    Where i go, he goes.

  47. X D

    X D15 hours ago

    For me the female Jedi was complete disaster. I can't fit Rey as a great soldier (in star wars). I think that film could be better with male character.

  48. JustAStar on Blox

    JustAStar on Blox15 hours ago

    Asoka is back

  49. Andrew Maskal

    Andrew Maskal15 hours ago

    Is there only one season coming

  50. Sasha Meow

    Sasha Meow15 hours ago

    show meh the baby i vant to see da baby

  51. Jar Jar Bunks

    Jar Jar Bunks15 hours ago

    Just put me in the series already

  52. Sasha Meow

    Sasha Meow15 hours ago

    i'm hype your hype we are hype hype all aboard the hype train this is the way.

  53. Contraband Gaming

    Contraband Gaming16 hours ago

    Yes why do the old republic which everyone wants when instead we could do something that literally NOBODY wants.

  54. Валве Дно

    Валве Дно16 hours ago


  55. Da King

    Da King16 hours ago

    Hey Disney like what you doing can we get some old republic too ?

  56. TellCarti

    TellCarti16 hours ago


  57. SMAGT 315

    SMAGT 31516 hours ago

    Am I the only one who loved the sequel trilogy, it’s my favorite sequel because, one it was part of my childhood, two Force Awakens is my favorite Star Wars movie.

  58. The Cookie

    The Cookie17 hours ago

    Whoever made this trailer needs a huge promotion.

  59. Nissa

    Nissa17 hours ago

    It would be one episode by week ? or all episode in one day like Netflix ?

  60. super gabelou

    super gabelou17 hours ago


  61. Hugespuge123

    Hugespuge12317 hours ago

    Like yo cut g

  62. The fox in the sky

    The fox in the sky17 hours ago

    I love this tribute because it just represents so much Leia. She was never a sentimental princess, she was strong and confident until the end. And this video represents that so well. It's not the kind of tribute that's sad and sentimental, it's happy and funny because that's how we gotta remember her. Rest in peace your majesty.

  63. Thelonius

    Thelonius17 hours ago


  64. Zolly

    Zolly18 hours ago

    Spoiler :The military mind is back

  65. Frank Da Tank

    Frank Da Tank18 hours ago

    Why are they showing this when they should be showing season 3 already

  66. Iziak Martinez

    Iziak Martinez18 hours ago

    Who had to rewatch season 1 just so you can be prepared for season 2

  67. cerooscuas

    cerooscuas19 hours ago

    0:50 better not be ahsoka.

  68. Wanda

    Wanda19 hours ago

    watching these for the first time after binging the series is weird bc it feels like they spoiled so much

  69. Arooj Kazmi

    Arooj Kazmi19 hours ago

    1:05 oh boy Mark hamill 2015

  70. Crry Dez

    Crry Dez19 hours ago

    if your gonna delete that then delete luke yeeting his saber

  71. Noah Holtz

    Noah Holtz19 hours ago

    Spoiled the entire movie, this trailer has.

  72. Connor Pendlebury

    Connor Pendlebury19 hours ago

    Watched all 9 films from Episode 1 to this from May 23rd to May 31st and had a blast! It was during my time watching the entire Clone Wars series - seasons 1-7 - for the first time though, but still... Can't wait for Lego Skywalker Saga!

  73. BlackNoir

    BlackNoir19 hours ago

    I just love the "clients" accent

  74. mikex1011

    mikex101119 hours ago

    Do you know the way.

  75. Juve Virbes

    Juve Virbes20 hours ago

    Where is Andi Gutierrez?

  76. ÆøNMike

    ÆøNMike20 hours ago

    Can’t believe this game came out like 7 years ago. This game was one of the biggest grinds ever to get 3 stars on each level. Back when things were simpler.

  77. KelRylo

    KelRylo20 hours ago

    Can I like this twice?

  78. jerska87

    jerska8721 hour ago

    this is truly the way

  79. Stinky Pig Plays

    Stinky Pig Plays21 hour ago

    “I have a bad feeling about this”

  80. Eli Sanderson

    Eli Sanderson22 hours ago

    Season 1 is to let em know what’s up, season 2 is to set the bar, and season 3 is to blow everyone away