The Grand Tour
The Grand Tour
The Grand Tour

An Amazon original motoring series with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

The Grand Tour: A Quiz
  1. James whodat Moore

    James whodat Moore52 minutes ago

    Hope to see season 5 in maybe 2 years

  2. Martyr Machine

    Martyr MachineHour ago

    That girl is beautiful!

  3. Daniel Knight 17

    Daniel Knight 172 hours ago

    How many episode of grand tour

  4. Barry Linkiewich

    Barry Linkiewich2 hours ago

    No one wants to talk about all that blue smoke coming out of the Pantera.... either robbers are vaping more these days or that poor car is hurt and crying out for help.

  5. The King Of Gaming II

    The King Of Gaming II3 hours ago

    What episode is this?

  6. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama4 hours ago

    Amazon shit car show. Tee hee

  7. Армен Маргарян

    Армен Маргарян5 hours ago

    Хоть что-то хорошее в этом году.

  8. ŤhęĞãmîñğ Bøömęř

    ŤhęĞãmîñğ Bøömęř5 hours ago

    0:53 me every match of cod

  9. Dany Mansour

    Dany Mansour5 hours ago

    You can hear the worry in clarkson's voice

  10. Thomas Adams

    Thomas Adams6 hours ago

    Good luck maintain it all 💁🏼

  11. nahom dereje

    nahom dereje7 hours ago

    About God damn time!!!!!

  12. Name Loading

    Name Loading7 hours ago

    Meanwhile in the UK it takes 5 years to upgrade the M1 motorway

  13. Tornike Chkhikvadze

    Tornike Chkhikvadze9 hours ago

    keep going guys! :*****

  14. Bubba Bong

    Bubba Bong9 hours ago

    LOL WTF did I just watch?

  15. Chopin1995

    Chopin19959 hours ago

    I bet it was Jeremy's choice of music! And again a good choice!

  16. Leloko Seupi

    Leloko Seupi9 hours ago

    I hope its 10 hours long

  17. jam1966ful

    jam1966ful9 hours ago

    The fuck's happened to Clarkson. He's spread out behind the wheel looking like the love child of of Henry Kissinger and Tessie O'shea. They'll be having to build him specially sprung test cars if he gains much more. Is his sidekick still that dwarf who's the only motoring correspondent on the Planet who can't drive?

  18. ACorgiWithaCrown

    ACorgiWithaCrown9 hours ago

    I've been hearing about this thing for years but as far as i can tell its just been a DOD money pit thats going nowhere.

  19. huss1205

    huss120510 hours ago

    6 I think...

  20. Mad Megatron

    Mad Megatron10 hours ago

    hammond still cant drive for gods sake

  21. MolonyProductions

    MolonyProductions10 hours ago

    It's a good road network but it's a pity about them killing political prisoners for their organs to sell to the highest bidder on the black market.

  22. Anna Marie Smutná

    Anna Marie Smutná11 hours ago

    I still don't get why he had a car full of water. (I didn't see the episode.)

  23. tomgauntlestrange

    tomgauntlestrange11 hours ago

    it warned him not to turn the ignition off but he didn't listen.

  24. Alistar

    Alistar11 hours ago

    out of all season of top gear and grand tour i think this one is best

  25. Know More Know Less

    Know More Know Less12 hours ago

    One of my favourite special

  26. AlmostKentish

    AlmostKentish12 hours ago

    Did anyone else spot James petting the dog in the background at 2:05?

  27. Diamond Fatima

    Diamond Fatima13 hours ago

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  28. Mega Cheesyboi

    Mega Cheesyboi13 hours ago

    Clarkson looks too much like Jared Diamond in the thumbnail

  29. OlgasikPatrol

    OlgasikPatrol13 hours ago

    Когда уже ?

  30. Timmy limmy

    Timmy limmy14 hours ago

    I was expecting Richard being taken away in a air ambulance and his car down a hill

  31. WiFi gaming

    WiFi gaming15 hours ago

    I want to see but I don't have prime

  32. Zim

    Zim15 hours ago

    Год ждали!!!Амазон розродился!Ну лучше позно чем никогда!

  33. Aaron Thomas

    Aaron Thomas15 hours ago

    33,000 for your i3??? I payed 500 for my i9 and you used taxpayers money that’s just not worth it. Is it unlocked or locked?

  34. kcooga

    kcooga15 hours ago

    Everyone: OMG A NEW GRAND TOUR Video:(has 3.8 million views) Amazon:i’m gonna pretend like I didn’t say that

  35. Mahdi Astanei

    Mahdi Astanei16 hours ago

    come to iran

  36. fluide fluide

    fluide fluide16 hours ago

    It's almost like Christmas has come back !! It's all going tits up but we have the lights of our lives have returned.

  37. yeah no

    yeah no16 hours ago

    Is this from series 3 episode 6?

  38. Knot A salmon

    Knot A salmon17 hours ago

    That scared the shit out of me

  39. Sgt. Buck

    Sgt. Buck17 hours ago

    ce soir en bas

  40. Steve Keen

    Steve Keen17 hours ago

    "A massive hunt" bit harsh i think jeremy's a sound bloke

  41. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna17 hours ago

    And still i'd rather have the amg gt

  42. Jack The Lad

    Jack The Lad18 hours ago

    Makes Britain look ancient. The Queens ferry bridge took 6yrs to build at a cost of £1.35 billion and only 1.7 miles...what a joke 🤣 ...well done slow coach.. much use as a chocolate teapot.

  43. Andy Calarco

    Andy Calarco19 hours ago

    They got the best job in the world... FACT!!

  44. acousticreate

    acousticreate19 hours ago

    I love this, James has a good throw, remember the dildo incident 😅

  45. Peter Gregson

    Peter Gregson20 hours ago

    Launches on the last day of school

  46. Omer Mubashir

    Omer Mubashir20 hours ago


  47. Creation XY

    Creation XY20 hours ago

    Run for p****s

  48. Mr Man

    Mr Man21 hour ago

    It seems that the Fuckers of Fucking just voted to change their name next year because they got fed up of all the Fucking jokes. No sense of Fucking humour it seems.

  49. Mr Man

    Mr Man21 hour ago

    Sadly, from next year Fucking is no more because those Fucking Fuckers voted to change their name.

  50. kelvin simeros

    kelvin simeros21 hour ago

    finally! 😎😁

  51. Haunted Chronicles

    Haunted Chronicles21 hour ago

    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!

  52. Austin Cole

    Austin Cole22 hours ago

    Turned em into Trump haha

  53. minij hooi

    minij hooi23 hours ago

    "Omg! Omg! Holy shit!" I just took a lap around my living gf -"let me guess, you just saw the new GT commercial"...YESSS

  54. Alex Zarvis

    Alex ZarvisDay ago


  55. KCJbomberFTW

    KCJbomberFTWDay ago

    I don’t understand why anyone would get this instead of a GLC63s and a small house

  56. D Rod

    D RodDay ago

    Back in NYC we’re building fucking bike lanes so the yuppies can feel safe.

  57. ThePowerOfKSHMR

    ThePowerOfKSHMRDay ago

    Kommt Trump lasst uns die Amis ein Putin bisschen verwirren.

  58. David Resendes

    David ResendesDay ago

    Mates where is the rest of the review? Dammit already looking to see you chaps review this car and I have been looking everywhere and this ridiculous video is the only thing you got

  59. luke wade

    luke wadeDay ago

    Slovakia hasnt ever built 6000 mils since the country came into existance.

  60. Scott Wyatt

    Scott WyattDay ago

    The way they used tipp-ex for the teeth 😂😭

  61. Combo Fails

    Combo FailsDay ago

    Привіт Українцям 🇺🇦

  62. theodore Dow-man

    theodore Dow-manDay ago

    What is this, a commercial for a show that we still haven't seen?


    NOPE THANKSDay ago

    Im excited to 123movies this.

  64. Al Maurikan

    Al MaurikanDay ago

    They got themselves younger Vicki.. up to the same ol tricks.

  65. Koshy Koshy

    Koshy KoshyDay ago

    Why is these old chap talking more interesting than new top gear

  66. Jacob Olander

    Jacob OlanderDay ago

    Damn I hate the censoring of curse words. Stupid Amazon, BBC probably did t it too, I don’t remember, still annoying though.

  67. maria rossi

    maria rossiDay ago


  68. N Chekal

    N ChekalDay ago

    By far one of the best moments 😂😂😂

  69. Ivo Vasilev

    Ivo VasilevDay ago

    I thought this was about Amber Heard, but then I realized it was HUNT with an H. Viva Johnny Depp!!!

  70. Kacper Kuźma

    Kacper KuźmaDay ago

    Its the Best information in 2020

  71. muhittin samba

    muhittin sambaDay ago


  72. Bond Lav

    Bond LavDay ago

    Бентли танк украли идею у Кости Академика

  73. APM M

    APM MDay ago

    Jeremy throws like a girl 😆

  74. Vinnie Lee

    Vinnie LeeDay ago

    But isn’t the golf paid for by the bbc, whereby the bbc is funded by the British taxpayer ?

  75. Michael Tanghe

    Michael TangheDay ago

    There was Giorgi Tevzadze ...and now there's Abby.

  76. LordShitBird

    LordShitBirdDay ago

    this better be 11 hours long.

  77. Clain Wahyu Darmawan

    Clain Wahyu DarmawanDay ago

    Sem*n and now a massive *unt.. Well done good sir haha

  78. James Neave

    James NeaveDay ago

    Thing is it's easy to build stuff like this in China because it's empty. In the UK everything's already full, or owned privately, or immediately next to someone who doesn't want a new road or train line.

  79. Dopp3lGanger

    Dopp3lGangerDay ago

    Abbie did not use the indicator at all. Not. one. single. time. Perfect representation of terrible driving even if you are going "fast".

  80. Stefan de Jong

    Stefan de JongDay ago

    Update: Yesterday the village name got changed to Fugging because people kept stealing the town sign.