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  1. Billie Kennedy

    Billie Kennedy22 hours ago

    You really have the ability to read those cards. Thanks.👍

  2. Susan Rolstad

    Susan Rolstad22 hours ago

    Naw you are saying everything I've been thinking. Love how honest and thorough you are.

  3. Cathleen Blevins

    Cathleen Blevins22 hours ago

    The story is this Libra and her Virgo🤦‍♀️


    LIDIYA ARSOVA22 hours ago

    Beautiful ❤️

  5. Montoya Surles

    Montoya Surles22 hours ago

    It’s The Libra ,it’s good to know that I’m not the only Virgo with this deep connection with a Libra 🤦🏽‍♀️🙃😂

  6. Rebecca

    Rebecca22 hours ago

    Capricorn man manipulate me

  7. Ana.

    Ana.22 hours ago

    You are so right. I recently came to terms with the fact that me and this Scorpio won’t have that commitment that I’ve been wanting from him so I’m done. He blocked me out of nowhere last month and I finally returned the favor last week. I’ve decided to give someone else a chance and we’re taking things slow. We’ll see how this goes.

  8. Grace Rey

    Grace Rey22 hours ago

    The audacity of some people! Indeed! You do not have to to justify or explain yourself ❤️

  9. Billie Kennedy

    Billie Kennedy22 hours ago

    Boy you right on. Wow.

  10. Terry SOKOL

    Terry SOKOL22 hours ago

    Oof! Yessss, thank you 💖

  11. Stacy gilbert

    Stacy gilbert23 hours ago

    My DM has been in my life for 8 yrs. As soon as I decide to move on he comes back in. He needs to come correct. I'm not playing games anymore. I don't need him, I just want him, he is my twin flame. I'm open to new love.

  12. Ellure Cosmetics

    Ellure Cosmetics23 hours ago

    Virgo. spot on abt everything!

  13. elaine

    elaine23 hours ago

    13:29 ask the Universe if he's divorced yet?? lol

  14. Magda V

    Magda V23 hours ago


  15. Gabriela Canchola

    Gabriela Canchola23 hours ago

    Thanks for be honesty reader and you right ! I release this connection !! I’m ready for my future 🥰 Thanks 🙏🏽 Thanks 🙏🏽 Thanks 🙏🏽

  16. Ester

    Ester23 hours ago

    hes cancer🥺😒😑

  17. Gwen Lee

    Gwen Lee23 hours ago

    I am sorry you get people impersonating you. many readers have this problem. i find it absolutly weird that people wast their time doing such a thing. I don't think it is the way to making money on youtube. it maybe is just straight up harrasment? that sucks!!!

  18. Monika Reinhardt

    Monika Reinhardt23 hours ago


  19. Nadia Vallee

    Nadia Vallee23 hours ago

    Tell me about it Virgo sun and pieces rising.

  20. Jenny Odili

    Jenny Odili23 hours ago

    Ma'am you are good at this! I give it to you 💯% so so accurate,it sure does resonate with me and am dealing with a stubborn, pompous and arrogant Libra filled with ego

  21. Teresa Campbell

    Teresa Campbell23 hours ago

    Yes we get you your birthday is 3/3 my birthday is 3/13 to us🎁🥰sending lots of love and light your way.

  22. Sharon Jukes

    Sharon Jukes23 hours ago


  23. corinne schloop

    corinne schloop23 hours ago

    I am waiting for my virgo male I'm a Leo female

  24. maria ohman

    maria ohman23 hours ago


  25. Eric Woody

    Eric Woody23 hours ago

    im unemployed so things are not fine in my life. I dont have my Pisces girl jamia back in my life. Opposites attract.

  26. Anshika Akhoon

    Anshika Akhoon23 hours ago

    I have let him go, finally. 👍

  27. Renée van Milt

    Renée van Milt23 hours ago

    Thankyou ! Thankyou for your honesty, I am so grateful !

  28. Kaylee Sanchez

    Kaylee Sanchez23 hours ago

    they only want to communicate to make love lol

  29. Linda Lopez

    Linda Lopez23 hours ago

    Lol Girl you are sooo on point, sadly to say. I am a pisces sun Capricorn venus

  30. short stuff

    short stuff23 hours ago

    A so want to txt worried he won't come back yes pissed off but would take back love him so much

  31. Eric Woody

    Eric Woody23 hours ago

    there is no happiness.

  32. Fouzia waris

    Fouzia waris23 hours ago

    Ohky I'm waiting five weeks thank God protect my relationship Sagittarius wed's Aquoeris union 🤵🏻👰🤗

  33. La Nena Mela Anderson

    La Nena Mela Anderson23 hours ago

    Hes doing the same shit to the new gem that pisces did to me. Sad he hasnt changed, poor girl.

  34. Fouzia waris

    Fouzia waris23 hours ago

    I'm believe that my hubby futhcher long terms thanks dear have good news feed my relationship💞👩‍❤️‍👨

  35. Norma Aguirre-Boehm

    Norma Aguirre-Boehm23 hours ago

    Thank you 🙏

  36. Touch not blessed child

    Touch not blessed child23 hours ago

    Todays world is not about love! It's about making money❤Thnx!

  37. Sarah Lund

    Sarah Lund23 hours ago

    spot on! 10 march 😘

  38. Faryal Shabbir

    Faryal Shabbir23 hours ago

    Very accurate ❤

  39. Kaylee Sanchez

    Kaylee Sanchez23 hours ago

    them leo’s r no joke

  40. The6ix

    The6ix23 hours ago


  41. Tez Jacks

    Tez Jacks23 hours ago

    Fuck they feelings

  42. Jose Gutierrez

    Jose Gutierrez23 hours ago

    I just want my queen ♓ back 😔

  43. Maria Leonor Correia de Matos

    Maria Leonor Correia de MatosDay ago

    I am a Pisces sun and Virgo ascendant. ... Funny it came up ! 😀

  44. Javier Rangel

    Javier RangelDay ago

    I get you..thank you

  45. Quanika M

    Quanika MDay ago

    The link is not working. Was anyone else able to access it?

  46. Pri Phadte

    Pri PhadteDay ago

    True! He doesn't respect me thinking of walking away from him now.

  47. Sarah-Ann Marshman

    Sarah-Ann MarshmanDay ago

    Love love love your channel and your readings! 💜💜💜

  48. aleafalive

    aleafaliveDay ago

    4th march looks like im spending my bday alone :(

  49. Michael Gibson

    Michael GibsonDay ago

    Nothing is going good for me maybe it never will

  50. Erika Barbe

    Erika BarbeDay ago

    Claiming 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✨✨✨

  51. Maria Leonor Correia de Matos

    Maria Leonor Correia de MatosDay ago

    You are so gifted ! Thank you. Blessings 🙏

  52. Mehkkk

    MehkkkDay ago

    Pisces season's here ♓✨ A very happy birthday to all my beautiful Pisces mates out there🤍 You guys are the purest and have the best heart in this world 💖 May y'all have a great year ahead😚

  53. patti mcnab

    patti mcnabDay ago

    ❤️❤️Thank you ...always.

  54. Eva Arango

    Eva ArangoDay ago

    Girl I love you. You said exactly what I am going through. I swear I said it today that he doesn't respect me. Went through one ear and out his ass

  55. Lori King

    Lori KingDay ago

    I have pisces in Venus and my son is a pisces with a bday on Friday 2/26. My sun sign is Capricorn. I'm definitely transitioning and having to walk away. Resonates so much!

  56. Sierra Yolanda

    Sierra YolandaDay ago


  57. Moeen Farhan

    Moeen FarhanDay ago


  58. K Rene Show

    K Rene ShowDay ago

    It looks like a lot of us are waiting on those Libras ♎ 🤣🙌🏾♍

  59. Laundered Entertainment

    Laundered EntertainmentDay ago

    🐚messages are always honest🐚

  60. Kevin O'brien

    Kevin O'brienDay ago

    I am waiting for my libra to come back to me, she's my angel😘

  61. Shea Holland

    Shea HollandDay ago

    I wouldn’t dare take that lying libra back🗣 he’s for the streets

  62. Ana Mendes

    Ana MendesDay ago

    I hope I love him so much

  63. Rosemary Lopes

    Rosemary LopesDay ago


  64. Ana Mendes

    Ana MendesDay ago

    You are so so right omg




  66. Sammy Misaghian

    Sammy MisaghianDay ago

    I miss my Leo and I don’t know what he is thinking He is away currently for work But I always check in on him I hope he feels the same for me

  67. Tanishka <3

    Tanishka <3Day ago

    Omg this is so accurate ❤️

  68. Brian Wahab

    Brian WahabDay ago

    100 % my story. I'm moving away in search of my happiness.

  69. Pure Heart

    Pure HeartDay ago

    Waiting and waiting but now i need to stop because i need to live freely. I do have a lot of ups and downs because everytime I'm happy I have thoughts again and then i turn stressed again! Gemini Moon Shit.

  70. Todd Lawson

    Todd LawsonDay ago


  71. Todd Lawson

    Todd LawsonDay ago

    I'm a PISCES ♓♓♓✨✨✨ IM HERE TO SUPPORT U TO THE FULLEST!!! IM ON 3/11 ❤❤❤ all ya readings are enough for me!!! I appreciate it alot

  72. adele dave

    adele daveDay ago

    woah.... about the manifesting part... i've been doing exactly that regarding my crushhh

  73. Lynda Jackstadt

    Lynda JackstadtDay ago

    100 percent correct ❤ Thank you so much 💓

  74. Gloria Perez

    Gloria PerezDay ago

    Thank you 💫

  75. Brittany Leairra

    Brittany LeairraDay ago

    Pisces cross watcher, walking away from Virgo ..he keeps shutting down

  76. L.C-S

    L.C-SDay ago

    I'm piscies and virgo and leo. I am harboring resentment because my twinflame has been very mean. I know I love myself excetra excetra. But I need time to deal with a mental health issue, balance my Kundalini energy and release pain. I realize there is a man who is ready to be with me but I've not been ready. It takes time. Honestly, I am lonely but I'd rather be alone for a while.

  77. Jagrati Saxena

    Jagrati SaxenaDay ago

    Thank you!

  78. Hidden Flames

    Hidden FlamesDay ago

    6:19 on point👏👏

  79. Saurabh

    SaurabhDay ago

    Pisces.. but she is not coming!!

  80. Josie Gallegos

    Josie GallegosDay ago

    Beautiful readings alway. Blessing