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  1. {Mįd_Čhrįśt}

    {Mįd_Čhrįśt}Hour ago

    Isn’t there an age thing you need to be over or something before going into collage?

  2. Farheen Nizamani

    Farheen NizamaniHour ago

    Did anyone saw she was like all might i think

  3. Ayesha siddiqua

    Ayesha siddiquaHour ago

    I wish there was a story behind Coco too..🙃

  4. •L͎i͎t͎t͎l͎e͎ S͎o͎f͎t͎i͎e͎•

    •L͎i͎t͎t͎l͎e͎ S͎o͎f͎t͎i͎e͎•Hour ago

    2020: I ate a rocket and I became fire 2021: I started dating a chair and the chair and I got married! 2022: I drank the whole sea 2023: I died and came back to life!? 2024: I turned into a gacha life oc?! 2025: I'm on my period and I think I'm turning into a fish...

  5. Stop Master

    Stop MasterHour ago

    6:32 Pleas watch this

  6. Chalize

    ChalizeHour ago

    I'm sure that ur stunning and gorgeous and you know what they say pretty's on the inside and that girl is like a barbie doll pretty 9n the outside and empty,dark,ugly on the inside

  7. Crumble Nn

    Crumble NnHour ago

    The triplets are so cute and helpful

  8. Rakhi Saha

    Rakhi SahaHour ago

    Her house looks like shinchan one

  9. Jonae' Brown

    Jonae' BrownHour ago

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  10. Shariah Aber

    Shariah Aber2 hours ago

    Maybe you should take your sister to a mental hospital because she needs more help because she’s been talking to Katie I don’t know who the hell is Katie but where I really think she’s lost it what the heck

  11. Irene Carrillo

    Irene Carrillo2 hours ago

    I love it ❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Enter your username

    Enter your username2 hours ago

    when u see someone pretty be nice ur the problem if ur getting insecure and calling them rude things also complimenting isn't saying stuff like "i wish i looked like u" thats just pure jealousy

  13. Maryan Ahmed

    Maryan Ahmed2 hours ago

    Dear. Hapi😇🥰🥰💟

  14. Steve Playz Roblox Official Ph [スティーブ]

    Steve Playz Roblox Official Ph [スティーブ]2 hours ago

    Plot twist: the little girl came from attack on titan because her language looks like the attack on titan language they kill titans and I think he remembers it

  15. Sisi S

    Sisi S2 hours ago

    Pack it up annie

  16. Bella Martinez

    Bella Martinez2 hours ago

    🥰 Awww

  17. Stop Master

    Stop Master2 hours ago


  18. carington rainford

    carington rainford2 hours ago

    i love this

  19. Rebecca Page

    Rebecca Page2 hours ago

    My crush: Cheats on me (I haven't got a crush anyway) Me: Punches his gf in the face and throws crush in bin Me: You're dumped

  20. Phone Myint Myat

    Phone Myint Myat2 hours ago

    Well it’s not for single 😢



    14:13 yap i like it

  22. Gunel Sharif

    Gunel Sharif2 hours ago

    her backround is James lol

  23. TikToky

    TikToky2 hours ago

    why are the "ambers" always the mean ones in every movie??

  24. Jazmine Yarber-Blodgett

    Jazmine Yarber-Blodgett2 hours ago

    i Knew Jake was gay

  25. Rebecca Page

    Rebecca Page2 hours ago

    Thx for uploading this "My Story Animated" i always enjoy your vids thx so much i could say it 1mil times!!!!!!

  26. lonely trash boy thinks all

    lonely trash boy thinks all2 hours ago

    part 2?????

  27. cardfighter

    cardfighter2 hours ago

    Its like a movie but in real life

  28. Mariska Combs

    Mariska Combs2 hours ago

    God bless you🥰🥰😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇

  29. •little•mocha• frappuccino•TvT

    •little•mocha• frappuccino•TvT2 hours ago

    Weebs seeing the flag be like:👀 IS THAT THE WINGS OF FREEDOM if you don't know the wing of freedom then I'll tell you what it is It's an anime that is named attack on Titan aot for short and that flag from one of an group

  30. Siwib Bayhaque

    Siwib Bayhaque2 hours ago


  31. A lone Orange

    A lone Orange2 hours ago

    She: remembers how was she concieved Me: Hey do you know a thing, yesterday she-- Umm nvm I forgot 😅

  32. Shagufta Majeed

    Shagufta Majeed2 hours ago

    Umm I have questions... actually I have a lot of questions. Why didn't her dad didn't let her write a story? For example: Did she ever get her work published? Which books are her that his dad got published (any hints?)

  33. Sanuthi Weerasingha

    Sanuthi Weerasingha2 hours ago

    this is an amazing story

  34. Likivi Inagho

    Likivi Inagho2 hours ago

    Your mom is amazing😍 you're mom is just like my mom

  35. Ole Elias Dalvik

    Ole Elias Dalvik2 hours ago


  36. sophia mendoza

    sophia mendoza2 hours ago

    This story was really like Attack on titan

  37. Benoni Gebreyowhans

    Benoni Gebreyowhans2 hours ago


  38. UR UGLY

    UR UGLY2 hours ago

    12:04 FPS games be like when ur partner betrayed you

  39. Jenelle Fordyce

    Jenelle Fordyce2 hours ago

    i wish. the. had part 2

  40. manju rana

    manju rana2 hours ago

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz my story animated make part 2 plzzzzz It hurts

  41. Chalize

    Chalize2 hours ago

    Beautiful,crazy,frightening,amazing story and is it just me or does that lady sound like Beyonce when she talks

  42. Naufal Baihaqi

    Naufal Baihaqi2 hours ago


  43. Strawberry tv

    Strawberry tv2 hours ago


  44. Qwasiyah Nelms-Bullock

    Qwasiyah Nelms-Bullock2 hours ago

    On Aug. 6, 1941, 6-year-old Elaine Esposito went to the hospital for a routine appendectomy. She went under general anesthetic and never came out. Dubbed the "sleeping beauty," Esposito stayed in a coma for 37 years and 111 days before succumbing in 1978 - the longest-ever coma, according to Guinness World Records. That's the longest come tho?

  45. galaxy channel _galaxy.

    galaxy channel _galaxy.2 hours ago

    Oh shit

  46. junokentgaming03

    junokentgaming032 hours ago

    Even if I'm adopted by mom I'm still loved (She said)

  47. Jimmy Valentine

    Jimmy Valentine2 hours ago


  48. Adya Dubey

    Adya Dubey2 hours ago

    Banana without b is 🍍 😁

  49. Bontle Tseka

    Bontle Tseka2 hours ago

    I wish 😞

  50. Cynthia Githaiga

    Cynthia Githaiga2 hours ago

    i dont get it how are those her relatives

  51. Artsy Girl

    Artsy Girl2 hours ago

    "She came up to me and started making fun of my shirt." Me: BRUH AMBER YOU'RE WEARING THE SAME THING AS HER!

  52. Singkong Si Legit Kemanggisan

    Singkong Si Legit Kemanggisan2 hours ago


  53. Cosmic Cat

    Cosmic Cat2 hours ago

    Stop lying

  54. amber ting hao

    amber ting hao2 hours ago


  55. Diane

    Diane2 hours ago

    Why did Aaron look like he could be her sister I-

  56. CozyCroissant 2.0

    CozyCroissant 2.03 hours ago

    "wrong butterfly" bruh thats a crzy bee..aka jollibee

  57. scar Fnon60fps

    scar Fnon60fps3 hours ago

    How can you spend 1 billion

  58. Suada Cokaj

    Suada Cokaj3 hours ago

    I love your animated story I wish my dark story can be here❤️❤️😭😭👏👏

  59. ME MEMES

    ME MEMES3 hours ago

    The email was MOBESTER

  60. amber ting hao

    amber ting hao3 hours ago

    Me know this real yeah no clickbait

  61. Shanaia' Life

    Shanaia' Life3 hours ago

    Now i know why I'm dumb... I want my dads IQ bruh......

  62. Aarnavi Nayar

    Aarnavi Nayar3 hours ago

    This story is touching my heart strings

  63. Sumit Choudhury,MCA

    Sumit Choudhury,MCA3 hours ago

    Wait hold up u can get a pin if ur early............... Wha- Which dimension was I living in 🤨

  64. Kama Kamalam

    Kama Kamalam3 hours ago


  65. Sharmine samedara Lepon

    Sharmine samedara Lepon3 hours ago

    Hi ang cute ko bye 🙂😙

  66. anaxyz..

    anaxyz..3 hours ago

    0:25 0:47 "uuhh"😂

  67. Heathwood Players

    Heathwood Players3 hours ago

    why was there some coo music in the backround when this is a tragic story

  68. Krum Kirilov

    Krum Kirilov3 hours ago

    News! News! Read all about it! A mafia boss broke out of jail and killed a mother and her daughter. It's suspected that he had ties with them. Still not found.

  69. Hello Im Dogie

    Hello Im Dogie3 hours ago

    The title should be: my dad is accuatly alive but my mom have another wife

  70. Dorianne Sultana Lauria

    Dorianne Sultana Lauria3 hours ago

    I hate my boyfriend so much he literly broke up with me today i cryed so much but now i am over him . Stupid ex boyfriend . 😡😤🤬👿😾

  71. Cookie gaming

    Cookie gaming3 hours ago

    When she said harry potter themed I was like: we all know we can expect good thing from u

  72. Husna Noor

    Husna Noor3 hours ago


  73. Perla's Aesthetic Life

    Perla's Aesthetic Life3 hours ago

    she's a spoiled brat . PERIODTTTTT

  74. Junelyn Sapitula

    Junelyn Sapitula3 hours ago

    I'm so happy for the girl

  75. Shazia Tanveer

    Shazia Tanveer3 hours ago

    Why I am addicted to these stories.....duh❤️😂😂

  76. Jake.

    Jake.3 hours ago


  77. Dhanada Kalita

    Dhanada Kalita3 hours ago

    Super nice boyfriend

  78. Rinchhen Moktan Tamang

    Rinchhen Moktan Tamang3 hours ago

    STORY:it was raining ME:where is the roof of the car

  79. Gabby leong

    Gabby leong3 hours ago

    With the hardest math work the board: 1+1 :)

  80. Steve hi

    Steve hi3 hours ago

    I no in usa to china da kid go to her 1982871 bet am hes labot