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Ron Yates
Ron Yates

Hey Everyone - my name is Ron

I started this channel because I am beyond passionate about personal finance and building credit! I used to always worry about losing my job - I never felt secure.... I never felt like I had enough money to travel with my family or have nice things and go to nice restaurants.

One day I decided to make a change...

I have managed to 6X my income over the years and build multiple streams of income (dividends, e-commerce, small business, digital products, investments, etc). I never knew anyone to have multiple streams of income or to have passive income, so I had to figure it out on my own.

Over the years, eventually, I found alternative ways to generate income. In my pursuit for financial freedom, I have decided to help as many people as I can along the way.

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  1. Gloria Rodriguez

    Gloria Rodriguez3 minutes ago

    Hey Ron I a wake up good morning

  2. Reuben Morgan

    Reuben Morgan15 minutes ago

    You ain't say nothing about the SSI or SSDI 200 dollars that was supposed to be on the table in this last bill so what happened to the money LOL 🤪

  3. Geralyn Merrick

    Geralyn Merrick21 minute ago

    Maybe I will get it on my birthday the 25th of March. That would be a great birthday present.

  4. Danetta Owens

    Danetta Owens27 minutes ago

    No l will have to see it in the bank. And will that be?

  5. Johnnie Williams

    Johnnie Williams32 minutes ago

    Well did they pass the 200 extra dollars for people on SSI and everything else

  6. Demetris Robinson

    Demetris Robinson42 minutes ago

    Yes finally

  7. Janet Ooten

    Janet Ooten46 minutes ago

    Were do I text him at

  8. Gloria Harris

    Gloria Harris46 minutes ago

    Keep wearing them

  9. Janette Thomas

    Janette Thomas53 minutes ago

    What happened to the SSI Raise?

  10. Kathleen Rose

    Kathleen Rose59 minutes ago

    Mr. Yates! You are 100% Fabulous, as "The-Best" Informative Stimulus Update" Individual!!!! Very Well Spoken, your delivery of accumulated data, is thourough, and is easily understood, not to mention very well put ( love your 'political inuendos' of ' intent' to prompt action, towards progress, long awaited by Americans! ) & Hope Politicians are watching your video updates, also! Lol Have you previously been involved in politics, yourself? You certainly would have my vote, if you ever decide to, in the future! My Prayers to You & your Family, and of your continuance of your video updates!!! Love & Appreciate them, and Your professional deliverance, of them!

  11. Bobby Coley

    Bobby ColeyHour ago

    Child support?

  12. Dreamgoat

    DreamgoatHour ago

    Guess Ill have to take out another loan or if I get hired again. Seem like the games are back from last year made no difference who is elected as president.

  13. Jammer360 Jammer360

    Jammer360 Jammer360Hour ago

    Thank u Ron..such a great job..I dont message much but I watch u daily..u do a great jo..

  14. Sharon Streat

    Sharon StreatHour ago

    If we owe taxes will we get our stimulus check. I still have not gotten my second one.

  15. Linda RODGERS

    Linda RODGERSHour ago

    AMEN to you Ron and your family you are amazing to keep us updated with all this 💞💞

  16. Sevan Boehm

    Sevan BoehmHour ago

    We are sure hanging here hearing these House and the Senate talk while they stall and have us wait and wait in the long run... sure they send back to us taxpayers while we are stuck, but we thank you greatly Ron.

  17. Tanisha Naturalista

    Tanisha NaturalistaHour ago

    (GM)(JOHN 3:16)😇🏡

  18. Clara Bernard

    Clara BernardHour ago

    But I'm confused though... I'm married with one child so are we getting 3*1400 or just 2*1400 + the monthly for my child?? He's 8

  19. Christie Gross

    Christie GrossHour ago

    Get us the money that we have been hearing about now. You know we have been promised this for some time now, it isn't like we are billionaires or anything, got me!!!! I know that I am definitely not the only american person that feels this way!!!!

  20. Theresa Puckett

    Theresa PuckettHour ago

    Thank you Ron for the information on credit cards etc.

  21. Theresa Puckett

    Theresa PuckettHour ago

    At this point I'm just putting my trust in God. It's unbelievable that it is taking so long.

  22. Janell Brown

    Janell BrownHour ago


  23. terry peterson

    terry petersonHour ago

    @Ron Yates it just passed just letting you know thank you for all the updates

  24. Christine Gilfoy

    Christine GilfoyHour ago

    Why does it say 2000 +1400

  25. Lisa Caulder

    Lisa CaulderHour ago

    I love your shirt

  26. FDUB the Connoisseur

    FDUB the Connoisseur2 hours ago

    What about back child support and injured spouse. Form 8379

  27. Doris Williams

    Doris Williams2 hours ago

    Thanks you Ron!

  28. Kash Ryan

    Kash Ryan2 hours ago

    You're hanging out with me Ron LOL we're all blessed


    SHARON CROCKETT2 hours ago

    Yeah they're dragging there feet

  30. EliseandElijah Vlogs

    EliseandElijah Vlogs2 hours ago

    Surely love too know about SSDI please

  31. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez2 hours ago

    does it extend unemployment after my benefit year ends which is in april to sept


    SHARON CROCKETT2 hours ago

    Yeah you're cool

  33. john G.Sprague

    john G.Sprague2 hours ago

    Joe Manchin is a moderate Democrat. The problem is that he has difficulty voting with his party because the Dems have become so radically left, and their ideas are damaging and stupidly short sighted.

  34. Charles Cook

    Charles Cook2 hours ago

    If Trump was where he should be in the President’s seat we would already have the third check and he would be working on the 4th check

  35. Stephanie Blake

    Stephanie Blake2 hours ago

    I don't think that it should be raised at this time but I do believe that it need to be raised. Or they should only go after large business chains like Wal-Mart, Walgreens..... and so on.

  36. john G.Sprague

    john G.Sprague2 hours ago

    Well, that mess passed barely. It will have a very negative effect on the country. Wait and see. My next big concern is HR1. Nightmare!

  37. T R

    T R2 hours ago

    Question, is this $1400 every month until 6th sep or just one time only for March?

  38. Lelia Dorbat

    Lelia Dorbat2 hours ago

    Thanks Ron for your advice !!!!

  39. Jake Tisserand

    Jake Tisserand2 hours ago

    Ron this speech to text thing is a bit off, in the beginning of the video it says "1400 dollar cylinder checks"🤣😂

  40. Norma Austin

    Norma Austin2 hours ago

    Thank you for the updates Ron.

  41. Marilyn Bullock

    Marilyn Bullock2 hours ago

    Thank you Ron

  42. Soleil Filomena

    Soleil Filomena2 hours ago

    How do they care about the American People? 16 million people are left out!!! Did you hear where all the money is going? 1.9 trillion we get 1,400 really and the shut us down hellioooi

  43. Soleil Filomena

    Soleil Filomena2 hours ago

    What happened to the 2,000 The 600.00 was from Trump

  44. Linda Metelko

    Linda Metelko3 hours ago

    Now to the house then to the President

  45. BBRENDA franklin

    BBRENDA franklin3 hours ago

    Thank you very much God bless you

  46. Beauty B

    Beauty B3 hours ago

    1400$ how much for dependents?

  47. pollard43

    pollard433 hours ago

    Hey Ron I noticed you have the Silver You Tube Award what is the next level if there is a next level you deserve it keeping us up on the news for the checks and how to make money fun knowledge with matter just great ideals. you ask our opinion and not afraid to ask what is your comment or if we have any thing we want to know just ask Ron Thanks for keeping us up on the latest things. Oh even you try to make us laugh

  48. Rick Patton

    Rick Patton3 hours ago

    What about the $200 a month boost for Social Security recipients that Biden promised ?????

  49. Blow Tv

    Blow Tv3 hours ago

    Not long now ✊🏾

  50. Patty Hood

    Patty Hood3 hours ago

    I think politicians She Should loss her Job an live like all need help an she should not eat ice 🍨 that cuss lots of money an Chocolate cuss lot of money why rest of us is worry about eating an a place to live she should be a sham of her self an loss her Job

  51. Amanda Cleary

    Amanda Cleary3 hours ago

    I’m confused, the house votes first then senate. So if senate said yes why is it going back to house instead of Biden?

  52. Mr. Leavell

    Mr. Leavell3 hours ago

    We must be the controller of our situation.

  53. annie chu

    annie chu3 hours ago

    Thank you for your information

  54. Mr. Leavell

    Mr. Leavell3 hours ago

    Jesus or Yehshua hungout with sinners.

  55. Patty Hood

    Patty Hood3 hours ago

    Are government has not done nuff for people an Speak of the house is one of problem why government is not help people She worry about in peach Trump then doing her job help people that need help really bad

  56. Jessica Harvey

    Jessica Harvey3 hours ago

    Yay thanks Chuck and we will be watching for the other $600 you will still owe us to make the $2000 promised.

  57. Richard Bowman

    Richard Bowman3 hours ago

    This might sound strange but I wonder if my child draws social security disability off me your girl's a check every month I wonder if he'll get to a dollar raise too

  58. Trina Leneir

    Trina Leneir3 hours ago

    Not all works are get that $15 minimum wage. At Walmart the front in workers just received a 23¢ increase

  59. Bobbie Bentley

    Bobbie Bentley3 hours ago

    The senate pass the bill this morning

  60. Joseph Smith

    Joseph Smith3 hours ago

    We should have had money coming every month along time ago

  61. Marlow Harris

    Marlow Harris4 hours ago

    Thank you;

  62. Jenny Ramsey

    Jenny Ramsey4 hours ago

    Thank you for hitting my phone when it's time for a new update about the stimulus check thank you very much Ron Jenny Ramsey

  63. Babymamaz

    Babymamaz4 hours ago

    Hi.i wanted to ask anyone here if there is a way those on ssi can do there taxes to do a recovery refund credit electronically? Or do we need print out n mail?

  64. Johnna Mack

    Johnna Mack4 hours ago

    Do they have stimulus help for mortgage?please.need help

  65. Sandra Czarnik

    Sandra Czarnik4 hours ago

    Is SSI and SSDI and Railroad going to get the extra $200 a month for a year as Biden said he would do before he was elected as President?

  66. Deanna Araya

    Deanna Araya4 hours ago

    It sure keeps us on a roller coaster ride. I am hopeful. Thank you for all your hard work!!

  67. Nana Flagg

    Nana Flagg4 hours ago


  68. Black Flower

    Black Flower4 hours ago

    Thank you

  69. Darcey Fischer

    Darcey Fischer4 hours ago

    I'm disabled need all the help I can get!!!

  70. Debbie Wear

    Debbie Wear4 hours ago

    Ron thank u for all your research that u do

  71. Marvin Thomas

    Marvin Thomas4 hours ago

    Your graet ron ty

  72. Vangie boisseau

    Vangie boisseau4 hours ago

    Are they still basing the stimulus checks on your income if so what is it

  73. Vangie boisseau

    Vangie boisseau4 hours ago

    Hey Ron

  74. Bryon Watkins

    Bryon Watkins4 hours ago

    They NEEEEEVER should have stopped the $600 a week!!!! That should be currently implemented to this very day until the end of 2021!!!! Recovery, ESPECIALLY for touristy cities like here in Las Vegas won’t start a turnaround until 2022!!!’ Just a fact!!!! Study the pattern!!!!

  75. Matt Blankenship

    Matt Blankenship4 hours ago

    Any chance that you can make a video or answer my question in regards to 2020 tax returns?? My refund was accepted on the 13th of February and is still showing accepted on the IRS website and IRS2Go app.. What is the hold up and when can I expect to receive my refund?? Thank you Ron..

  76. Frederick Dean

    Frederick Dean5 hours ago

    We on social security, need money now especially if a spouse, decease

  77. Mary Wormley

    Mary Wormley5 hours ago

    Republicans do not care

  78. Mary Wormley

    Mary Wormley5 hours ago

    Not enough money

  79. Frederick Dean

    Frederick Dean5 hours ago

    Please don't be mad Sir you beginning to sound like a broken record

  80. Kay Cooper

    Kay Cooper5 hours ago

    Are we getting 200 raise in social security