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  1. Pokémon Dude

    Pokémon Dude8 hours ago

    F for Ghost House


    COLIN DUDZINSKI8 hours ago

    im so mad they removed cop cars cause they removed them in creative too now i cant use that cop car

  3. Black Kitsune

    Black Kitsune8 hours ago

    I know 99% of you won’t believe me but I have a map full of golden mushrooms if you don’t believe me add me Black_Kitsune

  4. Jayden Rodriguez

    Jayden Rodriguez8 hours ago

    2 hours early or late

  5. Zachary Barajas

    Zachary Barajas8 hours ago

    OOF 😵

  6. Contagiouswastaken

    Contagiouswastaken8 hours ago

    Still waiting for info on the Alien skin... And P E T E R G R I F F I N

  7. bob is here

    bob is here8 hours ago

    I was mad when the cop cars gotremoved because i had an awesome map i made but when they got removed it turned them into regular ones

  8. funE vids

    funE vids8 hours ago

    I smashed it with my big toe!😃

  9. Anthony Flowers

    Anthony Flowers8 hours ago

    Will it stay in fortnite

  10. Hayden Moss

    Hayden Moss8 hours ago

    He forgot the loot boat. ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  11. Drew Zone

    Drew Zone8 hours ago

    I think Fortnite got rid of 100% chest spawn because of the apps that make money by telling you where all the chests where on the map.

  12. slogo man

    slogo man8 hours ago

    Well when me and my friend were talking we were telling each other that many all the live events are from the 7 how the monster was going for the zero point galactic the 7 May not be protecting it they might be trying to destroy it

  13. Parker Asher

    Parker Asher9 hours ago

    Anyone remember when in the spy ltms the hand Cannon had the effects of the Flint knock

  14. Boris

    Boris9 hours ago

    on the 22 feb was my bday i really hope tp 5 gaming can play together

  15. EastTn Rides

    EastTn Rides9 hours ago

    You do you play on xobox or pc?

  16. Anonymous 101

    Anonymous 1019 hours ago

    God bless you

  17. Wyatt Redman

    Wyatt Redman9 hours ago

    The cop cars were token out because of blm

  18. mommalee08

    mommalee089 hours ago

    Or get the choppers in creative

  19. mommalee08

    mommalee089 hours ago

    It sucks to not have choppers in the game anymore you know they should add planes

  20. charles huerta

    charles huerta9 hours ago

    Rip for pumpshotgun

  21. Gamer Island Boy

    Gamer Island Boy9 hours ago

    tommy racist

  22. Iced0ut

    Iced0ut9 hours ago

    That ghost POI was my favourite place to during arena

  23. o҉c҉e҉a҉n҉i҉c҉p҉o҉c҉k҉e҉t҉ 460

    o҉c҉e҉a҉n҉i҉c҉p҉o҉c҉k҉e҉t҉ 4609 hours ago

    I looked at his computer the first time and he was looking at fred

  24. Gamer Island Boy

    Gamer Island Boy9 hours ago


  25. FastZOOMY

    FastZOOMY9 hours ago

    Im a big fan but t5g do better, I think 67.85% people all new these Idems were gone including me :\

  26. Swift 000

    Swift 0009 hours ago

    Stable Ronaldo knows

  27. Cosmo Phantom

    Cosmo Phantom9 hours ago

    the ghost house was literally my arena drop spot, they killed it 😢

  28. Electric Clan

    Electric Clan9 hours ago

    we had upgrade benches last season

  29. Cool King

    Cool King9 hours ago

    I want ballers and launch pads

  30. Garrifay

    Garrifay9 hours ago

    Literally new about everyone of these when it happened

  31. Blake Garcia

    Blake Garcia9 hours ago


  32. Gonzo YouTube

    Gonzo YouTube9 hours ago

    I am happy I found the Midas Flopper before it was removed!

  33. Rynngaming

    Rynngaming9 hours ago

    I knew these all because I watch Top5gaming!!!!!!

  34. Legobasketball8 FN

    Legobasketball8 FN9 hours ago

    You missed the 11 fun

  35. Rilee Asselin

    Rilee Asselin9 hours ago

    Yeah I noticed it..... :(

  36. N. Berk

    N. Berk9 hours ago

    I can read the future You read this comment

  37. noice guy

    noice guy9 hours ago

    F on the chat for bud the mushroom

  38. magicplaysthis

    magicplaysthis9 hours ago

    Atleast i love the handcannon

  39. tac ll

    tac ll9 hours ago

    The longest is 590 watch sypherpk’s video on the best snipes

  40. Seb_Best

    Seb_Best9 hours ago


  41. Zinedine Le Corre

    Zinedine Le Corre9 hours ago

    the ghost is more to the north from the main entrence but destroyd

  42. Typical Shadow

    Typical Shadow9 hours ago

    Dis is click bait