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2 months ago

  1. Madison Chaperon

    Madison Chaperon18 hours ago

    Sabre hasn't even started her lessons yet and she already has a car! They get so spoilt! But gotta love them!

  2. soph6800 soph6800

    soph6800 soph680018 hours ago

    the mom is messed up like wtf??

  3. D Bantz

    D Bantz18 hours ago

    yall hella dumb why u buying it soooo early SHE DOESNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO DRIVE 🥱

  4. Hally Cruz

    Hally Cruz19 hours ago

    Biggy is so nice,kind and handsome ❤️

  5. Jacob C

    Jacob C19 hours ago

    Justin really blew it with the cake

  6. SiimplyAwake

    SiimplyAwake19 hours ago

    This is just wrong he has 1, 12th birthday and you sabotage it i get its "for content" but so is teaming up in among us but they had to make an apology for good content ily tho

  7. Cicely Asmr

    Cicely Asmr19 hours ago

    I love you so much I started watching you in 2019 I’m def a super legend and you don’t ha e to reply or heart it but I just wanted to say happy birthday Biggs! And Brooke and Justin raised all you amazing! You are my favorite you tubers ever! I have begged my mom ever since I first started watching you to fly all the way from Iowa to where you live so I could meet you so someday I hope I meet you guys CATCH ME NUCKELS!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thick Mama Coke Playz

    Thick Mama Coke Playz19 hours ago

    Where does charm and disco sleep

  9. Autumn B.

    Autumn B.19 hours ago

    I personally don’t like the new into I enjoyed the old one

  10. Sam Gall

    Sam Gall19 hours ago


  11. Anna Seals

    Anna Seals19 hours ago

    Omg it’s almost my bday mine is April 9th :) I will be 12

  12. Pink & Fluffy

    Pink & Fluffy19 hours ago

    My birthday is the 25th, I like this, it is kinda like a birthday present from the Norris Nuts... lol

  13. Emily G

    Emily G19 hours ago

    6:27 has me dead bhahahaahah

  14. Nadeem Rafiq

    Nadeem Rafiq19 hours ago

    can we just appreciate the fact that Biggy is so generous

  15. Bey Zakir

    Bey Zakir19 hours ago

    Y'all have an awesome family I'm totally jealous

  16. Bey Zakir

    Bey Zakir19 hours ago

    No cookie 🍪 lol

  17. betsy

    betsy19 hours ago

    I really do feel bad for biggy

  18. Jordan

    Jordan19 hours ago

    There aren’t any boy or girl colors.

  19. Bella Roberts

    Bella Roberts19 hours ago

    Biggy is such a good sport! I hope he gets something really special!

  20. catie croarkin

    catie croarkin19 hours ago

    when sockie realizes those were not the party decor she order in head she was probley like oh crap i did not order those plz help me

  21. catie croarkin

    catie croarkin20 hours ago

    when you guys edited disco were he said no cookie that cracked me up that i showed that part to my sister two times

  22. Rebecca Fowler

    Rebecca Fowler20 hours ago

    Biggie is kinda cute you know why did I say that 🤣

  23. Dragon Style

    Dragon Style20 hours ago

    Not the piggy

  24. Dragon Style

    Dragon Style20 hours ago

    I am his sister

  25. Dragon Style

    Dragon Style20 hours ago

    I know how to tie my shoe lace

  26. Aidan Keightley

    Aidan Keightley20 hours ago


  27. Anonymous

    Anonymous20 hours ago

    This is for the different vid for the Birthday thing but Biggy Looked so sad

  28. Andrea Lavery

    Andrea Lavery20 hours ago

    She’s like the evil mom from tangled lol

  29. Emme Dior

    Emme Dior20 hours ago

    Not to be rude but when is the blog gonna come out of sabre driving for the first time

  30. strxberrly

    strxberrly20 hours ago

    Am I the only 1 that realised that they're click-bait? Go to 8:20 and watch it till 8:35, you'll see that they forgot to edit their mistake out!

  31. Mohamed Hamza

    Mohamed Hamza20 hours ago

    You noob at roblox

  32. Vanessa Bridger

    Vanessa Bridger20 hours ago

    I just watched a vid from 3 years ago!! They are so old!!

  33. Olivia Talley

    Olivia Talley20 hours ago

    I feel like you guys treated nazzy differently no hate love u guys still

  34. lxllipop lxver

    lxllipop lxver20 hours ago

    Naz has the same hairstyle as me 💁🏼‍♀️

  35. Mehek Hussain

    Mehek Hussain21 hour ago

    I feel sooo bad omg

  36. Jessica Garza

    Jessica Garza21 hour ago

    Gooooo biggy

  37. its qx

    its qx21 hour ago

    Now that's just mean

  38. Shiko Thomas

    Shiko Thomas21 hour ago

    SABRE IS SOOOOOO PRETTYYYYYYYY everyone else to biggy is handsome not pretty

  39. Oscar Ramirez

    Oscar Ramirez21 hour ago

    Happy birthday biggy

  40. Meredith Rosario

    Meredith Rosario21 hour ago

    Saber and sickie look so much older in the Norris nuts do stuff I am saying it here cause comments are disabled ohh and buggy and naz

  41. Kindall Blankenship

    Kindall Blankenship21 hour ago

    My Birthday is January 30th too!

  42. Aria Derci

    Aria Derci21 hour ago

    This was really mean-spirited. You should feel ashamed of yourself, Brooke.

  43. Laurie Leney

    Laurie Leney21 hour ago


  44. Bethany Thomas

    Bethany Thomas21 hour ago

    i was never aloud to comment like or subscribe but on my laptop i can OMG and Sookie i like being comfy to and my fav colour is yellow but i still love you all i am a legend and i am gonna try to bye your merch to LOVE YOU xxxxxx chach me nuckels

  45. Aliya Ali

    Aliya Ali21 hour ago

    I’m so biggy if my my mum goes somewhere I’m like MUMMM AND I GET SCARED

  46. Laurie Leney

    Laurie Leney21 hour ago

    I love your videos Norris nuts you make me so happy when I watch your videos I love you guys all and sickie you are beautiful with your braces on ❤️

  47. Raven Lee Irwin

    Raven Lee Irwin21 hour ago

    Who else is,🧐🤔😟😕😨😱 confused because it's not the 28?

  48. McKinley

    McKinley21 hour ago

    I love how he was still so grateful even though everything was going wring

  49. Brielle Kim

    Brielle Kim21 hour ago

    I feel like the comments are never in hehe

  50. TSM_SAM

    TSM_SAM21 hour ago

    He us such! A good Kid!!!!!

  51. TSM_SAM

    TSM_SAM21 hour ago

    You guys are soooooo mean!

  52. Kiarah 09

    Kiarah 0922 hours ago

    I guessed dog for the theme I wonder if it’s right I haven’t finished!

  53. Marissa Hauck

    Marissa Hauck22 hours ago

    biggy there is something I have to tell u here there is... frute loop donuts 🍩

  54. ꕥg x c h xꕥ bê̌ans

    ꕥg x c h xꕥ bê̌ans22 hours ago

    When they were faking the wrongly ordered party decorations, and when saber held the package up, I thought it said "Bride to Bride" as a lesbian wedding(which warmed my heart bc I am lesbian), but I was sadly mistaken. Biggy is such a good sport, and I was so proud of him and his strength to hold back the tears... that is how you know that Brooke (which is actually my name), and Justin raised good kids. They will grow up to be amazing adults, and I hope the reach for their dreams. Keep going, I believe in all of you!!! <3

  55. Emily Hunt

    Emily Hunt22 hours ago

    I bet they are going to America to see Txuamy (I didn't spell her name right sorry)

  56. Clown Acosta

    Clown Acosta22 hours ago

    Wow nice for ruining a child's birthday, He didn't get mad but it was probably still ruined..

  57. Blue Flowers

    Blue Flowers22 hours ago

    New sub!

  58. Maybely García

    Maybely García22 hours ago


  59. Maybely García

    Maybely García22 hours ago

    I, surprised y’all turned on the coments

  60. Mostly ROBLOX

    Mostly ROBLOX22 hours ago

    On the birthday games I don’t think sabre was allowed to get cake as she didn’t win anything

  61. Cerys Pitts

    Cerys Pitts22 hours ago

    OMG the comments are turned on for once!!!! I love your vids they make me smile every time I watch them :) 😊

  62. Aleenah Guerrero

    Aleenah Guerrero22 hours ago


  63. Lia._. royale

    Lia._. royale22 hours ago

    why didnt u film nazes 10th bday in 2020?

  64. Malak Abaiyan

    Malak Abaiyan22 hours ago


  65. Jean Booth

    Jean Booth22 hours ago

    Thank you for putting the comments on

  66. magyar07

    magyar0722 hours ago

    HI NN. Biggy I really hope your other party is way better than this one you were a really good sport about your birthday being sabotaged. NN can you plz do more last to leave challenges if you are stuck for ideas here are a few: last to leave parents bedroom or last to leave the kitchen or last to leave the tent. I really love your videos and I really hope you see this comment

  67. Nathalie Fagan

    Nathalie Fagan22 hours ago

    Sockie: Time to cook Disco:time to cook Sockie:oh me continuously laughing my head off

  68. Ms maquria k

    Ms maquria k22 hours ago

    This was soooo funnyyy

  69. bethel Wondwossen

    bethel Wondwossen23 hours ago

    Sabre you should,t had the spoon full of Biggy,s cake because he did not make him self win and it Biggy,s cake.

  70. Terese McKane

    Terese McKane23 hours ago

    Sabre: what happened to the red drink? Sockie: ✨silence✨

  71. ندى عبدالمنان

    ندى عبدالمنان23 hours ago

    Sockie: Time to cook Disco:Time to cook Sockie:Oh you out Disco: ....... yeah

  72. Thorn Estiella

    Thorn Estiella23 hours ago


  73. Thorn Estiella

    Thorn Estiella23 hours ago


  74. فوزيه البتلاء

    فوزيه البتلاء23 hours ago

    Hi Norris Nuts I am a Rand I have been following you for years. I am from the Kingdom of saudi Arabia I hope you Know the region and love you oncce and thank you

  75. Luna Clayton

    Luna Clayton23 hours ago

    Guys why did u delete a video

  76. Emma O’Connor

    Emma O’Connor23 hours ago

    I’m so sorry biggy