Princess Alex
Princess Alex
Princess Alex

Hey! I'm Alex and i play whatever i want in this channel :D
This channel is aimed for audiences 13+

  1. Lili Princess

    Lili Princess8 hours ago


  2. ???

    ???8 hours ago

    Alex: it's midnight!! Why are we in school?! Meh: It's 12:30 A.M Not P.m Didn't you go to school!!!😡 Sorry I get mad sometimes...😅

  3. DuckyMc

    DuckyMc8 hours ago

    Am I the only one who saw Obama in the window of the thumbnail? :T I’m probably not, hopefully- :'D

  4. Paloma Garrro

    Paloma Garrro8 hours ago

    The title: everyone loves Levi The video: Levi repelled everyone ALEX LOGIC 😱🤣

  5. Sophia Molina

    Sophia Molina8 hours ago

    Rest in peace Levi 2021-2021 you will be missed

  6. Goleahgo10

    Goleahgo108 hours ago

    12:22 ROASTED

  7. Norlyn Sundo

    Norlyn Sundo8 hours ago

    Ahem....i think i kinda ship alex and levi-

  8. night wolf muffins

    night wolf muffins8 hours ago

    Yay not late again is it just me or im just looking at alex shes soooo hella cute 😄😄😄😄

  9. Lizzy Videos Cookies

    Lizzy Videos Cookies8 hours ago

    Levi jumps off a school building- Also levi- I'm scared of heights Me- 🧐🧐🧐

  10. Shania kaye Bacongallo

    Shania kaye Bacongallo8 hours ago

    Alex I love u so much!🥰🥰

  11. Leonel Flores

    Leonel Flores8 hours ago

    Who else is happy that alex posted i did i was really happy :D

  12. •Yeti_Yet_ Playz•

    •Yeti_Yet_ Playz•8 hours ago

    game reveal pls

  13. thanh trang

    thanh trang8 hours ago

    Me: simping for levi everyone: also simping for levi Levi: GUYS HELP HELP

  14. Tasha Audrey Baquiran

    Tasha Audrey Baquiran8 hours ago

    Happy Burger🤣

  15. Crystal Hoffer

    Crystal Hoffer8 hours ago


  16. Soft_ ADDICT

    Soft_ ADDICT8 hours ago

    Levi: "Im afraid of heights" Also Levi: *Jumps off a building*

  17. Malaysia Snapchat girl

    Malaysia Snapchat girl8 hours ago


  18. Cooking_ With me

    Cooking_ With me8 hours ago

    Who is trying to be a USlikesr because of Alex?

  19. Eliana Perrin

    Eliana Perrin8 hours ago

    I love your videos

  20. leah Flores

    leah Flores8 hours ago


  21. Txllis Roblox

    Txllis Roblox8 hours ago

    Who agree’s with me levi should become a slender

  22. Sophia Slack

    Sophia Slack8 hours ago

    Hi InquisitorMaster can you please call me on June 17 it’s my friends birthday and I want to make her birthday the best day of her life

  23. imnotlaiza Balderama

    imnotlaiza Balderama8 hours ago

    Yandere Simulator

  24. Maritza Gualito

    Maritza Gualito8 hours ago

    alex l like your vidoes

  25. Cloudybunny

    Cloudybunny8 hours ago

    next time can u put the game?TY! ^-^

  26. Zommer Storm

    Zommer Storm8 hours ago

    I like when they had to find a place to stay alex was being picky

  27. daniela avila

    daniela avila8 hours ago

    3:00 got real serious

  28. Terry Nason

    Terry Nason8 hours ago

    Hi Alex

  29. Panchito Valles

    Panchito Valles8 hours ago

    I see Obama in every thumbnail

  30. G4m3r girl

    G4m3r girl8 hours ago

    Promised never land

  31. Jimena jdk

    Jimena jdk8 hours ago


  32. Lidya Lambi

    Lidya Lambi8 hours ago

    hey levi is budo matsuta

  33. Maya .M.M.

    Maya .M.M.8 hours ago

    alex i love our videos

  34. ちゃん愛子

    ちゃん愛子8 hours ago

    To be honest I would fall for him to :)

  35. Carmyne Francisco

    Carmyne Francisco8 hours ago

    levi : *walks in school* girls : SENPAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. px_ монстр

    px_ монстр8 hours ago

    Not levi getting scared jumping in water but he just jumped at the top of the building

  37. •LizDaCinnamonRoll•

    •LizDaCinnamonRoll•8 hours ago

    Obama is at the window

  38. itz valree

    itz valree8 hours ago

    Alex and levi?😏😏

  39. Angel Heart Vergara

    Angel Heart Vergara8 hours ago

    I just love how Alex have a mask and drinking soda

  40. leah Flores

    leah Flores8 hours ago


  41. Sophia Figel

    Sophia Figel8 hours ago

    I know Levi is my favorite but I’m not a simp over him

  42. I'm not Emileena

    I'm not Emileena8 hours ago

    Alex your the reason why I started a USlikes channel.

  43. John M. Morales

    John M. Morales8 hours ago

    Who Loves Alex Vids Like me?

  44. Autumn Rose

    Autumn Rose8 hours ago

    hello nurse

  45. Sarah Reed

    Sarah Reed8 hours ago

    Me I love Alex’s vids!

  46. JazzWild

    JazzWild8 hours ago

    Yandere simulator I remember when alex used to roleplay as yandere chan In the old days

  47. Eudora Ezimorah

    Eudora Ezimorah8 hours ago

    200 views and 3 . 5 k like USlikes that makes sense

  48. APV Show

    APV Show8 hours ago

    Y/N: pop out of existing* levi: why? alex: laughs*

  49. _Bubble_milk_

    _Bubble_milk_8 hours ago

    whats the game

  50. Jasmin Obusan

    Jasmin Obusan8 hours ago

    Of cureses

  51. m- melwody!.

    m- melwody!.8 hours ago


  52. Gracelyn Steiner

    Gracelyn Steiner8 hours ago

    Am I the only one who is notices the obamas in the thumbnail i-🌞

  53. Hughlynn Rodriguez

    Hughlynn Rodriguez8 hours ago

    Can Levi read me a bed time story his voice is so calming 🤣✨🤣✨

  54. Chey Dun

    Chey Dun8 hours ago

    The school is based on yandere simulator that's why they all have knifes to be a yandere

  55. Kimberly Lopez-Weber

    Kimberly Lopez-Weber8 hours ago

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Alex triple_x

    Alex triple_x8 hours ago

    Levi:" I don't really like heights " Also Levi: "Jumps off a build"

  57. ImaCoolBunny 123

    ImaCoolBunny 1238 hours ago

    Levi is losing his mind...

  58. wolfyオオカミ猫赤&黒

    wolfyオオカミ猫赤&黒8 hours ago

    bro she looks like she likes levi

  59. Romeo Almazan

    Romeo Almazan8 hours ago


  60. joonscrabs

    joonscrabs8 hours ago


  61. sammy

    sammy8 hours ago

    i love your videos

  62. ella Herrada

    ella Herrada8 hours ago

    Alex nobody cares about your nails

  63. WolfyGameyPlayZ

    WolfyGameyPlayZ8 hours ago

    I think the seniors are psychopaths

  64. Joenil gamer

    Joenil gamer8 hours ago


  65. Dazai bae

    Dazai bae8 hours ago

    Imagine having LEVI as your bestfriend😀

  66. FunTime with Lia and Chloe

    FunTime with Lia and Chloe8 hours ago

    Did anyone else see Obama in the thumbnail? “OBAMA, OBAMA, JOE MAMA”

  67. I's Ava

    I's Ava8 hours ago

    De kalanck is 01:19 😴🤤

  68. Camila Rosillo

    Camila Rosillo8 hours ago

    People making the snowman song Levi sounding like that *Real life * I’m like uhmmmmm

  69. *Insert cool name here*

    *Insert cool name here*8 hours ago

    Levi: is that the nurse? Me who plays yandere similar: NoOoOo ThAtS tHe StUdEnT pReSiDeNt PeRsOn (idk how to spell pot)

  70. ꧁Lil Cherry꧂

    ꧁Lil Cherry꧂8 hours ago

    I see Obama on the Juicebox in the thumbnail 👁👄👁✨

  71. Zommer Storm

    Zommer Storm8 hours ago

    I like how in 3:02 she was like ahh ohh mhm when Levi said they house burned down lol

  72. APV Show

    APV Show8 hours ago

    i just realized im a simp for levi ;-; pins me pls :D

  73. Hannah Sophia

    Hannah Sophia8 hours ago

    Alex....My inspiration for being an youtuber(✿◡‿◡)✨❤

  74. Loser gacha 2 Emily rose

    Loser gacha 2 Emily rose8 hours ago

    i love yourr vids!!!!! ALEXIE

  75. Lowela Tabuena

    Lowela Tabuena8 hours ago

    It's that sakura simulator high school

  76. Rosalinda San Esteban

    Rosalinda San Esteban8 hours ago

    so many obamas in her thumbnails😭

  77. VirkyAPPLE

    VirkyAPPLE8 hours ago

    Alex hair it's too pretty i like it😀😀

  78. FunnehFilers XD

    FunnehFilers XD8 hours ago

    whats the game called

  79. Alexa Gonzalez

    Alexa Gonzalez8 hours ago


  80. Estela Correa

    Estela Correa8 hours ago

    Dude like you need to post more your my USlikes queen