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Punishment Spelling Bee
  1. Niko ET

    Niko ET14 hours ago

    We only did fitness tests in elementary school, the pe teachers would keep a tier list of who was the strongest in each test (also genders were separate). I was the strongest girl for sit ups and second girl for distance running (aka the paster test) .

  2. ItsEllieBoom

    ItsEllieBoom14 hours ago

    Shayne and lasercorns reactions to being tickled is so god damn adorable

  3. Ariana Raquel

    Ariana Raquel14 hours ago

    it's really unfortunate i always watch pit videos on my lunch break... like keith didn't sign up for this and tbh neither did i

  4. Xavier Davis

    Xavier Davis14 hours ago

    I literally just did 52 push ups and I’m only 14 years old

  5. Alejandro Narvaez

    Alejandro Narvaez14 hours ago


  6. Rogue Nerd

    Rogue Nerd14 hours ago

    Noah’s ab shocker is either broken or he’s just that SHREDDED!!

  7. Matthew Kendall

    Matthew Kendall14 hours ago


  8. Erwin Leal

    Erwin Leal14 hours ago

    How many continents are there on the planet Earth? They are 6 continents in the world : America, Asia, Africa, Antartica, Oceanic continent and Europe

  9. Sarah-Ratu Dasi

    Sarah-Ratu Dasi14 hours ago

    Keith done said “welcome party ppl” like he was hake paul

  10. El Joelo

    El Joelo14 hours ago

    Here again to watch Keith's uncontrollable laughter with the whoopie cushion, weakening of his knees due to bad smells and finally his hurling which made Courtney gag and Jackie laugh like crazy. This is his video LMAO

  11. Clara Webster

    Clara Webster14 hours ago


  12. Myles Brennan

    Myles Brennan14 hours ago

    Real men eat the stem

  13. Wynn McDonald Tran

    Wynn McDonald Tran14 hours ago

    U guys have to make more funny vids like this pls🤣🤣

  14. Sorry Classified

    Sorry Classified15 hours ago

    Olivia is a crazy bitch and she has a huge crush on shayne

  15. Manar Tayem

    Manar Tayem15 hours ago

    Yoooo Try not to loud is FUUUNNY!! Im feelin this series :D

  16. Lucas Rivera

    Lucas Rivera15 hours ago

    Let's be honest, we all wish that belt wasn't on Noah so we could see him flex his abs.

  17. Spotless Dancer

    Spotless Dancer15 hours ago

    Plot Twist: Keith was drunk from the beginning.

  18. Angelica Manjarres

    Angelica Manjarres15 hours ago

    Like honestly, it's no fun if Keith just keeps on losing cause he yells about everything. Just get someone else.

  19. Annie Craton

    Annie Craton15 hours ago

    Well, Jackie must have had an interesting rest of her day.

  20. Madelyn Sullivan

    Madelyn Sullivan15 hours ago

    4:30 Lmaoooooooo

  21. Josh

    Josh15 hours ago

    whats goin on with her at 8:10?

  22. Jhai Rowel

    Jhai Rowel15 hours ago

    Silent Library is honestly my favorite !

  23. Michael Reynard

    Michael Reynard15 hours ago

    what'd y'all do to piss off the producers huh

  24. Joseph Wilson

    Joseph Wilson15 hours ago

    The intro shows that many lives where lost during the making of this video

  25. azra kazi

    azra kazi15 hours ago

    Shayne: *makes everyone laugh* RESPECT +

  26. Shayenne Bouts

    Shayenne Bouts15 hours ago

    Olivia throwing shaaaade 😂

  27. Joey Nathan

    Joey Nathan15 hours ago

    Did they film this the same day Jackie got drunk playing imposter?

  28. Cody Nevel

    Cody Nevel15 hours ago

    That second round turned into some Saw stuff real quick when they all started attacking rash other 🤣.

  29. Νίκη Νικολάου

    Νίκη Νικολάου15 hours ago

    I like how no one's talking about how that man is actually fucking captain Levi

  30. B B

    B B15 hours ago

    'smells may be weaponized' u right

  31. Madelyn Sullivan

    Madelyn Sullivan15 hours ago

    The mommy one thoooo 😭😭😭✋✋ LMAOOOO

  32. HangcatProductions

    HangcatProductions16 hours ago

    The princess diana bit gets me every time.

  33. Tim Leroy

    Tim Leroy16 hours ago

    They turn into a bunch of drunk middle schoolers when they try to be quiet

  34. Isaac Gonzalez

    Isaac Gonzalez16 hours ago

    4:11 why "Casta Diva"?

  35. Bo McCormick

    Bo McCormick16 hours ago

    keith having zero volume control is so funny to me 😭

  36. Ellie Dolman

    Ellie Dolman16 hours ago

    this video really shows damiens sagittarius nature, just pure fiery chaos

  37. Isabel Menard

    Isabel Menard16 hours ago

    Jackie is my least favorite on here, she’s never funny 😅

  38. Chase Medina

    Chase Medina16 hours ago

    “Hi, I’m a big wittle baby and sometimes, I want big big milky.”

  39. Claire Reilly

    Claire Reilly16 hours ago

    Noah is an absolute boss, shoutout to Jackie for checking if his ab shocker was on and just giving him a death stare when she figured out it was. I too would look at Noah with disdain at that lol

  40. Foxx Central

    Foxx Central16 hours ago

    I fucking love Jackie

  41. Gervis Gosdin

    Gervis Gosdin16 hours ago

    It's the new day!!

  42. Gervis Gosdin

    Gervis Gosdin16 hours ago


  43. Jon Mat

    Jon Mat16 hours ago

    the wizard of oz

  44. heyitsalli

    heyitsalli16 hours ago


  45. david williams

    david williams16 hours ago

    Jimi Hendrix and Courtneys cleavage thats literally all I saw sorry but its all good and felt the need to comment.

  46. Megan Riehl

    Megan Riehl16 hours ago

    I've literally never wanted to be friends with someone more than I want to be friends with Courtney and Jackie

  47. hysterikal

    hysterikal16 hours ago

    2:53 all of a sudden he really loves this show he turned into an applauding mii

  48. Bakawizardpotato ;D

    Bakawizardpotato ;D16 hours ago

    damien really said edward sicssor hands

  49. Lydia Benjamin

    Lydia Benjamin16 hours ago

    Ok but his outfit at 6:56 is amazing! He’s pulling that off

  50. Jon Mat

    Jon Mat16 hours ago

    best video ever

  51. Joseph Acosta

    Joseph Acosta16 hours ago

    Keith is literally the worst fucking actor smosh has. Idk how yall can stand to have him in videos

  52. Anton Broström

    Anton Broström17 hours ago

    Can we get tipsy Jackie in every video from now on? Thank you

  53. Kyle Adamson

    Kyle Adamson17 hours ago

    Kieth was the loudest the whole show and lost? Wow, who is not surprised?

  54. Froyo 0914

    Froyo 091417 hours ago

    I have thouhgt that you can only expect this in a fanfiction

  55. Pardon Me!

    Pardon Me!17 hours ago

    8:16 ok that made me laugh a bit

  56. Daydream

    Daydream17 hours ago

    Shayne will blow us all away💨

  57. Pardon Me!

    Pardon Me!17 hours ago

    Jackie!.... HR wants to see you

  58. Skully

    Skully17 hours ago

    Why does this song sound like it belongs on the Wiggles LMFAO

  59. The_Archer

    The_Archer17 hours ago

    youtube ruined my favorite try not to laugh. the beginning is supposed to be a scene from jujimufu's channel but i guess youtube had a problem with that even though jujimufu was there so he totally gave permission for them to do that

  60. Joh

    Joh17 hours ago

    Omg you guys!!!! Hahaha i love this show!! Hope you are all healthy and safe every time 😂

  61. L M

    L M17 hours ago

    Ify was phenomenal would love to see him back

  62. Loki

    Loki17 hours ago

    the slow motion shots made me cry 😂

  63. Sevin Skill

    Sevin Skill17 hours ago

    It's sad shayne knows what his tweets are

  64. ChrisW

    ChrisW17 hours ago

    you should put audio meters on all their lapel mics and make the one who hits the highest peak level out for that round edit: as in four audio meters on screen, one for each person

  65. Bridget Karteczka

    Bridget Karteczka17 hours ago

    wdym byonce?! he's clearly the virgin Mary

  66. John Matuszak

    John Matuszak17 hours ago

    Keith was so bad in this edisode.

  67. Brandon Dennis

    Brandon Dennis17 hours ago

    Noah ain't no bitch. Get it son!

  68. Ange B

    Ange B17 hours ago

    Look at oliveas face 7:17

  69. die Die

    die Die18 hours ago

    Is anyone realizing that when Anthony left smosh, smosh is starting to die

  70. Telic

    Telic18 hours ago

    noah accidentally discovers meditation

  71. XxawsomegamerxX

    XxawsomegamerxX18 hours ago

    They might havr put it on and ian and anthony ..... 4:57

  72. RomyStanleySFX

    RomyStanleySFX18 hours ago

    The explanation of the rounds has minute to win it vibes

  73. Tyffanee Lavely

    Tyffanee Lavely18 hours ago

    OMG I was laughing hysterically through most of this video. These 4 together are hilarious. Noah, my man, you're a beast! Keith lol, cracking me up. I also want to give a shout out to Jackie's narration. She does that perfect like futuristic, almost robotic, creepy voice. Jackie was also funny as hell in this vid. They all were! Please make these Try Not To Loud more often! ;)

  74. Sasha

    Sasha18 hours ago

    Really getting use out of those prop condoms

  75. Ben Korombos

    Ben Korombos18 hours ago

    I think put it in your mouth has made Noah immune to torture.

  76. DoOmKiTTy 95

    DoOmKiTTy 9518 hours ago

    I’m curious to know what abstract Jenga would look like 😂

  77. George Doty-Williams

    George Doty-Williams18 hours ago

    As someone who didn't know Brock Baker back then, the Goofy bit was hilarious. Now that I know the backstory, it's extremely hilarious

  78. David Lance

    David Lance19 hours ago

    Tommy is a king at recurring jokes

  79. Amanda Schickedanz

    Amanda Schickedanz19 hours ago

    Courtney was actually 2nd.

  80. Cody Mattingly-Henley

    Cody Mattingly-Henley19 hours ago

    As soon as it said what was in the jars I knew it was gonna get real.