Hey! My name is Mariano, and this channel was created to share some poker... Does anyone actually read this?

  1. Leo Yuan

    Leo Yuan5 hours ago

    I use the like button to keep track of which videos I've watched.

  2. Andrew Fiorentino

    Andrew Fiorentino7 hours ago

    Nice to see videos with some run bad. It's real shit. All I do lately is run bad so it softens the blow to the ego a little bit

  3. 半肥瘦 BFS

    半肥瘦 BFSDay ago

    this seems like a stupid question, but are you allowed to film at a poker table in a casino? I thought this is restricted? Because in malaysia this is not allowed

  4. Mark Tombazian

    Mark TombazianDay ago

    When you bluff & get called, have it & they fold, you have an obvious tell. Some ca it a show of confidence. Think on it.

  5. keeshon anderson

    keeshon andersonDay ago

    Ok I'm 20 secs into this video, very tired from a long days work (13hrs) but I accidentally opened this video instead of clicking 'watch later'. Man your videos are great and the first 20secs of the background beat is SICK! Thanks for all the nice work you put into this. Still going to watch video later though, I'm beat 💤

  6. FGF

    FGFDay ago

    All I can say is...WOW!😯😯😯!

  7. Team Turtle

    Team TurtleDay ago

    ..... take it slow!

  8. Fong Hawj Vang

    Fong Hawj VangDay ago

    What's your most recommend casino in vegas strip to play poker?

  9. C.A. Toro

    C.A. ToroDay ago

    Haha, "dont get me all riled up in the middle of one of my blogs" as he gets riled up.

  10. Steven Lee

    Steven LeeDay ago

    The Spice Girls sample made me wanna rip my eyes out. Please no more of that shit.

  11. Adel Dazeem

    Adel Dazeem2 days ago

    Dude, you had a jackKing off and flopped two ways to the nuts amd you were open to it. Turn brought backdoor and the nuts!

  12. Ben Richardson

    Ben Richardson2 days ago

    I like the music! Nice melody.

  13. Stogie Nightclub

    Stogie Nightclub2 days ago

    he for sure had the 97

  14. _ddd _

    _ddd _2 days ago enjoy your vlogs. keep them coming please....

  15. Dmitri Tchoulanov

    Dmitri Tchoulanov2 days ago

    Bad aces ...

  16. William Zagarella

    William Zagarella2 days ago

    6,728$ loss. That's why I dont find it fiscally responsible to jump up to 10-20. Why? To get greedy? You play 2-5 that's more than enough to live comfortably if you have a ROI of at least 50% and play every day. You lose 7K then jump back down too 2-5, it will take you 1 month of running hot to make that back. I dont agree with jumping up. You have another 2 losing sessions in a row where do you go from there? Down 15K and back down to lower stakes? I've been playing 1-2 for 3 years never making a jump. average profit weekly was 478$ for last year. Almost 26K last year strictly playing 1-2

  17. code kantum

    code kantum3 days ago

    What a level in that room

  18. Ur-_-Killa-TV

    Ur-_-Killa-TV3 days ago

    That 97 hand was some Phil Ivey type of play. Great reads

  19. Nick Miller

    Nick Miller3 days ago

    I’ve been watching since the beginning. What training site, if you even study at any training sites would you recommend I look into. I’m at 2/5 - 5/10 sometimes .

  20. Carlos Concepcion-Taylor

    Carlos Concepcion-Taylor3 days ago

    Probably one of the cleanest poker vlogs on the tube great job man.

  21. AlexisPoker

    AlexisPoker3 days ago

    Commerce has the best chips in the LA area !

  22. commenter

    commenter3 days ago

    Mariano you are quite perceptive in your thinking, at least you are looking in the right directions even when your assessment is too often pushing in the same kinds of directions for no reason I can grasp other than something about your temperament that makes you keep assuming the same kinds of things. But you could improve so easily by not being so consistently aggressive and assuming that other people are as bluff driven as you are. On the other hand I think you seemed to be doing better in bigger games from the three videos I've seen and maybe your issue in this game was that you made assumptions that aren't as true with this amount of money involved is they are with much more on the line.

  23. John Purdy

    John Purdy3 days ago

    Just subbed. Great content!

  24. Kenny Lu

    Kenny Lu3 days ago

    Appreciate your vids. How does it work with card rooms and paying fees each hand?

  25. Kevin Clarkson

    Kevin Clarkson3 days ago

    great vlog bro, I like tells but this one dude hollywooded preflop with AA vs my KK and I reverse-telled myself

  26. Luis Torres

    Luis Torres4 days ago

    you know youre running good when you get to check fold the flop as pfr and be correct.

  27. Pj Degirolarmo

    Pj Degirolarmo4 days ago

    Hahaha ex blonde 🤣

  28. Yuan-Jen Lee

    Yuan-Jen Lee4 days ago

    Whataburger is not good

  29. wmc wings

    wmc wings4 days ago

    That was brutal!

  30. Kenny Lu

    Kenny Lu4 days ago

    I like your videos. You have balls of steel. Subscribed.

  31. Faith Morso

    Faith Morso4 days ago

    You’re such a fish. Any great poker player would make them show their hands for information. But you’re not great so what evs. Let him muck it boy.

  32. TomNJerry

    TomNJerry4 days ago

    Why would call with 10 pair high when he went all in with possible Full House, Flush, Trip 8s, or a higher pair🤦🤦🤦🤦 You crazy asl

  33. Justin R

    Justin R4 days ago

    Where can i gamble with real people ...real money.....WITHOUT BOTS at the table

  34. Ace Gkhan

    Ace Gkhan4 days ago

    Gotta make sure they have those auto-shufflers (which I hate)! I don't think its random in fact I ve read its made to spread the wins around so people don't bust out quickly and they can rake the games longer than without auto-shuffling where the good players would just outplay the bad players. Please somebody, anybody add to this and either prove me wrong or spread this information to the POKER community. We have to end this rigged system thats using us all as ATMs for the casinos when we are playing each other! not the casino!!

  35. Vacation Gotland

    Vacation Gotland4 days ago

    Why raise the guy when you flop a set? Call him and let him bet on you on the river...

  36. Kevin grace

    Kevin grace5 days ago

    So you can play inside a tent but not inside the casino? 😂

  37. Tigro

    Tigro5 days ago

    Pocket Bradleyggies?

  38. Paul Robert

    Paul Robert6 days ago

    So annoying to not know your stack size during hands and after racking up.

  39. Jack Eichenberger

    Jack Eichenberger6 days ago

    your friend here didnt 4b JJ, he's not as action as you think

  40. Aprilia Rider

    Aprilia Rider6 days ago

    wow 23:35

  41. butiaklein

    butiaklein6 days ago

    Love the vlog, hate the poker level

  42. Jim Biggs

    Jim Biggs6 days ago

    Make your bed! 😎 LOL

  43. Victor Frankenstein

    Victor Frankenstein6 days ago

    “Just another example of how good am I really gonna run tonight? Well, let me show you.” Hilarious 😂. The session that every poker player dreams about. Awesome. Great day for sure. A bit of missed value, but come on, seriously? Oh yeah, wanted to mention...not too crazy about the striped sailor shirt 👕. Personal preference.

  44. Phillip Holmes

    Phillip Holmes6 days ago

    This is great, but please get rid of the horrid music.

  45. TomNJerry

    TomNJerry7 days ago

    20 min mark my man started goin off 🤣🤣🤣🤣, I feel you bro, if I win a hand and the other person don't wanna show his hand then SO BE IT, I won why would I care what he had

  46. J P

    J P7 days ago

    Awesome video your hand analysis is good and you make your videos fun to watch. If u care to listen I would look back at your hands where you were ahead on the turn or river and bet then your opponent laid down their hand, decreasing those value bets in those situations by around 20-25% should be profitable if your ok with slightly higher variance on the turn bets.

  47. N K

    N K7 days ago

    Isn't the max buy $1k

  48. Brickowski 13

    Brickowski 137 days ago

    have you considered moving up in stakes more so that people will respect your raises?

  49. Nick C's Workouts

    Nick C's Workouts7 days ago

    When you play $5-$10 do you normally buy-in for one hundred BB? How does the cap determine your buy-in? Or do you base it on something else?

  50. Shessyyy

    Shessyyy7 days ago

    The quality of this vlogs are the best of al poker vloggers. 👍👍👍

  51. MrSimonvk

    MrSimonvk7 days ago

    nice video once again!

  52. Ante Matter

    Ante Matter7 days ago

    Love your videos May I ask... what kind of watch you wearing?

  53. Fred Lang

    Fred Lang7 days ago

    OK that was ridiculous :) great run

  54. Chaleman R

    Chaleman R7 days ago

    Run good! Don't do $10-$20 again, anytime soon. Money is too big. Glad to hear you are up $10k. Commerce..L.A. Baby. L.A.P.C. I have always wanted to play there.

  55. Chaleman R

    Chaleman R7 days ago

    Big loss, but man what a thrill. Las Vegas Baby! You look like my 16 year old son lol

  56. Dylan Rasmussen

    Dylan Rasmussen7 days ago

    3-5 with 40 bigs and a 10% rake. Yikes. I'll stay in Reno.

  57. Matthew Grand

    Matthew Grand7 days ago

    Great session, well played, man! Although I've always enjoyed playing Commerce, I've never thought of it as being that famous. But~ whatevers, Mariano! So long as you made some decent bank and had fun... you deserve it :^) Thanks for sharing all of the insight and superb commentary. Wish you all the best~

  58. starttakinnotez

    starttakinnotez7 days ago

    So this is about the 33 hand you made a full house with. In those big multi way pots don't you think you should bet small enough to where he will give you a crying call because of pots odds with his trips?

  59. wmc wings

    wmc wings8 days ago


  60. Tyler Green

    Tyler Green8 days ago

    DAMN i loved those yellow five chips.

  61. Ryan Miggins

    Ryan Miggins8 days ago

    Take a look at the Philly area. Parx Casino in Bensalem has some great 5-10 action. Also A.C. is only a 1.5 hour drive from there

  62. MrPWeave

    MrPWeave8 days ago

    Lol the Brad Owen cameo

  63. Paul Robert

    Paul Robert8 days ago

    Get to the fkn game already

  64. Bobby Rountree

    Bobby Rountree8 days ago

    Glad you like AZ I live here action is very good . I am new too your channel just going back through your old videos really good job !

  65. keeshon anderson

    keeshon anderson8 days ago

    This video was "for the good guys," Great stuff man!💪

  66. G S

    G S8 days ago

    LA looks like pure misery

  67. Willy Garcia

    Willy Garcia9 days ago

    Glad I found your page brother

  68. OkiePokerPlayer

    OkiePokerPlayer9 days ago

    Wow, killer session Mariano.

  69. Brotalian Can

    Brotalian Can9 days ago

    That was such an awesome session to watch! Talk about god_mode-ON

  70. Gold Ace

    Gold Ace9 days ago

    That K9 was pure luck, nothing else.

  71. jbarres80

    jbarres809 days ago

    Nice video I just started moving up in stakes and I’m getting my brains kicked in seems like I get to double up but can’t break thru and then run bad happens

  72. Huang Jimmy

    Huang Jimmy9 days ago

    Do you think some poker players team up with the dealer

  73. John Smith

    John Smith9 days ago

    2:18 🤣🤣🤣 PMSL. They've recreated indoors outdoors 🤣🤣🤣 Just when you think the Democrats can't get anymore fucking stupid 🤣🤣🤣 Actually, this is not stupidity, it's malice. They're deliberately destroying the economy. It's sabotage.

  74. Dan W

    Dan W9 days ago

    Slick title sequence as usual. 👍🏽

  75. Dean Michelini

    Dean Michelini9 days ago

    Another great video! It is crazy to think you are up to 49K in subscribers with only 67 videos! Shows how good your content really is! Keep up the good work and keep grinding! Hopefully I can get out to LA someday to try all these poker rooms!

  76. J K

    J K9 days ago

    🔳 $305 is a min raise

  77. Dan Anglin

    Dan Anglin9 days ago

    Can't believe it took me over 2 months to happen on this session. This might be the best poker vlog session I've ever seen. No offense to Ethan/Rampage and or Dr Jiggety, Mr Brad Owen who I follow and respect tremendously, love their content but man, this was really fun to watch. Nice work, Brochacho!

  78. Cope ATS

    Cope ATS9 days ago

    Always enjoy your vids

  79. James

    James9 days ago

    Guy had KK but folded to the live tell of someone trying to get a thumbnail for their vlog

  80. keeshon anderson

    keeshon anderson9 days ago

    Is that a tupee? Nice video