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Top 10 Jersey Numbers!
  1. Raymond Nellis

    Raymond Nellis5 hours ago

    how on gods green earth is packers bears number 7. thats just ridiculous. you can ask any person that is a fan of the nfl and theyd say packers bears. it just is.

  2. DillonDank

    DillonDank5 hours ago

    As a left handed QB who as a kid dreamed of playing in the NFL, this video motivates me to make my comeback 😂

  3. Dylan Martens

    Dylan Martens5 hours ago

    6 QBs were picked ahead of Brady. He was picked #199 in the 6th round. But, he's the only name you remember now that he has SIX RINGS. Steve Mariucci and all the other ass clown ex-coaches who picked bums ahead of Brady still have egg on their faces. 😂

  4. DillonDank

    DillonDank5 hours ago

    I haven't followed Tuas career very closely but I do remember someone referred to him as a 'left handed drew brees' which is a Scarry thought

  5. Owen Smith

    Owen Smith5 hours ago

    This next decade I predict it will be Mahomes and Wilson

  6. Owen Smith

    Owen Smith5 hours ago

    If I see any y’all saying Drew Brees should’ve made it over Aaron Rodgers I swear......

  7. Scorpion42

    Scorpion426 hours ago

    Im a left and qb hopefully I'll be one In the league soon

  8. Alejandro Maldonado

    Alejandro Maldonado6 hours ago

    45:37 clean

  9. Barrie Quinn

    Barrie Quinn6 hours ago

    Because it’s scripted

  10. Millville 96

    Millville 966 hours ago

    How u know that?!🤔👀😂

  11. Q

    Q6 hours ago

    Ironically Budda Baker just got chase down tackled today by DK Metcalf in a very impressive play

  12. Ben TheKeeshond

    Ben TheKeeshond6 hours ago

    The Bears defense was really good because they won the SB. However, they were fortunate to play against the Giants, not against the most versatile 49ers' offense. No guarantee they would win against the 49ers.

  13. YNG porcupine

    YNG porcupine7 hours ago

    Wow USlikes you made us respect an NFL player we hate, now USlikes show us a NBA player we hate Carmelo Anthony?

  14. Royce Whitted

    Royce Whitted7 hours ago


  15. Raul Gomez

    Raul Gomez7 hours ago

    Covid 19 Has Entered the Chat 😂

  16. Skippy the Alien

    Skippy the Alien7 hours ago

    Artie Lange killed it lol

  17. I.T

    I.T7 hours ago

    Who else is here after DK literally turned into Usain Bolt to catch up to Budda Baker

  18. Alan Pimentel

    Alan Pimentel7 hours ago

    As a Cowboys fan, I feel for you New Orleans Saints fans. It really sucks to be heartbroken especially when getting robbed. Refs can be b****** sometimes.I have so much respect for Drew Brees, Cam Jordan, Marshone Lattimore, and Michael Thomas. It would’ve been a different story if the Saints made it to SB53. SB53 was the worst and boring SB I’ve ever watched. At the of day, the rams did not win the SB. Karma can get back to you 🤫

  19. Parko Boy

    Parko Boy7 hours ago

    This is the most charismatic Boomer has ever been!! 😂😂😂🤣

  20. Zion Thomas

    Zion Thomas7 hours ago

    Aye stop sleeping on El Paso athletes 😤 we beasts

  21. Fernando Diaz

    Fernando Diaz7 hours ago

    They really hold on to this video for 2 years smh 🤦‍♂️ HAPPY NATIONAL TE DAY from my guy George. #49ers

  22. Raul Gomez

    Raul Gomez7 hours ago

    I want one

  23. CaliSD97

    CaliSD978 hours ago

    Fluke loss Patriots would've won if Malcolm Butler was playing I will never understand why he was benched...

  24. Skippy the Alien

    Skippy the Alien8 hours ago

    omfg al groh was just an angry clown. the only thing that guy could do was get angry

  25. No Dinner For Sinners

    No Dinner For Sinners8 hours ago

    They left out the part when he summoned a demon met Satan and sold his souls for "6" rings 💍 🤧

  26. Pinto Bean

    Pinto Bean8 hours ago

    “Carson wentz was the guy” nick foles be like pathetic

  27. 1500M5

    1500M58 hours ago

    Im pisssed off yall got SB 51 and We Lost Dat . GOTTA DO BETTA FALCONS 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  28. Eddie Telea

    Eddie Telea8 hours ago

    If Budda Baker is the best chase down tackler in the game today and DK Metcalf caught him by a mile.... Yeah put DK on defense 😂

  29. IzzyFizzy

    IzzyFizzy8 hours ago

    LadyBoy Tom Brady

  30. GoColts4

    GoColts48 hours ago

    The greatest play is the beast quake you'll never change my mind

  31. Kris Wit it

    Kris Wit it8 hours ago

    Vick to this day still has one of the strongest arms in nfl history. Definitely Top 10


    MIKE CUTZ9 hours ago

    “Flag football makes no sense to me. Every time I do my part, it always fails” 😂 welcome to football Lil guy

  33. GLM 185

    GLM 1859 hours ago

    RIP Daniel Jones... the turf monster took him too soon.

  34. BR AVO

    BR AVO9 hours ago


  35. Joe Joe

    Joe Joe9 hours ago

    D.K. Metcalf just added himself to this list

  36. Robby G

    Robby G9 hours ago

    anybody watching after DK chased down Budda Baker?

  37. BenTalksSportsShow

    BenTalksSportsShow9 hours ago

    RIP Hefty Lefty

  38. saladtoss1

    saladtoss19 hours ago

    Welcome to the Cowboys!!

  39. Anthony Fregozo

    Anthony Fregozo9 hours ago

    Cant wait to see a modern version of this

  40. Angel García

    Angel García9 hours ago

    I was glad that the reff never trow a flag vs rams go rams

  41. Phinal Flash

    Phinal Flash9 hours ago

    They forgot the 2011 Playoff game at San Francisco. Another missed opportunity at a Super Bowl Championship that year. They probably would have beat the Giants (they had already destroyed them earlier that season) and went on to play a Pats team with a terrible defense. Easily the most underrated Missing Ring season.

  42. ToxicL

    ToxicL9 hours ago

    dude stfu

  43. JC2Lit Videos

    JC2Lit Videos9 hours ago

    And then DK Metcalf runs down Budda Baker



    The 779 dislikes are from everybody who got hit by Taylor... From H.S. to the NFL

  45. Mitchell Kim

    Mitchell Kim9 hours ago

    I read that wrong

  46. elijah

    elijah9 hours ago

    i dont care about the diggs play. but the no call in 2018... unacceptable

  47. Eligner

    Eligner9 hours ago

    11:32 the dude in the background with the #48 jersey has got hops wow

  48. Tyler Schraden

    Tyler Schraden9 hours ago

    Chiefs vs Rams

  49. Matthew Berg

    Matthew Berg9 hours ago

    richard dent should of been apart of this

  50. stepaushi

    stepaushi9 hours ago

    4:54 Woe, Jack Nicholson is on the sideline.

  51. Moz

    Moz10 hours ago

    That was my first football game

  52. Mustang S197 4.0

    Mustang S197 4.010 hours ago


  53. Mr Bubbles

    Mr Bubbles10 hours ago

  54. Michael

    Michael10 hours ago

    Tiki Barber will never make the HOF. He dissed football royalty in the Manning family, specifically Eli. Maybe when the geriatric voters pass, he'll get in.

  55. Adrian Martinez

    Adrian Martinez10 hours ago

    "How's Nick doing?" hits a little different nowadays.

  56. Devin Fritzsch

    Devin Fritzsch10 hours ago

    Smh 2 weeks too early after DK Metcalfs amazing play against the Cardinals

  57. Ron Smith

    Ron Smith10 hours ago

    People forget the Music city miracle was a result of the dumb ass owner throwing Flutie under the bus what an arse

  58. Eagle

    Eagle10 hours ago

    memphis sure know how to kick

  59. LLKLA !

    LLKLA !10 hours ago

    where is champ ?

  60. Plastic Icon

    Plastic Icon10 hours ago

    So nice to see the college Favre at work.

  61. TheNorth

    TheNorth11 hours ago

    D.K. said I can do it too Budda.

  62. Tee Caston

    Tee Caston11 hours ago

    As a Bucs fan, this is the most satisfying thing I’ve ever seen

  63. Julian and Ashley Garcia

    Julian and Ashley Garcia11 hours ago

    Go ahead and throw DK Metcalf highlight on this one.

  64. Colin Reyher

    Colin Reyher11 hours ago


  65. P L

    P L11 hours ago

    Who’s here after dk caught budda

  66. Julian Shipp Jr

    Julian Shipp Jr11 hours ago


  67. Andre Neale

    Andre Neale11 hours ago

    Brian Dawkins and Ed Reed would have made this table perfect for me

  68. Michael M

    Michael M11 hours ago

    @6:50 #55 is on camera as "go JJ" is heard in the background this kid might actually be the new JJ Watt

  69. Kevin Kizer

    Kevin Kizer11 hours ago

    The best story I have ever heard

  70. This Lyfe

    This Lyfe11 hours ago

    3:16... teammate slaps him right on the shoulder.hahaha

  71. Gavin Sparkie Mavic Pro lee

    Gavin Sparkie Mavic Pro lee11 hours ago

    Sorry but USlikes spoiled this with Thier 10 million adds I had to switch it off.

  72. Samuel Williams

    Samuel Williams11 hours ago

    The fastest player to me is bo Jackson running a 4.13 40 yard dash at his proday.

  73. Lawrence Yang

    Lawrence Yang11 hours ago

    Dk the new chase down king

  74. Tyler Fernbach

    Tyler Fernbach12 hours ago

    What is the name of the song playing?

  75. Luke Barredo

    Luke Barredo12 hours ago

    You gotta add DK Metcalf in here now

  76. Nmw Mole rat

    Nmw Mole rat12 hours ago

    The man is high as hell

  77. Nmw Mole rat

    Nmw Mole rat12 hours ago

    Brian Dawkins has depression I don’t believe it

  78. ghostfaceclassic

    ghostfaceclassic12 hours ago

    Watching this after Budda Baker got chased down by DK Metcalf. Kind of Ironic

  79. Joe Brinker

    Joe Brinker12 hours ago

    Honestly when you look at what happened on 4th and one in the 2006 rose bowl, maybe that’s why Pete Carroll was scared to run.

  80. The Odessa Angels Channel

    The Odessa Angels Channel12 hours ago

    It was Tom Brady ...., those 2 coaches are now being exposed without Brady !